Preview: SkateBird is the Pure Sweet Antithesis to Untitled Goose Game

Sometimes, when you’re going around a gaming convention looking for games to play, an easy to understand concept will just jump out and grab your attention with no need for further explanation. One of those games at EGX 2019 is SkateBird.

SkateBird’s concept really speaks for itself. You’re a tiny little bird on a tiny skateboard, probably one of those finger skateboards you might have had as a kid, skateboarding around large environments. They’re just household objects, but you’re a very small birb.

Look, I’m going to be really honest with you, the current build for SkateBird is a little rough around the edges. The controls are a little wonky, and it’s a bit too easy to fall out the world and break the game, but I really didn’t mind. Every time I launched off a jump and my tiny wings started flapping wildly trying to maintain airtime, I fell in love.

Where Untitled Goose Game recently showed us the joy of getting to be a bird, being an arsehole doing arsehole bird things, SkateBird is the exact opposite. Be a small meek gentle bird, doing non bird things. Even when the game was having technical issues, the sight of that bird flapping away won me back. He’s trying his best. Just let him soar through the air doing ollies.

I love you SkateBird. Smol soft precious birb.

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