How Harry Potter Fans Are Coping With J.K. Rowling

Way back in september last year, I got asked by IGN to help them with an article about J.K. Rowling and how her transphobia has impacted both trans people, and the wider Harry Potter fandom. It took a lot of work consulting on the text and images, but I am glad to finally see it published.

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  1. I listened to you on podcast beyond, great episode, I thought you were great on it, hopefully you’ll be back on soon.

    On a different and more serious note. I also saw some of your tweets regarding not supporting the new Harry Potter game. I am slightly shocked regarding why you would encourage the boycott of a game and decline many people (not just JK Rowling) of their deserved income? Just because someone has different views to you? I know you think what you’re doing is righteous, but I see it as dangerous behaviour. Are we heading down a road where anyone who has a different view to you should be financially punished? You may have experienced hurtful comments or actions from others as a trans person, but it’s not right to punish people for expressing alternate views. If you recognise the value of your own freedom to be a man or woman or to express your personal views and opinions, then surely you can appreciate that others have the right to those same freedoms.