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  1. (I no longer have a Twitter account after a week when racist promoted tweets happened, and after 40 years of mental health issues that worsened considerably in the last five, I decided not to dally with social media. Mentioning because Syfy won’t let folks comment without a social media account, otherwise I would comment there.)

    Wonderful article. I’ve followed Dice Funk closely for years and always amazed at how well improvised, fun, and deep the podcast is. You all do such a wonderful job.

    I also had roleplaying find me peace, with a wonderful, understanding, and talented DM. It was through roleplaying a character trapped in the toxic situation of working for a megacorp in Shadowrunner that I was able to see how toxic it really was, and how much I needed to escape before it killed me. The job actually put me in the hospital in the end, and I would have worked myself to death shortly thereafter without that experience. The other PCs were so kind and understanding that my character actually blossomed into an Avant garde knitting artist… and after I left software development, I also became an artist. That group are now my closest friends and we all support each other.

    (The fact that I was able to add elements to the megacorp that were scarier than what was in Shadowrun itself and which were all based on over a decade of cult-of-personality driven death marches, makes it seem kinda grim, huh.)