Podquisition 322: Painting Corner (w/ Casey Explosion)

A steady hand and an even stroke can handle even the tiniest brush.

Games we played this week include:
Nioh 2 (5:50)
Curse of the Dead Gods (10:55)
Persona 5 Strikers (16:50)
Factorio (22:55)
Per Aspera (26:05)
Control (28:45)
Dinosaur Planet (36:00)

News things talked about in this episode:
Stadia can’t fix bug in Journey to the Savage Planet because they fired the developers (44:00)…firing-developer

Paradox dropped Hardsuit Labs as the developer of Bloodlines 2 (45:55)…radox-interactive

Hogwarts Legacy gets attention for designer’s old YouTube channel (55:00)…y-youtube-videos/

Dying Light 2 developer struggling under CEO management style (59.55)…nt-bad-feedback/

Sony brings Days Gone to PC, announces more ports coming (1:07:30)…interview-2021

Valve bans developer who sneakily named his company Very Positive on Steam (1:16:35)…-very-positive

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