Podquisition 411: Milk That Pig!

News things talked about in this episode:

Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey built a VR headset designed to kill the user (1:09:20)…ie-in-real-life/

Activision-Blizzard attempts further stalling tactics, withholding (1:19:55)…n-vote-ballots

Bobby Kotick supported election denier candidate in House race (1:21:40)…election-1849754755

Activision-Blizzard drags feet on every issue in first Game Workers Alliance bargaining session (1:34:15)…ssion-update/

League of Legends characters’ queer status will be erased in some markets (1:37:15)…y-black-champion

Director Naoki Yoshida claims lack of racial diversity in FF16 based on historical accuracy (1:37:50)…enix-interview-lore

Street Fighter VI adds “Dynamic Control” mode for the button mashers (1:40:20)…cheme-meant-to

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  1. There’s another factor that decides the endings to New Tales and that’s your total Skateboard score, so even if you got all three characters relationships evenly balanced you can still get the bad ending if your skateboard score is below 50%(and you need at least 75% for the good ending)i’d recommend replaying through the game with that in mind as the other two endings are pretty satisfying overall.