Podquisition 321: Lies Our Teachers Told Us

Turns out none of the things they taught are true.

Games we played this week include:
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (18:00)
1001 Spikes (24:00)
Lizard Lady vs. the Cats (28:20)
Deep Rock Galactic (33:30)
Steel Sword Story (37:15)
Wilmott’s Warehouse (40:00)
SSX [2012] (40:55)
Persona 5 (45:00)
Sunset Overdrive (48:30)

News things talked about in this episode:
Six Days in Fallujah back from the dead (9:30)…iraq-war-politics

Stadia studios praised by leadership just before being shut down (52:10)…or-great-1846281384

Microsoft offers to help devs make games more accessible (56:25)…-xbox-4123269

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  1. Got to say i’m dissapointed in Polygon for that dumb clickbaity headline, I expected better from them. Surprised you didn’t mention that you actually do get to play as an Iraqi civilian in the game who is trying to move his family out of the conflict area. Personally i’m glad this game is coming back and i’m excited for it. Shame on Konami for being cowards and not publishing it all those years ago, personally I don’t believe the devs actually think this game isn’t political, I think they’re only saying that this time because last time them getting “too political” was exactly what got their game cancelled in the first place and they’d rather not have that happen again which is totally understandable.

    Also strongly disagreed with Rami’s thread, I have to say he did not come off well at all and it looks like he’s deactivated his Twitter account(big shocker there)I get why this riles him up so much, but telling everyone else to “fuck off” and screaming and swearing on social media the way he did just made him come off as immature IMO(plus for all he knew the devs had in fact talked with arabs like he was banging on about) so I can’t say i’ll miss him being gone from social media as i’ve honestly never been a big fan of him and that thread perfectly exemplified why.

    Others on Twitter agree with me on this one.

    Plus it’s rich of Rami to be all high and mighty over Polygon not talking to Arabs when he himself didn’t even grow up in the middle east, he grew up in Holland. I’m not happy when people pretend to have a heritage that isn’t theirs(been following first nations director Jeff Barnaby a lot and he’s not happy whenever anyone tries to pass themselves off as Native American, which is apparently disturbingly common in the Canadian film industry, and Rami’s posts kind of reek of that) so for him to pretend like he’s somehow “in touch” with what happened in Fallujah offends me FAR more then anything said in that dev interview(Rami’s technically not even Arabic, he’s Egyptian).

  2. Also i’ve seen plenty of middle-eastern people on Twitter criticizing Rami as well, so it’s not just white people, black people are also pissed at him for an ignorant comparison he made. Fact is he screwed up big time as he pretty much outed himself as a racist.