Podquisition 379: A Real Wrestler

Games we played this week include:
Guardians of the Galaxy (9:10)
Shredders (11:25)
Elden Ring (14:45)
Kirby and the Forgotten Land (17:00)
Skul the Hero Slayer (33:40)
Tunic (36:10)
Ghostwire Tokyo (40:35)
Culdcept Revolt (46:50)

News things talked about in this episode:
Wattam developer Funomena likely to close following abuse allegations (1:02:15)…-workplace-abuse

Another sexual harassment suit filed against Activision Blizzard (1:04:25)…rampant-sexism

Judge ready to approve $18m settlement of EEOC case against Activision Blizzard (1:08:00)…lement-with-eeoc

Microsoft fine with Activision Blizzard workers forming union if Activision Blizzard is (1:09:50)…ivision-blizzard

Sony about to make PlayStation Plus more complicated (1:11:35)…lue-than-ever/

But Sony won’t put day-one releases on Plus (1:15:45)…t-into-ps-plus

Gran Turismo 7 to walk back its terrible pricing (1:18:00)…phony-digital/

Bloodborne Kart is apparently real (1:19:10)…e-kart-is-coming

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