Podquisition 260: Eggs

Eggs are amazing, and they get their dues – AT LAST – in today’s videogame podcast. Also, we talk about Shenmue 3, that new Darksiders game, and Conrad’s true gamer trial.

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  1. Strongly disagree with you on THQ Nordic, I really don’t think it’s fair to single the entire company out for something one guy did(and the only reason he wasn’t fired for that awful AMA is because the country THQ are based in has super-strict laws that protect employees from getting fired without significant cause, and while the AMA was a bad idea, it was likely nowhere near enough cause by the standards of the law to be grounds for termination, so THQ Nordic had to keep the guy onboard to avoid him suing them into oblivion)

    Let’s face it, ALL publishers are shit, i’d argue Actiblizz and EA are many orders of magnitude worse then THQ Nordic even will be, if only because of how many people’s lives they’ve ruined from all the firings and strip-mining of development studios. I’ll gladly take a dumb AMA over that, same principle with GOG and CD Projeckt Red, yeah they’ve made some ignorant comments, but at least they didn’t allow hate speech and death threats to prorate on it’s forums like Valve has with certain Steam developers(not to mention how Valve pretty much looked the other way for the longest time while those third-party sites were gambling over CSGO skins)and they are still much better about preserving games then Valve are. So i’d argue they are definitely the lesser of two evils here.