Podquisition 324: Oh My God We’re Back Again

Podquisition 324: Oh My God We’re Back Again

We’re gonna bring the flavor.

Games we played this week include:
Outriders (13:20)
Anthem (27:15)
Absolute Drift: Zen Edition (37:30)
Curse of the Dead Gods (42:20)
Pokérom (52:10)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Earthblood (58.30)
God’s Trigger (1:03:30)
Blood Roots (1:06:20)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (1:07:20)

News things talked about in this episode:
Six Days in Fallujah publisher now says project is “inseparable from politics” (8:00)

Marvel’s Avengers developer tries to explain away increased grind (1:09:30)…_on_the_recently/

Microsoft confirms “some” Bethesda games will be full Xbox and PC exclusive (1:17:45)…o-the-xbox-family/

Denuvo anti-cheat coming to PS5…leware-program/

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  1. I really don’t see the issue with the devs statement about Six Days, I think it took guts to go back on what they said before as they could’ve easily doubled down on their earlier position but they didn’t. You can make the “sad JPG” jokes all you want, but at the end of the day the devs gave people what they asked for-positions on the war from people besides US soldiers. I’m really not getting the anger directed at this game, frankly i’m starting to think there’s no possible way these devs could please you, Conrad and Jim no matter what they do, can’t help but feel like you were determined to hate this game from day one before even playing it, well I for one am genuinely excited for this game and I will gladly be supporting devs and giving them my money because I admire their bravery in telling a controversial story like this one and I hope we get more games like this, not less.

  2. There’s one big story you missed-the lead designer for Hogwarts Legacy left the project:

    Wonder if Resetera will allow discussion of the game now? It would be hypocritical of them not to, I have to say I don’t like that sites high and mighty exclusionary attitude, I got banned from there just for defending one of Jim’s JQ videos no joke. So between this and them banning discussion of Angry Joe(over his not-very-good review of Last of Us 2) they can kiss my ass.