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Podquisition 340: Let’s Get Physical

Yes, the pinball thing is still very much a thing. Games we played this week include:Doki Doki Literature Club Plus (6:10)Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (12:50)Chicory (16:00)Fury Unleashed (21:40)FF7 Remake (27:20)Neo: The World Ends With You (33:20)Skul: The Hero Slayer (38:00)Mario Golf Super Rush (45:40)Going Under (48:55)Monster Hunter […]

Podquisition 339: Dangers of Vending Machine Proximity

This podcast is not brought to you by Snapple (yet; call us). Games we played this week include:EDF World Brothers (17:00)FF7 Remake Intergrade (32:15)Flower (39:40)Infamous: Second Son (41:50) News things talked about in this episode:Marvel’s Avengers bug displayed users’ IP addresses on screen while playing. (47:30)…osmic-cube-update Developer of […]

Podquisition 338: A Town Called Voorhees

Unlike E3, these people know how to set appropriate expectations. Games we played this week include:Skatebird (15:30)Final Fantasy Origin (19:15)Tunic (26:00)Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (29:40)Earth Defense Force: World Brothers (37:15)Umarangi Generation (49:00)Going Under (51:05)Button City (54:10)Unbeatable (54:40) News things talked about in this episode:Cyberpunk returning to PSN, […]