Podquisition 297: Tiny Lego Train (with Special Guest Tanya DePass)

Tanya DePass joins the crew to discuss Marvel’s Avengers, No Straight Roads, and Ubisoft’s latest nonsense.

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  1. I think the reason why the characters in those other games don’t refer to themselves as “trans” is because of the fact that they take place in alternate universes, so it’s logical that characters in a 31st century futuristic post-apocalypse world and a fantasy world wouldn’t be aware of specific LGBTQ terminology, likewise with Last of Us 2, as there’s actually one part in the game where you can enter a LGBTQ book-store and Ellie and Dina see the pride banners and go “what’s with the rainbows?”, which shows that a lot of culture-specific stuff before the outbreak has been forgotten, and Lev is already shown to not know about a lot of things that currently exist in the current world due to his Amish-style upbringing, so he definitely wouldn’t know about specific terms from the old world like “trans”, so it wouldn’t have made any kind of sense for him to call himself “trans” when there’s no way he would know about that term, also the other Seraphites dead-naming him I feel is necessary for his story to show that they absolutely do not accept him for who he is, hence explaining why he’s so willing to go along with Abby, having them refer to him by his preferred name would’ve sounded jarring and out of place and it wouldn’t have made sense, you’re meant to despise the Seraphites for wanting to kill Lev fo r who he is, if they didn’t dead-name him it wouldn’t make sense for them to want him dead.