Podquisition 438: Fluids of the Realm

It’s not tears, exactly…

Games we played this week include:
Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (4:05)
Humanity (57:00)
Alundra (1:02:20)

News things talked about in this episode:
Saudi Arabia makes another big investment in Electronic Arts (1:03:45)…s-pay-to-win-dlc/

EU approves Microsoft acquisition of ABK; UK regulators hold firm against it (1:04:15)…ion-blizzard-bid

Years after launch, only sequel-exclusive mode for Overwatch 2 got canned without release (1:08:02)…hy/1100-6514242/

Xbox’s Phil Spencer expected reviews of Redfall to be significantly better (1:10:50)…ys-phil-spencer/

Sony did not appeal Australian court requiring it to reimburse FIFA customers over gambling laws (1:15:50)…ot-box-verdict

Horror film lifts its Inquisition logo from Dragon Age (1:19:35)…on-logo-mistake/

ESRB reveals very erotic pillow talk found in Starfield (1:21:05)

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