Podquisition 408: Silicone Babies

So lifelike.

Games we played this week include:
Stories of Blossom (9:10)
Scorn (12:30)
Cryohazard (28:50)
Alice is Missing (32:45)
A Plague Tale: Requiem (38:35)
Vampire Survivors (46:45)
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (52:35)

News things talked about in this episode:
Bayonetta performer Helena Taylor raises controversy over voice actor pay (1:01:40)…demand-fair-pay…-following-abuse

Streamer Adriana Chechik breaks back jumping into foam pit at TwitchCon (1:07:45)…g-second-surgery

Netflix considering expansion into game streaming (1:13:30)…thern-california/

Activision only requiring phone verification for PC players of Call of Duty (1:15:25)…open-beta-recap

Diablo quality assurance testers will have unionization vote (1:16:30)…tivision-1849674924

Nintendo settles with former QA worker, must post notification of worker rights in office (1:17:40)…makes/index.html

Apex Legends introduces trans woman, Catalyst, as latest character addition (1:19:35)…nsgender-woman/

Pilot for Kingdom Hearts animated series leaked by director following heart attack (1:20:45)…ilot-shared-online

Nintendo putting the squeeze on boobs in the eShop (1:21:05)…ntent-on-the-eshop

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  1. I’d argue Agony is better then Scorn as at least Agony has an actual story, better level design and knows better than to waste your time with asinine combat.

    Also enjoyed Matt Hazzard and thought it was funny at times, but Duke Nukem Forever was better and funnier, same with Deadpool.

  2. Pathologic games I like because they aren’t nearly as unfair as long as you pay attention and keep track of what you are doing and use a guide, but a guide won’t help you with Scorn’s shitty-ass combat and glitches.

  3. Basically Scorn sounds like the video game version of the movie Funny Games-a film that actively mocks the audience for watching it and daring to expect a satisfying film, critics can defend that as “brilliant” all they want but that does not make it any less of a chore to sit through.

  4. It’s cool to hear you all talk about lost media as i’m a member of the lost media wiki forums and everyone on there was abuzz about that Kingdom Hearts pilot which was pretty good, damn shame it never became a full series.

  5. and the trolls on Soundcloud shit on me for criticizing the voice-actors union years ago LOL vindication!

    The fact that Kamiya is a racist piece of shit(calling every single non-Japanese person “insects”) and blocks anyone who does not respond to him in Japanese made it very easy to disbelieve anything he said.

    Netflix is awesome and I don’t believe they can go fuck themselves at all.