Podquisition 350: Dolla Dolla Bills

Chase that paper.

Games we played this week include:
Totally legal games (9:00)
Encased (21:25)
House of Ashes Demo (24:10)
Apocalypse (31:15)
Wasteland Golf Club (36:45)
Life is Strange: True Colours (43:10)
The Medium (48:20)
No More Heroes 3 (49:45)

News things talked about in this episode:
Tripwire CEO steps down after expressing support for Texas abortion ban (51:55)…allowed-to-stand…alan-wilson

Paradox Interactive employees allege mistreatment in survey (59:15)…d-mistreatment

Sony backpedals on PS5 upgrade fee for Horizon Forbidden West, but such fees are the future (1:01:15)…llowing-backlash

Cloud Imperium warned by UK regulators to clarify to customers that in-game ships don’t exist yet. (1:03:05)…xist-in-game-yet

Ubisoft’s replacement CCO is another white french dude (1:08:55)…creative-officer

New Pokémon Oreo cookies come at a time when Nabisco workers are on strike (1:11:30)…rkers-strike.html

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