How Many Pokemon Games Can You Play at Once While out on A Walk?

Enjoying Pokemon Go but tired of all that nature? Tired of family outings where you’re not completely engrossed in video games? Looking for a way to shut off even more of your senses from reality? Well then, this is the article for you.

For the purposes of this article we wanted to play as many versions of Pokemon simultaneously as possible. We are not counting the ability to switch between apps or alternate between devices while playing. You could swap between near infinite versions of Pokemon, we want to be actively playing them all at once.

Are you ready for this majesty?

First up is your left hand. Get a Pokemon Game running like Pokemon Sun and Moon on your standard size 3DS (XL is harder to hold in one hand for most, but sub it in if it suits you better). You can go into the settings and tie the L button and A button together allowing you to run around in the grass and battle Pokemon one handed. You can not play Pokemon with just your right hand in this manner. While you could also do with with Pokémon Let’s Go on Switch, it’s more expensive, larger to hold one handed, and probably more likely to be damaged if dropped.

In your right hand, grab a smart phone and load up Pokemon Go. Connect a Pokemon Go Plus and pop it on your waist. Minimise the app and play Pokemon Go by hitting the Go Plus with your palm when it buzzes.

Then load up a Pokemon Emulator on that same phone. I suppose you could play a legal mobile Pokemon game like Pokemon Shuffle, but that doesn’t feel quite as in tone with this concept. Play that Pokemon game with only your right hand. A smaller phone is better for this as you’re going to need to use your right hand for further actions while you play.

Next, let’s load up your waist with more versions of Pokemon. Place two standard DS systems in your bag running Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Each of these should be connected to a PokeWalker. Now while you’re walking you’ll be raising Pokemon in both of those games too

Additionally, throw a GameBoy in your bag running Pokemon Yellow. Attach a Pokemon Pikachu (read Pikachu Tamagotchi) onto your belt. As you walk you’ll be collecting additional rewards for use in Pokemon Yellow.

At this point you may be wondering how we could play any additional versions of Pokemon. We still have one trick up our sleeve. Grab a Yu-Gi-Oh duel disk and wedge your favourite Pokemon deck into it. The layout’s not designed for Pokemon, and the cards are not a perfect fit, but you can totally make it work. You will have to draw cards, play them and maintain a playable hand in the same hands you’re playing the 3DS and your phone with. This is why we suggest smaller devices where possible.

And there you have it, now you can play seven versions of Pokemon simultaneously. Forget socialising, the outside world is now your dream Pokemon hunting and battling playground. You can go outside while entirely focusing on fictional monsters.

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