Trans Activism UK – Regarding The Withdrawal of a Transphobic Police Crime and Sentencing Bill Amendment

For the last couple of weeks we have been aware of the proposal of amendments to a police bill to be raised in the UK House of Lords.

Amendment 214 wished for trans people to be assigned to prisons based upon their”Sex registered at birth”, even if they are in possession of a Gender Recognition Certificate, amending the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

This would not only be an issue for prisoners, but also set a precedent that violates established human rights laws by devaluing the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and the Equality Act 2010.

We have been working behind the scenes, as have many others, to liaise with MPs and other authorities in the hope of spreading awareness to the Lords of the danger that this and other amendments pose.

Amendment 214 was raised last night in the House of Lords and we are incredibly pleased to report that it has been withdrawn.

14 people spoke on the amendment, 8 of which were in opposition and we are very thankful for their efforts and their common sense.

Of the 6 who spoke in favour, their words were shocking. The level of blatant transphobia is not something that should ever be considered acceptable in our society and for it to be considered a valid form of debate in the House of Lords is an absolute farce. We strongly advise anyone who plans to watch the debate to take heed and practice self care, it is a truly awful watch.

Whilst they have threatened to reword the amendment for the future, and there is the possibility for other amendments to be raised, for now this is a victory worth celebrating and it sends a clear message to the Gender Critical members who spoke today that their hate will not win.

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