Podquisition 426: What Are We Doing Again?

After a while, it all runs together.

Games we played this week include:
Rez Infinite (08:15)
Horizon: Call of the Mountain (10:00)
What the Bat? (11:45)
Thumper (12:35)
Tetris Effect Connected (13:05)
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (13:30)
Townsman VR (24:45)
Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition (25:15)
Moss 1 & 2 (26:30)
Kayak VR Mirage (27:50)
Jurassic World: Aftermath Collection (29:10)
Atomic Heart (30:30)
Cities VR (40:40)
Gran Turisimo 7 (41:15)
Atelier Breaker (44:40)
Wanted: Dead (47:50)
Snak (50:15)
Sasquatches (52:40)

News things talked about in this episode:
Microsoft makes deals with Nintendo and Nvidia in attempt to placate antitrust regulators (56:00)…-nvidia-partners

Microsoft says ABK acquisition will not happen without Call of Duty (57:45)…hout-call-of-duty

Mike Ybarra responds poorly to employee concerns at Blizzard (1:00:20)…ybarra-qa-meeting

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom art book leaks, reveals loads about the unreleased game (1:24:55)…ook-leak-1850134905

Monster vaginas are in The Witcher III for a limited time (1:26:30)…-vaginas-1850114314

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