Pokémon Sword and Shield to Emulate Patiently Wildlife Watching and Spotting Like Three Birds Total

In a bold new direction for the Pokémon series, The Pokémon Company today revealed that hunting down creatures in Pokémon Sword and Shield will be a more slow, thoughtful, and patient affair than in past entries in the series.

Announced via a 24 hour long livestream for the game, where Pokémon appeared on screen approximately once every 45 minutes, the series will be moving to more closely emulate real world animal watching. You’re unlikely to get a good proper look at a species that has never been seen before, and you’ll need to keep a laser sharp focus hidden in the woods for hours to see so much as a couple of animals quietly pass through the clearing. Blink, or go make a cup of tea, and you’ll probably miss that Swirlix float past for five seconds.

In a totally legit interview, that was definitely not made up for the purposes of satire, an executive working on the game revealed that “If you want to see a Galarian Ekans, complete with it’s adorable tweed smoking jacket and monocle, you’re going to be patiently hiding behind a rock for at least eight hours to get the jump on it. Seriously, we’re making use of the Switch’s IR camera, if you move at all the game will know, and that Ekans is going to flee. We thought this Livestream was the best way to prepare players for this exciting new form of gameplay”.

The next two months patiently sat waiting for Sword and Shield to release, as well as this 24 hour long livestream of largely a JPG with occasional pokemon floating over it, are the perfect way to train for competetive Sword and Shield gameplay. You want to be the very best, like no one ever was, right?

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