Podquisition 329: The Legend of F*ck*ss Jones

Push your way into the depths of our bottomless lore

Games we played this week include:
Say No! More (9:15)
Outriders (26:30)
Adios (31:20)
It Takes Two (35:20)
Monster Hunter Rise (40:00)
Balan Wonderworld (41:45)
Narita Boy (51:15)
Rain on Your Parade (52:55)
Pac-Man 99 (58:45)
Helltakers (1:00:55)
Twerk Hero (1:02:30)
Train Simulator (1:05:00)

News things talked about in this episode:
Nintendo doesn’t want you to see unlicensed Bowser Dong (1:16:00)…atreon-nintendo/

Sony reportedly putting all its eggs in its biggest baskets (1:16:50)…aystation-empire

Meanwhile, Nintendo emphasizes an increased focus on new properties (1:17:40)…-its-president/

Bigotry sliders are the future (1:19:35)…-speech-you-hear

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