Podquisition 337: Pinball Justice

Not the ball draining we signed up for.

Games we played this week include:
KeyWe (13:00)
Crue Ball (20:25)
Demon’s Tilt (24:00)
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (26:40)
Virtual Pinball (39:25)
Yoku’s Island Express (41:00)
World’s End Club (42:30)
Kung-Fu Kickball (43:05)
Backbone (44:40)

News things talked about in this episode:
David Cage reportedly throws tantrum in court (49:30)

Injustice 2 Mobile rewarded beating up bi-sexual character for Pride Month (57:35)…up-a-queer-woman

The E3 Media Portal set up by ESA assumes everyone is male (1:01:30)

Ubisoft to offer remote work options for some positions (1:07:20)…orking-from-home

Playdate portable gaming console with a crank available to pre-order in July (1:10:30)…179-game-details/

Palworld looks like an edgelord Pokémon (1:12:20)…elease-date-steam

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  1. I’m not sure if we even will get another Quantic Dream game after this, the company might not survive this. It’s too bad as I think Cage is a talented individual yet he’s clearly very immature(his asinine comments on used games made me realize that years ago) as a person, i’m amazed he’s managed to get this far with that attitude. Though certain details of that story do sound a bit far-fetched(like the “Whores” quote, that sounds as unlikely as the whole “Randy Pitchford has child-porn on a USB drive” thing considering how blatantly untrue that statement is as the characters in his game are definitely not “whores”)and I can’t help but wonder if at least some stuff got lost in translation.

    Also to be fair to Cage on the Page thing, he didn’t know Page was having issues at the time and from what i’ve read Page was exploring legal action against Sony over creating a nude model of their character, not Quantic Dream or Cage, though ultimately nothing ever came of that, if I had to guess why, i’d say Page’s attorneys told them that because the devs didn’t actually take nude photos of Page but instead created a nude model themselves, that legally they were in the clear so a lawsuit ultimately would’ve been thrown out, still sketchy to be sure but not illegal.

    Speaking of which when I replayed Beyond Two Souls I noticed that Jodie has a somewhat tomboyish appearance with her short haircut, I wonder of Page had any actual input on the character of Jodie, it would make sense if that was true as it hints at Page’s desire to transition.