Podquisition 313: Hounded in the Village Square

It’s hard to be this correct all the time.

Games we played this week include:
A Plague Tale: Innocence (16:55)
Catherine: Full Body (20:10)
If Found (23:20)
Metal Gear Solid 4 (28:30)
Mass Effect Andromeda (34:35)
Wilmot’s Warehouse (37:35)
Railway Empire (38:55)
Microsoft Flight Sim (40:00)
Noddy’s Playtime (41:30)

News things talked about in this episode:
Everybody is giving refunds for Cyberpunk (6:15)
PS5 now helpfully warns you’re playing a PS4 game (48:25)
Nintendo leak includes report of company actions against 3DS hacker (48:55)
eSports takes child labor a step further (43:50)
The KFConsole does exist (56:50)

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  1. Actually retail stories offering refunds for opened games isn’t that rare at all, Gamestop has a policy where if you bring the game back within 2 weeks with a receipt you can get a refund. I know this because I once did that for that godawful Metroid Prime Federation Force game.

    • They got rid of that a few years ago because people kept buying games, finishing them in under two weeks, and seeking a full refund. Full refunds on open games have not been a thing for a while in game stores.

      • Really they did? Huh, was not aware of that change in policy. Still my point remains that stores allowing refunds for opened games isn’t some shocking new thing that’s only happening now with 2077, frankly I hope this convinces Gamestop and other stores to start allowing this sort of thing to happen again.

        Also about Catherine Full Body, i’m curious did you actually finish the game and get all the endings? Because while Vincent is at first shocked by Rin’s appearance, in one of the endings he actually does ultimately accept her for who she is which I personally did find genuinely pretty heartwarming and i’d argue that’s pretty progressive even if the game does have some other unfortunate stuff in it, so personally I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, by I can see why you wouldn’t.

        Also on a related note Cyberpunk’s one trans character Claire is I would argue positive representation as for one thing she is voiced by an actual trans person and her character isn’t solely focused on being trans, that’s just one aspect of her(similar to Lev).