Podquisition 428: Positive Feedback

He’s trying.

Games we played this week include:
b360 (15:50)
Ratcheteer (18:35)
Dome Keeper (20:55)
Final Fantasy IX (27:20)
Recommendation Dog (33:50)
Reel Steal (35:50)
A Joke That’s Worth 99 Cents (39:05)
Wo Long (41:15)
Super Princess Peach (43:20)
GameKid (48:05)
Super Corporate Tax Evader (50:15)

News things talked about in this episode:
Square Enix reportedly planning to replace CEO Yosuke Matsuda (56:00)…ockchain-1850184312

Yuji Naka admits to insider trading (57:50)…r-trading-case

ABK acquisition expected to be cleared by EU regulators (59:20)…ybarra-qa-meeting

Microsoft releases survey results suggesting few CoD players will jump ship from PlayStation (1:04:00)…f-duty-sony-uk-cma

FTC judge gives Microsoft access to Sony communications regarding exclusivity agreements (1:03:25)…onse-in-detail

Activision accused of firing QA employees over protest (1:05:30)…s-over-r-1850171073

Jack Black’s huge swinging balls censored on daytime television (1:09:35)…alls-nbc-1850181162

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