Podquisition 312: Now That’s Punk!

We feel confident saying, by way of comparison, that this podcast is very, very punk.

Games we played this week include:
Demon’s Souls (21:05)
Nullpointer (24:40)
Visual Out (27:05)
Grindstone (29:15)
Dead to Rights: Retribution (32:25)
Calico (38:10)
Spinnortality (44:30)
Dicey Dungeons (47:15)
Observer (50:45)
Among Us (54:45)
Fall Guys (58:15)

News things talked about in this episode:
Cyberpunk has too many dildos (2:00)
CDPR offers refunds on last-gen Cyberpunk without informing retailers (13:00)
CDPR paying out staff bonuses previously tied to review scores (18:45)
New Fortnite mode appropriates Among Us (1:03:19)
EA’s entire library added to console version of Xbox Game Pass (1:05:13)
Mass Effect trailer indicates canon ending for original trilogy (1:06:45)
Omen wins ‘worst commercial’ at The Game Adverts (1:10:30)
Twitch to ban hate content…in February (1:14:35)

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  1. Sorry Laura the ME3 ending was godawful, accept it, even the ME3 writers hated it as they had ZERO input on it:h ttps://

    Angry Joe did an awesome video perfectly summing up why the ending was so awful:

  2. Pornhub does still exist, they just got rid of a load of videos from unauthorized users(most of which wasn’t even porn but pirated movies)so as long as you verify your account(by writing down your username on a piece of paper and taking a picture of it and uploading it) you should have your Pixel Squirt episodes back soon.