Podquisition 419: Medical Surprises

Fun with bodies.

Games we played this week include:
Pick, Pack, Pup (15:30)
Lost Your Marbles (18:00)
Tamagotchi Pix Party (22:30)
Satisfactory (31:55)
Super Lesbian Animal RPG (37:15)
Lil’ Gator Game (41:25)
Spelunky 2 (50:45)
Dragon’s Dogma (52:30)

News things talked about in this episode:
Zenimax QA union formally recognized by Microsoft (53:45)…ax-testers-union

Microsoft’s responds to FTC suit attempting to block ABK acquisition (59:30)…unconstitutional

Square Enix dropping Bravely Default live service game, reiterates all-in position on blockchain (1:13:20)…sident_3.html

Yuji Naka formally indicted on charges of insider trading (1:17:40)…ading-case/

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