Podquisition 319: No Erotic Implications

There’s nothing sexual about this podcast. It’s educational.

Games we played this week include:
Cockhead (11:25)
Hitman III (24:45)
The Medium (32:25)
Dom Rusalok (41:00)
Destruction All Stars (45:15)
Double-Kick Heroes (53:10)

News things talked about in this episode:
Blizzard says it’s “unworkable” to interview diverse candidates for every position (55:35)…ing-unworkable

Google is killing off its Stadia game development teams (1:00:40)…own-jade-raymond

Resident Evil 8 devs lean into the thirst for their giant vampire lady (1:03:30)…imitrescu-height

Goldeneye 007 remake leaks (1:06:05)…laythrough-video

Nintendo reportedly canned live-action Zelda series after Netflix leaked plans (1:06:50)…lix-leaked-plans

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  1. I didn’t have an issue with Medium for the whole “abuse victims becoming abusers themselves” thing because that’s sadly true in real life, R Kelly comes to mind as he was molested by a family member when he was little(And he said he hit puberty very early as a result) so it’s sadly not surprising that he turned out the way he did(one of his victims even said she felt sorry for him because he was a victim too)so I can’t really condemn the game for saying something that’s true in real life.

    I’m personally more pissed off at that Sia movie “Music” for promoting the use of a restraining technique that has actually killed people with autism in real life(sad because the rest of the film isn’t bad, the main character reminded me a lot of people I went to school with, but because of that one scene I can’t recommend paying for it)