Trans Activism UK’s Finalised Open Letter to the BBC

The following version of Trans Activism UK’s Open Letter to the BBC, complete with signatories present at 8pm UK on Friday October 29th, is the version which will be sent in digital and physical formats to multiple members of staff at the BBC.

At the time of finalising, the letter has over 20,000 signatories, over 12,000 of whom have been email verified and added to this letter.

In addition, you can follow @TransActivismUK on Twitter for updates on our planned January 8th 2022 protest outside Broadcasting House London.

Dear Tim Davie,

On Tuesday 26th October 2021 the BBC published an article by Caroline Lowbridge titled ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’*¹.

On that same day we, the members of the grassroots organisation Trans Activism UK, penned an open letter reacting to the frankly harmful nature of the article, concerned about the fact that the BBC has openly violated its own impartial journalism guidelines as well as its mission statement and values;

Within the hour we had over 1,500 signatures, by the next morning, there were over 8,000. At the time of writing this on Friday 29th October, the open letter has been signed by nearly 20,000 people, nearly 12,000 of which have been verified via e-mail (this number would be higher however our letter’s popularity resulted in the website encountering server issues and crashing). It remains live and the number continues to grow.

This includes a huge amount of cisgender lesbians who are extremely concerned by this dangerous article and the negative, transphobic light in which it paints them.

The signatories are global and diverse, including staff and representatives from the LGBT Foundation, The Nelson Trust, Sparkle, Girlguiding, The Knights and Orchids Society, Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Ltd, Proud Swans, Trans Pride Brighton, Pride In Surrey, Leeds Pride, Hastings Pride, DIY Pride Brighton, Swindon & Wiltshire Pride, Pride in London, Portsmouth Pride Trust, Pride in Gloucestershire, Bradford Pride, Bristol Pride, Bi Pride UK, Manchester Pride Protest, Southend Pride and Medway Pride Radio, Meath Live and Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition, Indigo Gender Service, UK Parliament, regional Police Independent Advisory Groups, the NHS, members of the Order of the British Empire, registered gender specialists, Gay Times, Seventeen Magazine, Condé Nast, Parenting Magazine, NBC, ITV, The F-Word, journalists both freelance and members of a variety of outlets, Aardman Animation, lecturers from a variety of Universities, the NEU, members of the clergy, Rolls-Royce, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, members of multiple different political parties, and a wide selection of both past and present BBC employees.

We wish to present this letter to you now to request that you seriously consider its contents and recognise both the harm that you have done as well as acknowledge and act upon the violations of your publishing guidelines.

It is vital that, as a public service, you hold yourself accountable for the damage that you have done.

We shall await your recognition, apology, rectification and commitment to improving your corporation’s practices.

The day this open letter was written (26th October 2021), you published an article on the BBC News website by Caroline Lowbridge titled ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’¹.

The article headline may use the word “some”, but the clear implication of the article and its headline is that transgender women as an overall minority group pose a threat to cisgender lesbians, and should therefore have their rights restricted in the UK.

The implications proposed in this article suggest that transgender women generally pose as a risk to cisgender lesbians in great enough numbers that it is newsworthy, and something that the general public should consider to be a common occurrence rather than a matter of incredibly rare, isolated experiences.

The article uses a deeply flawed study that doesn’t meet BBC guidelines*², and anecdotal accounts from known transphobic hate groups who actively campaign for transgender people to lose their legal recognition as their gender.

The article is based on a single self-selected study of 80 individuals sourced from Get The L Out*³, a group who, prior to the survey, were already united by anti-trans views. The group that was surveyed already believe that transgender women are men, and should be prohibited from legal recognition as women/access to female-gendered spaces out of fear that such access will cause cis women to be sexually assaulted (despite there being no evidence to support this concern).

This study breaks the BBC’s own guidelines about using surveys as sources for claims in coverage, as it is self-selected, with a small sample size and a clear bias held by those self-selected to respond.

Additionally, the article itself acknowledges that outside of this self-selected study, with small sample size, there is basically no evidence for the claim that this is happening in any sort of numbers that would justify generalising this as a widespread experience.

The article dangerously frames this as a widespread issue, whilst simultaneously acknowledging that there is no actual evidence to that effect outside of isolated claims and cherry-picked individual cases. It cites a more than 50% figure from Get the L Out’s survey result, with the implication being that most cisgender lesbians will have experienced coercion into sex by a transgender woman, despite the following quote:

“Ultimately, it has been difficult to determine the true scale of the problem because there has been little research on this topic – only one survey to my knowledge”.

This quote comes directly from the perspective of the survey organiser:

“While acknowledging the sample may not be representative of the wider lesbian community, she believes it was important to capture their “points of view and stories”.

The article routinely implies that transgender women are not women, uncritically quoting people who call transgender women men without at any point clarifying that this is ignoring their legal status as women in the UK and the fact that gender reassignment is protected by the Equality Act 2010.

The fact that the people cited in this article largely do not acknowledge that transgender women are women, by referring to them as men, should make it clear that they are not representative of the wider community of cisgender lesbians, or the wider UK public.

Most of the people that the articles cites do not talk about not wanting to sleep with transgender women with penises, but rather they talk about not wanting to sleep with people that they consider to be men, or see as having male genitals. This should make it very clear the biased view that those interviewed have on the legal status of the gender of transgender women.

“I can hear their male vocal chords. I can see their male jawline. I know, under their clothes, there is male genitalia. These are physical realities that, as a woman who likes women, you can’t just ignore.”

You do not have to be attracted to a woman, cisgender or transgender, who has a deep voice, or a square jaw, but to call those male physical attributes, or to suggest that anyone attracted to women can never be attracted to those attributes, not only implies that cisgender women with these attributes are not women but also implies that any transgender people with those attributes are no longer women.
It also overlooks and invalidates the population of cisgender lesbians who are attracted to and in relationships with transgender women.

If someone is a transgender woman, you are not obligated to be attracted to her, to want to have sex with her, or to be with her in any way. You do not have to find attributes such as “a deep voice” or “a square jaw” attractive. If a transgender woman has a penis, you do not need to have sex with her, or interact with her genitals in any way, regardless of whether or not you are attracted to women.

However, to repeatedly insist that these attributes mean that the transgender woman is in fact male is an act of transphobia, because in the UK she is recognised as a woman/female.
A transgender woman with a deep voice, a square jaw, and a penis that you do not want to have sex with is not a man. She is a woman that you don’t find attractive.

The previously cited woman also notes she would feel the same if the transgender woman in question had lower surgery (reconstructive transgender genital surgery). So, she would still feel that a transgender woman is a man, even if the said woman had a vagina rather than a penis.

Again, this makes it clear that the person interviewed inherently feels that transgender women are not and can never be women. That is not someone who should be used as an unbiased source on the topic of transgender women’s existence. You do not have to be attracted to transgender people, finding us unattractive is fine, but to believe that we fundamentally are not and cannot ever be our legally recognised gender is both transphobic and factually incorrect*⁴.

The article also references the phrase “Gold Star Lesbian”, a term used to shame and invalidate any lesbians who have ever interacted with men sexually. The term implies a hierarchy of lesbianism, where someone who for example has slept with a man while in the process of discovering their identity and later recognises that they are a lesbian is considered to be less of a lesbian than someone who never slept with a man. It’s an exclusionary badge of honour used to gatekeep people out of the lesbian identity simply because they took some time to get there.

In the context of this piece, the cited porn actress claims that they do not want to sleep with a transgender woman, because they “have only ever slept with women”. In the context of the gold star nickname, this implies that they, again, inherently do not see transgender women as women. The issue is not posed as them not wanting to sleep with someone with a penis, but that they see the transgender woman as a man, and that they would be less of a lesbian for sleeping with them. This again reinforces the idea that “true lesbians” don’t sleep with transgender women, a fact which is not accurate.

Nowhere in this piece does the journalist Caroline Lowbridge speak to any cisgender lesbians who are attracted to transgender women, giving readers the impression that all lesbians are of the opinion that transgender women are not women and that no cisgender lesbians are in successful relationships with transgender women.

The article also cites LGB Alliance. This group has registered charity status in the UK but appears to be breaking the charity commission’s rules for behaviour and conduct of a UK charity⁵. A UK charity can campaign for the rights of a single group, but cannot exist solely or predominantly to campaign against the rights of a minority group⁶.

The LGB Alliance has a proven track record of focusing primarily on gender identity and transgender issues, for example, their recent LGB Alliance Conference on 21st October 2021 advertised a timetable of four panels, three of which focused on transgender topics and/or were being hosted by known anti-trans activists (the final fourth panel appeared to just be a closer).

The group has not shown any evidence of campaigning for LGB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) issues such as halting LGB conversion therapy, addressing LGB hate crimes or tackling the high level of homelessness in the LGB community.

Rather, they have been known to be both actively biphobic⁷, homophobic⁸ and discriminatory towards the LGBTQ+ community as a whole*⁹.

At the aforementioned conference, an attendee claimed that transgender people are not real, that transgender people should not have legal recognition, and that transgender people should be eradicated from existence. That was met by cheers by conference attendees, and not criticised or countered by those on stage, or representatives of the charity itself.

Additionally, Jen Ives, a transgender woman, was the victim of a hate crime at the LGB Alliance conference:

LGB Alliance is an anti-trans hate group that you, the BBC, have represented as simply an LGB rights group, and uncritically platformed. When LGB Alliance told the journalist, Caroline Lowbridge, “We know a minority, but still a sizeable minority of trans women, do pressure lesbians to go out with them and have sex with them and it’s a very disturbing phenomenon”, they again had no actual evidence.

“We don’t have figures but we are frequently contacted by lesbians who relate their experience in LGBT groups and on dating sites.”

Again, the one study that is cited is self-selected, of a small sample size, and from a group with a clear bias. The other groups claiming this is an issue have not provided evidence. This does not meet your own BBC guidelines for evidence*².

Some of the people cited in this article who claim that they were called anti-trans for refusing to sleep with a transgender woman are actually very vocal online about wanting to see rights reversed and removed for the transgender community, showing a clear history of bias. In many cases, those interviewed in this article have deliberately misrepresented why people view them as anti-trans.

“Debbie Hayton has been accused of propagating hate speech against the trans community, despite being trans herself.”

The article does not elaborate further on this statement, but Debbie Hayton is one of the few transgender people you allow to speak for the piece. Debbie is a transgender person who is very well known for being willing to stand by the views of the anti-trans community, saying what they and those platforming them want to hear*¹⁰. Selecting a known anti-trans figure for this piece as one of your only transgender voices is very telling, as they’re in a very small minority of transgender voices who would use their position in this article to not dispute the piece’s biased claims.

Debbie Hayton’s claim, for example, that most transgender women are attracted to women because they are actually just straight biological males is, again, based on zero evidence.
The inclusion of it here is clearly an attempt to have a transgender person parrot the article’s implication that transgender women are not just straight men, but rapists, a claim that this piece makes repeatedly and does not push back against.

By claiming that transgender women try to date women because they are actually straight men perpetuates the idea that transgender women are misleading sexual predators. The fact that Debbie Hayton is willing to make unfounded claims, and insist that transgender women are truly men and not actually women, is an element of why they have been labelled transphobic amongst the LGBTQ+ community.

Get The L Out, the group behind the featured survey and a group that is cited in the piece as having “demonstrated” at London Pride 2018, actually jumped the barriers at the event*¹, refusing to let the march go ahead until they were allowed to lead at the front of the march, handing out fliers claiming that transgender women should be banned from women’s spaces and be stripped of legal recognition because they are all potential rapists.
They also screamed transphobic obscenities at anyone holding a transgender flag watching the march, deliberately misgendered those with transgender pride flags, and threatened police involvement on any transgender people who were provoked by their bigoted actions.

This is an example of the kinds of groups that you, the BBC, are citing in this article. You are citing groups with an incredibly strong anti-trans bias, and not making that clear to readers. The survey results come from a group that believes that transgender people should not feel safe at Pride, and should have to face misgendering, slurs, and claims that they are rapists. This is not an unbiased source.

We do not dispute the claim that there are likely isolated cases of cisgender lesbians who have been pressured in the past into sex by transgender women who viewed their genital preference as transphobic, nor do we dispute the individual claims of those interviewed in this article. However, to paint this as a widespread occurrence, or the norm, is incredibly dangerous. It is obviously a tragedy any time any person is coerced into sex and their consent violated, but the answer to that is not to paint an entire minority group as potential rapists.

This article feels reminiscent of media coverage of gay people using public bathrooms in decades past, suggesting that the experiences or fears of a small group of individuals should justify the media’s implication that gay men are a sexual assault risk in public toilets (a claim that was, in fact, shown to be based on lies*¹¹) That kind of coverage was bigoted in decades past, and it remains so today.

The article also feels reminiscent of the style of generalised fear-mongering used by far-right news organisations against minority groups more broadly, beyond the LGBTQ+ community. This reminded one of our signatories of Asian ethnicity in particular of right-wing attempts to paint all non-white groups as dangerous based on fringe cases and anecdotal accounts.

Any person who wants to refuse, or withdraw consent to a relationship, romance, or sexual encounter is always entitled to do so and this is not up for debate. No matter the context, demanding that someone sleep with you without consent is a crime of the vilest order. Nobody should ever attempt or even consider forcing another person to have sex with them.

To find out that a transgender woman has a penis, and decide that you do not want to sleep with her, is your right. This is overwhelmingly the opinion of the transgender and LGBQ+ community as a whole.

Additionally, this article completely overlooks the massive rates of violence faced by transgender people*¹², and the huge risk they encounter when revealing their transgender status to partners. Most transgender women are genuinely terrified of the possibility of violence should they reveal their transgender status and accidentally anger their partner at that moment. Transgender women are not in the habit of revealing that they have a penis as a surprise, alone with a partner, at the last moment before intimacy, because that is something that is incredibly dangerous, and puts them at great risk of violence.

In a wider context, there is a broad history of LGBTQ+ people of various backgrounds being accused of being sexual predators that this article plays into. Gay and lesbian people were accused of being bathroom predators by the media in the ’80s, bisexual people were accused of being sexual predators in the ’90s and 2000s, and transgender people are right now being targetted very strongly in that same manner.

Most groups campaigning to restrict transgender rights in the UK recycle homophobic talking points near-verbatim without evidence. Bathroom bills were introduced in the US because of fears that transgender people in bathrooms could lead to sex offences, despite there being no evidence that decades of transgender people in public bathrooms had caused any such crimes.
Those in the UK who campaign against Self-ID for transgender people use the argument that it will lead to an increase in sexual assaults, despite nothing of the sort happening in any other country where Self-ID has been implemented.

Rare examples of sexual assaults by transgender people are held up as “evidence” against every transgender person, to promote a clearly anti-trans agenda. This article plays into the idea that LGBTQ+ people are sexual predators, and that a handful of anecdotes is enough to paint an entire community with that brush.

Additionally, this article doesn’t only contain anti-trans disinformation and bigotry, but it also contains biphobic sentiments. The only Bisexual woman referenced in this piece, who is not named, is held up as the scary villain forcing a lesbian into sex that they do not want to consent to. Considering that Get The L Out and LGB Alliance were heavily cited in this piece, this does not come as a surprise, as both groups have a history of disrespecting bisexual individuals*⁷, particularly any who see transgender people as their legal gender.

Either through incompetence or malice, the article fails to note that Lily Cade, the aforementioned cisgender lesbian and porn actress interviewed for the piece, has a history of allegations of coercing and sexually abusing other cisgender lesbians, dating back years.

The allegations against Lily Cade appear to have been substantiated by an apology she posted online, explaining her side of events, containing these quotes:

“I feel ashamed now. I thought that that girls went along with me because they enjoyed it, but they did it because they felt like they couldn’t say no. I thought it was all in fun, but it wasn’t. I played a sexual predator in movies, but it was supposed to be tongue in cheek.”

“I thought I was better than porn’s serial gropers, but I guess I was just the female of the species.”

Considering the nature of the article, we believe that failing to note that a cited interviewee has admitted to those offences is a clear indication of bias or incompetence in the reporting. Either this was missed due to journalistic failures, or it was deliberately omitted to avoid exposing that coercive sex can happen by any perpetrator, regardless of gender or gender identity.

Additionally, the article does not make it clear if Lily Cade was connected to the headline of the article. She is quoted as telling a story of being scheduled to film with a transgender woman and then cancelling the shoot when discovering the woman’s transgender status. At no point does Lily make any claim that the transgender woman or the production company tried to pressure her to do the scene anyway, adding to some of the confusion around her inclusion in the article.

The BBC has been continually platforming anti-trans hate groups, and anti-trans perspectives, without covering the perspectives of the transgender community themselves. This is a particularly egregious example, but it’s certainly not an isolated incident.

Platforming bigotry is not impartiality, and the BBC needs to recognise that. Painting an entire group as potentially dangerous based on a handful of anecdotes and unreliable (or biased) sources is a deeply dangerous act.

It is vital that the BBC, which is a government-endorsed public service that claims to be committed to achieving impartiality with the output of its content, rectifies this act with a sincere apology, amendment of the article to clarify the falsehoods and damage within, and commits to realigning with their original mission statement*¹³.
*⁵ &

Yours sincerely,

Laura Kate Dale, Trans Activism UK
Felix F Fern, Trans Activism UK
Shaira Choudhury, Trans Activism UK
Amelia Decruz, Trans Activism UK
Elisa Wayles, Student, Nottingham
Gwynne Reddick, Software Engineer, Dwygyfylchi
Helen Guthrie, Manchester
Aislinn Jackson, Stage Manager, London
Kirsten Adele, Self employed cleaner/full time lesbian, Kent
T Puffin, Sheffield
Ryan Bolt
Zoey, Software Engineer, Madison, WI
Yuvarna Govender, Student, N-A, Kelowna
Stephanie Clark, Chartered or certified accountant, AlixPartners, London
Ellis Moulding, Merthyr Tydfil
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Brandy Gagne, Homemaker, N/A, Las Vegas
Michelle Harfield, Homelessness Support Coordinator, Worthing
Fattahi Robin
Neil, Manchester
Alexander Matheson, Student, Bristol
Matilda Johnson, Student, Salford
Annaliese Thubron, Artist, Hartlepool
Meigan B., High School, High School, Canton
Lewis Gaff, Student, Manchester
Rhianna Cracknell, Student, Norwich
Erik, Store Clerk, Göteborg
Alex Marsh, Engineer, Abingdon
Lisa I, Renfrew
Amanda Coffey, Derby
Richard Parker
Allie Kay, Eau Claire WI
Dmitri Popelyuk, Psychiatrist, The Gender Clinic at 70 Harley Street, London
Anna Linehan, Waitress, Manchester
Charlotte Winter, Bartender, Saint Paul
Tristan jones, London
Eve Thomson, Glasgow
Caleb Beynon, Technical Analyst, Bison Transport, Winnipeg, MB
Anna Hardie, Livingston
Graham Askew, retired gardener, Cambridge
Sarah Winters, QA Lead, Asheville
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Holly Warcup, Sales Assistant, London
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Jill Leflour, Data Scientist, London
Mark Nelson, Software developer, IGS Ltd, Edinburgh
Katherine Gritt, Southampton
Henry McDermott, Mental Health Worker, Vancouver Coastal Health, Pemberton
Charlotte Llewelyn-Wells, Editor, NOTTINGHAM
Ida Dickerboom, Student, Edinburgh
Lynsey, Copywriter, Glasgow
Harry Langdale, Shop Assistant, Tesco, March
Ladybug Odendaal, student, Heumen
Bethan Dawson, Production Coordinator, National Theatre Wales, CARDIFF S GLAM
Jessica Bean, Adjunct Faculty, Bastyr University, Seattle
Martyn Dore, Administrator, London
Yaz Tremlett, Student, London
Catrìona Fraser, London
Hannah, Vice President IT, NRW, Germany
James Rushbrook, Student, Kirkwall
Frida Vikström, Project Engineer, Helsinki, Finland
Simon Skellon, Teacher, Nottingham
Anthony Payne, Student, Plymouth
Ryan Watson, Newcastle
Elinor Pooley, Harleston
Bee Currie, Beuningen
Paddy Fellows, Lead Developer, Hull
Delbecque Erika, Oxford
Thomas V Haines III, Civil Clerk, Brooksville
Richard Whittaker, Software Engineer, BBC, London
Farah Jade Bliss, Homemaker, None, Denver
Maz Wallace, Marketing Assistant, Bristol
Xander Phillips, Student, Nottingham
Specious Coda-Bishop, Journalist, Navan
Jordan Forward-Lamb, Editor, Frome
Georgia Homer, Communications and fundraising assistant, Birmingham
Joseph Parsons, Comedian, London
Sam Ruiz, Spectrum Policy Manager, Croydon
Jordan Rundle, Graphic Designer, South Shields
Katie Wootton, Birmingham
Callum Agnew, Journalist, Self Employed, Aldershot
Faye Buchanan, Student, Banbury
Caitlyn-Maeve Roberts, Animation Student, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Andrew MacKinnon, Brighton
Caroline Diamond, Project Manager, Out On An Island, Ryde
Samantha Flowers, Laboratory Staff, Private, Cambs
Ruth Hatton, Redcar
Samantha Cooper, Doctor, Glasgow
Aspen, Teacher, Chelmsford
Alexis DeCarufel, Executive, London
Cameron McDougal-Brownhill, Software Support, Stafford
Thomas Cowley, Consultant, Auticon, London
Brennan Whitmore, Graphic designer, A news one, Austin
Robert Jac Edgar Morgan, Student, Newport
Sean Holmes, Basingstoke
Jonah Novack, Architecture student, University of Florida, Gainesville Florida
Christopher Neal, Illustrator, Nottingham
Joshua Powlesland, Administrator, Exeter
Jack, Kitchen Assistant, Witley
Michael Peisley, Senior support technician, Microsoft, Bristol
Ollie Bould, Student, Newcastle upon Tyne
Chloe Harmer, Manchester
Stephanie Martinez, Copywriter, Tallinn
J T, Developer, Edinburgh
Lauren Luxford, Box Office Manager, Royal Shakespeare Company, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON
Kieran, Macclesfield
Lorna Forrester, Communications manager, Jersey, Channel Islands
Iina Jaara, Student, Edinburgh
Cairistiona Dougherty, Glasgow
Liz Gwynne, Runcorn
Jackson Nietert, Student, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Shayan Ali
Ronja, Student, Reykjavik
Jordan A Witter, Austin
Cat Laird, Designer, Dundee
James Armstrong, Teacher, Brisbane
Dorian Crane, Business Analyst, Durham
Jamie Quinlan, Greater Manchester
Natasha K, unemployed
Finn Dobson, Peer Support Worker, Touchstone, Leeds
Thomas Rodgers, Academic, University of Manchester, Manchester
Charlotte Nangle
Jasmine Stephenson, Student, Newcastle
Helena Zucker, Milton Keynes
Adam Dixon, York
Per Lowther, Ealing
Nathan Hackett, Student, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
Natasha Ewhe, Romford
Indigo Buchanan, student, Glasgow
Helen Macdonald, Academic, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Alexandra Markina, Programmer, Moscow
Leo Lee, Media Technician, Manchester
Charlie Rodgers, Hadfield
Kaia Leahy, Web Developer, Cincinnati
Charlotte Hanscombe, Illustrator, London
Dennison Lucy, Retired teacher, Worcester
Matt Matlo
Martha Robinson Rhodes, Researcher, Birmingham
Clare Cooper Stickland, Sheffield
Jordan McSporran, Student, Ulster University, Belfast
Chase, Student, Fishers
Sophie Hobson, Metering Specialist, Octopus Energy, Warwick
Shanice Mahi, Student, CAVC, Cardiff
Matthew Davies, Advice Worker, JST, Coseley
Sarah Dickinson
Gabi Rolfe, Composer, Guildford
Daniel Woolley, Basingstoke
Lauren Watkins, Exeter
Matthew Traini-Cobb
Romain, Jasseron, France
Robyn Dean, Bristol
Em Moore, Student, UAL, Hull
Rowan Bradshaw, Student, University of Salford
Corey, Edinburgh
Seb Harding, Leeds
Ben, Student, University of Lancaster, Lancaster
Cong Liu, Doctor, NHS, East Midlands
Oliver Butler, Student, Ware
Owen Cocksedge, Operations controller, GMSL, King’s Lynn
Hannah Williams, Team Leader, Octopus Energy, London
Kimberley Stone, Welwyn Garden City
Jaden Pleasants
Beth Pearce, Sales Assistant, Wigton
Tony Hughes, HCA, NHS, Somerset
Ronan Hunt, Student, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
Liam Brown, Canberra
Henry Newbury, Healthcare Assistant, Southampton
Loren March, PhD candidate, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
anonymous, PGCE student, University of Manchester, Manchester
Rowan Taylor, Writer, Hertfordshire
Isaac, student, Bradford
Benjamin Lomax, Conwy
Alyssa Hendrikx, student, Durham
Michael Hale, Chemist, Leeds
Hannah McGregor, Student, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Grace Brown, Sheffield
James Hewison-Carter, Norwich
Katie Pearson, Energy Specialist, Octopus Energy, Durham
Anne Nelson, Software Engineer, London
Peter Hadley, Bristol
Maja Cieśla, Project Manager, Poznań
Richard Byrne, Student, Aberdeen
Rhys Morgan, Bury St. Edmunds
Martha King, Energy Specialist, Octopus Energy, Leicester
Abigail Mansion, Student, Loughborough
Toni Hudson, Northampton
Carys Ingram, Proud swans, Swansea
Benjamin Harkins, Lakewood, CO USA
Irene Mora Hinman, Admin Assistant, Brighton
Siddhanth Shetty, Lead Animator, London
Bernard Carey, Engineer, Expro, Aberdeen
Sarah Cole, Redhill
Gabriel, Filmmaker, Cardiff
Emily Webb, ESOL Teacher, Glasgow
Chris Dormer, Managing Director, Localgiving, London
April, West Haven
Grace, London
Jay Witsey, Musician, Longfield
Gillian Bush, Scunthorpe
Thorge Springborn
Sruti Rai, Student, London
Alex Round, Barnsley
Dr Michael Sheldon, Software Engineer, Newcastle upon Tyne
Madeleine Vero, Northgate
Matt Dowds, London
Brady Mello
Juniper Lowe
Georgia Dumigan, N/A, Lisburn
Garetrh Sirzechs Jones, Customer Relations, Blackpool
Jannick Brehaut, Guernsey
Bellene Diablo, Artist, Office Job at eye and vision clinic, Karbala
Oliver Carson, Game Developer, Sizeable Games, Plymouth
Lucas Boyd, Uniontown
Amy Kordiak, Manager, Abergele
Frog Howell, Willow spring, North Carolina
Ryan Sheasby, N/A, N/A, Cannock
Antony Bishop, Learning Support Assistant, Swindon
Mike Smith, Teacher, Liverpool
Edward Lawley, Finance, Building Society, Oxford
Sonja Hammes, Social Media Coordinator, Reading
Ben Dean, accountant, Southampton
Angharad K Taylor, Customer resolution Lead, Leicester
Eleanor Grange, Preston
Courtney Duffy, Business Administrator, Michigan, USA
Ruaidhri James Taylor, Oxford
Jay Appleton, Printer, Liverpool
Lelia, Bristol
Vanta Wrenbourne, Student, Game Developer, Devroom-Vantasia, Lincoln
Kitt, Wolverhampton
Amy Harker, Horsham
Lesley Grant, Aberdeen
Elizabeth Price, Cardiff
Kelley Gray, sociologist, eventide, Bay City
Athbhreith Parker, College Student, N/A, Worksop
Taylor Ross, Student, Aberdeen
Clíona Boylan, Student, Dublin
Alexander L Nye, Alfreton
Ondrej Hanus, Translator, Prague
Arondeep Roshan Singh, Data analysis, Edinburgh
Grey Nicholson, Senior Tester, BBC, Greater Manchester
Chloé Bouillon, Charleville-Mézières
Tal Ker-Oldfield, Engineer, DEI lead, Automattic, London
Rachel McNally, NHS, Swanley
Lucy J Troup, Helensburgh
James Victoria Luxford, Journalist, Freelance, Stratford Upon Avon
Cameron East
Matthew, Student, Sheffield
Sam Ainsworth, Senior Software Developer, Manchester
Ewan Barr, Norwich
Mary Leneis, Technical author, Oxford
Sunchi chen, Engineer, Public sector, Reading
Aspen Randall, Milton Keynes
Matthew Bull, Information Analyst, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Boston
Charles smyth, IT support, Sheffield
Zeia Gillies, IT Engineer, Brighton
Jordon slade, It technician, Newport
Tony Nolan, London
Dani DiFlavis, UX Designer, Cinnaminson, NJ USA
Elliott DeWitt, Teacher, Cambridge
Em, Software Developer, Edinburgh
Sam Bullen, Public sector, London
Megan Tallon, County Armagh
Lauren Minshull, Student, University of Lincoln, Nottingham
James Shupe, Soldier, U.S. Army Retired
Ida Karoliussen
Nikki Hayden, Mental health worker, London
Oscar Goodman, Student, Salisbury
Neill Gilmore, Clinical scientist, Belfast
Marlin Nicoletti, Gene Therapy technology engineer, Panama City
Alexia F Selene, Janitor, Derby
Catherine Foster, Researcher, CARDIFF UNIVERSITY, Cardiff
Zexion Sallow, Artist, Lincoln
Beth Thomas, Nuclear physics researcher, Oxford
Christopher Jay Brace, Leatherworker, EmBrace Leather, Wallasey
Joe England, Field Service Engineer, Kidderminster
Rae Dodd, Administration, Tesco, STOCKPORT
Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Office Worker, Galway
H. D., student, sheffield
Chris Kershaw, PhD and Associate Tutor, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Daisy Hayward, Student, Sheffield
Eleanor Gidman, Statistician, Bristol
Isabel Clayton, Student, University of York, York
Ruth Hilditch, Administrator, Shrewsbury
Calliope Wardle, Truro
Leah Spence, Student, Nottingham
Ian Cotton, Software developer, Burghfield Common
MR MICHAEL S MESSINA, Walton-on-Thames
Stuart B, Research scientist, Winchester
Adrian Kearney, Bristol
Daniel Quinn, graphic designer, LONDON
Emily Jones, None, Pembrokeshire
David Hatton, Writer, n/a, Horwich
Grace Killick, High Wycombe
Kat Steiner
Moriarty Charles, Photographer, London
Logan Robin, Sheffield
James Murray
Jonathan Doberski, Archaeologist, Wilton
Alice Woolley, Student, Bradford
Eric Crum, Retail, Atlanta
Lauren Miller, Theater Technician, New York
Eve B, Cardiff
Tain Joliffe, Marketing director, Rapp, Saint Leonards-on-sea
Elissia Healey, Sales Assistant, Hythe
Robert Godsmark, Education, Birmingham
Dr Simon Davies, Web developer, Leamington Spa
Levi Wellman, Southampton
Saul Stevenson-Dodd, Mold
Camilla Gilmore, Legal Assistant, Birmingham
Andrew Davis, Teaching Assistant, Cardiff
Lewis Rees, Secondary education teacher, London
Ben Smith, Manager, London
Rebecca walton, Administrative assistant, Leeds
Kavanagh William
Euan Crombie, Musician, Yorkshire
Ruby Jones, Student, Shipley, Bradford
Casey Hayden, Teacher, Birmingham City University, Birmingham
Toby Johnson, Unemployed, Swansea
Ieuan Mulholland, Aylesbury
Alex Jerome, Teacher, London
Johanna Wilson, Quality Manager, London
Adam Galloway, Teacher, Birmingham
Alec Stroemer, Programmer, Cardiff
Saturn S, Student
Daire Behan, Journalist, Kildare
Amanda Strnad, Boston
Louis Small, Fine Art Student, Edinburgh
Clara Turkington, Belfast
Boyd steer, Unemployed, Bideford
Harry Hunkin, Civil Servant, Nottingham
Avalon Quental, Teacher, Manchester CT
Alexandra Carr, Masters Student, York
Liam Haines, Retail/Student, University of Kent, Chatham
Day S., Civil Servant, MANCHESTER
David Sims, Online Editor/Colorist, Asylum Entertainment, Pasadena
Mr Declan Nicholas, Student, Coventry
Sylvia K, Student
Pete Little, Senior Developer, London
Harvey Roberts, Unemployed, N/A, Westgate-On-Sea
Emily Blunden, Scare actor, Scream park entertainments, Aylesbury
Rachel Seymour, Sex therapist, London
Samuel Thompson, Teaching Assistant, Felixstowe
Jenna Hale, Caerphilly
Sam Ramsey, student, University of edinburgh, edinburgh
Will Edwards, Student, Salesian College, Alton
Tayo Balogun, Student, London
Oliver Clarkson, Receptionist, Barcan+Kirby LLP, Bristol
Rachel Blackburn, London
Hannah Copnall, Northwich
Sarah Houghton, Teacher, Hull
Kirstie Grant
Emily Brander, Charges Officer, Gravesend
John Eskioglou, Employee Officer, Stockport
Yasha Jochems, Lelystad
Harry J Smith, Falmouth
Rebecca Milton, PhD Candidate, University of Kent, Kent
Matthew Webb, Engineer, -, Bristo
Andrew Gillett, Newmarket
Niall Graham, Manchester
Joel Heather, Student, University of Southampton, Southampton
Emily Middleton, Software Engineer, Oxford
Luca Dolan Ruiz, Unemployed, Dublin
James Mork, Postgrad, Dundee
Jamie D’Sylva
Morgan Gardiner, unemployed, auckland
Tatyana Saar, IT Service Delivery Infrastructure Engineer, Basingstoke
Zookie Beasley, Unemployed, None, Birmingham
Rhiannon Green, Artist, Worcester
Liam Burnett, Port Talbot
Ella Brookes, Civil Servant, London
Kane Baker, PhD student, University of Exeter, Redruth
James Armour, Carpenter, Wooden Duck Workshop, Dorchester
Micott Monger, New York City
Sam Gibbons, Student, Lancaster University, London
Isha Loudon, Student, Bristol
Kieran Shiach, Manchester
Jennifer Matheson, Retired, Forres
Moss Killick, Student
Emily Iwatake-Parr, Student, UWE, Bristol
Leah Wood, Software Engineer, North Lincolnshire
Oscar M, Student, Weston-super-Mare
A.S, Artist, London
Natalya Moon, Tutor, Harlow
Luke Prendergast, Researcher, UCL, London
Athena wride, School caretaker, N/a, SOUTHAMPTON
Samantha Durbin, Mathematics Education Manager/Designated Saefguarding Officer, London
Chris Littler, Website design, Sheffield
Zuzanna Gwadera, London
Ruth Phillipson, Artist, Okehampton
Stuart Jackson, Radiographer, NHS, Glasgow
CS, Office Manager, Edinburgh
Emma Rutherford, Warrington
Jamie Baxter, Livingston, Scotland
Cai Stoddard-Jones, Student, Cardiff
Joseph Bisatt, Service Desk Agent, Taunton
Victoria Tambling, Brighton
Lucy Tooze, Cleethorpes
C parkin
Barry Mehaim, Manchester
Katie Jones, Student, Exeter
Sean Johnson, Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Zephyr Sylvester, unemployed, Folsom
zoe zucchetti, atudent, bologna
Remy Garner, Teacher, Austin, TX, US
Vivienne Walker, CivilServant, Sheffield
Jack McKnight, Customer Care Executive, Manchester
Charlotte gow, Nurse, Wales
Rachel Stean, Student, Bristol
Elly Gausden, Rossendale
Simon Hilton, Freelance Engineer, Norfolk
Nicholas Tryand, Nantwich
Charlotte De Val, Public servant, London
Gregor Crawford, Student, Dundee
Claire Poskitt, Senior Marketing Copywriter, Articulate, Canterbury
Rachel Vallely, Sheffield
Alex Pritchard, Student, Plymouth
Matt Ridyard, Technologist, Swansea
Carlos Ladios Boluda, Guest Services, The Grove, Watford
Andrew Rosser, Statistician, Bristol
Laura Christie, Cheshire
Emily Bowes, Student, Banbury
Liam Cannon, Leeds
Ines Krnjus, Samobor
Lexington Love, Artist, Lexington Love, Brighton
Emma Davies, Dorchester
David Megins-Nicholas, Software Engineer, ASOS, Birmingham
Max Buss, Red Wing
Kieran Phillips, Software Engineer, Halifax
Kathryn Jones, Rhymney
Rob Eagle, Academic and artist, Bristol
Robert Barnes, Cyber Security Specialist, Derby
Emma Sheppard, Bartender, Adelaide
fen grant, manchester
Kathryn Hore, Author, Melbourne
David Parr, Telford
Robert Gaylor
Katy, Student, Dundee
Ben Warburton, Lecturer in Queer Theory, University of Salford, Manchester
James Balmer, Writer, Liverpool
Jake Devereux, Sales Assistant, Bristol
Helen Parish, Library Assistant, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Siobhan Findley, Administrator, Enfield
Luke Thomas Jeremiah, unemployed, Carmarthen
Jonathan Kim, Post-Doctoral Psychological Researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
Declan Bass, Forres
Jackie Greenwood, Teacher, NA, Yorkshire
Kaitlyn Lacuna, Esports Coach, Birmingham
Daniel Minshull, Student, Nottingham
Callum Cooke, Student, Wrexham
Rhianne Cooper, Physiotherapist, N/A, Cheltenham
Andrew Hunt, HR/Recruitment, Durham
Evan Mancl, Student, Eau Claire
Robyn Lang, Stirling
Rhianydd Jenkins, Student, NEWPORT
Kerita W., Unemployed, Shannon
Alice Bradnack, Manchester
Christopher Waller, Town Planner, London Borough of Redbridge, London
Max Stevenson, Student, Warwick
Tori Azalea, Support worker, Maidenhead
Kirsty Johnson, Teacher, York
Antony Marzetti, Student, Coventry
Sidney, London
Daniel Thomas, Painter and Decorator, Abstract, Somerset
Pierre Phaneuf, Software Developer, London
Katherine Hancock, Oxford
David Oliveira, Livingston
Nikhil Jha
Charlotte Cloud, PR Manager, Manchester
Lily Donovan, Cambridge
Moeez Siddiqui, Mental health practitioner, Surrey and Borders NHS Trust, Sutton
tasha jones, BLAST, basingstoke
Coire Halfpenny, Dundee
Penny C, Carer, Middlesbrough
R. H,, Student, Newcastle-under-Lyme
pink peacock collective די ראָזעװע פּאַװע קאָלעקטיװ, a queer yiddish anarchist pay-what-you-can café
Craig Fisher, PLYMOUTH
Marissa Barry, Student, San Diego
Percy Melendez, Student, Pooler
Cian Ghataora, Student, Birmingham
Sophie Mitchener, Milton Keynes
Demo, Student, London
Martin Wharmby, Journalist, High Peak
Sarah Dicks, Weston-super-Mare
Tim Knight, Software developer, OpenCast Software, Oxford
Ginny Bayliss, Student, Swansea University, Swansea
George Affleck, Borehamwood
Joseph Govreau, IT Support Specialist, n/a, St. Louis
Annie Valentine, Student, Portland
Skye Kelly, Sheffield
Pippa Cavanagh, Hospitality, Buxton
Samson Somwaiya, Student, Oxford
Marco Giacomin, Student, Conegliano
Ioan Mather, Student, Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Aoife Delaney, Women’s Development Worker, Traveller Movement, London
Jessica Rowbottom, Musician, The Bleeding Obvious, Wakefield
Lily L, Student, Bath
Migle Sataite, HR Manager, London
Constance foss, Plymouth
Nataile Jones, Student, Titus Salt School, Bradford
William Wade, Welder, Bradford
Rita Silva, Science Communications Associate, London
Lily P, Education, London
Raine Williams, Chicago
Euan glen, Student, Melksham
Dominique Evans, CLEETHORPES
Alice Norton, IT Service Desk Assistant, Scottish Government, Dundee
Ewan Tough, Norwich
Sophie Milligan, Journalist, London
Elliott Pearce, Operative, London
Jon Hardaker, Hereford
Isabel Richards, Student, Falmouth
Jessica Bunyan, Software Developer, Reading
Kate Bailey-Hale, Caerphilly County Borough
Bradley Walden, Student, London
Lyndsey Wray, Business Consultant, UK Bid Writer, Kendal
Ben Warren, Croydon
Kai Williams, Student, The bridge academy, London
Montgomery Hartigan-Davies, Student, Halifax
Evan Claypool, Raleigh
A. Altindal, Researcher, London
Lynsay, Police Constable, Manchester UK
Sarah Smith, Teacher education, UK
Lexane Sirac, Localizer, Paris
Amelia MacNeil, Student, Loxahatchee, Fl, USA
Phillip Davies, Forex trader, Educate2trade, London
Helene Gosling, Business Administrator, Lancing
Hilde Jordal, Student, Bergen
Catherine Berry, Software Engineer, Bristol
Matthew Charles, Oxford
Charlotte Trumble, LONDON
Robert Kerr, Cambridge
Alice, student, Edinburgh
Kai Jones, Communications Officer, Cardiff
Haydn O’Donnell, Phone Interviewer, Plymouth
Phil Pemberton, Engineer, Leeds
Simon Cros, Marketer, Choisy-le-Roi
Jim Heath, Nottingham
Kristina Mina Viggers, Historian, Copenhagen
Harri Ellington, Administrator, London
Katharine Wade, Bookseller, Birmingham
Georgie Edwards, Chippenham
Troy Woodford, Disabled, Drummore Stranraer
Dag Corbett, Sales engeineer, Cambridgeshire
Kim Justice, Documentarian, Essex
Leighton, Student, Norwich
Aaron Funnell, Retail assistant, Worthing
David Iain Dawson, Please select, Newcastle upon Tyne
Saeran Gosling, lancing
John Matson, Customer Service, Birmingham
Celeste, IT, -, Barcelona
Jessica Price, Housekeeper, Bristol
Samuel Timms, Professional Trainer, Porchlight Charity (The BeYOU Project), ROCHESTER
Elizabeth Lovatt, Book Buyer, London
Tiffany Baxter, Illustrator, Milton Keynes
Patrick Oconnor, London
Eli Rainsberry, sound artist, yorkshire
Joe Araniello, Journalist, Too Queer, Don’t Read, Newcastle Upon Tyne
sidney mahoney, student, London
Emil Evans, Accountant, Libris, Maidstone
Aurora Carnduff, Student, N/A, Liverpool
Florian Windisch
Rebecca Griffiths, IT Analyst, Newport
Mel Mason, Software Engineer, University of Oxford, Oxford
Dave Convery, Web developer, Cambridge
Lyndsay McSeveney, Comic artist, Burythorpe
Valkyrja, Trans woman, Yrans rights are Human righrs, Lancefield
Robin Newstead, Northampton
Michael Eric Brown, Executive Director, TransMentors International, Inc., Tucson, AZ
Gareth Redmond-King, London
Elly Wigmore, Artist, blank, London
Neil Marshall, BLAIRGOWRIE
Erica Telford, Tokyo
Ethan Hanbury, Cardiff
Maxime Boucherat, Caerphilly
Dominic Cuthbert, Content Creation, ITM Power, Sheffield
Judy Brunton, Retired, CAMBRIDGE
Chris Wilson, Visual Effects Artist, Union VFX, London
Stephen O’Gorman, Software Engineer, Leicester
Jenny Mure, Civil servant, Nottingham
Jake Jennings, Crewe
Casey Edwards, Surrey
Athena Brown, Sutton
Lita Rogers, Various, Denver
Eli DeJack, IT, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Jack Ah-Tow, Student, Bristol
Leni Sivey
Murmel Octavia Buraas, Unemployed, Oslo
Luludee Marn, Student, Prague
Renee Islabelle Puet, Chef, Columbus, OH
Michael Connor, Games industry, n/a, Stoke-on-Trent
Tom Speelman, Writer
Nathan Ellingsworth, Games Journalist, Pocket Tactics, Bristol
Olivia Basten, Melbourne
S. Jonathon O’Donnell, Visting Scholar, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast
Christopher Robinson, Retail Manager, Brisbane
Brendon Cooper, Manchester
Olivia Andrews, Fundraising Coordinator, London
Thomas Skews, BBC Hater, Par
Keir Hardie, Edinburgh
Ieuan Rose, IT Analyst, Open GI, Worcester
Lynn Pasterny, Campaigner, environmental organisation, London
Mark Casey, Dublin
Elliott, Artist
Lauren Smith, Student, Oxfordshire
Grace Purrington, Student, Ascot
Christie Dietz, Writer, Freelance, Alsheim
Tom Knight, Fleet Analyst, Lex Autoloease, High Wycombe
Philip Middleton, Administrator, Aberdeen
Christopher Wuttke, Logistics Worker, Lower Saxony
Edwin Bryer, Student, Aberystwyth
Jose Luis Perez Zapata, Sales Rep, London
Samurl Street, Accountant
Claudia Murray, medical student, oxford university, oxford
Rachael Reynolds, New Malden
Golbourn Ophelia, Teaching Assistant, Buckinghamshire
Anna B
Stephen Smith, Charity consultant, BRISTOL
Alice Exley, Programmer, Bognor Regis
Amelie Mears, student, Bristol
Hannah Rickman Peddie, Writer, Self Employed, Newcastle upon Tyne
Richard Miller, Sheffield
Emily Robinson, Hungerford
Amber Claes, Student, WICO, Eksel
Katrina Alcorn, Scientist, Katrina Alcorn, Cambridge
Atahualpa Castillo Morales, Bioinformatician, Cardiff
Pete Sorensen, Nottingham
Daniel F., Berkshire
Toby McCoy
Martha Elliott, Engineer, Manchester
Elias Vasiloudes, Student, Edinburgh Student Housing Co-Operative, Edinburgh
Sophie Richardson, Software Engineer, Hereford
Ethan / Champie, Visual Artist, Self Employed, Kingston
Vera F
Gerri Parker, Manager, Milton Keynes
Avery Whitehead, Software developer, Lancaster
Laura East, Data Analyst, n/a, Birmingham
Taylor Murphy, Woking
Leo Skilbeck, Milk Presents, Manchester
Tai, Belfast
Jose justo, Plumber, Self employed, Dunstable
Prof. Martin Milton, Psychologist, Regents University London, London
Kate Hill, Leven
Ethan Howell, Oxfordshire
Erica Gillingham, Bookseller, London
Colette Campbell Kealy, Manchester
Harry Cummings, Technical consultant, London
Ryan Harwood, London
Matt Browne, Greenwich
Jamie Apthorp, Corporate Strategy, London
Nicole Berry, Sunderland
Freya Griffiths, Statistician, Hampshire
Kirsty Smart, Retail, Portsmouth
Clara Freudenberg, Edinburgh
Jennifer Lambourne, Writer, Cornwall
Lauren Morley, Playwright, N/A, London
Naomi Clark, admin assistant, NHS, Oxford
Inge Erdal, Edinburgh
Graham Snow, IT Consultant, London School of Economics, St Albans
Thomas Ronayne, Student, Leeds
Benjamin T., Student
Yves Yagolnitser, Student, UCSC, Santa Cruz
Sam Mesterton-Gibbons, Software Engineer, Manchester
Jack Molay, writer, Crossdreamers, Oslo
Max Farrell, marketing writer, San Antonio, TX
Ben Sams, Student, Colchester
Kayden Harper, Glasgow
Katy David, Teacher, Colchester
Alexandra Pitchford, Writer, Warragul
Robert Simm, Administrator/Support Worker, Bolton
Morenike Adebayo, Sussex
Daniel Gugan, Post-Graduate Researcher, University of Leeds, Leeds
George Tremarco, 3D Modeller, Liverpool
Jacqueline Deng, Student, N/A, Melbourne
Kendra Taylor-McNally, Homemaker, Portadown
Eleanor Moore, London
Lily Jenkins, Leeds
Alex Balhatchet, Software Development, London
Lorraine Watson, Salford
Ceri Storey, Software Engineer, London
Naomi Brears, Marketing Coordinator, Sheffield
O. Mavridou, Dundee
Glen Mailer, Software Engineer, Sheffield
Jo Judges, Birmingham UK
Elena Marcus, Researcher, London
John Colman, IT Consultant, White – British
Daniel Heron, Accountant, Surrey
Jasmin Hogben, Weymouth
Andrew Gamble, Ashbourne
Nathalie Schouten, Gendt
Emily Maddox, Lecturer
Yasmeen Thantrey, Nottingham
Poppy Pitt, Bristol
Kate Foye, Gloucestershire
Chris Scarr, Loughborough
J. B. Tarn, Liverpool
Edward Shaw, Software Engineer, London
Weston Nell, Student, Exeter
Andrew White, Coventry
Tamala Beer, Brisbane
Otis Robinson, Leeds
Jacob Hall, Southend
Lottie Relph, Psychology Masters Student, Bristol
Stuart Broadbent, Engineer, Manchester
Kelvin Gan, London
Kathryn, Birmingham
Ali Avery, Teacher, Bristol
Zofia Niemtus, Writer, Norwich
Amy Benson, Sheffield
Paul Bowsher, Software Engineer, Andover
Elyse Clapman, Photographer, Harlow
Ella Bailey, Leeds
Georgie Williams, London
Talia Lambert, Dundee
Rosie Roberts, London
Jessica Zhu, Student, Melbourne
Andy Bell, Designer, Piccalilli Ltd, Cheltenham
Brinley Hardman, Retail Cashier, Thornton CO USS
Lyndsey Herbert, Manchester
Ro Crawford, Oxford
Zoe Morris, Doncaster
Char Boden, London
Sage Tristan, Artist, Chicago
Michelle Martin
Tom Jeffreys, writer, Edinburgh
Sam Coy
Dylan Gardham, Student, Loreto college, Manchester
Sayen, London
Kristen, Chemical Engineer, Brisbane
E Saxey, London
Dylan Daltry, Student, Stocksfield
Emelia Sewell
Zack Bowden, Middletown
NEIL Andrew, Nurse, Brighton
Jamie Ryan, Journalist, London
Peter Nelson, Aylesbury
Cooper Sophie, Garment construction, Leicestershire
Andrew Williamson, Research scientist, London
Marina, Artist, Hürth
Katy McGilvray, Artisy, London
Jacob Colbeck, Web Developer, York
David Jasek, Consultant, Hitchin
Jessica Swartz, Night Auditor, Lawrence
Emma Hughes, Student, Leeds
Niall Crawford, Glasgow
Colin Ricketts, Writer, Cardiff
Christopher Willis, Consultant, Thoughtworks, Bristol
Kalli Angel, Account Manager, Uncountable, London
Bethany A, Liverpool
Anna Caswell, Accountant, Lancaster
Bissnette Imriel, Artist, New Minas
Evelyn Morrissey, Engineer, Solihull
Archie Moon, Student, Dulwich
Colin Watson, Ely
Rowan Jones, Teacher, Sussex
Linden Feng, Director, London
Wren Boon, Sex educator, Leeds
Jennifer Attwood, Clinical psychologist, Bristol
Olivia Howarth, Edinburgh
Jon Cox, Salisbury
Ben Pilgrim, Software Engineer, Ipswich
Noah Berman, Security Engineer, Bristol
Ember McMenemy, Research associate, Glasgow
Alex coghlan, Harrow
Jade Kelly, Software Dev, Norwich
Luke Townend, Student, York
Alasdair Thompson, Edinburgh
Philippa Messent Watling, Software Developer, Eastleigh
Beck Grey, Games Host, Newcastle
Liam, Software Developer, London
L. Boland, Bookseller, Dublin, Ireland
Kathleen Stein, Student, London
Philip Waite, Durham
Erin Reeder, Mother, Indianapolis
Bianka, Student
Theodore Frydensberg Hall, History Postgrad, London
Wesley Aaron Mason, SRE Lead, Elasticsearch Ltd, SELBY
Jess Hacker, Journalist, London
Luke Menniss, Musician, Canterbury
Johanna Tooze, Basingstoke
Frankie Thompson-Attwell, HGV driver, Tylorstown
Georgia Grace, Student, The (Queer) Sex Education Show, Norwich
Nicole, Security Engineer, Springfield
Rose Crossgrove, LONDON
Joshua Heron, Student, Dunder
Edward Walsh, CEO, Tokyo
Gabriel Malestein, Engineer, Tampa, Fl
Dylan Hamilton, Student, N/A, Grantham
Lara Goodwin, London
Sawyer Grincewich
Saeed Dickie, Glasgow
Dani Brown, Software Developer, London
James Fleming, Oslo
James Moffaty, Copywriter, Redhill
Dylan James Keogh, Student, Sydney
Lewis Easy, Data scientist, Experian, Peterborough
Yorick Van Den Bossche, Software Developer
Jamie Hunt, Designer, Wrexham
Rebecca Kendall, Lab Technician, Melbourne
Fi Quekett, Engineer, University of Leeds, Leeds
Phil Meadows, IT, Wokingham
Simon van Gelder, Project Manager, London
Eleanor T. Higgs, Lecturer, Brunel University
Latimer, Cambridge
Fletcher Porter, Software Developer, Myself, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Laura Eccott, Parent carer, The Green Party, Chichester
Lauren Stokeld
Cassie, civil servant, Ormskirk
Em Santus, Cambridge
Nicholas Smith, Hull
Alessandro Mencarini, London
Euan Richardson, Glasgow
Mina, Student, Belgrade
Jennifer sargisson, Swansea
Katelyn Goldfarb, podcaster
Emma Butlin, Northampton
Jamie Breeze, Durham
Esra Bell
Matthew Cooper, Administrator, Touchstone, Leeds
Jessica Hollis, Coordinator, York
Ronald Barr, Apprentice, Intergage, Poole
James Blair, Retailer, Glasgow
Mairead Hill
Emma Hughes, Writer, London
karen thornton, preston
Ellie Pratt, Employment Advisor, Bodmin
Martin Smith, UX director, Sheffield
Jerome Smith, Sheffield
Glen Pike, Software Engineer, Truro
Nevelina Aleksandrova, Software Engineer, Sheffield
Garnet Fox, Security, Bebington
Michael Achtman, Filmmaker, London
Kit Thurman, Disabled, Other, Salford
Elinor Groom, Curator, Leeds
Sophie Koonin, London
Emma de la Pena, Artist, Edinburgh
Jax, -, -, Bath
Gary Ginnaw, Kent
Sally Lait, Suffolk
Olivia West, Leeds
Huw Davies, software engineer, West Yorkshire
Maggie Chapman MSP, MSP, Equalities & Human Rights Spokesperson, Scottish Green Party, Aberdeen
Raven Faulkner, Kenmore
Ash Kent, Bristol
Tom Keen, Oxford
Thierry Heles, Journalist, Cardiff
Jo Sharp, Scientist, Sheffield
Helen Davison, Researcher, Liverpool
Tina, Yorkshire
Samantha Tripp, Bristol
Sarah Harnell, Laboratory Technician, None, Burton on Trent
Katie Fenn, Software Engineer, Sheffield
funley, manchester
Lee Davies, London
Kevin F. Quinn, Hastings
Rebecca Austen-Baker, N/A, N/A, Northampton
Phoenix Rose, Sheffield
simon ridge
Sophie Richards, Teacher, Sheffield
Sarah Narramore, Civil servant, Oxfordshire
Elodie Pasquetti, University student, Toulouse
Jessica de Bruin, Vantaa
Martin Stafford, MANCHESTER
Eleanor Wilson, Solicitor, London
Melany Carter-Groves, Project manager, Northampton
Reece Armstrong, Halifax
Gary Mason-Dring, Bournemouth
Sharon Wood, Lecturer
Ricki Wellman, Radio Station Director, Gorgeous Community Radio CIC, Wolverhampton
Christopher Mann, Data Scientist, Oakham
Annie Bell, External affairs & communications, Bristol
Annika Walsh, London
Oisin Duffy, Ecologist, Galway
james (Fennec) barton, artist/counsellor, pontypridd
Michael swindells, Accountant, Rotherham
Matt McDonald, Mechanical Designer, Harrogate
Dr Alison May Berner, Doctor, MILTON KEYNES
Rebecca Dunbar Wells, Psychologist, Local authority, Taunton
Jen Freeman, Software Engineer, Bradford
Milena Stephenson, Leeds
Jack Le Breton, Farnborough
Ville Pirkola, Farmer, Pyhäjoki
Elly McDade, Peer Researcher, Young Foundation, Basildon
Nora Kissling, Research Fellow, Berlin
Conor Wilman, European Patent Attorney, London
Emma Halford
Dawn MacPherson, Recruitment, Glasgow
Jon Jones, Financial Analyst, Anon, Leeds
Kirby Shrable, Software Engineer, Conway AR
Cheryl-Ann Auld, Retail, Ayrshire
Claire Green, WEST BYFLEET
Christian durham, Trainer, London
d oates, charity worker, elmbridge
Rain Helfang, Portland
Rachel Thomas, Charity worker, The Bread and Butter Thing, MANCHESTER
Ellis Sinclair-Kent, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jarlath McDermott, Animator, Leeds
Finlay Sime, Admin, Glasgow
Vince Lewis, Carer, Loughborough
Neil Hynes, Data analyst, NHS, Manchester
Ashleigh, Nottingham
Justin Whitby, Music Producer, Norwalk
Dominic Lewis, Support Worker, Glasgow
Jess Eastwell, St. Helens
Alice Catalina De La Rosa, Advertising Maven, Lawrence
Rosie Rooney, London
Jess Evans, Crewe
Tim Wright, St Albans
Mr. Ishtar, Southampton
Avery Douglas, Student, London
Locke Robert, Charity Worker, Edinburgh
Pelin Guzel, student, ucl, london
Alex Hanney, Frome
Vicki Ho, curator, Wellington
Christina Grimwade, Consultant, Colchester
Joe Hinchliffe, Engineer, Berwick upon Tweed
Rebecca Frances, Senior Software Developer, Barcelona
Andy Kahrs, Musician, Nashville
Adam Brady, Cambridge, GB
Anthony M Cochetti, Software Developer, Albany
Daniel Bailey, Shop worker, Sheffield
Gemma, Research, Bradford
Lewis Blair, Edinburgh
F. Sheehan, IT Services, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Sue Riwe
Tatum Kim, Actress, London
Madden Ott, Student, Denver
Heather Jephcote, Administrator, -, Glasgow
Phil Shearer, Nottingham
Kelly Walker-Reed, Chair of Wolverhampton LGBT+, WOLVERHAMPTONLGBT, Wolverhampton
Maccabee Jeh, Veterinary surgeon, Brighton
Jamie Meechan, Support practioner, Glasgow
Rachel Sultana, Kitchener
Albert Hyun, Lancaster, CA, USA
Daniel Hurford, Social care worker, N/A, Glasgow
Dean Ryan, Insurance Broker, Stafford
Eddie Turner, BRADFORD
David Reid
Andrew Fenton, Sales, /, Chelmsford
Hannah Rose
Douglas Hughes, telecommunications technician
Laena Batchelder, Musician, Broomfield, CO, USA
Nikki Chilton, Public servant / Communications Manager, Bangor, Co. Down
Ross Waters, Bray
Hayleigh Codd, Kingston upon Hull
Marius November Krinnan, Oslo, Norway
Alan Thornton, Leicester
Owain Jones, Student, Lima, Ohio
Ashley Evergarden, Artist, Toronto
Brie Steven’s-Hoare QC, Barrister, FreeBar, London
Morag Williams, Engineer, Edinburgh
Matthews Megan, Coventry
John Hefner, Writer, Rehoboth Beach, DE, USA
Rhona Greene, Dublin, Ireland
Ariadne Peña, Coordinator, Kirkland, WA
Ari Girard, Coach, Lausanne, Switzerland
Laura Macklin, Student, Canada
Suzan M Kaufmann, retired, Oakland, CA 94612
Johan Georgsson, CNC-Operator, Lidköping
Wright Johnson, Writer & Editor, N/A, Birmingham, AL
Moss Thieler, Bicycle Mechanic, Falmouth
anonymous, Student, Brighton
Nikki Moorhouse, Farmer, Norwich
Ruth Valentine, N/A, N/A, Leeds
Lyra, Craft maker, Kehl
Steven Foster, Software Developer, Beeston
Gwen, Writer, Brisbane, Australia
Matthew Stahnke, Compliance Officer, Portland, OR
Dr Ross Brooks, Historian, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
Rachel J. Mahnken, Gig Harbor, WA
Simona, City Employee, Humanity, Toronto
Rhian Farnworth, Digital Marketing manager, -, Amsterdam
Ben Hueppauff, Melbourne, Australia
Josie Hudson, Retail Worker, Gap, Washington DC
Ashley simeoni, Retired, Transgender community, Boulder
Lori Marie, Water Technician, Akron, OH
Mischa Schommer, Registered Nurse—ICU, Fitchburg, WI USA
Gemma Dass, Dog Trainer, Kuala Lumpur
S. H. Lee, Student, Seoul, ROK
Bobbu Abadeer, Senior Product Designer, Bristol
Glenn Buettner, Retail Manager, Menomonee Falls
Timothy JM Tylor, Vallejo
Matthew Delaney, Counsellor
Beatriz Pagliarini Bagagli, BOTUCATU
John Fennimore, PhD Student, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Brienne, Swab Supervisor, Singapore
Cammie, office lady, ft worth
Jack Playle, Maldon
Michael Campbell, Psychologist, CANBERRA
Kyle Justin, Psychotherapist
Maria K Harwell, KIRKLAND
Jamie Goodwin, Wakefield
Liam Temple-Bertrand, COVID screener, St. Amant, Winnipeg
Claire Hauxwell, TA, Cardiff
James Wong, Engineer, San Jose
Tori B., Dundee
Maxine Morris, Artist, Dallas
Jack Cornelius, Freight, Portland
o, student lol, ojai
Thomas Chick, voice actor, Hobart, TAS, Australia
Josie Ward-Lombardo, Student, Los Angeles
Megan Player, Disabled, None, Brentwood
Perrie Jr Michael, Actor/writer, Jersey City
Abel Clements, Disabled/Unemployed, None, Weston-Super-Mare
August/poppy, Student, None, Baltimore
Don Lickley, Librarian, Brighton
Eli B., Artist, Evanston
Jessica Thorst Jensen, Fredriksdal
April Meredith Parenti, Student, Houston Community College, Houston
Laurence Young, Portsmouth
Zoe Hansford, Manchester
Daniel “Gabby” Latta, Public Servant, Government, West End
Jenna Sibley, Accounting Student, Toronto
Emilie Dørum, Student, UiO, Oslo
Alex Jahans, unemployed, none, Woking
Luciano Calderón, Translator, Santiago
M. Fairchild, Redding
David Thornton, Journalist, Washington DC
Madison Bean, Attorney, Houston
Brie Brunelle,
Robert Shannon, Soldier, US Army, AZ
Diana Fellner, Enrollment Counselor, CA
Ralph Schneider, Real Estate Preservation, Philadelphia
Mark Hajduk, Sample Handler, Glasgow
Jared Taylor
Sean Cabot, Student Journalist, MA
Theo Ramage, UK
Peter Moens, Rock Island
Gonsioroski Victoria, Engineer, USMC, Phoenix
chloe, student, fargo
Akio Ho, Educator, Yale University, CT, USA
Colbie Waterhouse, Student, St. John’s
Emily Davies, Student, Leeds
Sarah B, Chicago
Corey Young, Writer, Melbourne
Adam R, Film/TV, New Zealand
Catherine Valentine, Hairstylist, Chicago, IL
Tan Yi Tong, Student, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Elizabeth Fawkes, Chattanooga, TN
Gigo, none, none, Watford
Hal Kennedy, Student, Sunderland
Nathan Holmes, Bath
Sofia Forslund, Computational biologist, MDC/Charité, Berlin (GERMANY)
Abigail Gibbons, Student, Longmont
Evie S., Software Engineer, United Kingdom
Jessica Stewart, Writer, Sydney
Tyler Cooley, Funeral, Dignity, Birmingham
Jaye Finnigan, Barista, Kelowna
Julian Bistane, Student, São Paulo
Jasmine Zibell, Community worker, Adelaide
Ellie Nixon, Unemployed, Bristol
Heidi Fisher, Engineer, Philadelphia
Kira Turner, Student, University of Bath, Bath
Phineas Humphris, Post-Graduate Researcher, University of Birmingham
Jesus Morales, Student, Honolulu
Helena Jess Dipple, Student, University of Bath, BATH
Christie Lewis, Bus Attendant, Spokne
Scott Raboy, Student, Galt
Anna Claudia Cunha, Psychologist, São Paulo- Brazil
Quin O’Sullivan, Student, University of Cambrige, Cambridge
Thom Galan, Manchester
Daniel Jenkins, BIRMINGHAM
Devyn Keeney, student, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Roberto Lucci, student, Maidenhead
Robin Nguyen, Pa, Brooklyn Park
Nicci Healy, Senior sales account manager, Oxford
Marianne B Eid, Student, Glasgow
Aaron Ortolani, PC Refurbishment, Ogden
Ravindra Pethiyagoda, Research Associate, Brisbane
Susan Robertson, Grocery Associate, Windsor
Nadine Young, Hastings
Anneke Nehring, Policy Officer, PRESTON
Jasmin Hayward, Melbourne
Sean Bradley, Student, N/A, London
Frankie Wittevrongel, Web Developer, Beckenham
Jessica Bailey, Accountant, London
colons, Crewe
Reece L Harper, Student, Sunderland
Jordan Dryden, Lake Havasu
Sierra Willoughby, COVID Coordinator, Full Life Care, Federal Way
Caitlin Hernandez, Student, Buda
Ron Swarthout, Streamer, Fairport, NY
Marilyn Cervantes, Student, Los Angeles
Darren Lawrence, Actor, London
Cédrick Boulianne, Student, Ottawa
Helen Sherman
Emmy Leadley, Scotland
Robin Keith, Arvada, CO USA
Stephen Dolby, Retired, Sherborne
Katy Hanson, Filmmaker, Flint
Peter Ferguson, Student, Kent
L Clohessy, N/A, N/A, N/A
Ferguson Len, Student
Stephanie Atherton
Patrick Hughes, Student, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Robin, Montreal
Benjamin Webster, Milwaukee
Kimberley Warder, Customer assistant, YMCA, Norwich, UK
Shan Kenny
Oliver Jenkin, Specialist Career Development Consultant, Budleigh Salterton
Claire Fox
Roma Ellis, Student, Cambridge, UK
Leandro Figueiredo Pereira, Aliança Nacional LGBT, São José dos Campos-SP
Stevonnie Ross, Copyeditor, Jersey City, NJ, USA
Danny Roadhouse, Student, Austin TX
Brian Tyrrell, Publishing, Dungeons on a Dime, Edinburgh
Michelle Keeley-Adamson, Liverpool
Soren Aubert, Student, Grand junction
SJ Bronsord, Plano TX USA
Louise, student, norwich
T M, Civil servant, London
Nathan Hughes, Senior supervisor, Hsnbury’s licensed fish restaurant, Paignton
Maxwell Andelin, Wishaw
Joseph Lewis Reid, Cardiff
Katie Stewart, UK
Madeline Weir, Unemployed, Bulli
Riana Murga, SysAdmin, Memphis
Sera Milano, Author, Na, Guildford
Kai Chadwick, Student, Don’t wish to disclose, Glasgow
Andy Marshall, Priest, Church of England, London
Emma Brennan, Exeter
Catt Turney, Researcher, Bristol
Scarlett Hobbs, Engineer, London
Neil Horton, Teacher, Osaka
Conor Partin, Custodian, Elgin
Charlotte Rose, Student, Don’t wish to disclose, Lichfield
Luna, Paris
Charmaine Korde, Restaurant manager, N/a, Basingstoke
Ian Maxwell, Pharmacy Technician, St. Louis
Dahlia Kattan, Pomona
Jasmine, Writer, Umeå
Sarah N, Debt caseworker, Citizens Advice, Leeds
Cassie Riedemann
Logan Mellor, Waitress, Pizza Punks, Leeds
Liane Ross, Teacher, Self employed, Edinburgh
J. Hockey, Birmingham
Alex Bennington, Queen Creek
Edward Molyneux-Roberts, kitchen porter, Carshalton
Nathan Rower, Engineer, Thousand Oaks
Katty Stardust, Artist, Reading
Robert Mulloy, Corvallis
Catherine Toolan, Student, Dundee
Gregory Brown, Eastbourne
Finn Tempo, Swansea
Mathilda Lunken, Writer, London
Saffron Bannister, Software engineer, Canberra
Travis, San Diego
Shauna Hopkins, Student, Cardiff
Larisa, Edinburgh
Amy Lowe, Dundee
Murray Adcock, Web developer, London
Benjamin Cross, Edinburgh
Chloe Chalmers, IT professional, Reading
Zoe, Welwyn Garden City
Ellie Andrews, Writer, Manchester
Nathan Walker, Lecturer, York
Jack Cavalier, Machine Operator, Stotfold
Adrian Balfour, Software Engineer, Seattle
Azia Wild, Bath
Taylor Kissick, Ambulance Worker, Margate
Jennifer Abbene, Poole
Sam Parr, Tutor, University of Warwick, Coventry
Christopher Ward, Writer, Birmingham
Abraham Silver-Huey, Accountant, Seattle
Dharam korde, Project manager, Payscale, Basingstoke
Brooke H, London
Adéla Pafková, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Derek Craig, London
Hanna Lappalainen, Edinburgh
Chris W, Editor, Reading
Layla Peploe, Support Worker, Cwmbran
Annie Hayford-Joyner, PhD researcher, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury
Alice Hanaki
Kirsten Price, Finance, London
Ciara Clarke, Musician, London
Adrian Ogden, Reading
Andrew Kerr-Thompson, Stagehand, CUNY, New York
Jess Virtua, Retail Worker, Game Stores, Peterborough
Mae Plutchok, Asphalt QC, Roebling
Hugh Higgin, Ops analyst, London
Simon Pearson, Blyth
Simon Pollard, London
David Roberts, Belfast
Matt Jordan, Student Researcher, Cardiff University, Cardiff
Elijah Wagstaff-Dent, Student, Birmingham
Miklas Fahrenwaldt, PhD Student, Edinburgh
Sam Hookey, London
Cara South, Edinburgh
Daniel Martin, Grader, SEATTLE
Rob Hoveman, Student, Haworth
S J James, UK
Alexander Rennerfelt, socpuppet, earth, Stockholm
Michael Kessler, Norwich
Emily Rowley
Holly Holmberg, Tutor, Wirral
Conor Niblett, Picker, B&M, Middlewich
Bethany Brenner, Paralegal, Reading
Skylar Barnes, Student, Chicago
Zoey Box, Caerphilly
Shae McBride, Boston
Michael Balantekin, Data Analyst, Madison, WI
Ryan Castellucci, Principal Computer Security Researcher, London
Anthony Gee, Worsley
Adam Pearson, n/a, n/a, Amlwch
Blake Clarke, Software Developer, York
Rio Sambrook, Aberystwyth
Micah Lane
Ray Piste, Johannesburg
Gavin Fitzgerald, Developer, Auckland
Joe Turner, Leeds
Alexander Woodward, Daventry
Carolynn, Hastings
Isabel skinner, Leeds
Gambier Daniella, Client Support Manager, London
Rob Ferguson, Administrator, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lancaster
Robin Lagman, Student, Chicago
Kim, Chester
Jessica Hynes, Consultant, Taurus, London
Holly Falconer, Photographer, Self-employed, London
Becki Short, Voice Teacher, Self employed, Hampshire, UK
Paw Bokenfohr, Customer Success Manager, N/A, Birmingham
May Anderson, Packer, Ontario
Faith Hughes, Student
Daniel Tidey, Brighton
Scarlett, Security, Reno
Angus Doig, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Scott Clarke, Purley
Bex Sander
Donal, PhD Researcher, Dublin
Oliver Harwood, Editor, Freelance, London
James Foulds, James Foulds
Euan Brown, Head of Digital & Content, London
Elly Darrah, Tutor, Edinburgh
Philippa Berresford, Software Engineer, Loughborough
Sean Prideaux, Cambridge
Katie Squires, Student, Falmouth
Yolly Chegwidden
Romy Higgins, Writer, Coventry
Gordon Coale, IT, Reading
Marcus Lohr, -, -, Northampton
Ophelia Farrell-Pritchard, Cashier, Tesco, Bangor
V Roberts, Edinburgh
Nathaniel Smith, Retail Associate, Goodwill of Connecticut, New Milford
Jordan Meriel, Actor, Yorkshire
Ben Pike, Engineer, Milton Keynes
Luke Allan, LGBTQ+ & Mental Health Campaigner; Liberal Democrat Campaigner, Yorkshire
Abigail Muschamp
Jenny Collins, ], LONDON
ANDRA Neolucida, Designer, Alphaville, Redan
anonymous, Salesman, private, Timisoara
Kayleigh Davidson, Kirkcaldy
Peter Luscombe, Analyst, London
Zoë Baillie, Nurse, Edinburgh
Harriet Thompson
John Smoleskis, Teacher, Harlow
Tim Morrison, Sanday
Maja Eriksson, Köping, Sweden
Christopher E Shanks, Toxicologist, Davie, FL
Gordon Tumilty, Software Engineer, Glasgow
Paddy Duke, Designer, Edinburgh, UK
Denis Habulinec, student, Charles University, Plzeň
Anya Meyrick, Sevenoaks
Joshua Smart, Rotherham
Justin Renchen
Laura Lee, Product Manager, London
Jay Riddick, Editor, Chicago
Shawn Smith, Rockngham
Aurora Quasar
Alexandra Willard, CEO,, London
Kenza Breton, Master Student in Neurosciences, London
J Eirian
Giacomo Segers, Student, Antwerp
Aaron Lopez, Engineer, State farm, Smyrna
Connor Kennedy, Winsted
Suzanne McEndoo, Edinburgh
Diana White
Ms Victoria Lamb, London
Ava Jones
Chris Evans, Data Analyst, Birmingham
david jensen, Randers C
Olivia Burke
Amelia Hetherington, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Kayla Turner
Hazel Moss, Developer, Yorkshire
Tom Jerkins, Writer, n/a, Cardiff
Shannon Magnuson, Hardware Support Agent, Granbury, TX
Elen Magdesieva, Software Engineer, Yerevan
Owen McKnight, Librarian, Oxford
Sarah Moss, Software Developer, Cardiff
Andrew Slatter, Video Editor, Cheshire
Joe Bailey-Roberts, Web Engineer
julian m, it specialist, austria
Ellie Harrington, Dorchester
Henry Branscombe, Administrator, Ed Hume Seeds, Olympia
Morgan Orton-Power, Student, Lincoln
Sam Shook, Student
Emily Henning
Stephen Kilbride, MIS Administrator, Edinburgh
Eva Marschan-Hayes, Artist, Lewes
Jon Jakeman, Nottingham
Sarah Brown, Liverpool
Jasmine Byrne, Night Worker, Manchester
Michael J Cotton
Lauren Fletcher, PhD Researcher, Edinburgh
Claire Cooper, Student, Frodsham
Robin Kohlscmidt, Apprentice, Bonn
LaTasya Kimnesha Booker, Seattle
Valoi Leocádia, Student, University of Leicester, Leicester
Mark Roberts, Engineer, London
Lucinder Schiff
Edward Campbell, University Professor, Aberdeen
Ada Bolton, Leeds
Peter Fuller, IT Prof, London
Clary Elliott, Civil engineer, Leeds
M Evan MacGregor, Author, Glasgow
Jam Walker, Retail, GAME, Maidstone
Tim Naish, It Support, Preston
Philip Hayes, Retired, Lewes
Andy Haigh, Retail, Leeds
Rob Skean, Leeds
Jez Kemp, Rotherhithe
Isla Drummond, Crawley
Zoe Dunk, Portland
Lewis Morgan, Cardiff
Connor Grant, Software engineer, Bournemouth
Paul Bardsley, Oxford
Thoma Oliver, Student, Hochschule Luzern (HSLU), Lucerne
Patrick Copeland, 3rd Party Contractor for Twitch LLC., Kansas City
Jesse Xander, Author, Cambridge
Dai Baddley, Administrator, Abergavenny
Nina Bussey, Telecoms Manager, British Telecoms, Oxford
Rebecca, Glasgow
Jessica Tennison, Administrator, NHS, Leeds
Aidan Myers, Student, Madison, Wisconsin
Veronica Place, Technician, Norwalk
Rich, Software Engineer
Beth Hartley
Johanna Whitaker, Dallas
Sotaro Shibahara, Antifascist, Antifascist Action, Toronto
Katy Lees, Psychotherapist & Author, Hartlepool
Flora Eloise, Teacher, Epilogue Gaming
Aaron Kent, Publisher
Miranda Debenham, Volunteer Manager, Miranda Debenham, Sheffield
Robert Taylor, Author, East Tilbury
Kiera Procter, Kettering
Que Spence, game developer, Seattle
Adam Barr, Researcher, ITV, Manchester
Tim Norwood, Software developer, Sheffield
Arthur Callen, Artist, Oxford
Anthony Hind
Rob, Graduate Student, Richmond, VA
Kierian O’Hare, Facilities and Health & Safety Administrator, Frontier Developments, Cambridge
Helen Day, Compliance Officer, Sunderland
Robert Kingett, Journalist and author, Chicago
Simon Wyatt, Policy Researcher, UK Parliament, London
Manfred Malmros, Student, Visby
Michael Keane, Student, Leicester
Ada Null, Student, Liverpool
Susan Woods, East Tilbury
Thomas Valentine, Lincoln
Alex Wakeford, Writer, Cambridgeshire
Trent Cartwright, Sheffield
Yan Wen Ching, NHS, London
Lucinda Langdon
Cas, Business Analyst, Bristol
Jill Finch, Director, Branch and Bird Ltd, Croydon
Ali King, Queer Code Scotland, Edinburgh
Philippa Allcock, Engineer, London
Emelia Anderson, Berkshire
Anthony Stonestreet, Pibrac
Samuel Moffat, Hospitality, Glasgow
Nikki Corbett, Virtual Assistant, London
Amy Godliman, Tutor
Simone Maiden, None, Waterlooville
Erin Lucas, Bristol
Peter Scott, Web Developer, Welwyn Garden City
Kerry Thomas, NHS, Health worker
Ross Thomas, Cornwall
Harv Nagra, Director of Operations, London
Lucy Ladyman
Emily Smith
Eldon Coultham
Craig McCahill, Frontend Developer, London
Iain Mackenzie
Zac Antoni, Researcher, Swansea
Miranda Brennan, Digital Content Officer, London
Ellie Shawcross, Student, Lancaster
Emma Morgan, Screenwriter, N/A, London
Bryan Eppich
Mark Chambers, Norwich
Lauren Lewis, Kidderminster
Stacey Duke, Social Worker, NHS, Birmingham
Nicholas Creswell, Human Resources, Ørsted, London
Jamie Nogan, Student, Cardiff
Katie A, Student, London
Daniel Fredriksson, Dementia Support Worker, London
Fardeen Rab, Student, Lancaster university, Lancaster
Victor Vinke, Animator, Amsterdam
Nicole Rosen, Retired, Paignton
MacDara Conroy, Editor, Dundalk, Ireland
Ava DeTomasi, Graphic Artist, Lakewood
Laura Bedford, Student, London
A Straker, Cardiff
Andrew Medlyn, Bristol
Matthew Occleshaw, Student, St Albans
Maple Tyndall, Self employed, N/A, London
Diana Gordon, Student, Chester
Asher Gibson, Student, London
Hannah Buxton, Stourbridge
Harry Cunningham, TV Production Coordinator, London
James Bates, Executive Director, London
reece coulson, Student, Cardiff University, cardiff
Imogen Buens, Unemployed, NA, Grays
Patrick Kelly-Goss, Learning Technologist, Guildford, UK
Hilde van den Brink, Software developer, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Johanna Hentschel, Leeds
Marcella King, Solucitor, Warwick
Kayla Paulsen, Environmental worker, Flagstaff, AZ
Lewis Campbell, Receptionist, Dundee City
seth cameron-crichton, Bathgate
Natalie Johnson, Sheffield
Rusty Murphy, Architect, London
Lou Pritchard, Leicester
Rhys Lawson, Edinburgh
Eo Shaw, Student, London
Tracey Leythorne, Accounts assistant, Luton
Mark Hobbs, Lecturer, Norwich
Matt Scarlet, London
Linus Rowe, Artist, Govanhill Baths, GLASGOW
Peter Scott, Student, Lisburn
Antonella Piazza, Translator, St. Gallen
Oz Oldfield, Benton, AR
Angelica Rose, Fort Collins, CO, USA
Nathan Jackson, Student, New York City
Jennifer Tomkinson, Therapist, JLT Counselling, London
Dee Harding, London
Elinor Fowler, Mental Health Research Analyst, Helsa, Durham
Jet Jansen, Archaeologist, Leeds
Emily Faas, Student, Netherlands
Richard Mason, Scientific researcher, Llandrindod Wells
Rufus Campbell-Grant
Genavieve Jones-Purdie, Retail Manager, ABERDEEN
Megan Axon, Student, Manchester
Alys Duggan, Birmingham
Ashwyn Chappell, Leeds
W Bottomley, Nursery staff, London
Ella, Admin assistant, Edinburgh
harry x, london campaign against police and state violence
Joe Howard, Student, Bishop’s Stortford
Jacob Willmott, Student, Norwich
Ashley T, West Midlands
Mary Dawson, Skipton
Lily Griggs
Joshua Brown, Student, Edinburgh
Anna Brooks, Education Manager, Open University, High Peak
Jackie Wright, Bristol
Katie, Student, Dublin
Katrina Fletcher, Bar manager, Reading
Samual Coaster, Norton
Elisabet Freixas Codina, London
Jace Phillips-Ennis, Student, SHU, Sheffield
John Gribble, Assembler, Fleet
Matteo Tiratelli, Education worker, London
L Potter, Student, Aberdeen
Aleksandra, Brewer’s assistant, Manchester
Zoë Blacklock, Cinema Staff, London
Tom Elden, DLD, Univeristy of East Anglia, Norwich
Margaret Jodie Evans, London
Annabel Ginty, Student, Manchester
Jennie Ruskin, Software Engineer, Suffolk
Daniel Fender, Data analyst, London
Alex Liddell, Carer, Norwich
Mary Donegan, Student, BGU, retford
Brian McVeigh, IT, London
Lucas Luxor, Filmmaker, NY
Niall Moody, Fife
Ben Telford, HR Advisor, NHS, Oxford
Tristan Evans, Consultant, London
Jennifer Hetzel, Student, Bristol
Kate A. Ratliff, Professor of Psychology, Gainesville, FL, USA
Beth Higlett, Student, Sheffield
Robert White, civil engineer, Egremont
San Rees, Student
Paul Moran, Engineer, Glasgow
Burke Lindsey, Rochester
Rupert J. McCann, London
Joshua Rice, Student, London
Bethany Reid, Unpaid Carer, Dundee
Holly Bell, Marketing, Sheffield Hallam University, SHEFFIELD
Alex Griffin, Student, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
Avah Whitehead, Software developer, Oxford
Thomas Welch, Student, University of Hertfordshire, Deal
Amanda Vesty, Teacher, Stoke On Trent
Goddard-Glen Louis, Bromley
Louise Roberts, Teaching assistant, Norwich
Ciarán Wateridge, Legal Assistant, Portsmouth
Jordan Keating, Community Development Worker, MESMAC, Leeds
Owen Kesteven, Civil Servant, Ofsted, Cardiff
Alex Hall, Data scientist, Aberdeen
Archie Atkinson, Engineer, Bristol
Liz Powell, Leeds
Fiona Mallinson, Financial Investigator, N/A, Edinburgh
Walker Aaron, London
Lily Lewis Arnold, Community Worker, Leeds
Tiegan Beard, Oxford
Michael Jordan, Forecast Analyst, Sheffield
Elizabeth Hudnott, West Midlands
Inacio Martinelli, London
Briony Gemmell, Bristol
Dallon Robinson, Student, Sheffield
Rebecca Reddecliffe, Product Manager, Oxford
JL Millar, Researcher in Biological and Environmental Sciences, Cardiff University, UK, Cardiff
Dee Nutbourne, Developer, Rhondda Cynon Taff
Fraser Dalgliesh, Chemist, Manchester
Rachael Treharne, Scientist, Woodwell Climate Research Center, Oxford
Francis Collas, Media, Norwich
Steve Broadbent, Portsmouth
Paulo Goncalves, Chief Operating Officer, Estafet Ltd, LONDON
Mae Prevett, unemployed, Crewe
Felicia Grayson, Entertainer, Edmonton
Georgie Roberts, Waiter, Gloucestershire
Toad, Student, Nottingham
Isobel wood, Accountant, Cambridge
Sam Hurren, Hull
Lyra, Early Childhood Education, Bath
Josh McNamee, Software Engineer, London
Sally Morawetz, retired trade union organiser, Nottingham
Jonathan Dixon, Engineer, Self, Bradford
Miriam Morrison, Engineer, Bristol
Sam Borley, Ipswich
aph amezcua, photographer, glasgow
Rebecca Marshall, Game Dev, Frodsham
James, Manager, Southampton
Jak Martin, Actor, London
Liv, student, QMUL, London
James Smyth, Software Developer, N/A, Belfast
Katie Campbell, Community Manager, Wallington
John Hancock, London
Jace Allen, Masters Student, Nottingham
Claire Duthie, Crediton
Iris Agrell, student, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
Lewis James, Student, Cardiff University, Cardiff
Faye Kilker, Bristol
anonymous, Self
Laura Wills, Chef, Richmond
R. Steele
Loki Bell, Neurochemist, Wake Forest, NC, USA
Jessica Moffatt-Owen, Civil Servant, Civil Service, London
anonymous, writer, editor, The Border Crossing
Paul Swaine, Yeovil
Abigail Letch, Peer researcher, London
Helena Barnes, Gloucester
Max Walker, Somerset
Shaye wadey, Borehamwood
Cassandra Wyper, Post Production, Nielsen IQ Brandbank, Norwich
Alex Watson, Engineer, Aberdeen
Rebecca Green, Carer, N/a, Boston
Hazel Gregory, Social work manager, Leeds
Jack Lyus, Furniture Maker, Sheffield
Ian Dickinson, Somerset
Megan Rees, Administrator, Coventry
jonathan palmer, advertising, Trouble Maker, london
C. Emmett, Writer, Mx, London
Alicia Glenn, PR, London
Gerda Mikelionyte, Account Executive, London
Marcel Krajewski, Student, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Olivia Savory, Doctor, NHS, London
Denislav Icanov, Student Nurse, Bradford
Mark, Artist, Amsterdam
Bradley Greenwood, Student, Oviedo
Ian Harris, Researcher, Norwich
Josh Reid, Norwich
Jay Siddle, Stylist, Portsmouth
Lucas Lundgren, Sunderland
Pete valente, None, London
Marcus Woody, Skipton
James Batson, Engineer, Nottingham
Sinead Simpson, Sheffield
Emma Barile, pittsfield
Griffin Jenkins, Musician, London
Kasia-Belle Cope, Student, Stoke on Trent
Lucas-Elias Pechtl, Assistant Editor, London
JD, Sheffield
Jacqueline Naylor, Artist, Bradford
Robert Gilbert, Enabling Support Worker (LD), GATESHEAD
Sorcha Spillane, Civil servant, Cork city, Ireland
McCallion Gabrielle, Bookseller, Halifax
Elisabeth Yazdzik, Brooklyn
Lauren Buchanan, Systems Admin, House of Representatives, Washington
Birgit Haskamp, Retired, Birmingham
Nicola Chapman
Michael Bransbury, Solihull
Skylar, Sue Chef, Brighton
Emma Dales, Cambridge
nico espada van leeuwe
Adam Vertigan, Fakenham
Frankie Marshall, Leeds
Maisie Sainsbury, Colchester
Rebecca Dawson, Art student, Edinburgh
Robin Todd, Student, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Rhiannon Grainger, Artist, Wirral
Laurie Smith, Data Analyst, Winchester
Addison malloy, Glasgow
Jo Morgan, Teacher, Portsmouth
Wanja Sipinski, Developer, Cologne
Bee Scherer, Professor, VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Maya Waghorn, Workshop Leader, University of Birmingham, Watford
Hallvar Furø, Artist, Fredrikstad
Sean Ralph, Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer, Leeds
Geoff Palmer, LGBT Officer, Chipping Barnet Labour Party, London
David Batko, London
Lucy Hattersley, Editor, London
Rush, Web, Glasgow
Zoe Stephenson, Glasgow
Adeline Autumn, Software Engineer, Los Angeles
Tab, Librarian, Bristol
Greg Powers, Project coordinator, London
Ren R., Carpenter, Aurora
Anna Hills, Edinburgh
Daniel Huw Bowen, Director, Paned o Gê, Cardiff
Carlissa, Nurse, Chester uni, Wallasey
Elizabeth Wheeler, Student, Exeter
Hannah D, Game Desinger, Dundee
Katherine Bradshaw, Archaeologist, Durham
Elisabeth Cook, Hales Corners, WI, USA
Ellen Rickard, Teaching Assistant, Cornwall
Emma Kirkwood, Disabled, Glasgow
Jo L, Newcastle upon Tyne
Autumn Sykes, Leeds
Gage Oxley, Managing Director, Oxygen Films CIC, Leeds
Dylan Whiting
Cora Fox, Warehouse Worker, Amazon, Augusta
Travis Snape, Student, Newcastle
Caitie, Student, Exeter
Weronika Matczuk, London
Evan Hall, Health Worker, Wayne USA
John Parr, Cambridge
Casper Essam, Milton Keynes
Katy Smith, IT, Liverpool
Alex Vojtko-Proctor, Student, Poulton-le-Fylde
Duncan Fitzsimmons
Jonathon Leech, Publisher, London
Zoe Johan, Hospitality, Liverpool
Finn webb, OTA, Leeds
M Thomas, Student
Kristine Tran, Paralegal, PGMBM, London
Flic Sweatman, Teacher, Bristol
Rosemary Elliot, Southampton
Sorrel Wilde, Mother, My home, Bristol
Georgette Lock, EYO, Scotland, Fife
Laura Hoskison, Shrewsbury
Chris Ball, Teacher, Nottingham
Joseph, Bus Driver, Macclesfield
Beulah Willemsen, Student, Exeter
Natalie Falconer, Inverness
Emma Valentine, Health Worker, Leeds
Becca Iliffe, Leeds
Yekaterina Kozhukhova, Adjunct (English), Macomb, IL
Victoria Hanover, Artist, London
Jay Eales, Civil Servant, HMPPS, Leicester
Kirsten, Supply chain manager, Dublin
Naila Dracup, NHS, Sheffield
LesLee Drake, Disabled, None, Wallasey
Mary Robson, Researcher, Leeds
Amy Anderson, nurse, nhs, liverpool
Katrina Stoddart, Account Manager, COWDENBEATH
Hannah Armstrong, Lancaster
Erin Sullivan, Student, N/A, Bartlett
Amanda Forsgren, TV production, London
MJ Brocklebank, Glasgow
A Collins, Oklahoma City OK USA
Laura Uronen, Student, St Andrews
Jo Hodgkinson, Research Physicist, Lichfield
Aysha Jeetooa, Brentwood
Kate Hodge, Data Architect, Thetford
Ivy Weber, PhD student, Uppsala
Paul Sciberras, Registered Nurse, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, London
Matteo Pieroni, Software Engineer, London
Marianne Baly, University of Exeter, Exeter
Evan, Student, Cambridge
Alex Sharpe, Edinburgh
Andrew Chisholm, NA, NA, London
Madeleine Coward, Stage Manager, Bristol
Zak Kilburn, London
Ant Lightfoot, Artist, Bristol
Adam_Farrell, Entain, Project Manager
Fiona Furacao, Service Manager, Leeds
Darren Mould, Scottish Borders
Vaida, Programmer, Kaunas
Sean McGettigan, Student, Manchester
Alex Dickinson-Lomas, PhD Student, Birmingham
Emma Hathaway, Health Care Administration, Buffalo NY USA
Sabrina Symington, Author/illustrator, Life of Bria Comics, Vancouver
Maayan, Archives Assistant, Glasgow
Dr Charlotte Naylor Davis, Lecturer and academic, Revive Church, Leeds
Astrid Eken, Masters student, Oslo
Adam Dean, Student, Cardiff
Karolis Slezevicius, London
Oeil Jumratsilpa, Writer, Virgin Media, London
Nathan F, Bristol
Charlotte Sewter, Student, Birmingham
Jay Cockburn, Audio producer, Cockermouth
Abbey Coulthard, Education, n/a, Newcastle
Campbell Catherine, Edinburgh
Gisele Weaver, editor, Montreal
Katie Jennings, bradford
Grey Marlow, MA graduate, Chelmsford
Nathan Burrows
Josephine Hoare, Postgraduate Student
Tom Graeme-Drury, Phd student, Birmingham
Sage Brice, Academic, Durham
Lochlan Bell, Durham
Adam Murray, Community Development Manager, Cara-Friend, Belfast
Lisa Waygood, IT Consultant, N/A, Hampshire
Johanna Larsson, Software engineer, London
Latiolais Alex, Student, Baton Rouge
Violet, Student
Fiona Manzoor, Analyst, Huddersfield
Bree Robles, Educator, Los Angeles
Cameron Piasta
Mae Nova, Software Engineer, Singapore
Max Brooks, Teacher, Learnship, Stirling
Sophie Andrews, Student, Leeds
Charlotte Pringle, Retail worker, Princes Risborough
Jack Cutler, Student, Loughboroigh
Shannon Couzens, Legal Advisor, Liverpool
James, Retail, Carrickfergus
Claudia Hopkins, Designer, London
Adam Highway, Proposal Writer
Marcus Schrock, Games Programmer, Guildford
Christian Brunschen, Software Engineer, London
James W. Green, Postgraduate Student, The University of Cambridge
Jacob Mirzaian, TA, Leeds
Jasmine Covill, Student and Warehouse Operative, Nuneaton
Murray Anna, Doula, Tyne and Wear
Harrison Scott Ferguson, Puyallup
Anine Andresen, student, Oslo
Rhisnnon Williams
Evin Blundell, Student, York
Amber O’Sullivan, Mental health support, LEEDS
Elizabeth R Baldwin, NORWICH
Adam Agostino, London
Felicity Cherry, Student, Bloomington, IN
Victoria Meacock
Sawyere Hendricks, Seattle
Carol Hayward, Marine geophysicist, N/A, Edinburgh
Rebecca Tatham, Cockermouth
Paul McAllister, Social worker, LONDON
Charlotte Fountaine, designer, kalda, london
Pulver Kathy, Kettering, OH, USA
Cat Lane, Graduate, Leeds
Callum Wilcock, HULL
Thomas Panton, Student, Birmingham
Louise Cassandra Swindells, Student, Manchester
Katie Langton, Student, Uni of Leeds, Leeds
Amy O’Connor, London
Marina Baldissera, Research fellow, Leeds
Jason Farris, Fairfax
Daniel Walsh
JAck Winstone, Bristol
Finn Edwardson, Widnes
g.myers, retired, halifax
Claire Clifton Coles, Picture Editor, Edinburgh
Daniel Díaz Velasco, Student, Viña del mar/Chile
Paul G Smith, retired BBC, Montfa
Heli Kinnunen, Sysadmin, N/A, Jyväskylä
Harriet Collett, Harriet Collett, London
Ash, Charity worker, London
Amy Roberts, Friends of the Joiners Arms, London
Chloe Harvey, Admin officer, Ministry of justice, London
Rachel Keighley, Student, University of Leicester, Selby
Adam Scanlon, Consultant, Leeds
Jay Nightingale, student, newcastle
Aileen McKay, Consultant, Berlin
Keir Jones, Nottingham
Jenny Smaridge, Retail assistant, Totnes
Beech Ruby, Celebrant, Newark on Trent
Ellie Attfield, Student, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Marisol Ares, Brighton
Alice Boyle, Student, Edinburgh
Agrippa Quinn Gray, Proofreader, Largo
Alex Norris, n/a, n/a, n/a
Holden Bellamy, Victoria
Keaton Smith, Systems Engineer, Farmington Hills
Sophie Bickle, Bookkeeper, Bickle’s Books, Bangor
Thomas Goodyer, SEN Teacher, TeacherActive, Brighton
Martina Lacey, LONDON
Jordan Hughes, Stock Manager, London
Annette Singh, Preston
Emil Cardinalli, Temperature Screener, Stanley Black and Decker, Portland
Humaira Saeed, Educator, LEEDS
Derek Brown, Architect, Glasgow
Alexia Pepper de Caires, Bookshop owner, Back To Books, Birmingham
Isabel Harland, Coordinator, Leeds
F. Beane, Teacher of Mathematics, Wakefield
Marcie Hobbs, Voice Actor, N/A, Thomaston
Richard James Wake, Clinical Support Worker, Basingstoke
Nora Gibson, System Analyst, Local health department officials, Toms River
Lars Rasmusson, Disabled, Stockholm
Alexandra Sanderson, Deer Park
Megan Walder, Marketing Assistant, Liverpool
Michael Pettigrew, Carer, Preston
Georgina, Leeds
Charlotte Pheasey, Researcher, UCL, London
Evie Tabor, Researcher, N/A, London
Klara Bow, Retail Assistant, Farm Foods, Harlow
Elinor McGee, Consultant, Godalming
Althea Draper, Translator, Fife
M Starr, Installer, None, Tacoma
Patrick Bateman, Software Engineer, Sheffield
Alex Wilcock, Mr, London
Laura Bond, Nottingham
Bill Shannon, London
Karl Raade, animator
Russ Wolf, retired psychotherapist, n/a, Edinburgh
Bran Malloch, Student, University of Plymouth, PLYMOUTH
Savannah Mayo
Damien Evans, Disability pensioner, Melbourne
Alexandrine Kempynck, LONDON
Meryl Compton
Cecil McKie, Undergraduate, UWE LGBT+ Society, Bristol
Eleanor Willoughby, Lichfield
Ellie Hebden, Student, Liverpool
Louise Nightingale, Liverpool
Lorenzo Benedetti, Barista and drag performer, London
james orlic
Brosgarth Natalya, Consultant, London
Thomas Bennett, Teacher, Llanelli
Harriet Cash, Leeds
T. Queeno, Medical Admin, Boston
Gemma Polley, Student, University of East Anglia, Norwich
William Smith, Counsellor
Síofra Ní Céileachair, Secretary, UCC Feminist Society, Cork, Ireland
Jessie Williams, Automotive Tech, Virginia
Jennifer McAllister, Ediscovery project manager, Pittsburgh
Jonathan Maw, Software, Stockport
Lance Donadel, Manahawkin
Luke Dodd, Student, London
Kaylee Anderson, Performance Engineer, Leeds
Tammy Jean Parrington, Daventry
Rob Beasley, Oxford
Kate Valentine, Electronics Engineer, Exmouth
Deirdre Murphy, Belfast
Graham Woodhead, Electrical Engineer, BARROW-IN-FURNESS
Katherine Millican, Teacher, Tokyo
Atlas Wolfert, Unemployed, Northland
Holly Hughes, Lancaster
K Klapach, Software Engineer, Pittsburgh
Jade Redglare, Accountant, Vigo
Zoey Kersys, London
D. Guy, Las Vegas
RHYS JONES, It Analyst, N/A, Gillingham
Beth Vokins, Brighton
Juhi Sunshine, student, self, unknown
Sarah Reeson, Writer, Internet of Words, Leigh on Sea
Aydan Taylor, Student, University of Portsmouth, Southsea
Joshua Jordi, Document Controller, Selzach
Shadow Amery, Cambridge
Harry Balsac, Nurse, Edinburgh
Alice Gant, Student, London
Maddy MacConnol, London
F. E., London
anonymous, Inverness
Douglas Long, Finance Manager, London
Ciara Keeton, Ohio
Beverley Sylvia Carrington, Therapist, Nottingham
Angus Murgatroyd Wiles, Student, Basel
Kim Daenerys McLelland, Manchester
Alex Mason, Software Engineer, London
William Clarke, Comms, London
Sonia Marsh, St. Leonard’s-on-sea
Talloran McBride, Artist, Blackburn
S Akerman, Norwich
Lilian Tula, Portsmouth
D Reid, Student, NI
Lulwa Al-Kilani, Project Coordinator, London
Lucina E, Dumfries
Isabel Wiles, Student, Liverpool
Lucas, Data analysis, Leeds
Jen Ada, Education, Swansea
Samantha Olson, Journalist, Seventeen Magazine, New York
Shelly Johnson, Data Analyst, Hornchurch
Elphie Dickinson, Skipton
Annie Cupit, Administration, Leicester
Kyal McConville, Food and Beverage Attendant, Melbourne
Eret Currie
Maryanne Saunders, Research Fellow, Oxford
Jack Smith, Musician, Leeds
Rebecca S, OXFORD
Arvan Pritchard, Software engineer, Cambridge, Cambs.
Daniel Watterson, Beragh
Dr Joshua Savage, University Of Birmingham, Birmingham
Nicola Kerrison, Cambridge
Krythe Elaine Arensman, Engineer, Houston
Amy Brown, Events promoter, Wire Wool Events, Southampton
JP, NHS worker, PHU NHS Trust, Portsmouth
Dan Beedie, Student, Hereford
Andrew Collinson, Digital Communications Manager, London
Artemisia Moss Elizabeth Alice Stevenson, Education, Liverpool
Tom child, Counter clerk, WHSmith, York
Anna Chivers, Leicester
Thomas Smith, VP Technology, New York
Shayne Jackson, Recruitment consultant, Anonymous, Lymington
Covella Cecilia, Psychotherapist, Survivors UK; Accessibility in Therapy, London
Nat Dawson, Nottinghamshire
Siddharth Madhusudan, Freelance writer, Tokyo, Japan
Amber Homes, Probation officer, Barnet
Damaris Bendin, Hildesheim
Sav Hamid, Student, Egham
Erick Neher, VP Marketing, Hearst Magazines, New York
Chaos Cliff, Student, Tredegar
Lady Schlong
Diane Rayne, unemployed, none, Hornsea
Rowena Knight, Charity fundraiser, Bristol
Luci Pher Salisbury, Cardiff
anonymous, IT Support, Sunderland
Warwick Brown, Coventry
Peter Radcliffe, London
Heath Owens, Editor, Hearst Magazines, New York
Roger Wilson, mobile phone please
Dr Ruth Pritchard, Biological scientist, London
Anonymous, Transgender and Intersex policy student researcher, Sheffield
Richelle McCarthy, Data Analyst, London
Fern Lai, Actuary, LCP, London
Carl Dolman, Sheffield
Claire Chaplin, Gillingham
Tom Licence, Professor, University of East Anglia, Norwich
O’Brien Elaine, Melbourne, Australia
Linda Macleod, Bristol
Livvy Cropper, Leeds
Rowan Burns, Medical Student, Edinburgh
Ibtisam Ahmed, Policy and Research Manager, LGBT Foundation
Dr. Karen Müller Smith, Associate Professor, Lafayette, LA, USA
Lois May-Miller, IT Analyst, Brighton, UK
Will Adam, Composer, Will Adam Music, Goa
Madison King, Student, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
Holly, Leeds
Jack Brincat, Civil Servant, London
Mike Diaper, Director, London
Clare Horscroft, Research Associate, Southampton
Lucy B, Birmingham
Courtney Cole
Martin Fleming, office worker, Bedford
anonymous, Hannah Pugh, Leeds
Finlay Dunsmore, student, London
Zaic Holbrook Ó Néil
Dani Butler, Receptionist, Hamara Healthy Living Centre, Leeds
anonymous, Consultant, Oxford
Martel Reynolds, Leeds
Erin, Web Developer, Bristol
Joe Short, Student, Falmouth
Hannah Booth, Leeds
J. Clapton, N/A, Lincolnshire
Marcin Sedlak-Jakubowski, Technical writer, Warsaw
Adeline Berry, Researcher, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield
Hannah Graf, Trans Advocate, London
Abby Muller, Editor, New York
Marla Jackson, London
pauline stoker, HGV driver, South Shields
Thorpe caitlan, Waitress, Worcester
Karl Sherratt, Civil servant, Karl Sherratt, Nottingham
Martha Lee, Bristol
Gabriel Swarbrick, Musician, London
Molly, Teacher, Coventry
Lea Pridgeon, Managing Director, CLKPTS UK LTD, Winchester
Darci Tillbrook, Leeds
Carwyn Nelson, Software Engineer, BBC, Bangor
Lillian hazel mountford, na, na, Watford
Robert Sherrod, Denton, tx
Alysia, Hitchin
McDonald Susi, Doula, Edinburgh
Tom Mc Fadden, Software Engineer, Bristol
Lewis Williams
Taliesin Watts, Cardiff
Lars, Student, Germany
Raya Tan Ward, Student, Leeds
Pavlina, Director, Diavazo Greek Books, Leeds
Jennifer Wade, York
Isobel Boyd, Student Veterinary Nurse, Ironbridge
Grey Collier, Advocacy Director, London
Ellie lumb, Teacher, London
Edie Hodson, barmaid, Cambridge
Kamal Kaskasoli, Software Engineer, Effini, Dundee
Lisa-Holly Kelly, Carrickfergus
Alice Gray, Artist, Sheffield
JJ Coleman, Volunteer, Non-Binary Leeds, Leeds
Alexandra Alexander, Manningtree
Kim Porter, Research Operations Manager, BT, London
Hannah, Gymnastics coach, Leeds
Mokráňová, Bratislava
Gwendolyn Wilkinson, Student, N/A, Pickering
Cat Hawker, Software Engineer, BBC, Glasgow
Michael Bulley, Project management, Manchester
Sarah Hill
Denzil Dean, Charity Worker, RSPB, Norwich
Dr Lucie Fremlova, researcher, Brighton
Julie, Romford
Sophie Burrell, Student, Leeds
J. Ramsperger, IT, Bremerton, WA
Zack Lonsdale, Student, Kent
tin warc, technician,, montreal
Jake Blumenstock, Coordinator, Washington, DC
Daniel Horvath, Student, BIMM, Birmingham
Alexandra Kelly
Lily Pryce, swimming teacher, Birmingham
Tom O’Brien, Student, N/a, Southampton
Steve thackray, Leeds
Thea Murray, Student, Cardiff
Kit Zinovieff, Youth worker and Psychoanalyst, London
Flanagan Ted, Brighton
Al Cocks, Arts Administrator, London
Johnnie Messer, Student, N/A, Bournemouth
Jessica Mayorga, Software Engineer, Ypsilanti
Emma Wall, Student, Nottingham
Rachael Clerke, artist, n/a, Bristol
Abigail Marie, Unemployed, N/A, Andover
Luca Finneran, student, leeds
Elise Page, Postgraduate Researcher, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Ian Johns, Shopkeeper, London
Briagha Barnes, Innovation Scientist, Food and Fragrances, Bury St Edmunds
Emily carrigan, Food bank manager, Rainbow Junktion, Leeds
Yelena, Dorchester
Mathew, Customer Service, Toronto, Canada
Rex Mizrach, Writer, Berlin, Germany
Ki Hng, Light Microscopy Officer, London
Trinity Selonke, Student, Nottingham
Sarah Choonara, Finance administrator, Educational charity, Sheffield
Lucy Hayhoe, Artist, Raze Collective, London
Bethany Adams, Marketing Assistant, Joie, Birmingham
Sydney Koke, Science editor, UMAW, Leeds
Jordan Hutchinson, Student, Portsmouth
Warrick Matthews, CPO, Rolls-Royce, Derby
F Richards, Wolverhampton
Thomas Potter, Student, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham
Gemma Laws, Marketing Coordinator, London
Minrose Straussman, Lecturer in English, University of the New Sorbonne, Paris, France
Rosanagh Griffiths, London
Simmons Rebecca, PhD researcher, University of Leeds, Leeds
Michelle Clift, self-employed, Lancashire
Aisling Grace, Company Director, Hiraeth Mor Ltd, Swansea
Charley Jarrett, Lobbyist, London
Amy King, Manchester
Khushi Himatlal, Student, MMU, Manchester
Dion McDade, Game Tester, Mesa
Eve Barrie, Student, Glenrothes
Madeleine Pearce, London
Em Andress, Historian, Birmingham
Nathan B Eve, Winchester
Helen Finch, University Lecturer, University of Leeds, Leeds
Alice C Lessa, Medical student, Norwich UK
Medusa Dempsey, student, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
Karys Peterson-Katz, Researcher, Queen’s University, Kingston
Nicola Simpson, Teacher/Educater, BRADFORD
Laura Buckley, Flood Risk Management, Leeds
Edward Allison, AI Specialist, Watford
Longford Kal, student, Leeds
Sarah Maycock, Illustrator, Hastings
Lizzie, Student
Nick Hutchison, Software Engineer, Pittsburgh
Simon Yuill, GLASGOW
Natalie Corwin, Robotics Engineer, Hartford, CT
Marika Pauley, Hope
Anna Ladd, Student, None, Brockville
Ron Pitt, Leeds
Emrah, designer, london
David Cole, Programme Analyst, Hebburn
Isaac Coldicott, Student, Nottingham
Kit Cleary, Charity Adviser, Birmingham
Chris Thorley, volunteer, John Moore Museum, Cheltenham
Lucy Cecil, Writer, n/a, Manchester
Natascha Dámaso, Senior Scientist, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Rio Foster, N/A, N/A, Scunthorpe
Moray Macdonald, Software Manager, Wiltshire
Elisabeth Ellen Thorp, Reading
David En, PhD researcher, Leeds
Zachariah Goodsir, Sydney
N Kilpin, Northampton
Caroline Higgins, Birmingham
Chris Fitzpatrick, York
Stephen Gabriel, IT, -, Bristol
Ed Dunn, Business Analyst, London
Gemma Turner-Lindley, Leeds
Ruth A Duda, Software Engineer, BBC, Glasgow
Nikol Petrova, Landscape Architect, London
Matthieu Caron, Developer, CartoVosta, Ottawa
Sam Damshenas, Journalist, GAY TIMES, London
Louise Fair, Studenr, London
Michalis Makrovasileiou, Psychotherapist, LONDON
Janessa Liggett, IT Technician, Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield
Allen Grace, PhD Researcher, Aylesford
Nash Chrissie, Student, Birmingham
Helen Bragger, Leicestershire
Nimue Brown, author, Stroud
Hannah Collins, Student, Warwick University, Warwick
Bobbie Petford, health worker, Smethwick
Hannah MacDonald, Student, Lincoln
Holly Combe, Contributing editor, The F-Word, N/A
Lisa Taylor, Science educator, Cambridge
Daniel Mitchell, Analyst, N/A, Edinburgh
James Farley, Actor, London
Jane Mieras, Student, Carlisle
Emily Church, student, nottingham
Em Dean, Teacher, London
Callum Luckett, Suffolk
Olivia Juliet Reubens, LONDON
Oliver Barley, Salford
Lucy Ibbotson, N/A, Rotherham
Anne Corry, Leeds
Emma Connor, Student, Bolton
Jan Mayor, — Select –, South Ayrshire
Rachael Summersfield, Nottingham
Leah Werk, Edinburgh
Luna Centifanti, self-employed, Liverpool
Poppy Bruce, Business Analyst, Thoughtworks, Sowerby bridge
Jane Stockwell, Derby
Jo Gower, London
Ryan Thompson, Wigan
Claire Nicklin, IT Manager, Birmingham
Syndie Simon, N/A, N/A, Oxford
Tina Hill, Mental health nursing, Southampton
Simon Gray, Bradford
Milo McMahon, university student, University of Oxford, Oxford
E Eaton, Student, N/A, Nottingham
Rachel Jardine, Illustrator, Social Science Student, Glasgow
Robin Bray-Hurren, Brockley
Paul martin, , Sevenoaks
Eleanor Rambellas, Leeds
Eleanor Thomas, Student, Brighton
Kate Moody, Data Analyst, Wigan
Lucy Douglass, Norwich
Alexander A McGowan-Yeo, Dental Nurse, Liverpool
Jed Swaddle, Student, Newcastle University, Newcastle
Tobias Chapple, Journalist, BBC news, London
Max Marchewicz, BSL Interpreter, n/a, NOTTINGHAM
Ellie Krawczynska, Glasgow
Jocelyn Johnson, Student, Red Wing
jhurrell, uic, Chicago
William Holmes, Financial professional, Digital Moneybox Ltd, London
Hannah Powell, student, Oxford
Gray Charlotte, Norwich
Oliver Hodges, Call agent, Leeds
Le Perron Corto, PhD Candidate, EHESS, Paris
Jonathan Pettitt, Professor, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
Brian Mullan, student, n/a, Belfast
Liz Brereton, CROYDON
Dahlia Hofmann, Customer Service Representative, Sydney
Keeley-Jasmine Cavendish, Waitress, London
Elizabeth lewin, Waitress, Nottingham trent University, Nottingham
Karpathios Alex, Front of House, The Tetley, Leeds
Helen Cousins, sysadmin, Cambridge
naomi aylen, student, cornwall
Lotte Couldrick, Research Assistant, Goldsmiths University, London
Clara Quinion, Writer, Newcastle upon Tyne
J Harvey, Software engineer, London
Adam Cummins, Technical Typist, Eastleigh
Thomas Muckian, A&C, London
Sam Neil, Barista, Edinburgh
Spafford Lawrence, Leeds
Fatima Mohamed, Student, Oxford
Dr Nina Kane, Teacher, theatre worker, Trans Pennine Travelling Sisters, Holmfirth
Tina Hill-Art, Potter, Exeter
Paula Trott, Actor, London
Edward Buck
Teo Paaer, artist, Helsinki
Saxon Hailes, Co-chair, Lewisham LGBT Forum, London
Ben Jamss, Administration, NHS, Bristol
Matthew Griffiths, Engineer, Envisage Group, Napton
Josephine Sirotkin, Researcher, University of Leeds, Leeds
Elizabeth Cull, Commercial Analyst, Bournemouth
Robert Danks, Analyst, Leeds
Jasmine Finch, Computer repair technician, Totnes
Ben Fraser, Civil Servant, Edinburgh
Glyn Taylor, Proud Parent, Sheffield
Van Lil Elise, Researcher, Birmingham
Laura Michelle, Writer, London
vijay ramkelawan, HOLYHEAD
Shelley Cook, Telford
Anna Harding, Designer, Bridgend
Emma Rylands
Vic Viddathari, Student, Trans Person, Wellington
Catherine McCluskey, Edinburgh
Robert Lovett, retired, Not applicable., Chipping Sodbury
Beth Dale, Library assistant, Lancashire
Emma Hyde, PhD Student, University of Leeds, Leeds
Rebecca Carter, self employed, Kent
Lianne Wilson, Cardiff
Connie Lynas, Student, Leeds
Vicky Bellman, Therapist, London
Lottie Dunkley, student, cardiff
Daisy Payne, Leeds
Alita Teal, Content Creator, Ipswich
Gen Williams, London
J Tillsley, Master’s student, Nottingham
Sara Buckle, N/A, None but CIS LGBTQA woman, Shrewsbury
Ellen Coughlan, London
Mikey Devlin, college student, Worthing
Dylan Stebbing-Boulet, London
Lauren Freckleton, Trainee Counsellor, Stirling
L Moss, Marketing Exec, Newcastle upon Tyne
Hollie Seanor, Liverpool
Lindsay Drysdale, Dumfries
Michael Hellyer, London
Daniel Thomas, Scientist, Manchester
Cameron Robertson, Laboratory Supervisor, Stockport
Lawrence Watts, Musician, Cardiff
Josh McCarter, Test Engineer, St. Helens
Wedge Vee, -, -, Manchester
Lizzie Blowey, Portfolio Research Officer, NIHR, Leeds
Dominic Khayat, Archaeologist, Headland Archaeology, Stafford
Angel Charles, Digital Marketing Manager, London
Weronika Szalajko
C Telford, Edinburgh
Lawrence Bishop, London
Leeds Queer Film Festival, Leeds
Angie West, London
Emily Axel, Tech Support, Leeds
Dylan Bell, Admin, Portsmouth
Faye Guy, London
Revd Dr Johanna Kershaw, Lecturer, Mirfield
Abigail Drake, Writer, Wallasey
Jessica Veter, Writer, Hamilton,Ont., Canada
Teresa Rendell, Postgraduate, UCL Gender, Society and Representation MA, London
Jan Heiland, Retired Financial Manager, Caernarfon
Sarah Brooks, Student, Leeds
Bridgette Phillips, Teacher, Hull
Ultan Murray, Civil servant, Agaghallon
L Fretwell, Academic, Nottingham
N Kraken, artist, London
Rosie May, Sheffield
brian ridley, Software Engineer, Salford
Sam Crow, Teacher, London
Michele Girard, teacher, Creswell
Abi Jones, , Swansea
Christina Gray, Mental Health Professional, N/A my own views, Newcastle upon Tyne
Catherine Horton, HR Tech Manager, Bromsgrove, UK
Ronan Porter, Artist, N/A, London
A Dunwoodie, North East
Kyle Sanderson, Customer care, Personal, Heywood
Stephen Higgins, Film Director, Bury St Edmunds
Alexandra O’Hara, Glasgow
Fallon Gold, Editor, Goldee Wolff, Cleethorpes
Katie Hill-Lines, Artist, Bedfordshire
Robyn Adams, Actress, Stockport
Charlotte Miller, Student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Nicola Jonez, Pontypridd
Sadie Clark, Writer-Performer, London
Arthur Miller, Student, Glasgow
Colette Gilkes, Bristol
Ruby Taylor, Student, N/A, Leeds
Sarah Stoker, Spennymoor
Kieran McIlwain, Management Consultant, London
Michael Graysmark, Loughborough
Tegan Lambert, Youth Worker, St Albans
Kate Browning, VA, Cherry Blossom Management, Totton
Hugh Ster, Midlands
Teddy Wiltshire, Support Worker, Birmingham LGBT, Birmingham
Koban Crww, Care Assistant, Czajka Care Group, Bradford
Ed Donald, London
Tim Kiely, Barrister, London
Lil Bush, Finance professional, London
Jessica Yates, Student Teacher, Kendal
Balázs Berecz, University Student, Reading
Rogers Abi, Haywards Heath
Taryn Stack, Lead instructional designer, University of Leeds, Leeds
Maja Gorzkowicz, Salford
Jessica Lewis, Teacher, London
Joseph Whitton, Bristol
Mussi Francesca, Sutton
Aries Patterson, Student, —, Strabane
Caitlin McCullough, Communications and Fundraising Manager, Brighton
Joanna Wolfarth, Writer and academic, UK
Elissa Rich, fabric sample librarian, Marietta
Amy Williams, Administrator, N/A, Bridgend
Lisa Twohig, Radio producer, Anjunabeats, London
Lewis Jessica, London
Devyn, Student, Doncaster
David Taylor, Oxford
Ruby, Liverpool
Alice Pleasant, London
Nicole Thornber, Software Developer, Ellesmere Port
Dr Tom Wilkinson, Researcher, KCL, Surbiton
Christine Gardner-Dseagu, Lecturer, Brighton
Kyle Clara, Falkirk
Chelsea Chadwick, Durham
Jude Talbot, Student, Guildford
Katie Allan, IT Engineer, Burnley
Strawson Lucy, Bath
Brandrick Harry, London
Ruth Moore, Thornton-Cleveleys
R Jones, Uppermill
Hana Watson, Student, London
Florence BEASTALL, Teacher, Bromsgrove
Alex McLain, Student, Durham
Stephen Marsden, Physicist, Derby
Laura Lenox, PA, PwC, Buxton
Amelia Knight, York
Lyssa Johnson, Training development, Aylesbury
Corina B., Artist & social worker, -, Manchester
Kit Green, Artist, London
Rosheen Murray, Edinburgh
Katie Brabbs, Student, Edinburgh
Imogen Brown, UX designer, Swansea
David Green, Software Developer, Credit Suisse, London
Julie Battesti, Further Education Manager, Manchester
Dave Taylor, It Analyst, Leek
Anna Ablett, Manchester
Stef Extence, Health Care Worker, NHS, Southampton
Holly Murtha, Motion Designer, Southampton
Chris Moreby, Education, Paignton
Josie Ranklin, Clinical support worker, NHS Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds
Mae Hardman, Sheffield
Amy Peterson, Teacher, Leeds
M. Leon Faulkner, Carer, Carmarthen
Feilberg Erika
Vanessa Gordon-Dseagu, Researcher, Brighton
Bagshaw Olivia, Bradford
Mcgenn Chloe, Artist, Leeds
Julie Gough, Office Manager, Swindon
Ellie Bartoli-Leonard, Public sector, Northamptonshire
Ben Donnelly, Bartender, Local Pub, Luton
David Evans, Advertising, That Lot, London
Vicki Kelly, Student, Keswick
Ceilan Hunter-Green, Librarian, Bradford
Kate Armes, London
Daniel Yen-Chiu, Postgraduate student, Leeds
Alex Ferrigno, Paralegal, London
McRobbie Kate, Editorial Assistant, Leeds
Rae Stern, Cinematographer, San Francisco
Sara Marsden, Stay at home mother, Company Name (optional), Weston-super-Mare
Sandra Martin, Retired, Sevenoaks
Hiba Asghar
John Kemp, Architect, Sheffield
Matt Hoare, Student, Cardiff University, Cardiff
Mondell Williams, Creative, That Lot, London
Sophie McKenna, Account Executive, London
Joe Burns, Brighton
Nicole Hill, Leeds
Clare Silverleaf, Leeds
Emily DR, Leighton Buzzard
Q m Rothwell
Edwards Eloise, Artist, Bristol
Ashley Thraxton, Senior Microbiology Laboratory Technician, Eurofins, Yateley
Emma Doyle, Marketing, London
Emily, Student, Newcastle
Finn Beames, Writer, London
Millie Shelton, Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
Niusha Sabahi, Student, Loughborough
Georgina Primrose, Bookseller, Leeds
Katie Maloney, Student, Oxford
Clarice Hilton, Researcher, Goldsmiths university of London, London
Laura Godfrey, Registered Nurse & carer, Norwich
Benjamin Talbot, Community development worker, Yorkshire MESMAC, Leeds
Galletti Chiara, London
Elizabeth Scott, Therapeutic Radiographer, Leeds
Megan June, Call centre advisor, Dundee
Kate Martland, Journalist, London
Holly Robbins, Bristol
Jenny Burns, Belfast
Nigel Whitfield, Director, BLUF Ltd, London
David Boothroyd, Councillor, Westminster City Council, London
Callum Sayer, Worker, Loughborough
Justine Moore, Actress, N/A, Nottingham
Niamh Baldwin, Nottingham
Iona Hindmarch Bisset, London
Bodie A. Ashton, Historian, Universität Erfurt, Erfurt
Liaqat Ali, Director, Leeds Pride, Leeds
Alice O’Donnell, Legal Research, Swiss Incorp, Paris
Leah Barry, Patient Services Administrator, NHS, Leeds
Lucy Hurst, Researcher
Zenek Kurzyniec, Bristol
Billie-Lee Evans, Teacher, Brighton
Ramona Giles, N/A, N/A, Sheerness
Isabel Birds, PhD Student, Manchester
Rosie Shaw, Manchester
Akemi Bunce, Worcester Park
Bex, Administrator, Bordon
Ava Burcham, Receptionist, Leeds
Tarnya wilson, Teachers assistant, N/A, Camberley
Louisa C, Student, Cambridge
Marit, Server, Breukelen
Eleanor Pain, Edinburgh
Lee Wilson-Smith, Manufacturing Co-Ordinator, Durham
Lily Deason, student, london
Charlie Parker, Payroll Manager, London
Patrick Moule, Disabilities Officer, London Labour Party Regional Executive, London
Lydia Rinaldi, Barista, Grind, London
Matthew Whitfield, London
Catherine Lloyd, Leeds
Siobhan Burns, Automation Engineer, Na, Essex
Eadaoin Reid, Dublin
Sophia Venable, Cambridge
Gabriele Kizyte, belfast
Emma Bendall, Research scientist, N/A, London
Kaylee Fowler-Woodford, Student, University of Hertfordshire, Dunstable
Cameran Gallagher, Leeds
Georgia Thackeray, Undergrad Student, Loughborough University, Loughborough
Michael Smith
Adam Ladanyi, Developer, Ampfing
Alexandra Shtern
Amy Moffat, Museum Professional, London
James Kavanagh, PhD Student, Imperial College London, London
Erica Sutcliffe, Physical Chemist, Edinburgh
Maggie Turner, House person, Somerset UK
Zara Gilmour, Edinburgh
Petri Lagren, Tampere, Finland
Dominic Hogan, LONDON
Helen Hitchcock, Musician and teacher, Derby
Nicholas Collins, Bristol
Erin Richardson, Student, Bath
Young Maria, Civil, Birmingham
Leah Rushton, Solicitor, London
Katie Grimaldi, Audiologist, Kitchener
Joaquim de Souza, Software Engineer, Kew Gardens, London
Steven Howes, Assistant, Newcastle
Louis Smith, Developer, London
Yaya, Artist, Youralrightyouare, BRADFORD
John Walker, Retired, John Walker, St. Leonards-on-Sea
Alastair Fraser, IT Consultant, Edinburgh
Hugh, NHS, NHSBT, York
Colleen Morgan, Lecturer, University of York, York
Benjamin Pritchard, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Moira Peterson, Edinburgh
Lewis Abi, Trainee PWP, Bristol
Lewis Sinkala, MANCHESTER
Lilith Dillon-Parkin, University student, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Catherine Moore, Intelligence Analyst, Virgin Media O2, Birmingham
Kate Preston, Administrator, Grimsby Town
Rocio Galguera, Newark
Lulu Spargo, Mental health support worker, Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service, Leeds
Jordan Hammerton, Student, University of Leeds, York
Rose Johnson, Student midwife, Derby
Paris Skopelitis, London
Matthew Cornford, Bookshop Owner, Queer Lit, Manchester
Abigail Lupson, Student, Loughborough University, Loughborough
Luke Meredith, Performer, London
Gillian Conabeer, Edinburgh
Lorna Reeve, Administrator, Middlesbrough
Deirdre O’Neill, Veterinary Nurse, Bath
Danny Hooker, Studio manager, London
Caroline, Teacher, Leeds
Oli Hutt, Consultant, London
Shane O’Neill, Photographer/Videographer, BLX BOX, Belfast
Anthony McKay-Brown, Content Developer, Bristol
Siva Sithraputhran, Journalist, Freelance, Manchester
Dan Hodgson, Retail Assistant, Whitby
Adam Turner
Colin Burns, Auditor, London
Max Evans, London
Prior Policarpo, Performing Artist, Leeds
Kathryn, London
Nastaran Rooeen, Teacher of English, London
Felix Richards, Barnsley
Izzy Ditchfield, Student, Northwich
Pippa Richardson, Barnsley
anonymous, N/A, N/A
Lilith Cole, Software engineer, STFC, DIDCOT
Stephanie Whitehead, Retired, None, High Wycombe
Sarah Hall, Carmarthenshire
Zack Solomon, Web Developer, London
Emily Shaw, Director, Southampton
Johnson Mari, DPhil Student, Oxford Vaccine Group
Madeline J Mitchell, Teacher, Leeds
Issie Bickerstaff, Student/LGBT+ community organiser, Loughborough LGBT+ Association, Loughborough
Deutsch Greg
Ira Parnerkar, Researcher, University of London, London
M Edwards, Student, Bangor
Keira Sussex, All Rise Collective, Essex
Beth Hodd, Charity Worker, LGBT Switchboard, Brighton
Amber Gingell, Engineering Student, University of Southampton, Southampton
Kim Hazell, Norwich
Remiel Avery, Student, Southampton
Emilia Melville, Engineer, Bristol
Lily Middlemass, Admin, London
Ardis Alice, Student, Oxford
Joel Nanton, London
Stephanie Flower, Student, Royal Holloway, University of London, London
Catherine Frieman, Lecturer, Canberra, Australia
Richard Harris, Team Leader, Nottingham
Sophie Wilkes, Gloucestershire
Sam Geen, Bristol
Ciara Ellis, Stoke on Trent
Everingham Daisy, Marketing and Communications, UKGBC, London
Jamie Wright, Retail, Barrow-in-Furness
Marley kendrick, Student, London
Georgia Brereton, Logger, Cambridge
Cecil Fant, paralegal, N/A, Atlanta
Fedor Kasatkin, Oxford
Mrs Claire Lawrence, Self employed, Woodley
Tim O’Ryan, Engineer, BBC, Salford
marie barton, retired, Exeter
Jordan Hammond, RN, NHS, Sheffield
Luke, London, UK
Patrick de Vries, Canterbury
Joey relton, Digital Marekting, Manchester
Emily Sills, Visitor Experience Assistant, Royal Academy of Art, London
Stephen H.Johnston, Musician, Coventry
Jane Davis, Translator, Self employed, Huaröd
Jenny Butler, Student, Bolton
Adam Jay, Chef, Manchester, UK
Hector Roddan, Administrative assistant, University of Leeds, Hull
Hazel Cooper, Leighton Buzzard
Anna Scheepens, Director/actor, Anouk Scheepens, London
Nicky Bonar, Scientist, Dundee
David Glover, Manchester
Anna Fielding, Birmingham
Celeste Antrobus, Unemployed, MARGATE
Lee Dawson, Manchester
Heather Stanton, Teacher, London
Andy S
Timothy Purcell, Management Consultant, London
Eirn McGuigan, Student, Belfast
Liz Wands-Murray, Postgraduate Researcher, York
Jense van Gogh, Translator, N/A, Antwerp
Matthew Hoenig, Sales Administration, Radlett
Gavin Pringle, Edinburgh
Darren Roe, Driver, Teesside
Tom Leonard, London
Chloe Bingham, Edinburgh
Freya Purcell, Researcher, London
Curtis, Leeds
Ashley Catt, Research Integrity, Frontiers, Farnborough
Mellisa Ward, NHS, Liverpool
Paddy Paddison, Advertising Creative, London
William Harmar, Student, Rutherglen
Mimosa Rinko
Mara De Saulles, Student, University of South Wales, Cardiff
Sophie Thomas, Student, Oxford
Nessie Ord, Stowmarket
Thom Shaw, carpenter, Bristol
Noah Corbett, Ipswich
Taranya Elangovan, London
Conor Hedley, Administrator, Cambridge University, Edinburgh
Rachael Ferguson, Fundraising Manager, LONDON
Amy Toth, Teaching Assistant, Myton School, Warwick
anonymous, Social Housing, Curo, Bath
Nicholas Burton, Outreach Worker, Port Alberni
Lynda Mathieson, Unemployed, Dunfermline
Joe Saunders, Product Manager, BBC, Manchester
Iggy Rye, Charitable Org, London
Natalie Punter, London
Jesse Peach, London
Hazel Prent, Penrhyndeudraeth
Dan Stevens, Bristol
Tarrant Robbins, University Management, Plymouth
Edward Whelan, Communications, Mind, London
Xavier Beardwood, Youth Worker, The Rainbow Project, Derry/Londonderry
Dan Moxon, Sheffield
Elliot Brooke, Student, Oxford University, Oxford
Jennifer Escott, Student, Cambridge
Salter Dawn, Gentle Changes, Malvern
Claire Thurlow, Researcher, Cardiff
Colin Seymour, Artist, London
Jeorge Iris Dunn, Library worker, NA, Salford
Amie M Marie, Playwright, Norwich
Jonathan Wright, Teacher, Birmingham
Josh Cook, Brand Manager, London
Alia Eyres, Student, Preston
Benjamin Keiding, Student, DTU, Birkerød
Georgia Pass, Administrator, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
Laura Porter, Developer, London
Cerys Vyner, Software Engineer, Cardiff
Craig Everitt, Nurse, Leicestershire
Ann Stolz, Retired, Cornwall
Kate Farrell, Student, London
Charlie Rogers, Climate consultant, Kendal
Matthew Cook, Police Staff, London
Griffyn Gilligan, Consultant, London
Jen Phillips, Publishing consultant, Author Help, Stoke-on-Trent
Walker Victoria, London
Charlotte Horsley, Teacher, London
Katy, Library Mangager, Hearst, London
Isobel Reid, Student, Basingstoke
Lavery Rich, Melksham
Helen Jones, Cider-maker, Ventnor
Sean Hackett, Data Manager, University of Oxford, Oxford
Adam Gavshon Brady, N/A, N/A, London
Mary Benton, Retired, Bexhill
Jim Joyce, Programmer, Southampton
Dominic Woodfine, Analyst, Sport England, London
MC Domart, Scientist, London
Maelan Sarrazin, IT tech/Student, Grenoble
Vittadini Alessandro, Finance, London
Matilda Bruce, Student, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Rebecca Ellis, Energy Policy, LONDON
Ky Letts
Raphaël Dugué, Student, Lyon
Giulia Medaglini, Marketing and social media, Bristol
Thomas Rowley, Student, Southampton
Lewis Pearson, Software Developer, London
Meucci Francesco, London
Kathryn Ross, Maths teacher, Bristol
Alex Turnbull, Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick
Sian Saul, Student, Oxford University, Oxford
Steve Rowe, Night Manager, Doncaster
Rachael, Nurse, Bristol
Jessica Cresswell, Ellesmere Port
Thomas Flew, Godalming
April Hatchard, Project manager, Cambridge
Ash Thawley, Student, Cannock
Thomas Coldrick, Software Engineer, Manchester
Chris Millson, Manchester
Ailbhe Treacy, Miss, Manchester
Joanne Young, Housewife, Belfast
Michael Lester, Quantity Surveyor, Hitchin
Mathu Palmer, Creative, Manchester
Maria Grigorieva, Moscow
Paul Creasy, London
Alex Nicol-Harper, Researcher, Southampton
Bethany Vaughan, Creative Developer, Incubeta, London
Ren Scateni, Writer and curator, Bristol
Emily, Marketing, London
Joanne, Carer, Housewife, Dumfries
Rebecca Scott, I&D Lead, Jacobs, Reading
Craig Stevenson, Edinburgh
Jessica mc, Sales, N/A, London
Feona Attwood, Visiting Professor, Northumbria University, Hastings
Al Looker, Aylesbury
Jake Andrews, Teacher, London
Jessamyn Townley, Student, Birmingham
Maga Cecilia Flores-Trevino, London
Sarah Annab, Brussels
Charlotte Richards, Leicester
Fiona Bianchi, Manchester
Jae Frith, Manchester
Beth Harrison, Analyst, , London
Jokiranta Remi, Glasgow
Clio Unger, Lecturer, London
Dr Melissa Stepney, Senior Researcher, University of Oxford
Jenny Blake, Cambridge
Wendy Turner, Civil Servant, Ms, Nottingham
Jordan Murray, Operations Analyst, Twitter, Dublin
Kameron Falk, Production Assistant, London
Alex Causton-Ronaldson, Brand strategist, London
K.S, Scotland
Alex Parmar-Yee, Client Partner, Awin, London
Nathan Sinclair, Administrative specialist, London
Jonathan Davey, N/A, N/A, LONDON
Rick Cowling, Sheffield
Etienne Dunant, Sheffield
Emma Walsh, Student, Liverpool
Pax Butchart, Student, Oxford
Zahra Lee, Illustrator, Brighton
Lewis Aitken, Nottingham
Philippa Burt, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London, London
Connor, Student, Uni of York, York
Lucy Slane, Piano Teacher, Llandysul
Kaeden Fitzgerald, Student, N/A, Ennis
Caroline Fielding, Librarian, London
Ben Byford, Peterborough
Oscar Davies, Barrister, Lamb chambers, London
Caitlin Jones, HR Manager, Cardiff
Diane Lovett, Chipping Sodbury
Phoebe Holder, London
Marie White, Investment Advisor, leicestershire
Wyatt Fisher, student, Besant hill school, Ojai
Andy Channelle, Author, Carmarthen
Caolan McGinley, Student, London
Peter Burger, Head Brewer, Leeds
Oates Sue, Retired teacher, Reading
Danielle Beltz, Employment Advisor, Oxford
Laura Miller, Software Engineer, BBC, London
Carl Doran, Councillor, Reading
Hannah Bruce, Oxford
Bonnford Campbell, Canton
Benjamin Griffiths, redditch
Peter James Warnock, Project Management Assistant, Nottingham
Gemma Dellbridge, Software engineer, Be Trans Support and Community, Newcastle
Kirsten Brooks, Clinical Knowledge Specialist, Bristol
Orion Boundy, Exeter
Joanne Campbell, Project Manager, Lloyds Banking Group, Glasgow
Esmé Beaumont, PhD student, Cambridge
Katherine Inskip, Scientist, Sheffield
Jo Pearson, Administrator/Musician, London
JR Lappin, Student, University of Salford, Manchester
Rachel Lloyd, Physiotherapist, Leicester
Jacob Brown, Student, Brighton
Dom Miller-Graham, OurStory Scotland
Yukino Cooke, Norwich
Rhiannon Thornton, London
Jackie Lewis, UNISON, London
Beatrice Vincent, Actor, London
Lynsey Searle, Therapist, Burnley
Charlotte Duff, Writer, Dorking
Matt Davidson, Hospitality Trainer, Birmingham
Jackie Smyth, D&I Manager, London
Katherine Langrish, writer, Oxford
Gurdyal Simm, Brighton
Isabel Adomakoh Young, Actor, London
Ro Bevan, Doctor, UK, London
Molly Kelly, Teacher, Glasgow
Hugh Noble, Software Engineer, Leeds
Tyler Seraphin, Performer, London
Joanna Wood, London
Amy Ryall, External Engagement & Outreach, The Open University, Sheffield
Glenn Lennox, Civil Servant, Mansfield Woodhouse
Ben Wormald, Software Engineer, London
Elanor Sharman, market harborough
Julien Mazé, Senior Software Engineer, BBC, Glasgow
Chira Fairbairn, London
Marie Adjei, HOVE
Rachel Lea
Dawn Finch, Author, Aberdeen
Karen Hardcastle-Rad, PhD researcher, Halifax
Hannah Thirnley, Director, London
Alizée Butel, Stage Manager, Edinburgh
Rachel O’Donnell, Software Engineer, Glasgow
Sarah Barr, Bookkeeper, Edinburgh
Kimberley Roberts, Doula, The Queer Parenting Partnership, London
Mia Brevovic, Bar worker, Portsmouth
Max Price, Co-Founder, Proud2Be, Devon
Jasper Tuddenham
Tony Jackson, Exec Coach, London
Tim Pepper, Software Engineer, LEEDS
Hannah Rowan-Dumont, Paignton
Connel Soutar, Glasgow
Rachel Green, Sheringham
Rhodri Thomas, Student, Berkshire
Neill Clark, Charity, Scotland
Claire Burn, Writer, Sheffield
Amy Latimer
Kara Potts, Software development team leader, York
Morgana Loze-Doyle, Preston
Elspeth Wilson, Student, Newcastle
Lysander Benson, Student/Unemployed, N/A, London
Maryann Wright, Founder, Sappho Events, London
Nicholas Rudd, Scientific Development Specialist, Durham
Paula Judd, Director, Godalming
Bertille Calinaud, DE&I director, Manchester
Loki Knight, Bristol
Chris Davies, Lecturer, Bangor
Emma Kosmin, Watford
Sally, Aberdeen
Rachael Stewart, Gosford
Sam McFarlane, Margate
Veronica Gillies, n/a, n/a, York
Lakaya Walker, Artist
David C, Scunthorpe
Jack McKillop, Belfast
Peter McGuire, Journalist, Dublin
Mark J Stephenson, London
Patrick Hall, Signaller, Scunthorpe
Zarah Eve, Burton-on-Trent
Eddie Lambe, Volunteer Support Officer, Norwich
Alexander Thirlwell, Underwriting, York
Jane Flett, writer, Berlin
Sarah Laslett, Lecturer, Canterbury
Louisa Minghella, Literary/Media Agent, London
Tia Shafee
Reid moore, Coventry
Sarah Arnold, Sittingbourne
Laura Stanley, Sheffield
Sophie Renville, University Administrator, Leeds
KahiaNyaaa, Community Manager, montpellier
Mark Dowling, Actuary, Manchester
Jonathan Hannum, Phoenix
Lewis Brown, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Edvin Lundin, Student, Uppsala
Sylvia Myers, Ecologist, Natural History Museum, London
Chavonne Wargrave
Lee-Gwen Booth, Contact Centre, Sydney
Jennifer King, Climate/ Environment Research, Sheffield
Charlie, test & tracer, norwich
Laura connelly, Student, South wales
Culpin Lucy, Basingstoke
David Stokes, CHATHAM
Craig Robinson, PhD Candidate, University of Manchester, Manchester
Jack Mitchell, Manchester
Annie Burman, Researcher, Cambridge
Ava Thomashev, Marketing, London
Sandra Nielsen, Engineer and signals specialist, Copenhagen
Kieran Bohan, Coordinator, Open Table Network, Liverpool
Jenise Perez, Library Aide, Oakland Public Library, Richmond
Amanda Russell, Birmingham
Stewart O’Callaghan, Chief Exec, Charity, London
Steph Comiskey, Chef, Maynooth
Cc, Newport
Lauren A, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jade Raynor, Leeds
Benedikt Peter, Pupil, Cologne
Dov Baker, Law Student, Brisbane, AU
Paige Kimble, GLASGOW
Matt Board, Composer, Woking
Isla Clarke, Nottingham
Egle Zigaite, Publisher, Oxford
Dan Pendleton, Liverpool
Linda Birkin, Ecologist, Nottingham
George Westwood, Blackburn
Jennifer Tomlinson, Accountant, Cambridge
Cara Legender, newcastle upon tyne
Learned Wadey, Business Director, 24 7lfd, Hastings
Stijn, Policymaker, Amsterdam
Peter Heiner, Devops Specialist, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Hills Corinne, Parent, Matlock
Lauren Gordon, Dereham
Juliet Johnson, Bookseller, London
Elizabeth Ottosson, Translator, Eastbourne
Ace Cummins, Librarian, Edinburgh
James Johnson, Birmingham
Natasha Hack, Occupational therapist
Claire Grierson, Professor, Bristol
Fiona Craig, Publisher, London
Samuel Hickey, Unemployed, Lichfield
Maddie Campbell, PR, Hove
Mark Chapman, London
Stuart Haxton, Clinical Auditor, NHS, Manchester
Rebecca Stothard, Teacher, Sheffield
Julia Bobbin, TV Production, N/A, London
Tom Richardson, Environmental Scientist, London
Zoltán Ruzsik, software developer, Dresden
Barnsley Jeanie, Actor, London
Ellen Marshall, London
Robinson Paul, ystrad
Chaz Harris, Author, Promised Land Tales, Wellington
Benjamin Cleave, COVID Reviewer, Antrim
Cheers SriLanka, Media Body, Cheers SriLanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Fran Jenner, Street
Charles Reid, Account Director, Dentsu, Manchester
Jennie Coghles, Student, Jennie Coggles, Nottingham
Jesse Whelan, General Manager, Frankston
Sam Lawson, Software, Newcastle
Anthony Haslam, Manager, London
Paul Wooldridge, Hedon
Ian Ibiß, Managing Director, Berlin
Emily Rebecca Holbrook, Commissioning Editor, London
Darren Kerrison, Engagement Manager, Lewisham
Madeline Bell, SHEFFIELD
Lorna Robertson, HR Manager, Stirling
Dot Spink, Retired, Totnes
Joanna Sharples, Full-time parent, London
Samantha Lawrance, Student, Loughborough University, Loughborough
Jonathan Kelly, Student
Verity Harris, Yarn dyer, Nottingham
Marie Robinson, Ash
Rachel Jennings, Canterbury
Evan Whetsell, Charity operations, London
Luna Terradura, student, Perugia
Louis Fozard, Modelmaker, Bournemouth
Hartley Robinson, Engineer, York
Ryan Kermode
Steven Jarvill, Teacher, Leeds
Peachey Lois, Psychotherapist, Norwich
Yinuo Meng, Web Developer, Oxford
Mari, Student, London School of Economics, London
Siân Peters, Bookseller and IT Systems developer, Wirral
Harriet Carlton, Graphic designer, Margate
Wyatt Reno, Assistant Researcher, TGC / AI, San Francisco
Nicola Houghton Brooke, Model, London
Gabrielle Shaw, Doctor, Christchurch
Nate Speare, Sexual Health Adviser/Therapist, Bristol
Josephine Cleary, Leeds
Richard Leverton
Josephine G, Doncaster
Caroline Digby-Bowl, Senior Lecturer, Canterbury
Maud Millar, CEO, Get Adapt Ltd, London
Kirsty Drysdale, Lecturer, NHS, Liverpool
russell hibberd, plymouth
Alison McGhee, Glasgow
Tabitha Adams, Business Analyst, Brighton
Megan Dooley, Manager, n/a, Farnham
Alex T., Worcester
Bucky G, York
David Griffiths, Lecturer, Guildford
Jenson, Clerk, NHS, Manchester
Madeline P, Student
Leigh M, Sydney
Lee Wootton, Healthcare professional, West Midlands
Laura Summers-Bates, Writer, Freelance, Bracknell
Steve Kenny, Administrator, London
Barbara Leahy, Retired, Individual, Hook Hampshire
Albert Janssens, Board Member, Students Union, Copenhagen, DK
James reid, Director, Reading
Paul Smith, Technical director, Reading
Leigh juleff, Bartender, Sydney
Jen Wukasch
Laura Russell, London
Ralf Eckstein, Board Member of a Bi+ Organisation, Cologne
Daniel Dawson, Manager, Home Help, Brighton
Brynn Massey, Queer Bartender and Music Student, Sydney
Preston-Dunlop Emma, , London
Lizzie Weighr, Independent, Brighton
Steph keeble, Director, Birmingham LGBT, BIRMINGHAM
Sasha Fisher, Documentary Filmmaker, Sasha Fisher Films, Toronto
Kes Powell-Smith, Teacher, Norwich
Robert Wilkinson, Warehouse Associate, Newcastle
Zach Armstrong, Cook, Cincinnati
David Carlisle, Adelaide
Ash Robin Banks, K9 of Wainfleet, SKEGNESS
Susan Brent, Ambulance Dispatcher, LONDON
Celeste Robinson, Software Engineer, Salt Lake City
Elaine Adair, Glasgow
Simon Tucker, Data Administrator, Spa Medica, Salford
Marc Svwnsson, Founder & CEO, Helsa Wellness Ltd, London
Cheng Chen, Yifei Shu, Hong Kong
Dave Merchant, Senior Analyst, Manchester
Connie H, Norwich
Addison García
Lisa Ann Simpson, Quality Controller, LEEDS
Dani Howard, Musician, Freelance, Tulsa
Lisa Green, NA, NA, Salford
Lindsay Hibbs, Cobham
Nicole King, Stay at Home Mom, Sacramento
Molly Bragg, Author, Atlanta
Grant Buttars, UCU / University of Edinburgh, Dunfermline
Tim Anderson, Student, Sacramento, CA
William Aled Jones, Retired, Individual, Cardiff
Anj Jones, Glenrothes
Eoghan Cummins, Student, Derry
Lisbon Mohler, Freelance artist, N/A, Brookfield
Renee Demers, Boulder
Felicity Rawson, Family carer, Na, Dundalk
Daniel Church, Manager, Bluebell, Lincoln
Heidi Lawrence, Ambulance, Adelaide, Australia
Zara Walker, Writer, Almere
Ieuan Francis Tarran, Writer, Wrexham
Hanalea Tschampel, Student, St. Louis
Pippa Hennessy, Publisher, Five Leaves, Nottingham
Juniper Harwood, small business owner, Eugene, OR
Sven Hesse, Software Engineer, Braunschweig, Germany
Michael Simpson, Clerk, Nantwich
Jackie Werner, librarian, Philadelphia
Edmund King, London / Tokyo
Caleb Putnam, Food service, Minneapolis
Ferg McCracken, Engineer, Sydney
Brian Couture, Project Director, San Francisco, CA
Athena DiLavore, Student, West Lafayette
Shari Keogh, public servant, Melbourne
Acacia Lasita, UC Berkeley, San Francisco
Judy Pope, Manchester
Alex Osborne, Stirling
A. Field, Surrey
Shaide Bean, Chief Coffee Roaster, Duncan
Elisabeth Enzi, Nürnberg
Al Hopkins, Architect, Edinburgh
Leah Kizer
Syma Tariq, Researcher, CRiSAP, London
Brianna, Student, US
Craig Robinson, Kitchen porter, Middlesbrough
Sam Wright, Dundee
C Harrison Fuller, Lab Technician, Virginia Beach
Mihaela Hollens, researcher, Ilkley
Clyde Thomas
Sam Burleigh, Student
Brandon Mays
Helen Barton, Driver, Private citizen, Adelaide
Andrea Fernandez, hairstylist, vancouver
Gemma Renwick, Permanently disabled, N/A, Glasgow
Rea Pearson, Exeter
Alex Grabowski, Student, Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV (USA)
Baharak Zarbafian, Consultant, London
Gemma Barton, Crew Member, McDonald’s, liverpool
Riley Mitchell, Labourer, Sydeny
Sam van Loon, stagehand, Chicago
Rhone Montilyet, IT support, Keystep Solutions, Dagenham
Graham Ferguson, Student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Danielle Miu, Software Engineer, Wayfair, Boston
Carolyn Lawson, Melbourne, Australia
Kieran Doonan
Calley Alixander, Customer Service Agent, Coventry
Zoey, Medical
Rob Ryan, London
Nicki Pappas, Podcaster, N/A, Rock Hill, SC, USA
Andrea Maynard, Civil Servant, Taunton
Beth smith, Teacher, Stockport Council, Manchester
Jason Masters, Company Director, Sydney
Josh Knowles, caregiver, n/a, Redondo Beach
Emile Devereaux, Brighton
Raphaeli Kara, Professor, San Diego
Susan Kidd, Aberystwyth
Callum Moss, Barnsley
Jules Kast, Youth Worker, Proud2Be, Plymouth
Mr DK Green, Psychotherapist, Chesterfield
Thursday Jenkins, Editor, Ballarat
Helen Doremus, Inglewood, CA
Laurina Hunter, Communications and engagement officer, Middlesbrough
Meghan Hyland, Writer, Seattle
Drü Liebhard, IT, N/A, Sheboygan
Debbie Murray, Perth
Marissa Walker, Development Associate, Denver CO
Lucy Chapman, Berkhamsted
Jeannetta Pilanco, Admin, NYC
Jennifer M Thorne, Senior Clin Research Assoc II, Raleigh
Sarah Daley, Author, Berwyn
Yulia Fraser, Unemployed, London
Benjamin Rhein, Bellingham, WA
Roxana Kemal, 3d artist, N/A, Kansas City
Madi Zeng
Laura Hughes, Civil Servant, Sydney
Maya Price, CEO, Proud2Be, Devon
Sarah Gibson, Kent
Ana Gracia, Student, Mexicali, Mexico
Jared Lyons-Wolf, Brand Strategist, Spokane, WA
Rebecca Jagoe, artist, monmouth
KadenLee A Frazier, Artistic Sales, PygmyTroll Artist Association, Hawkins
Arlo Vance, Designer, Salt Lake City
Nicholas Pellizzeri, Syracuse, NY
Emilia Mack, IT Technician, Lawrence, Kansas
Steven Blevins, Educator, Sacramento, CA
Alice Cochrane, Ms., Highland
Mike Young, Kitchen porter, Preston
Emma MacFarlane, writer, Sunderland
Dwight Williams, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Vesta Sahatciu, Burnaby
Robin Davies, Student, Bristol
Sara Cooper, Student, Monash University, Melbourne
Bethan Jones, Writer, Cardiff
Hilary Cooke, CEO, MGSD Centre, Rochester
Briar Lovett
Helgren Holly, Medical Radiographer, Fernie
Brianna Blair, Quispamsis
Alison Dudgeon, Durham
Immi Romot-smith, Waiter, Marrickville
Ellie Bridger, Retail Assistant, Cardigan
Sierra Briggs, Laundry clerk, N/A, Houma
James Swinburne, Health management, Liverpool
Manuel Weikert, Teacher, Oxford
McCann Michelle, Brighton
Zoey Rogan, Student
Kimber Jones, Musician, Baltimore, Maryland
Adam Kelly, Student, University of the west of England, Bristol
Sophie Bowen, Liverpool
Jocelyn Beane, Delivery, n/a, Portland, Maine
Iestyn Knox, Student, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth
Bergdís Norddahl, Content creator, Bergdís, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
Melissa Sommerfeld
Clare Usmar, Fleet
Hannah Platts, Leicester
Melise Leech, historian, Las Vegas
Nae Rechnitzer, Student, Halifax
Victor Noe, Valencia
Brandon Hay, Nottingham
Mike Marsh, St. Leonard’s-on-sea
Jack Oliver, Edinburgh
Benjamin Southwick, Researcher, Durham
Eleanor Loughlin-McHugh, Software Architect, InIdSol, London
Claire Hayward, Long Term Disabled, N/A, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Jade Perry, Barista, Houston
Margaret Maldonado, Photographer, Los Angeles
Charlie Scanlan
Joshua Spowage, London
Nigel Hill, Manchester
Analeigh Smith, Social Worker, Seattle
Navarre de Villiers, Teacher, London
Zoe West-Taylor, Tutor, Granada
Jorge Souza, Lawyer, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Miranda Stewart, Agent, London
Jeremy Fisher, Leeds
Christopher Riley, Carer, Sevenoaks
R Khan, Portland
PJ Johnston, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, St. Olaf College, Northfield
Naomi Goddard, Video Editor, London
Jessica Turner, School Business Officer, B&NES, Bath
paul duncan, Hereford
Dom Guilfoyle
Monique Cuillerier, writer, Monique Cuillerier, Ottawa, Canada
Skylar Gurnett, Denver, CO
Gillian O’Neill, Coatbridge
Zoe Moore, Actor, London
Deb Taylor, Cambridge
Raybould Lyn, Administrator, Dingwall
H Demmery, Student, Hertfordshire
Marta Zaher, PhD student, University of Bristol, Bristol
Isaac Eichenlaub, Student, Rochester, MN, USA
Nella Gocal, Filmmaker, London
Christopher Higgins, Postdoctoral researcher, CEA Saclay, Paris
Ellis Theone, Student, Oxford
David de Croy, Retired, GLASGOW
Brodie H, Manchester
Hedges Steve, York
Matt Oriolt
Runjhun Malhotra, I & D conauktant, Bangalore
Sam Rougeston, Embalmer, Cardiff, Cardiff
Mari Al Hammadi, Cardiff
Madison, Engineer, Boulder, CO
Isaak Hardy, Gloucester
Alejandro Guevara, Student, Teaneck, New Jersey
Rachel M Lowe, Student, Colchester
Jeanne Wright, HULL
Noah Naamad, San Diego
Freyja Svansdóttir, Hairdresser, Belfast
Kitty Siemen, Oxford
Stuart Lorimer, Consultant Psychiatrist and Gender Specialist, NHS, London
Magg Anderson, repair tech, Morgantown, PA
Danielle Roe, PhD Researcher, University of Birmingham
Eduardo Menses, Designer, Blumenau
Cameron MacLeod, Manager, Toronto
Ray Harley, Blairgowrie
Joseph Kochmann, Writer, Surprise
Rin, Legal Transcriptionist, Columbia
Natalie Shaffer, Public Safety, Albany, NY
Leslie Rickerby, Peterborough
Dani Studdert, Sunbury
christopher smith, london
Lee Clatworthy, Acting Chair, Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity, Salford
Savannah, Student, Saskatoon
Terri Curtis, Staff Nurse, NhS Lothian, Edinburgh
Isis Kearney
Avery Howard, Student, Sydney, Australia
Bruno de Florence, Lacanian Activist, London
Cameron Cutts, Carer, Moorabbin
Eunice Kamuanga, Bolton
Annastasia Armitage, Carer, London
Dylan Bettles-Hill, Emergency Services, Milton Keynes
Anna Johnston, Student, Birmingham
Anna, Student, Leicester
Thore Witzner, Maintenane repairman, Copenhagen
Olivia Beattie, London
Nik Taynton, Writer, Kansas City, MO, USA
Oliver Griffiths, Registered Nurse, NSW Health, Kiama, Australia
Sydney Strong, Nottingham
Ellie R, Scientist, Seattle
Lucinda M. Wilson, Artist, Glasgow
Tristine Genevieve England, British
Chloe Wilson, Student, London
Sarah Macfarlane, People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, Bristol
Kim Novice, Huntingdon
James Bell, Lecturer, Glasgow
Adam Parker, Systems designer, Manchester
Tom George, Writer, London
Aaron Moe, Homemaker, LAFAYETTE
James Beavan Matcher, Cardiff
John Wells, Blogger & Photographer, Brighton
Ben Allan, Full Stack Developer, St Albans
kc Cheng, musician, london
S. byers
Mich Okada, Student, Edinburgh
Franki Westbrook, Student, Nottingham
Gary Morrisroe, University Lecturer, Salford
Joseph Thompson, Cambridge
Jonny Collins, Administration, University of Salford, Salford
Jenni Cook, Northants
Alex, Hull
I Spencer, Student, Hereford
Timothy Adsley, None, None, Dawson Creek
Nicholas Griffiths, London
Barbara, Student, Northaw
Denzel Kessie, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Freelance, London
Jacob Becker, Food Production, Edmonton
Jamie Eggleston, Music Teacher, Self Employed, Long Eaton
Martha L Goddard, Norwich
James Rich, Student, Mesa, AZ, USA
Jo Watson, Glasgow
Demi Garcia, Telecom Technician, Berkeley, CA
Tamara Fritz, Actress, Lampeter
Andrew Marsh, Student, Siegen
Andrew Towers, Writer, Hart Gables, Hartlepool
J.M. Welch, Artist, Liverpool
Corey McAuley, Content Editor, Brighton
Christian Gall, Retail, Boston
Lauriane Gagnon, Montréal
Ashley LeClerc, Genetic Scientist, USA
Mary Lewens, Editor, London
Michelle Edwards, IT Consultant, Bournemouth
Morag Lewis, Biologist, Cambridge
Abdullah Mahmood, London
Ana Guada, Zookeeper, Pembroke Pines
Steven May, Blyth
Attwood Jane, Fakenham
Hannah Sea, Advocate, Bristol
Jinny Fisher, Retired psychotherapist, GLASTONBURY
James Moore, Actor, ITV, Gloucester
Amy Childs, Lab Assistant, Warwickshire
Vanessa MillS, Marketing, York
Robyn, Events manager, Eastleigh
Robert Brown, IT Professional, Bracknell
Rowan McMonagle, Stirling
Jess Barker, Youth Worker, Exeter
Ollie hoff, Freelance artist, -, Norwich
Jasmine Vodall, Stocker, NA, USA
Aaron Boxley, Receptionist, Bruntwood, Birmingham
Dara Farr, Documentation Analyst, Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Grant Moss, Professor, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Natasha, Unemployed, Tunbridge Wells
Audrey Halpin, Inclusion Teacher, Dublin
Sam Roads, Senior Marketing Manager, Corsham
Haydn Wright, Library Assistant, Brighton
Victoria Evans, Customer Service Advisor, N/A, Kidderminster
Jeyms Aguilera, Retail Store Manager,, London
Sarah Young, Homemaker, Beaumont, TX
Treadwell Jordan, Upwey
Joe Nash, Software engineer, London
Walker Stefanie, Actor, London
Kay Higgins, editor, Vancouver, Canada
Jessica King, Bedfordshire
Bess Alderton, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lyla Johnston, writer and artist, LONDON
Martyn Carroll, Pharmacist, NHS, Leicester
Alice Ndiaye, Norwich
Iain Harris, Senior Finance Manager, Berkshire
Disability activist and advocate, Radical Access Mapping Project, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Daniel B., Computer Scientist, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Sarah Atkin, LONDON
Noah Combrink, Burleson
Lisa King, Tamworth
Frank Bryance, Actor, London
Eleanor Rathod, PM, Null, Glasgow
Michael Marshall, President, Merseyside Skeptics Society, Liverpool
Katie Evans, Stoke-on-trent
Joshua Cumming-Webb, Technician, Beeston
Jun Cullinan, author, Ames
Holly Blake, Clinical Assistant, Mousehole Wild Bird Hosptial, Penzance
Jack Lopez, Academic, Bradford, UK
Alexander Welbourne, PDRA, Sheffield
Hannah Mackenzie, Project assisnt, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent
Pedro Gomez, Student, Chicago IL USA
Wilson McCall, Script Reader, Manchester
Victoria Hodges, Aerospace Engineer, Manchester
Rosa Juritz, Musician, London
Andrew Chadwick, IT, Oxford
Samira Nadkarni, Content Creator, Mumbai
Rebekah Edmondson, Game Developer, Trailmix Ltd, London
Aramis Jones, Student, Brisbane
Benjamin Guy, Teacher, Sheffield
Sarah Alice Allcroft, Theologian, Sydney
Steven Perkins, Writer, London
Amy McCloskey, retail, London, Ontario
Alexandra Ronallo, Milwaukee
Hollie Taylor, LONDON
Nevin F Miller, IT Support, Kutztown, PA, USA
Chrissy Rogers, Handywoman, Manchester
Thomas Sharp, Priest, London
Valerie Haupt
Lucy Wills, Founder, Farnham
Liliana Savrda, Software Engineer, USA
Max Macchiarola, behavioral health technician, n/a, Tobyhanna PA USA
Alexander Lowe, CSR, n/a, Liverpool
Pippa Hayward, Manchester
Mark Crossfield, Software developer, Manchester
Hansson Amanda, Training manager, AfN, West End
ROSS, MI Analyst, Swindon
Sue Johnson, Admin, Education, Rossendale
Bryn Ranyard, Care Assessor, Lytham St Annes
Toby Nutter, Editor, Melton Mowbray
Erin Moroney, Teacher, Sydney
Joanna Wormald, Scientific editor, London
L Stene, voluntary worker, Sheffield
Beare Charlie, student, Belfast
Andi McKay, Unemployed, Thurso
Andrea Gilbertp, Advocate, London
Natalie Silvernail, student, none, Reston
Tessa Abraham, London
Edith Wakelin-King, Volunteer, Joy 94.9, Melbourne
Karina Fitzgerald, Engineer, Overland Park
Lysander Sky, Student, Melbourne
Frank Bone, Durham
Avril Hahn, Writer, Concord
Rebecca Spilecki, Teacher, Lewiston
Gwyneth King, Mold
Kari Williams, retail, Kennewick
Ross Axe, None, Birmingham
Samantha Rees, Editir, YouTube, London
Dr Kate Davison, Academic, Goldsmiths, London
Will Truby, Carer, Liverpool
Tomas Pilar, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Lisa Tatton, LONDON
Lisa Horton, News and media manager, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Harriet Mould, EDI Associate, The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Alexis Bushnell, Social Media Guide, Social Media for Humans, St Athan
Audrija Sarkar, Student, Boston, USA
Rin Barraclough
Siobhan O’Mahony, (she/her), Cis lesbian / trans ally, Belfast
Alexandra Finlay, London
Jackson W
Jack Sims, writer, Norwich
Rob Baker-Gall, Teacher, Fareham
Sylvia Shaw, Carer, Personal, Glasgow
Allnatt Lizi, Exeter
Charlotte Millbank, PA, London
Hafsa, Architect, Bristol
Dave Russell, Designer, N/A, London
Astrid Lea-Mutch, Student, Glasgow
Jinny Wilkin, Student, York St John University, York
Jonathan Albericci, physics student, nottingham
Gemma Kilby, founder, Sapphic Cafe social group, Southampton
Katie Greenaway, Towcester
Jade Kelly, London
Dylan Goveas, London
Carrie Braes, Graphic Designer, Thetford
Tarryn Williams, Chef, London
Remy Lucien, Student, Charlotte
Alex L
April Sada Solomon, Student, Montreal, QC
Esme Irani, London
Bethany Casey, Burnley
Foot Gillian, Retired, Barnoldswick
Paula L Bennetts, Operations Manager, DCA, Blandford Forum
Robyn Norfolk, Technical Architect, Worcester
Francesca Yates, Clinical Trial Manager, Birmingham
Quentin Bell, Executive Director, The Knights and Orchids Society, Selma
Jack Duncan, Student, Hitchin
Lewis Bolland, Kirkcaldy
Nick Jeary, Administrator, London
Alice, Writer, Southampton
Christopher Hine, Worthing
Taryn Astle, Volunteer, Benfleet
Eve Archer, Student, n/a, Kingston
Krishna Istha, Artist, London
Aubrey Shaw, Software engineer, Cambridge
Jennifer McEnhill, Program Manager, London
Kiera Wood, Teacher, Brighton
Shannon Brown, PLYMOUTH
Ross Wiley, Singer, New York
Amy Brydon, Equality Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Scottish Borders
Rachel Humphrey, London
Joseph Harris, University lecturer, Royal Holloway, London
Aimee Webb, Barista, Tunbridge Wells
Gwen Collier, Welder, Belfast
Rachel Callaghan, PhD Student, Aberdeen
Chris Parr, IT, Manchester
Caroline Ponceau, PR consultant, Paris
Kate Lourenco, Student, London
Deborah Herron, WEYMOUTH
Eleanore Hall, London
Joshua Moretto, game developer, Austin
Hollie Ashe
Marc Cotton, Engineer, Pride committee, Reading
Nico, Care worker
Harry Trent, Sheffield
Clare Bewick, Nurse, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, Guildford
Roisin Kennedy, Customer services manager, London
Caron Barr, Student, Glasgow
Aiden Clarke, Volunteer Cinema Worker, Liverpool
Florent Gilles, sub editor, matchesfashion, london
Ethan Walsh, Cockermouth
Louise Phillips
Sophia Wolpers, Analyst, London
Karen Laurie, Glasgow
Sam Dellaway, Manager, Croydon
Wetton Alby, Harlow
Barbara McDowell, retired business owner, Belfast
Daniella Hodgson, Primary school teacher, Nottingham
Jack, Bartender, N/A, Portsmouth
Theodore A. Rodgers, Delivery Driver, GrubHub, Rockford
Vanessa Billington, Software Engineer, London
Yufei, Manchester
Dave Murphy, Darlington
Tony Pendleton, Radio Show Host, NCB Radio, Newport, Isle of Wight
Roxana Ionescu, Admin, St. Ives
Ciara Rowles, Developer, London
Karen Draper, Cambridge
Ingrid Francis, Librarian, Manchester
Nightmare Lyra, Musician
Charles Wheeler, Poet, N/A, Leicester
Afroze Zaidi, Journalist, Birmingham
Catherine Renton, Edinburgh
Daniel McLachlan, NOTTINGHAM
Farah Ismail, Wolverhampton
Hannah M-Y, Youth Support Worker, London
James Fawcett, Be Gay Do Crime, AQA, Abingdon
Shaun Martinez, Consultant, Portsmouth City of Sanctuary, Portsmouth
Emma Hacking, Counsellor, Bude
Amos Catto, Restaurant Manager, Southampton
Amber Sinclair-Case, Director, London
Courtney K., United States
Becca Monday, PhD Law Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
Jim Hankinson, University Professor, University of Texas, Austin, Austin
Danielle Curtis, Youth worker, Weston super mare
catrin sheridan, Director, The Queer Therapist, Glasgow
Cara Hughes, Student, University of Warwick, Coventry
Michael Richardson (He/Him), Activist and trans ally, Edinburgh
vicki king, phototgrapher, self, london
James Duncan, School, Mercia School, Sheffield
Josie Bagley, Marketing Manager, Portsmouth
Niamh Ritchie, Artist, San Diego
Heidi Bailey, Medical Secretary, Bognor Regis
Paul Aleksandr
Phoebe Williams, Pharmacy Dispenser, Newbury
Caroline Brown, London
Cynthia Bors, Bristol
Félix-Antoine Savard, Full time worker, Enzyme, Prévost
Matthew Ciccone, Student, Falmouth
Stephen Kay, Operations Director, HARTZAK LTD, Bristol
Rachael Goddard-Rebstein, London
Breanna, Finance, London
Chris Cock, Retail, Falmouth
Christine Edden, Wellingborough
Kirsty Muskett, Student, Liverpool
McQuillan-Graham Eloise, Southampton
Matthew Beckford, Human Resources, London
Sam Baker, Animator, TT Games Studios Ltd, Alsager
MJ Harman, Student, Edinburgh
Cheryl Weedon, Cambridge
James McGregor, Engineer, Coventry
Sam Wright, Admin Assistant, Courier Logistics, Mexborough
Abigail Trusity, Economist
gemma saunders, hairdresser, N/a, Bristol
Rhiannon Tate, Braintree
Phoebe Welland, Teacher, London
Holly Webb, Writee, Reading
Ruby Boddington, Editor, London
James Eagle, Journalist, Gravesend
John, Teacher, Manchester
Stevie Crowne, Stevie Crowne, London
Elizabeth Campbell, Edinburgh
Veronica Walker, Filmmaker, London
Gareth Williams, Swansea
John Sloan, IT, Cambridge
Becky Hall, Hampshire
Gavin Mochrie-Smith, Planning Officer, Glasgow
Colin Catney, Gardener, Huddersfield
Mark Simons, Data Scientist, Wells, Somerset
Cole Smith, Performer, Liverpool
August Sutcliffe, Software engineer, Wokingham
Dylan H., Law, Uni, UK
Lauren Bond, Birmingham
Amber Browne, Student
Lisa, Surrey
Owen Michael, Stalybridge
Emily Boyfield, Care worker, London
Ben Lombardo, Doncaster
Petra KM, Model, Ace-Peter, Sheffield
Sophia Byrne, Teacher, Birmingham
Luke Hammill, Middlesbrough
Blythe Cowrie
Lisa St.John
Roxanne Johnson
Mika, Student, Nijmegen
Jamie Walker, Student, London
Kristine Jenkins, Psychotherapist, Conwy
E Barnwell, Doctor, London
Wai Ming Lee, Report Executive, Oxford
Will Lakeman
Paul Gillibrand, Commercial Manager, Sheffield
Georgia Boreham
Emma Butt, PhD Student, Glasgow
Emily Ennis, Student, NUI Galway, Galway
Emory Cunnington, unemployed, N/A, Nottingham
Laura Clancy, Lancaster
Arran Seaton, Game Developer, Bristol
Ludvig Von Drake, psychiatrist, Vienna
Roxanne, SDE, Yandex, Moscow
Victor Blackthorne, Artist
Charlie Turrell, Accessibility champions network manager, Bbc, Manchester
David Lubling-Kolbow
hannah gemmell, student, glasgow
Anthony Bodineau, London
Aiman Rahim, Client Marketing Manager, Cardiff
Georgia Miller, Communications Officer, Canterbury
Emily Bergink, caregiver, Victoria, BC
Anita Curtis, N/A, N/A, Bournemouth
Greig Christie, Glasgow
A Knowles, Leeds
Hana Walker, Student, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Kate Matthews
Keira Shipp, Bar Supervisor, Ipswich
Alexander Eyers-Taylor, Software Engineer, Oxford
Paul Anderton`, Media Freelancer, Liverpool
Tristan Brown, Warehouse operative, London
Rachel Egan, London
Melissa Maine, Retired, Launceston
Jae Hetterley, London
Mabon Quinn Young, Dundee
Chloe Marshall, Journalist, London
Edward Bowman, student, Wantage
T Browning
Emma Smith, Amateur Photographer, Glasgow
Cleo Favaretto, Editor, Oxford
Robert Hainault, Organist and Music Teacher, London
Christabel Keenan, Accountant, London
Cassie slack, Ottawa
Gianni Baldi, Dancer, London
Karin Slater, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Tab Kimpton, Author, Manchester
George Outterside-Hughes, Teacher, Teaching personnel, Hampshire
Emma Casey, Charity Worker, Burnley
Erin G, Cheltenham
Jemma Millward
Alex Mullarky, Dalkeith
Bonnie Burke, Court Appointed Special Advocate, Voices For Children, San Diego
Dignum Andrew
Emily Williams, Analyst, Swansea
Talirsin Turner, IT Tech, Milton Keynes
Daisy Freeman, Ely
Sami Kelsh, Research Ethics Specialist, Oxford
Lee Smith, High Wycombe
Kenneth Hoyt, Librarian, London
charlie, student, oxford
Rosie Loveridge, LONDON
Emily Webb, ACT Case Manager
Kate Wulff, Barista
George Lockley, North Yorkshire
Anna Reilly, Youth services manager
Gem Kennedy, Transformational Coach, Queers & Co., Saffron Walden
Rob Scott, NA, NA, Cumbria
Anthony, Design director, London
Elliott, Student, Birmingham
Charlotte McReynolds, Museum curator, National Museums NI, Belfast
Nathan Hughes, Executive, Detroit Labs, Dearborn
Carolin Gale, Carer, NA, Northampton
Matthew Chan, Solicitor, Vancouver, BC
Andy Clark, Sheffield
Jed Hartman, Technical editor, Mountain View
Ed Davies, Author, Manchester
Isabella Allan, Student, Plymouth
Nico Blake, NA, NA, NA
Alex Meehan, Staff writer, Dicebreaker, Brighton
Phoenix Redpath, Sound Engineer, Cardiff
Wallace Daniel, Performer, Self employed, Manchester
Jamie Evans
Mia Borrett, Studio Manager, London
Fiona Berry
Elle Faulds
Marcus Watson, Application Security Consultant, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Alison Fenton, Driver, Manchester
Tilia Bertrand-Shelton, Student, Surbiton
Shirley Heath, Doncaster
Fiona Berry
J Dale, Stoke-on-Trent
Cathryn Lloyd
Luke Seraphin, ENFIELD
Ian Dawson, London
Catherine McNamara, Academic, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth
Angie burnish, carer, Reading
Christy Allen, Admin Officer, Birmingham
Ollie Reid, Nurse, Portsmouth
Melissa Webster, Teacher, Farnborough
Mark Oakden, IT Consultant, Minimal, Witham
Richard Westman, Scientist, Liverpool
Kirsty McMahon, Support worker, Edinburgh
Mike Jones, Colchester
Kate O’Neill, School support staff, Primary education, Hampshire
Ceri Thompson, Librarian, London
Jess Gifkins
Scott McKellar, Glasgow
Hannah Ellison-Dunn, Teacher, London
Albert Hogan, Marketing Director, Gillingham
Ashley Fenton, Leeds
Michael Gill, Writer, Glasgow
Owen Thompson, claremont
Vex Hanson, Bushey
Thea Cochrane, Sound engineer, Northamptonshire
Paedo Pete
Siân Rosser-Evans, Cardiff
Branwen Shoop, Retail, Cornwall
Sophie Quinney, Doctor, NHS, Cardiff
Mark Brown, Engineer, Edinburgh
Keogh Bethan, Saint-cloud
Archie Munro, Postgraduate student, Sheffield
Sam Massey, Recruitment Coordinator, Manchester
Elijah, Student, Hatfield
Rory Bell, Carer, N)A, Newcastle upon Tyne
Mira Fey, Researcher, Haute école de travail social, Geneva
Helen Bartlett, Director, Nottingham
Lisa Locard, Essex
Vincent Cartsvane, London
Colin Foley, Training Director, Liverpool
Riese Goerlich, Student
Ashley Clark, Curator, NJ
Chris Thornton, West Yorkshire
Alaka Prodhan, Manchester
David Stevenson, Songwriter, York
Charli Andrews, Student, Sydney
Nicola Lee, Medical Secretary, Edinburgh
Isaac Delaney, sheffield
Ross Anderson-Doherty, Teacher, Belfast
Erwin Kaptein, Alkmaar
Alyssa Millbrook, Therapist, Cambridge
Daniel Smith, Unemployed, Westhoughton
Jordan Barron, Student, Newcastle
Federico Zrycki, Graphic Designer, Paris
James Draper, Liverpool
Kim Bond, London
Alex Melville, Writer, Chelmsford
J Green, IT
Lily-Nichole Robinson, Cover Supervisor, Sheffield
Jane McLaughlin, Director, Spain
Paul Mariotti, Enfield
Alex Brining
Charlotte James, Cardiff
Tom Firth
Marion Griffin, Teacher, Oldham
Lee Huntbach, Horticulturist, Tameside Green Party, Stalybridge
Luke Frost, Polegate
Simone Hughes, Teacher, Renfrewshire Council, Paisley
Tommy Williamson, Engineering Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Daisie Mae Silvester, Bookkeeper, Durham
Graham MacAree, Journalist, London
Chloe Goodchild, Senior Game Designer, Double Eleven
Nathan Booth, Research Technician, York
Endeavour Lewis, Bristol
Harry Lloyd, Student, London
Deloraine Brown, Social worker, London
Lyssa Barber, London
Katy Kelly, Translator, Widnes
Giorgia Shields, Graduate Student, Northeastern University, Boston
Zoe Holmes, Senior Programme Manager, NHS Kent and Medway, Dover
Emma Butterworth, Civil servant, Preston
Ben Swift, Software Engineer, Salford
Susie Bennerson, Teaching Assistant, Bristol
Claudia Antolini
Jake May, Exeter uk
Lilly, Millsboro
Jack Clark, Software Engineer, Accenture, Blyth
Francesca Thornton, Customer Experience, Norfolk
Nikita Jurowscy, Civil Servant, Durham
Mandee Kelly
Eris Shaw, student, university of Warwick, Coventry
Amy harcourt, Pro parkour athlete, Manchester
Sarah Hearne, Bristol
Mali Bowers, Yoga teacher, researcher, London
Sabrina D D Barnett, Student, Aberystwyth university, Gillingham, Kent
Ashley Smikle, Waiter, London
Skye Vogelesang, Montreal
Jarod Gouldie, Postgraduate Research Student, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast
Vanessa Smalls, Software Engineer, Facebook, Boulder
Louise Richardson, Editor, Oxford
Marlowe MacDonald, Sheffield
Dr Tim Clayfield, Scientist, Applied Polymer Sciences, Cham, Switzerland
Felicity Quinn
Francine Evans, Holly Springs
Chloe Hill, Account Manager, Stoke on Trent
Paul Bennett, Durham
Liza Liebling, Manchester
Katy Leckie, Leicester
Mel Powers, Herts
Devon Martin, Marketing intern, Cardiff
Fiona Barnett, Editor, Edinburgh
Jessica Kellett Power, Dublin
Alec Caseley, Counsellor/Therapist, London
Jacob R Boots-Taylor, IT Worker, London
Angie Moffat, Unemployed, LONDON
Lore Keane, Student, Farnham
Phillipa Foster, Police constable, Metropolitan police, BASINGSTOKE
M Shinn, Designer, St Albans
Stevie Kubena, Student, Western Washington University, Bellingham
Jana Funke, Academic, Exeter
Laura McKee, Writer and mature MA Student, London
Tayla Cardero, Portland
Maia Rowe-Sampson, Scientist, London
Dalma Bujnovszky, Illustrator, Brighton
Mohageb Lina, Stockholm
Chris Jae, SW, London
Lauren Arnold
Emily Ross, Actor, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow
Joanne lee, Liverpool
Sophie Wilson, leeds
Francesco Ventrella, Senior lecturer, University of Sussex, Brighton
Stephen Fuller, Wokingham
Intan, Student, London
Tom Brown, Financial Analyst, London
Joe Harper, Software engineer, Newbury
Sharon Tilley, Birmingham
Rob Lock, Barry
Anj Medhurst, artist, Halesworth
Lakshmi Hariprasad, BA, Manchester
Allison Devers, Writer, London
Jessica Gokenbach, Small business owner, Saint Clair Shores
Kate Heywood
Ricky, Analyst, Public Sector, Brighton & Hove
Julia Struck, Student
Katie Mayes, Arts manager, Coin-Operated Press, Dundee
Charlie Goode, Illustrator, Birmingham
Azaria Coupe, Physicist, Malvern
Alex Marshall
Ana Calderón, student, Bogotá
Caitlin Leyden
Ms Lee Graham, Construction, Glasgow
Sue McCall, Senior Manager, Lloyd’s, London
Meghan Hrring, Opening doors London, London
Alli McKee, Newry
James Smith, Barista, Bristol
Jacob Eveland, Spokane
Jonathan, Software Engineer, -, Oxford
Sylwia Ptasinska, artist, Preston
Kate Mayer, Leeds
Johnathan Tuck, Operations Manager, Centre for London, London
Thomas Parker, Telephone salesperson, Southend on sea
Taylor Joseph Dabney, Unemployed, Longmont
Andy Fulterer, Procurement Manager, London
Rachel Evans, Teacher, BIRMINGHAM
Mikala Lowrie, IT Engineer, TAVA Member, Fircrest
Dimera Peterson
M owen, Self employed, Self, Liverpool
Turner Osie, Las Vegas
Anna Charlotte Elphicke, Cleaner, Norwich
James Palmer, Abingdon
Tom Shillito, Leeds
Luke O’ Brien, Counsellor, Southsea
Edward Roche, Student, Sheffield
Rachel Owens, Electrical Power Systems Engineer, Preston
Imogen Howson, Writer and Editor, Huntingdon
Kristian Zgorzelski, Cardiff
Fiona Wilde, Writer, Leicester
Vaughn Xavier Haynes, Composer, Developer, Clyde
Moira Clenaghan, Business analyst, Manchester
Will Hunter, Doctor, NHS
Chris Morrow, Sales Manager, Surrey
Flo Entwistle, Chef, Glasgow
Marieke Vink, Nurse, Swansea
Ian Staalem, Education manager, Peterborough
Serena Jones, Swansea
Jamie Henry, Architect, Edinburgh
Mark Novak, Translator, London
Simon Woolcott, Technician, London
Mrs Stefanie Loynes, WALSALL
Alexandra Wells, Marketing, LONDON
Alice Wood
Philippa Ng, Tattoo artist, Birmingham
Leighton Giles, Landscape Gardener, London
Mrs Chloe Benson, London
Matt A Lopez-Dias, Web Developer, London
Amandeep Kaur Johal, London
Chris Fox, Economist, Manchester
Ali Hannon, D&I Consultant,, Brighton
M. Hinrichsen, Translator, London, Ontario
Lou Feighan, Norwich
James Holroyd, Managing Director, Bournemouth
Lucy Barnes, Student, Leicester
Wolfie Kelley, Morrill
Clare Bonetree, Charity worker, Manchester
Izzy Lockhart, PhD student, Philadelphia
Stephenie Clubley, Lincoln
Ed Jackson, Software Developer, London
Paul McKeever, Seattle
Christian Miller, Portsmouth
Eleanor de Giberne, Welcome worker at rape crisis centre, Survivor’s Network, Brighton
Gabriella Gonzalez, Engineering manager, San Jose
Finn Hughes, Assistant Psychologist, NHS, Manchester, UK
Gordon Dargie, Retired, No organisation, Shetland
Mel B, Student, Illinois
Horwill Jess, London
Farah Ahmed, London
Barry O’Leary, Solicitor, London
Elspeth Smith, Stduent, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Dr Julia Bailey, Doctor, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, London
Tony Williams, IT Analyst, Horsham
Isi, Quality Manager, London
Melanie Thompson, Software Developer, Liskeard
Wilhelmiina Toivo, Lecturer, UofG, Glasgow
Moon Martini, Santa Cruz
Aurora C Morris, Marketing, Sacramento, CA, USA
Kimberly Carland, Inclusion and diversity officer, Sydney
Kim, Full time mum, Surrey
Craig Vangenechten, Motherwell
Mia, Director, Preston
Leo Doran, , , Aberystwyth
Mottram Hannah, Academic, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Jane Carnall, call centre worker, Edinburgh
Ryan Cluck, Custodian, Eugene Democratic Socialists of America, Springfield
Pamela Mellen, Egham
Claire Turner, Guildford
Emma Main, student, edinburgh
Sydney Cully, Newry
Chris Brand, Student, Auckland, NZ
Levi Hord, PhD Student, Columbia University, New York
Jodie Downes, Student, Stoke-on-Trent
Lee Bowers-McIntyre, N/A, Liverpool
Iðunn Ösp Valsdóttir, Bakery sales
Daniel Hanvey, Research Engineer, Daniel Hanvey, Cheltenham
Kevin James Tyler, Director of Communications, Quadrant 2, LANARK
Cadence-, Brighton
Lucy Cox, Admin assistant, -, Leicester
Cora Stobie, Museum Scientist
James Vipond, Doctor, NHS, Glasgow
Sapphire Allard, Academic, Sussex
Mark Roberts, Teacher, Glasgow
Melissa Coleman, Coder, London
Robin Best, Librarian, Bradford
Doug Segal, Norwich
Valerie Mitchell, Mental Health Nurse, Highlands
Stuart Wood, Perthshire
James, Student, Manchester
Nye Prior, Cyber security professional, Cheltenham
Elle Trudgett, Software Developer, Amazon, Seattle
Briony Newbold, Nottingham
Ryn Easterbrook, Undergrad Student, Southampton University, Southampton
Janine, Student, London
Alistair W Morris, –
Iliza Scott, Student, University of Bath, Bath
Jasmine Carter, Delivery driver, Lincoln
Sarah Scott, Housewife, Kendal
Jane Miller, Manchester
Rachel Brown, Glasgow
James Johnson, Student, N/A, Liverpool
Michael Clarke, Swindon
Dylan Denwood-Smith, Carer, Cleator Moor
CJ Rutter, Admin
Alfie Mullender, Student, Essex
Sam Clapp
Yelena Freyasdottir, Virginia
Niamh Millar, Glasgow
Rob Hammond, Psychotherapist, Hove
Jacob Frankau, title, Edinburgh
Ida Ailes, illustrator, Manchester
Imogen Stone, Bristol
Alex Jones, Project Manager, Bristol
Stuart Roberts, Wrexham
James Olver, Retired, London
Kimberly Bohling, London
Lorna Dickinson, Watford
Catherine Lehmann, Retired teacher, None, Athol, MA-USA
Emma Joliffe, Teacher & writer, Hastings
Kim Carroll, pharmacist, leicestershire
Eleanor A.M.A.Y. Fitzgerald, Poet and Novelist, Tart Productions, Oxford
Alison Craggs, Peterborough
Naomi Perilli, Worthing
Lindsay Mitchell, Marketing Manager, Glasgow
Kara Smythe, Physician researcher, London
Jane Haggart, n/a, n/a, Glasgow
Steven Chlebek, London
Nicholas Wright, Sunderland
Rachel Sherwood, Selby
Catherine McGregor, Consultant, Catherine McGrrgor Research, Colchestrr
peter miles, eastleigh
Rachel Critchley, Counselor, Ashford
Colin Robinson, Support Worker, Ballymena
Mike Winter, Manchester
Molly Turnley, Music PR, Toast, London
Rose Black
James O’Dwyer, Service Team Leader, Hive Property Services, Hensall
Rachel Haney, Cleaner, Manchester
Claire Honan, Leicestershire
Jane Ann, Graphic designer, Aarhus
Joe Abel, GMB Trade Union, London
Dominic Cooper, Senior Lending Operations Officer, Santander, Manchester
Jakub Hajdus, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Malin Thompson, N/a, York
Cora Hidalgo, Student, Valencia
James G, Harrogate
Donna Enticknap, ., Twickenham
Rita Hormigo, PhD Researcher, Edinburgh
Julian Scheele, Illustrator, Glasgow
Rose Edwards, Bristol
Molly Fairhurst, Student, Wakefield
Allison Hatchell, Sheffield
Tamara Groen, Portsmouth
Stefano Cavallari, Software Developer, Berlin
Leith Ramage, The TIN Wardrobe, Cardiff
TMSA-UK, Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK
martyna sikonczyk, student, BRISTOL
Alexandra Drake, Cook, Tampa
Harriet Blackband, Higher education admin, Brighton
John Chivall, Charity Compliance Manager, Glasgow
Alec Rook, London
Iona Mayes, London
Jamie Cezar, Cardiff
Simon Stallworthy, NHS doctor, London
Victoria Cleary Symonds, Teacher, London
Daxon Harper, SFR Investment, Chicago
Gemma Hallam, Barrow in Furness
Kris Siosyte, Editor, Oxford
Ruth McElroy, Glasgow
Kevin Gaffney, Lecturer, Belfast
Jennifer Aves, Inverness
Jana Funke, Academic, Exeter
Gillian Kastner, Philadelphia, PA
Emily Pritchard, Bookseller, Oxford
Alice Stålhammar, Student, Gothenburg
Cecilia, Editor, Edinburgh
David Savage, Belfast
Deborah Bowyer, Business Change Specialist, Leigh
Sarah Carter, Maidenhead
Amy Perrins, Birmingham
Omi Kucevich, Irvine
Lisa Twohig, Radio producer, Anjunabeats, London
Lynda, Manager, Peterborough
Helen l, Bournemouth
Alia Wood
Milly Fiore, London
Yvonne Lewis
Karina Marshall, Surrey
Grace Keeble, Liverpool
Seren Rawlins, Newport
Rachelle Fryatt, Retail manager, Stockport
Penelope Tanous, Artist, Edinburgh
Violet Le Happy, parent
Carrie Tier, Wellington
Simon Aplin, Software Engineer, N/A, Glasgow
Matilda DeBruin, Academic Researcher, Greensboro
Lotte Jeffs, Writer, Hearst, London
Daisy Hutchinson, Transport Manager, Reading
Nikita Harvey, Scientist, Imperial College London, London
antonia blanchflower
Mr Graham Malcolm, Edinburgh
John Thompson, Artist, N/A, York
Adam, Retail, Ware
Hannah Torrance, Leicester
Chloe Lunn
Jakub Musil, PhD student, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Hannah Ravenswood, University of Oxford, Oxford
Luke Wilkes, Oxford
Claire Morgan, Social worker, Nottingham City Council, Nottingham
Dizzy Faefyre, Software Developer, Portland, OR
Rachel Allen, Teacher, Llangollen
Kelly Newman, I.T., Retail, Horsham
Erin Brennan, AV technician
Chloe Mashiter, Gaming freelancer, London
Jasmijn B, Amsterdam
Gillian Tetreau, Michigan
Amy Stapleton, Receiption, Milton Keynes
cali, student, /, limerick
D Ilett, Student, Coventry
Ollie Holmes, Student, Coventry
Mr Mark T Clements, Leicester
Cllr Sam Coleman, District Councillor, Actor and Open University Student, Rother District Council, Bexhill on Ses
Andie Davidson, Brighton
Helen Sullivan, Swansea
Emma Bradley, Housing Development Officer, Worcester
Lee Vousden, Retired, None, Redhill
Gurge Whiteside, Durham
Christopher Cromb, London
Callum Turner, Embroiderer, Macclesfield
LP, Digital Commercial Officer, Birmingham
Caroline Sargeant, Winchester
Nicholas Shore, Solicitor, London
Sian Roberts, Bristol
Rowan Moses, Ammanford
Sky Hayle, Valet, Vancouver
Daniel Franks, Retail, None, Swansea
Kirsty George, London
Simon Munk, Walthamstow
Alistair MacRae, IT, Brantham
Abi Stacey, London
Anthony Zerbach, Seattle,WA
Ryan G, Aberdeen
Thomas Keyton, Monmouth
Anna Bruce, Ely
Helen Spandler, Professor, University of Central Lancashire, MANCHESTER
Aimee Jeffs, QA Technologist, Bristol
Avery Stone, London
Tim Green, Halifax
Alyssa Voronin, Knoxville, TN
Stephanie White, Bordon
David Sills, Credit Control, Halifax
Ian Clark, Librarian, Canterbury
Mr Kevin Gino Rossall, Horticulture Student, Transman, Blackpool
Harry, Doctor, Liverpool
Ali, nurse, Glasgow
Valerus Corbin, Student, Milwaukee
Kylea Donaldson, Librarian, Payson
Andy Proctor, Analyst, N/a, Bournemouth
Lewis Rawlins, Student, Newport
Koose Zielinski, Lawyer, Manchester
Jessica Crees, Birmingham
Owen Wiltshire, Office manager, Manchester
James Barrett, Bournemouth
Isaac Reynolds, Postgraduate researcher, York
Stephanie Millar, Dumbarton
James Coles, Bradford
Michael Souris, Actor, Disney, Florida
Rachel Callagher, Wrexham
mead erickson, Chicago
K Murray
Benjamin Belai, Psychiatrist, Mountain View, California
T Evans, Data Coordinator, London
Robert James, Liverpool
Catherine Prescott, Nottingham
Natalie Adams-McMahon, London
Daniel holme, Caver, Derby
Dennis Sangill, Stundent of Computer Graphics Arts, Viborg
Moss Evergreen, Barista
Josh Davies, Student, Coventry
Jae Constantine, Retired, Newbury
Mira Moisio, Graphic designer, Vantaa
James Gilbert, publisher, Cambridge
Sarah Krasewitz, Dundonald
Florrie Bernstein, Administrator, Manchester
Alice Robertson, Inverness
Kollin Saunders, Richardson
Elizabeth Boulderstone, Science Communicator, Southampton
Adam Fein, Providence
Lisa Bolger, Dublin
Sam Baker, Tax Manager, Bristol
Michael Shemming, ipswich
Mark Hollowell, Retail worker, Nottingham
Sam Harber, SysAdmin, Manchester
Alex Shirreff, Student, Lincoln
Leo Jobson, CB42AA
Savan Gandecha, Content Creator, London
Julia Hutchinson, London
Emily Edwards, Glasgow
Harry Murphy, Student, Nottingham
Amy Davies, Tipton
Terence Hosey, London
Rob Eveleigh, Exeter
Jo Child’s, Educator, Milton Keynes
Ric Wade, Mathematician, Oxford
Giovanna Dugan, Retail, Walmart, Bath
Karen Attfield, Inverness
Hilary Cooke, arts producer, freelance, Brighton
Ryan Mater, Engineer, None, Canada
Charlie Todd-Stewart, Student, Warwick University, Coventry
Stephen Sansom, Associate Professor, University of Oxford, Oxford
Felix Garnet-Simister, Retired, N\A, Manchester
Mia W, Student, University of Southern Denmark, Fyn, Denmark
Ares Osborn, PhD Researcher, University of Warwick, Coventry
Corrina Lukins, Seamstress, Studio by the Station, WIGAN
Mr Richard Phoenix, London
Justin Haines, Custodian, Eugene, OR
Wendyl Harris, London
Brian Warren, HR Consultant, Brighton
Alexander Plumb, Student, SIUE, St. Louis
Madeleine, Admin assistant, London
Mark Perry, London
Kim Dorin, Retired, Darmstadt
Aidan Hardy, Bridlington
Jessica Halbrooks, Freelance Artist, London
Matthew Kennedy, Software Tester, Advanced, Northwich
Nora NICOLAS, PhD student, Lyon
Simone Ivatts, Leeds
Louiza Mills, Croydon
Zachary Clayson, Fremont
James Evans, Process Operator, Wrexham
Jen Davies, Creative Director, Jen Davies, Glasgow
Rachel Holt, London
Lucy Jones, Associate Professor, Nottingham
Oscar Merlin Griffin, Student, Cardiff/Cambridge
Katarzyna Kozdon, PhD student, UCL
Daniel Rice, NHS Pharmacy Assistant, Well Pharmacy, Dane End
Dianna E. Anderson, Author, Self-Employed, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Gabriel Bennett, Library Assistant, City of Peoria, USA
Chris Smendziuk, Project Manager, Vancouver
Brooke Wursten, Software Engineer, Phoenix
Lizzi Lewis, Student Nurse, NHS, Southampton
Jennifer Denison, Norwich
Ellie Fayle, Lawyer, London
Adriana Dias, PhD Student, Egham
Ems, Marketing, Carmarthen
Tom Louden, Kenilworth
Jade Barr, Strathaven
Daniel Stead, Buyer, Leeds
Steven Reid, Aberdeen
Jonne Bartelds, Zwolle
Rosemary Witchaven, Software Engineer, Futurex LP, San Antonio, Texas
Michael B, Novelist
Anthony Roberts, South Wales
Morgan Schulman, Social Work Management, New York
Val Sheppard
Sarah Hutchings, Director of non profit, Brighton
Andrew Powell, Barista, Nantwich
Michael Erskine, engineer
Shah Latona, Student, London
Debra Mclennan, courier, private, Nottingham
Catherine SG, Writer and copy editor, London
Jade Roberts, IT, Sudbury
Stuart Mobbs, Teacher, Chokchai School, Bangkok
Meaghan Spencer, Journalist, London
Catherine Strickson, Programmer, The Labour Party, Bristol
Joash Lewis, Security Analyst, Southampton
Taryn Talley, Marketing manager, Epsilon, Sunnyvale
Michael Jones, Trust Manager, NHS, Liverpool
David Adger, Professor, London
Melis Siakus
William Piercy, Bristol
Jesse Holmes, N/A, Gainsborough
Finn Bain, Writer, Edinburgh
Rowan Thompson, App Developer, Belfast Met, Belfast
Alex Smith, Software Engineer, London
Sam McGarry, Student, Vancouver
Will Bevan, Cardiff
Ian Edmond, Tutor, Brighton & Hove
Matthew Palmer, Administrator, Cheshire
Steven Pierce, lecturer, Manchester
Arianna Hamel, Student, Montréal
Martin Connolly, Dublin
Alistair Fletcher, Warrington
Amy oconnell, Unemployed, London
Andrew McKeown-Henshall
Will Southgate, Student, N/A, Chelmsford
George Burgess, Student, Nutfield
Catherine Morgenstern, Bristol
Ramirez-Searcy Roxanne, Lakewood
Holly Ryder, Shop Assistant, Portsmouth
Matt Richardson, Edinburgh
Elizabeth Fritcher, Albertville
Fynn Becker, Frontend Developer, Hamburg
A J Allsopp, Writer, South Shields
Zak Schneider, Bartender, Fairfield
Tara McGilvray-Guard, Retail Manager, Edinburgh
Sian Bain, disabled, Sauchie
Robert Sullivan, Software Developer, London
Mark Farrington, Retail Manager, Birmingham
Amy Conkerton-Darby, Advocate, Birmingham
Charlotte Lo, Staff nurse, NHS, Norwich
Robin Henderson, Theatre Worker, Leeds
Susan Garratt, Retired, Rushden
Christina Kelley, Rideshare Driver, Uber, York
Dilyan Damyanov, London
Timothy White
Emma Crawshaw, Charity CEO, Crew 2000 Scotland, Edinburgh
Gabrielle Patterson, Freelance Writer, Leeds
Fiona Sinclair, Glasgow
Stephanie Lemonik, writer, New York
Emry Robinson, Library Assistant, Camborne
Jonathan Newhouse, Sheffield
Sarah Scott, L&D Manager, London
Ian Smith, Sheffield
Ellen James, Manager, London
Rhian Adams, Bristol
Daniel Murfin, London
Gryffin Winkler, New York
Anna Cormie
Danyl Speirs, LGBTQ+ Support Member, University of Stirling, Stirling
Cara Capstick, Ipswich
Thais Cardon, student
Kate Robertson, Shepherd, DUMFRIES
Chris Powell, IT engineer, Bristol
Aleix, London
Hamish Lockwood, Derby
Gareth Brading, Systems Manager, Publishing, Oxford
Samantha Archer, Hospitality Management, Gateshead
Lauren Hockenhull, Online Learning Coordinator, Edinburgh
Alice Stringer, Library assistant, London
Liana Pigeot, Software Engineer, London
Deena Caswell, Great Barrington
Emily Rackham, Derby
Lucy McKillop, Joint CEO, Outvertising, London
Benjamin Bates, Student, Seattle Film Institute, Seattle
James Arrowsmith, Councillor, South Gloucestershire
Laurie Johnson, Sheffield
anonymous, London
Steven Poore, SF&F author, SFSF Social, SHEFFIELD
Millie B, Teaching Assistant, Cambridge
Ben Crossley, Isle of Wight
Emily Brannigan, Coventry
Dominic DeCesare, Software Engineer, Bath
Kathy Trithardt, Victoria
Jake Yorath, Bristol
Mark Woolford, Newport
Céleste Bour, Software developper, Edinburgh
Jim, Head of IT, London
Sam Atkinson, University Adminstrator, London
Faye McKeever, Costume, London
Daniel Griffin, Tennessee
Bethanne Bruninga-Socolar, researcher, Minnesota
David Spary, London
Aubrey Glave, Teacher, Oklahoma City
Ellen Keld, Market Researcher, Bristol
Ness Bass, Graphic Designer, Brighton
Sam Frankum, Exeter
Alissa Melinger, Edinburgh
Ryan Nelson, Brighton
Flint Margaret, Hyde
Michael Tyler, Southsea
Kim Staples
Allyson Jackson, Unemployed, Wallsend
Stuart Hern, Cardiff
Rhys Kelshiker-Williams, Student, Reading
Sophie Kromholz, Financial accounts advisor, Glasgow
Yurika Lui, Toledo
Christopher Jones, Self employed, N/A, London
John Cox, artist, none, Glasgow
Sarah Keeling, Editor, London
Gina Boiardi, Northampton
Chandler Brown, Inventory control, Menifee
Katie Burnett, Port talbot
Menno Groen, Portsmouth
Lee Higginbottom, Northampton
Stella Hall, Bristol
Mia Allers, Designer, Government Digital Service, London
Lawrence Jonquil, London
Nathalie david, Artist, London
Roy Johnson, n/a, London
Amber Blakely, Software Developer, Manchester
Juno Winter
Cassie Kirkham, Manchester
Bethany Lane, CHEPSTOW
Shaun Brison, Belleville
Elli Wilkinson, Hampshire
Amy Nield, Strategist, London
Emma Conroy, Newcastle upon Tyne
Nancy Carter, Worthing
Sally King, Alton
Sarah Nash, Engineer, Bristol
Jen Cullen, Programmer
Valeri Rose, Ayrshire
Kai Forrest, Pembroke
Richard Coulson, Database Officer, Leicester
Katie McNab, Stirlingshire
Beck Casement, Archaeologist, Halifax
Danielle Oliver, Bristol
Maggie Jones, Rtd Specialist Nurse, NHS, London
Darren Rye, Brierley Hill
Mia Vaughan, Marketing director, Cornwall
Billie Kincaid, IT professional, Chicago
Alex Valente, editor, The Norwich Radical, Vancouver
Paul Gradwell, retired, Liverpool
Phoebe Parkinson, Student, Brighton
Emma Sisson, Photographer, N/A, THIRSK
Katherine North, Managing Director, Oxford
Hannah Coates, Research Assistant, London
Allie Uhde, London
Kat Brennan, Archaeologist, Newcastle
Alex Morris
Dominic Lanigan, Redditch
Kevin Crosby, Senior Lecturer in Law, Newcastle upon Tyne
Oliver Paterson, Data Analyst, Dext, Hailsham
Cameron Hammond, Swindon
Jordan Castro, Central Point
Emma Conner, Photographer, York
David Odvarka, Software engineer, Newcastle upon Tyne
Chloe Parker, Student, N/A, Portishead
Anna McClean
Carlo Mazziotta
Alice Collard-Stayte, Student, Plymouth
Christopher Deans, Warrington
David Howarth
Karis Gorst, Blackpool
Charli Childers, Ally, Allied Electronics, Oklahoma City
James Burgett, Las Vegas
Verity Sparks, Retail assistant, Huntingdon
Claire M
Victor Zimmermann, Computational Linguist, Junge Sprachwissenschaft e.V., Leipzig
Kirsty Murdoch, London
Andy Miles, Factory worker, Leicester
Andrew Elvin, Diss
Thom Geraghty, Marketing Director, Hearst UK, London
Dylan Lewis-Creser, Chair, Under 18 Green Party
jessica sansaverino, marketing, conde nast, new york city
Jess Johnson, Student, Brighton
Gem Robinson-Wilson, Quality Engineer, Madrid
Caspian Reid, Library worker, Edinburgh
Adrian Mill, Disabled, Llangadfan
Greg Adams, Developer, Quinton, VA
Abigail Maxwell
Samantha White, Graphic Designer, Guernsey
Andrew Pickles, Bedford
Esther Murphy, Gillingham
Deb Giles, Lancashire
James Grant, IT consultant, Manchester
Stacy Cashmore, Software Developer, Zuid Holland, NL
Alexander Marshall, Data analyst, NA, Nottingham
Stephen Reid, Derby
Chris Cornwell, BOLTON
Morgan Reaney, Perth
Kieran Lowe, London
Katie Callin, Radio producer, London
Alison C, Reactor Operator, Bristol
Lucy, disabled, porthcawl
Willow Herring, Director, Polarity works, Southampton
C Wilson, Exeter
Anil Godigamuwe, London
L Callaghan, Retail worker, Glasgow
Charlie Wand, Scientist, Manchester
Pamela Smith, 3d artist, Glasgow
Michaela Agapiou, London
Natalie Winter, Freelance creative professional, London
Jamie Prince, author, Freiburg
Joe flynn, Researcher, London
Barry Ming, Petersfield
K Turnbull, Durham
Jessica Fox, Student, University of Manchester, Manchester
Amy Ling, Colchester
Hannah D, Machine Learning Engineer, Bristol
Cassie, Student, Detroit
Don’t feel safe, writing my name here, -, Chichester
Sue Clayworth
Louise Lever, Research Software Engineer, University of Manchester, Manchester
Peter Randazzo, London
Heidi Schureck, Museum Educator, Atlanta
Alice Thagaard, Customer service, Greenock
Dalia Fleming, London
Andrew Hall, N/A, N/A, Preston
tobi smethurst, programmer, gent
Chris Williams, Lawyer, London
Charlotte Munglani, PhD Student, KCL, London
Linda Wall, Civil Servant, n/a, WALLASEY
Alexandra Simpson, Aircraft Engineer, Horsham
Keir Davis, Software Engineer, Worthing
Peter Venables, carer, London
Samantha Ryan, Cumbria
Daniel Lemmon, Service Delivery Manager, York
Evelyn Staniforth, UX Designer, Lymington
Alex Brady, Finance, Teesside
Sarah Davies, Hereford
Jacob James Profitt, Teacher, Bristol
Isobel Sheene, Nottingham
Arthur Cheysson, Web Developper, Paris
Michael Hurley, London
Verity Shush, Unemployed, N/A, Calcot
Julieanne Porter, Sheffield
Adam Williams, Designer, Birmingham
anna haughton, ipswich
Niall McCallion, D, L, Leeds
Ash J, PhD Researcher, University of Bristol, Cardiff
Cassidy Hewson, Bartender/Waitstaff, Northampton
Euan Tennant, Musselburgh
Richard Michael Linton, Customer Assistant, Diss
Greg Sheppard, Oxford
Suzy Lucas, Darlington
Tim Green, designer, LONDON
David Woods, Graphic Designer, LONDON
Mallory E Heath, Rochester
M Hall, Teacher, London
anonymous, Bristol
Hayden Bilan, Methil
Dickon Exton, Project Manager, London
Suzie Blackman, London
Joanna Franks
Brynn WIllows, Manchester
Terra Moody, office, Bowling Green
Andrew R. Taylor, Systems Analyst, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust, Chippenham
Jonathan Scaramanga, Bristol
Conal Murphy, Programmer, Hethersett
Sophie Clark, Software Engineer, London
Kez Rush, Postgraduate Student, Edinburgh
Kit Senior, London
Alim Kheraj, Writer, London
S Taylor, Project Manager, Belfast
Nina Aspey, Leicester
Nick Smith
Alex Haw, Admin Assistant, Toronto
Steph, Cheltenham
Dr Alina Selega, Researcher, Toronto
Karen Worrall, Youth Worker, Workington
Harry Hartley, Software Engineer, Bath
Terv Terran, N/A, N/A, London
Madeline Watt, Town planner, glasgow
Simon Barber, IT, Edinburgh
Matilda Scarlett, London
Thomas Gamble, Nottingham
Delanie Linderman, Pullman
Stacy Smith, Cambridge
Olivia Newberry, Software Developer, Glasgow
Cait Magne, Deeside
Joe Sevier, Editor, Conde Nast, Brooklyn
C.D.M. Rørmose, Designer and programmer, Berthoud
Jon Jones, Bangor
Arden Saunders, Edinburgh
David Dutko, Product Manager, Tech, London
Merran Smith, Pickering
C. Sharpe, Stafford
Lewis Henshall, Manchester
Maddy Searle, Edinburgh
Michel Jonker, Translator, London
Emma Smith, St. Leonard’s On-Sea
Alan Meehan, Researcher, London
Gilmore Amber, Customer service administrator, Cardiff
Alan Hazelden, Game designer, Draknek, London
Mark Beckett, Ipswich
Alexandra Wilkes, Communications, Toronto
Leo Melo, software developer, Jersey, CI
Amber Burgess, Manchester
Jessa Flowers, Edinburgh
Elia Rully, student, n/a, London
Michelle Dodd, Kent
Adam Birchall, Website content manager, Lincolnshire
Osh Gantly, London
Vic Lee, Writer, Manchester
Christine Harrison, Civil Servant, London
Franz Paroviak, Student, Košice, Slovakia
Daniel Parsons, Norwich
Kayleigh Whitehurst, Web developer, Earl Shilton
Joel Freeman, London
Angie Hunt, Dinner Lady, School, Rotherham
Helena Blain, Reading
Daniel Jenkins, Civil Servant, London
Zoe Stark, Retail, Torquay
Sasha Garwood, Lecturer, Nottingham
Kristine Jhoanne Buron, Student
Lio Benz, Designer, London
Polly Burnett, Artist?, Glasgow
Sam Jones, Cardiff
Haydn Foster, Edinburgh
Samantha Moore
Kate Walton-Elliott, Nurse, Olympia, WA, USA
Erin campbell, Student, Glasgow
Jo Trainor, Administrator, London
Tom Arneil
Rosana Griffin, NHS
Marco Spennati, Croydon
R O’Carroll, London
Gareth Bennett, Exeter
Juno Wilkinson, Software Engineer, Bristol
Jennifer Molloy, Business Analyst, London
Leah Holmes, London
Amanda Bryan, Rayleigh
Selina j, London
Elizabeth B, Chicago
Alison Williams, Editor, Newcastle Emlyn
David LeBer, Software, Toronto
Stephanie Minor, Editor, Fort Atkinson
Mackenzie Voots, —, —, Tampa
Spike Humphrey, Teacher, Ascot
Dave! YogPod
Mika, Computing Apprentice, STFC, Harwell
Kate Simpson
Mark Bell, Oxford
Arylin Michelle Rylee, Lab Technician, Mobile
Casey Burley, Chef, Exeter
Paul Martin, Chief Executive, LGBT Foundation, Manchester
Mia S Cruddas, Media Production, Xin Media, Brierley Hill
Peyton Dunaway, Student
Robynne Coble, Illustrator, Gateshead
Martha Haines, London
Kai Kuiama, Plymouth
Alec Smith, Deputy Headteacher, Manchester
Rhona Cascone, Data analyst, Harrogate
Andrew Whiston, Director, Padstow
Elisabeth Keable
Ffion Pugh, Bookie, Chester Race Company, Chester
Andrew Dodds, Programmer, SEGA Europe, London
Mr Graham Chestney, London
Jacob Haines, English Teacher, iTalki, London
Kid Roberts, student, Wrexham
Elijah Jones, CSA, N/A, Gloucestershire
Brian Dunn, Retired NHS, Lympstone
Peter Underwood, Croydon
Jean Makowski, Librarian, St. Albert, Alberta
Kristian van der Vliet, Software Engineer
C Green
Andy Davis, HGV driver, Falkirk
Joe Trevor Spivey, General Manager, Filey
Natalia Martinez, London
Sam J Griffin, Academic ethicist, freelance writer, West Kirby, Wirral
Simon Conway, Manchester
Laura Breeds, Firsdown
Jacqui Jobson, Self employed, Jacqui Jobson Consultancy, Newcastle
Rachel Bone, LONDON
Daniel Carrington, Project Officer, LJMU, Liverpool
Clare Sainsbury, Sheffield
Kit Anderson, Nottingham
Krystal Sim, Journalist, London
Lesley Brown, Scotland
Debbie Lea, Student Nurse, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
Benjamin Mann, engineer, Cambridge
Nick Ball, Isle fo Man
Sally Russell, Voice actor, Oxford
Claire Hansford, London
Jody van der Merwe, Artist, Cape Pride, Cape Town
Katie, Liverpool
Effric smith, Retired, London
Kristen Lindop, Self employed, BA10 0HR, BRUTON
grace Colverd, student, uni of cambridge, cambridge
Alison Holmes, YORK
James Marshall, Social media, Manchester
Gabriel Brew, Master’s Student, LSE, London
Luke Lewis, Student, Manchester
Ellie Woods, Sheffield
adrian godwin, engineer, Bedford
Jennifer Rothery, Journalist, Bath
Rosie Derricourt, London
Laurence James, Student, Walton on Thames
Felix Hughes, Barista, Starbucks, Leicester
Darren Winter, QHSE Manager, Sheffield
Sarah Connelly, Cyber Security Specialist, Cwmbran
Natasha Rudkin, London
Natasha Dragotta, customer service, Ipswich
Bidge Graham
Ros Wingrove, Sydney
Penelope Wenham, READING
Caroline Watkins, Homemaker, Ipswich
Marie Antoon, Graphic Designer, Alabama
Jason, Student, B/CS Texas
Aaron Middleton, Glasgow
Laura Faye, Non-Profit Director, Wichita, KS
Schuyler Hoffer
Claire Ghosb, Therapist, SOUTHAMPTON
Mark Lisetto-Smith, Communications, Waterloo, Ontario
Zoë Mackay, Software Engineer, London
Richard Aspden, Software Developer, Burnley
Jessica Ghost, teacher, Sheffield
Willem Elliot Bell, Student, Newton-le-willows
Nikki Fenton, Engineer, Manchester
Alexander Hay, Media, Southampton
Charley Spencer, Paediatric Nurse, Imperial College Healthcare, London
Beth Bramich, LONDON
Elizabeth Evans, Parent, New Quay
Nat Pritchard, Software Engineer, Bristol
Mark Casarotto, Talent manager, London
Debbie Kent, Journalist, -, London
M Carroll
Michelle ESMOND, Paraplanner, St Neots
Miranda Boers, Writer, Gouda
Mikaela Moody, writer/activist, Leamington Spa
Alun Beard, Health professional, Chichester
Verity Hall, Administration, NOTTINGHAM
Victoria Root, PhD student, University of Oxford/UCL, London
Eleanor Khanna, Bristol
Marianne Tyvand
Laura McNamee, Dublin
Jordan England, Merthyr Tydfil
Scott Helgesen, Richmond
Rik Newman, Sheffield
Juan Ortiz, Security Officer, Securitas, Belleville
Fiona Ryan, Charity sales assistant, Kildare, Ireland
Justin Nathaniel Little, Artist, Moselle
Helen Cairns, London
Rachael Munns, Vale of Glamorgan
Jennifer blossom, Hastings
Jay Wood, Teacher, Taunton School, Taunton
Jonathan Millward, Apprentice Business Support Manager, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Lewis Jones, Data Analyst, USW
Fraser McCormick
Will T, Media Professional, none, Jersey City
Sammy Hart, NHS, N/A, Suffolk
Kryštof Stupka, Law student, SciencesPo Paris, Paris
Jasmin Ditcham, Historian, Wellington
Astrid Coppock, Forres
Endeavour Dowsett, Science technician, Brighton
Kyle Collis, UI Artist, Northampton
Lorne Ross, Teaching Support Administrator, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Silas Wong, Retired, Hong Kong
Natasha brown, Online assistant, Ilminster
Nigel Davies, Director, Bath
Elijah Knight, Retail employee, Saddlebrook
Francine Biazin do Nascimento
Victor Max Smith, PhD/MPhil Student, SOAS, London
Joshua Kitchen
Sorraiya Nawaz, Southend-on-Sea
Rob Carroll
Gwyn Jones, Student, University of South Wales, Cardiff
Natalie Choi, Newcastle upon Tyne
Wendy Bujalski, Computer Science Educator, New York
Robert Vardill, East Boldon
Jon Lee, Architectural Technologist, Brighton
Fox Jones, Audiovisual artist, Swindon
Luke Cousins, Kettering
Nic Tobin, Medical Technologist, Michigan Medicine, Ypsilanti
Shae Harmon, London
Clive Bradley, Writer, Lindon
Lisa E, Lancashire
Tristan Canfer, Electronics Technician, UKRI STFC, Harwell
Camille Schenkenberg, Student, IHEID, Chêne-Bougeries
Claire, Counselling Student, London
Adlai McCook, London
Eddy Smith, London
Julianne Barradale, Retired, n/a, Hawick
Nadia Henderson, writer, Hudiksvall
Russell Hillman, Administrator, Coventry
Carrie Lawrie, Heritage Professional, York
Emma Jacobs, Sheffield
Teresa Fowler, Retired HRD Consultant, Hailsham
Page Leslie, Hornsea
Stefan, Edinburgh
Patrick Stoakes, Support Officer, Hove
James P. Barrett, Software Engineer, Manchester
Antony Hoskins, Leicester
Evie Walker, London
Emily Edwards, Archaeologist, Kinver
Rebecca Hart, freelance writer, MILTON KEYNES
Jess Gofton, Porthcawl
Chris Brandrick, Editor, Lincoln
Michael-John Treanor, researcher, University of St Andrews, Glasgow
Ric Crossman, Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University, Durham
Helen Elizabeth Timlin
Emily Scothern, HR Administrator, Nottingham
Matthew Drapper, LGBTQ+ History Writer, Benson Frisbee, Buxton
Jared Parmeter, construction, Albany, NY, USA
Edmund Coleman-Fountain, Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University, York
Roy Smith, Retired, London
Jamie Howarth, Software consultant, Bath
Elena Horwath
Matthew S Jones, Student, Wirral
Michael Mescheder, Montréal
Paul Bloomer, Public Servant, BELFAST
Emily Edwards
Marion Pitman, bookseller, Reading
Emma Portus, Sheffield
Molly Barratt, Glasgow
Blair Tacchi, Prep Cook, Daytona Beach
Kate Jenner, Manchester
Gianni Ceccarelli, software developer, London
Sarah K., student, Hannover
Leah Griffiths, Manchester
Eleanor Morton, Writer, comedian, London
Tim Ledsam, Manager, London
Dr Kate Stone, Scientist, Novalia, Los Angles
Tristan Manetta, Homeless Support Worker, LONDON
Devi Brown, Musician, Norwich
Bryony Marriott, HR Business Partner, Manchester
Sharon McCully, Teacher, Scotland
Nick Brown, Banker, Alpha Bank London, London
Alex Reidegeld, London
Andrea Burgess, London
Eric Svensson, Software engineer, Ljungsbro
June Holmes, Newcastle
Samuel Cappi, Perth
Sophie Hodge, Cornwall
Peter Tatchell, Human rights defender, Peter Tatchell Foundation, London
James Aravis, N/A, N/A, Bognor Regis
Amy MacMillan, Carer, N/a, Brighton
Christine Clifford, Retired, Private citizen, LONDON
Sarah Patrick, London
Eddy Goody, Video Editor, London
susannah coleman, shop employee, london
Stefano Meucci, Student, Exeter
Jacob, Bury St Edmunds
Hugh Spiller, programmer, Bristol
H Kim, London
Graham Binns, Photographer, Manchester
Florian Piesche, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Katy, Hitchin
Sara Westrop, Disability Advocate, London
Jonathan Schafer, Retail assstant, Melksham
Billy Cowan, PhD Student/Customer Services, City, University of London, London
Kuda, Journalist, Johannesburg
Padraic Ashley, Aberdeenshire
Dr Christopher Clark, Ipswich
Cass Sherwood, Musician, Rhyl
Harriet Evans, London
Dominic Holbrook, Animal care services, London
Fiona Merrilees, Digital 3D Artist, Dumbarton
Megan Henebury, Waitress, Birmingham
Amy Fitzgerald
Ashley Pattengale, Lexington
Jack Tapson-Rees, Student, Chatham
Jack Osmond, Data Analyst, Worcester
Alexandra Silver, Streamer, Shelby
Caine Kelly, Cork
Janet Brown, Hebden Bridge
Kim Burton, Musician, Slough
Eoghan Watters, Student, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk
A Sharkey, Glasgow
Craig Dawson, Ormskirk
Luke Bellas, Electrician, N/A, Barnstaple
Shelley Jayne, Finance Director, London
Eleanor Wood, Teignmouth
Lisa Bell, Southport
Elizabeth Elliott, University of Aberdeen
Vanesa Vinciauskaite, PhD Student, University of Dundee, Dundee
Kristian Johns, Self employed, N/A, London
Connor Davies, Ystrad Mynach
Brendan Howard, Bundamba
Collin Little, Student
Marina McCormick, Student, York
Joy yates, Student, Brixham
Alyson Dodi Meiselman, Attorney, Retired, n/a, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Eamonn Kane, Glasgow
Jacek Mackiewicz, Brighton
Alex Owens, Graphic Designer, London
Ciaran Fitzgerald, Data Governance Lead, Glasgow
Rebecca Miller, Designer, Leeds
James Veitch, Dallas
Rebecca McCarthy, Writer, London
Cos ryan, Glasgow
Caitlin O’Brien, Leicester
l green, maker/crafter, scotland
Eden Willis, Isle of Wight
Rachael Aldam, Business Analyst, Bristol
John McCafferty, IT Manager, Deloitte, Reading
Leo Esson, Student, Birmingham
Robin Walker, Engineer, Edinburgh
David Brough, Customer service rep, Glasgow
Sophia Clarke, Engineer, Brighton
Sam Axtell, Local Authority Officer, Wolverhampton
Toby Gibbons, Vicar, Church of England, Rotherham
Graham Russell, Supporter Care Officer, London
Davina Morris, None, Peterborough
Ellie Hoult, Justice, Brighouse
Dallas Slater, Aberdeenshire
Laura Kelly, Nottingham
Anna Gentry, Cockermouth
Steph Lee, Marketing, Destructoid, WA, USA
Jemppu Malkki, Graphic designer, Turku
Steve Coombs, Leeds
Lucy Bladen, DevOps Engineer, Warrington
Jim Campbell, Graphic Designer, Nottingham
Reuben Bradley, Web Developer, Montréal
Rob Zwetsloot, Journalist, Bournemouth
Ethan Doucet, Chicago
Kevin Davidson, Leeds
Andrew Lucey, London
Nicholas, Finance, New York
Tomas Webster, AQA, Leatherhead
Stephanie Todd, Bristol
Darren de Vally, Manchester
Ross Holloway, Southampton
Katherine Murdoch
Andrew January, Reading
Levey Andrew, Marketing Manager, London
Pete Gracey, Chartered Engineer, London
Xeon Pereira, Nurse, London
David Thatcher, Game Developer, Bedford
Alice, Edinburgh
James Hope, Secondary education teacher, Bristol
Alanna Elliott, Student, Preston
Adam Parnaby, PhD Student, Newcastle University, Newcastle
Jessica Harris, Marketing Analyst, Penguin Random House UK, London
Rev Rosemary Hill, Anglican Priest, Pontyclun
Pol Curley, Retired, Brecon
June Collins, Student, Durham
Peter Butler, Student, Durham University, Durham
George Potter, Councillor, Guildford
Sarah Alewijnse, Researcher, Southampton
Benjamin Sunday, Coordinator, Harvard, Cambridge
Mark Gould, Unemployed, Edinburgh
Zander Butterworth, Bristol
Mark Reynolds
Darnell Hughes, Preston
Bethany White, MSc Student, University of Portsmouth, Brighton
Kajus Valunas, Bath
Megan Kellerman, Copyeditor, Jersey City, NJ, USA
Ed Firth, Artist and author, East London Life Drawing, London
Lyra Dunseith, Data analyst, London
Matt Boyles, Director, Fitter You London Ltd, LONDON
Thomas Mansfield, Receptionist, Nottingham
Molly Spiers-MacLeod, Musician, London
Dr Sylvia Knight, Ally, Cambridge
Tom Green, Brighton
Kalyani Singh, Edinburgh
Andrew Tithecott, Engineer, Barnstaple
Sam Coltman, Preston
Heather Meadows, analyst, Atlanta, USA
Stuart McDougall, Arts Administrator, London
Sue Akehurst, Worcester
Jen Evans, Admin, Cambridge
Nathaniel Parkes, Payroll Administrator, South and City College Birmingham, Birmingham
Ashley Payne, Customs assistant, Shepperton
Caitlin Adams, Maths Student, Glasgow
Scarlett Cody, Student, London
Lee Spragg, Librarian, London
Michael Broken, teacher, miami
Tatty Hennessy, writer, LONDON
Ninti, Student, London
CJ Inglis, Marketing Associate, Cardiff
Mahri-claire Beere
Andy Newell, Student, Manchester
OMENA J Enwenede, Tadworth
Cameron Ward, Student, The University of Law, Chester
Georgi Gaze, Hereford
Sophie Penno-Charles, Consultant, London
Dr Emily Potter, Climate researcher, Cambridge
Hannah Scott, PhD Student, Edinburgh
Jessica Lauren, Musician, Margate
Elin Forslund, Journalism Student, Stirling
Eric Laney, Multimedia Producer, Seattle
Ryan Bartrop, London
Hope Winter Hall, Artist, London
Sydney Cardew, Artist, Newport, Isle of Wight
Kit, Software Engineer, Singapore
Hannah Fay, Administrator, Bradford
Amijane, Ally, NOTTINGHAM
Jimmy Hunter, Health Promotion Specialist, Dundee
Aylin Cakiroglu, AI scientist, London
Donna-marie Squires, Thatcham
Susan Campbell, Artist, Toronto
Rhianna, Waitress, Bristol
Sahil Bajaj
Janet O’Sullivan, Data Analyst, DUBLIN
Ginger Drage, Charity Worker, London
Derek du Preez, Journalist, Margate
Daniel Cox, IT Assistant, Derby
Matt Moore, Fundraiser, London
Catherine Walter, Academic, University of Oxford and Linacre College, Oxford
Helen Newborn, Company Director, A Property Investment Group, Chichester
Bethany Walker
Matt Blackwood
Brynn Tannehill, Springfield
Graham Marsden, Director, Portsmouth
Gordon McDonald, Data Scientist, Edinburgh
Amelia Evans, Business Support, Wirral
Abi Attrell, Software developer, Which?, London
Marina Gonzalez, Waitress, Edinburgh
Matthew Fowles
Matt Prendergast, Actor, London
Maggie Bent, Kilmacow
Roberta Rose, Solihull
Beulah, Student, Portsmouth
Peter Schubel, Software Engineer, London
Archie Dore, Assistant Underwriter, Aviva, Ferring
Sarah Clelland, Ely
Renata Fekete, London
DK, Wolverhampton
Eve Thomas, Student, Canterbury
Patrick Samphire, Author, Abergavenny
Leaf Cooper, Dorchester
Gareth Maddieson, West Thurrock
Leah Haydu, Philadelphia
Jon Cole, Birmingham
R.J.H, Localisation PM, London
William Mason, Student, Melbourne
Angela Moore, Administrator, Reading
Iris Buza, Student
Cameron Ward, Student, Dundee
Katie Fisher, Programmer, None, Hull
Amy Reddington, Senior communications officer, London
Chris O’Brien, GLASGOW
Dr Richard Ma, GP & Researcher, Imperial College London, London
Matthew wilkinson, Mechanical Engineer, Sheffield
Eilidh, PhD student, Edinburgh
Gould Zoe, IT, Kainos, Salford
Edward Steane, Unemployed, Solihull
Lux Parrott, Assistant manager, Southampton
Graham Anderson, London
Stacey Taylor, BIRMINGHAM
Harry Burns, Credit Associate, Ecotricity, Stroud
Adam Smith, Journalist, The Independent, London
Gareth Close, London
Tobias Liehs, Male Nurse, Weissfrauenstift Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
Jackie Daniels, Ellesmere Port
Phoenix Johnstone, Disabled, Edinburgh
Jo Kelly, Administrator, Isle of Man
Victoria Santamaria, Training Manager, Hemel Hempstead
Workman Andrew, Retired, Paignton
Bryony Callaghan, Teaching Assistant, London
R Tomlinson, Brighton
SAM RAE, Project Manager, HOVE
Nicholas Kenny, Editor, Progressive Media International, London
Neilson Bedwell, Quality Compliance, Grimsby
Ellie Birks, Student, Doncaster
Lauren Bolton, Ridleyton
Olive Budzinska, caseworker, Support U, Reading
Karl Boman, optometrist, Stockholm
Reece Allingham, Founder, Monkey Brain Movies
Jack Stapleton, Project Support Officer, Southampton
Signe, Varberg
Sally Hendergate, Library worker, University of Sussex, Brighton
Christian Murphy, Manchester
Nora Tempe, Bielefeld, Germany
Josie Stewart, Software Project Manager, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Mark Wright, Woodford Green
Lottie Hibberd, student, London
Alexis Ong, writer, Singapore
Andy Kesson, Lecturer, University of Roehampton, London
Reina Price, Oldham
Lyssa Gold, PhD Student, University of Dundee, Dundee
Emma Steane, Unemployed, Solihull
Carey Chomsoonthorn, London
Joshua Kaye, Executive Assistant, Saint Petersburg
Iain McKinnon-Waddell, Nurse, Edinburgh
Sasha Lewis, Student, Llanelli
Ruth C, Journalist, Freelance
Caz, Northumberland
Jennifer Blay, Bracknell
Carrie van der Zee, Cisgender Lesbian, Leeds
Cordelia Foody, student, London
Raelo Morris, Educator, Loughborough
David Gray, Retired nurse, London
Neil McCulloch, Tranent
Emily Shadows, Marketer, N/A, Nottingham
S Murray, Artist, London
Alison McDermott, Bradford
Bonnie Aspinwall, EDINBURGH
Tallulah Cunningham, Illustrator, Mayfield
Wendy Harris, Hairstylist, A cis lesbian, Washington D.C.
Dara, Engineer
Shaun Robinson, Web developer, Woodbridge
Kira Herdman, Blogger, My own website, Blackburn
Jamie Bayne, AI Engineer, Oxford
May Lyden, Leeds
Rhianne Ward, Student, Lancaster
Robert Philipson, Student, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
Elio, Student, London
Filip Konczewski, Student, Hamilton
Kristian Richmond
Klara Bow Piechocki, Illustrator
Liv Morgan, Liverpool
Alice Kerr, PhD student, Oxford
Max May, York
Kate, Chef, London
Eva L Knight, Software engineer, Featurespace, Cambridge
Jack Wolf, writer, na, Bath
Emmanuelle Orr, London
Daniel Rigal, IT, Guildford
Leigh Alexander, Writer, Brighton, UK
Catherine Dunne, Undergrad Student, Dundee
Eve Jones, Wigan
Robert forrest, Nurse, NHS, Leeds
Owain Morgan, London
Timothy G, Caregiver, Eau Claire
Oliver Jones, Software engineer, London
Schultz Billie, Student, Pointe-claire
Taylor Grocutt, Quality Technician, TATA Steel UK, Wolverhampton
Daniel Mackey, brighton
Ali Cudby, Musician, High Wycombe
Esme Rylan, Social worker, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Tsam Potts, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Guy Lambert, Writer, Wigan
James Knight, Therapist, Barry
Natalie Bennett, PhD researcher, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Sam Wood, Copywriter, Bearwood
Stephanie Bingham, Luton
Dr Josephine Ross, Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee, Dundee
A Nicholson, Student, Liversedge
Ian Bower, Retied, Lincoln
Rita Aresta, Doctor, Edinburgh
Susan Harvie, Carer, N/A, London
Steph McLean, Finance Officer, York
Desmond Henaghen, Software Engineer, Hamilton
Zsofi Pohl, London
Deena Sandom, Self Employed, Crewe
Thomas Pickard, PhD Candidate, University of Sheffield, Leeds
Sophie Bryant, Student, Sheffield
Richard Firth, Leeds
Pam Young, Teacher, Edinburgh
EK McAlpine, student, edinburgh
Rachel McGann, Administrator, Hitchin
Robbie Foggo, Edinburgh
victoria wood, Marketing Manager, The University of Sheffield, SHEFFIELD
Emily Willing, Edinburgh
Charlotte Benson, Teachet, London
Njål Tilrem, Bergen
Abigail Parkes, PhD Student, University of Southampton, Southampton
Natalie Kingston, Citizens Advice, Leeds
Pippa Collins, Gardener, Bristol
Helena R, Manchester
Louise Faulkner, Paraplanner, VFA, York
Michal Chalacinski, Testing Engineer, Sheffield
Chris Gardham, Grimsby
Kit Green, Artist, London
Cerys williams, London
Doug Knight, Glasgow
Joanne Brown, Teacher EFL, Education first, Glasgow
Kamelya Ozten, account manager, London
Daniel Prodanov
Todd Moir, Shop manager, N/A, Glasgow
Luke Bonnett, Aerospace Engineer, Speaking in my own capacity, Bristol
Sophie Ridge, Planner, Out2gether, Worcester
Luke Morgan, student, N/A, Liverpool
Jo, Software Developer, Chesterfield
Pam Crossland, Volunteer at TransMCR, TwithTheT, Manchester
Mitchell Hardie, Civil Servant, Durham
Rob DW, Hull
Natasha Ley, Customer Support, Maidstone
Hannah Witton, Sex educator, London
Jamie Moss, Gateshead
Roger Gambart, Retired, Pension Foundation Board, Torre de la Horadada
Anna, Oxford
Molly Ravencroft, Machine learning engineer, Private company, Shropshire
Morgane D., accounting assistant, Cognac, France
Kat P, PhD student, London
Chris Eason
Claire Johnson, Software Engineer, Denchi Group, Hayle
TJ Haggar, Barnet
Jon Hughes, operations manager, Bramble Bars Ltd, Edinburgh
Alice Goetschi, Librarian, Zurich, Switzerland
Mario, student, Manchester
Charlie Gutteridge, Actuarial Analyst, Southampton
Liz Pilley, Ammanford
Peter Bampton, Prevention & Testing Team Manager, Positive East, London
Charlie Wright, Student, London
Linda Friday, Homemaker, Morgan Hill
Michael Edwards, Software Engineer, Dol-y-Gaer
Marcus Granger, Norwich
Rian de Bruijn, Den Haag, the Netherlands
Grietje Baars, Reader in Law, London
Neil Brannigan, Analyst, Manchester
Taylor, Research Assistant, St Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton
Alex Walters, Student, Coventry
Ruth Collier, Seaham
Kieron Turk, PhD student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
John Oliver Naughton, Birmingham
Glenn Scott, Fashion Buyer, Brighton
Verity Allan, Researcher and Agile coach, Cambridge
Robert Williams, Journalist, North Wales
Louise Batch, Landlord, Norwich
Amy Harrison, PhD student, Aston, birmingam
Carol Collins, University Manager, Glasgow
Chloe R Echols, Bothell
Chris, Civil Servant, Bristol
Christine Lamb, Bedford
Robert Gützkow, Software Developer, Berlin, Germany
Kieran Wiseman, Researcher, Oxford
J. O’Reilly, Toronto
alex gardiner, self employed, london
Corinne Cumming, Photographer, London
Christianne Shatzer, Washington, DC
Gemma Lelliott, Swansea
Adele Rogers, Engineer, N/a, Reading
Miriam McDonald, Trowbridge
Eoin Quinn-Davies, Student, University of Liverpool, LIVERPOOL
Alexa Smith, Engineer, Salt Lake City, UT
heather wallace, theatre tech, freelance, falmouth
Sarah Molloy, Programme Manager, Virgin Media, White – English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British
Ibby Gilani, Production Co-ordinator, Attinger Jack, Bath
Jack Howard, IT Consultant, Leeds
Laura Jackson, Worcester
L Boyce
Rebecca Fisher, Costume Technician, London
AL, London
Ian Davis, Rugby
Nico Fitzpatrick, Nashville, TN
Holly Pekarovičová, Self employed, Starchasers, ABERDEEN
AidanHolmes, Engineer, N/A, Dover
Sarah Twycross, Author, Witney
Thomas Blackburn, QA Engineer, Bradford
Damiano Carretta, Zanè
Holly Monaghan, Student, Ulster University, Coleraine
Diego Domenici, student, Pisa
Harry Vale, Birmingham
Ben McCluskey, Civil Servant, Crown Prosecution Service, York
Tim Bryden, London
Ross Taylor, Engineer, Edinburgh
Sam, Reading
Rowan Gavin, Co-Editor, Norwich Radical, Norwich
John Joe Walsh, Charity Fundraiser, Evorecruit Shelter, Liverpool
Chloe Marshall, Copywriter, Stratford-upon-Avon
Charlie Crowley, Cork
Lewis Denby, Brighton
Katie Waller, Student, Milton Keynes
Nell Stockton, Manager, BARNSLEY
Tara Mayo, Higher Education, Tampa
Lauren Goodfellow, Consultant, MANCHESTER
Cory Anderson, Cambridge
Ilaria Pol Bodetto, Art Historian, London
Nic Thatcher, Birmingham
Nathan Smith, Library Assistant
Elisha Foust, Operations, , London
Hayles Hearty, Author
James Vickerman, PHD Engineer, CHESTERFIELD
Gwyn Gliddon, Tesco, Bedford
Rhiannon Alwen
Talia Iceton, Newcastle upon Tyne
Andy Bean, Housing officer, Enfield
Laura Hensel, PhD Student, Glasgow
Jennifer Juan, Writer, JenniferJuan.Com, London
Meg Carroll, Glasgow
Morgan Pike, student, BHASVIC LGBTQ+ Society, Hove
David Harrison, HR Manager, Manchester
Leighton Eveleigh, Aberystwyth
Rowan coulter, CS, NA, Cork
Mrs Caroline Mathieson, Software Engineer, Southampton
Jamie Dewson, Caseworker, Support U, Reading
Gabriela Loureiro, Researcher, Queen Mary University, London
Laura Blake,, London
Jack Barnacle, Leicester
Kyle Lane, Macclesfield
Alexandra Hinchliff, Retail Assistant, Pontefract
Sam Witherow, Student, Coventry
Adam Randall, Writer, Bath
CRIS X, Musician, CRIS-X.COM, Salisbury
Layla Chantell, Disabled, Tarentum
Laura Swithenbank, PhD Student, Stockport
Kaysha Dolton, Student, Bangor University, Heptonstall
Kris Isaksen, London
Matt Muir, London
Elizabeth Walsh, IT Analyst, Ottawa
Steph O’Callaghan, student, Dublin, Ireland
Fergus Adams
Samantha Greer, Producer/Writer, Glass House Games, London
Michael Cowans, Marketing, Edinburgh
Roz Clarke, Writer, Ammanford
Dr Green, Photography, Wakefield
Robyn Try, Student, Aberystwyth
Alice Stephens, Colchester
Emira Mee, Student, Doncaster
Adam Vale, Carer, London
Martin Washburn
Alessandra Smith, Data Controller, Leeds
May Orr-Wilcox, Student, Penzance
Lisa Whittingham
Alex Wallis, Insurance broker, Stowmarket
Will Berrisford, Student, Swansea
Sam Whitaker Shaw, animator, BRISTOL
Scott Craig, Rigger, Kasku Ltd., Glasgow
Luke Gavin, Film Post Production, Bristol
Scott Sophos, Teacher, Prague
Rebecca, Warwick
Jennifer Taylor, Blackburn
Aimee Linfield, MANCHESTER
Kate Paul, Artist and childcare worker, London
Mk Kehoe, Space Planner, Dublin
Gabriella myers, Marketing, Rca, London
Sirin Kale, Journalist, LONDON
Sophie Drouet, Charity Worker, London
Diana Jerome, Post graduate researcher, Edinburgh
Peter Cragg, Admin, Friends of the Joiners Arms, London
Jerry Daykin, Marketing, GSK, London
Jody mcfarland, Operations Manager, Unite Students, glasgow
Peter England, London
Brandon Pike, Engineer, Ocwa, Hamilton
Jack Bigglestone, student, Ludlow
Elouise Kevern, Admin assistant, Lincoln
John Law, Marketing, London
Bex Hey, Leeds
Jamie Bauermeister, Tattoo Artist, Mx, London
Ben Thrussell, Developer, Douglas
Rachael Axon, Barista, Brampton
Yann Best, Analyst, Nottingham
Sarah Taylor, Creative designer, Bath
Susan Benjamin, Developer, Information Solutions ltd, Shrewsbury
Ruby Williams, Ormskirk
Lucy Hough, Journalist
Angela Bell, Londonderry
Ashlee Culmsee, App Developer, Perth
Danielle Arkle, Admin Assistant, Auroch Digital Ltd, Bristol
Lauren Gascoigne, Administrator, The University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield
Martyn Cox, Swindon
Eddie Al-Shakarchi, Musician / Producer, Cardiff
Tom Booth, Graphic Designer, Brough
Elliot Brunsdon, Student, Stroud
Beth Crane, Writer
Ruari Bride, Trade Advisor, Surrey
Jack Holmes, Mobile
Sophie Anderson
Dodd Kerry, Liverpool
Penelope Hughes-Jones, Jewellery Maker, Chester Silver & Vintage, Chester
Jennifer Ross, UX Researcher, London
Jem Roberts, BATH
Samantha Bell, Civil Servant, London
Thomas Labrune, LGBT+ Charity Worker, London
Claudia Lancey, Cardiff
Nick Bibby, Director, Colinsburgh
Richard Williams, London
Steph Denton, Journalist
Rachel Smith, Writer, West Yorkshire
Paul Mountford, Manager, Birmingham Childrens Trust, Birmingham
Aiden Ross, PhD candidate/Lecturer, LONDON
Phoebe Bower-Appleton, Artist, Bristol
Jamie Bale, Arts Professional, Self emloyed, London
Lawrence P
Callum Findlay, Watton-at-Stone
Antony Shepherd, IT Consultant, Croydon
Clare Leeland, Marketing, Nottingham
Dan Stringer, charity worker, Sheffield
Darlene McLeod, Graduate Student, Ottawa, CAN
AJ, London
Sparky Mercer, Port St Mary
Natasha Scott, Hastings Pride, ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA
Bryony Page, Teacher, Shoreham-by-Sea
Simon, Education, Wiltshire
Rachel, Admin assistant, Leeds
T Tipper
Rebecca Williams, Student, Exeter
Greg Sideyr, Network Engineer, Athens
Eduard Anghel, London
Niamh Foy, Liverpool
Paul Harasiwka
Charlotte Baker, Halesowen
Thomas Owen, Political and sociology student, Manchester
Tom Sellors, London
Nanda Iuskow, Chef, Brighton, UK
Patricia Watt, Musician, Cheshire
Bevan Edwards, Studio Technology Manager, Chesham
Robbie Bain, IT Analyst, SOAS, London
Eleanor Dyde, Teacher and advocate, Dyde tutoring and advocacy, Walsall
Michael Knapp
Hannah Campbell, Student, Sheffield
Josh A. Stevens, PR Consultant, Cambridge
Danielle Johnson, Researcher, Manchester
Allie Sousa, Morrisville
Emily Restall, Student Nurse, University of the West of England, Bristol
Josh, Lincoln
Stephen Scade, Disabled, Just a human being, Glasgow
John Coxon, Scientist, Southampton
Benedikte Pryneid Hansen, Party Secretary, The Red Party, Oslo
Dan T, Student, Sheffield
Ash Alexander, Freelancer, Dundee
Matthew Walker
Sharon Lloyd, public sector, Bridgend
Tallulah Greive, Actress, London
Zehavit, Librarian, Library of Avalon, Glastonbury
Martin McNulty, London
Veronica Lundberg Olsson, Unemployed, Skellefteå
Rachael Morgan, Accountant, Erith
Ronan O Hobain, IT Manager, Dublin
Laura Tomaja, Ally, Seattle
David Bedford, Librarian, Canterbury
Caitlin McLean, Postgraduate Research Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Francis Land, London
Andy Harris, IT, London
Amy Hunter, Animateur, London
Dave Field, Software engineer, Coventry
Rosie Rutherford, Teacher, South Gloucestershire Council, Bristol
Steven Ollerenshaw, Early years practitioner, Bath
Alice, Digital Marketing, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
Gareth Dixon, Manager, Perth
Shaun Dempsey, PhD Student, University of Bath
Niamh Watson, MOLD
Terry Clarke, Retired, Romford
Mhairi Ledgerwood, Writer, Gateshead
C Schneider, IT, Birmingham
Danielle Alderman, Leicester
Guy Alexander Garrud, Consultant, None, Huddersfield
Jon Tomaney, Software engineer, Cupar
Nicki Jones, London
Anna Novitzky, Manchester
Cassie F, Graphic Designer, London
Rosiee March, Evesham
monica cassidy, retired, none, hampshire
Ladell Smith, Leeds
Josh, Radstock
Maia Bendersky, Petah tikva
Helena Taylor
Matthew Austin, Freelance Writer, Whitley Bay
Amanda Rutherford, Healthcare management, Aberdeen
Sofia Liikamaa, Student, Lahti
Alice Buller, London
Colin Michel, Consultant, CG Michel Limited, London
Karin Brophy, Nursery Nurse, NHS, BRISTOL
Mari-Clare Martin, HR Advisor, Glasgow
Mika Stalley, Student, London
Chris Cronin, Filmmaker, Wolverhampton
Savannah Vize, Designer, Bath
Alexander Ord, Darlington
Laura Lister, Bangor
Hannah, Producer, Lancaster
Robert Oxley, Training, Billingham
Nicola Nugent, Ely, UK
Tanya Summers, Retired, Solihull
Andrew Moore, Educator, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Bob Pockney, Kidderminster
Grainne McGinn, Comms/Graphic Design, Glasgow
Tamar Feiner, Tel Mond
Adam Hanson, Student, Preston
Adrian Marius Innecco, London
Siobhan Cawson Mooney, Musician and organiser, The Boiler Garden Project, Stockwell, London
Phoebe Bidwell, Watersports Centre Manager, Brighton
Michael Davidge, Student, Swadlincote
Danny Challinor, Bartender, The Bath Arms, Bath
Meredith Espinosa
Karl Grette, IT, Boston
Sophie Parker, Programme manager, Private submission, thatcham
Megan o’shea, Marketing Officer, Coventry
Anne Osterrieder
Stephen Arnold, Worker, Norfolk
Dave Page, Manager, Manchester, UK
Peter Willington, Producer, Auroch Digital, Bristol
Kathryn Hewitt, UK
Tess Stenson, Author, London
Rosie Sweet, Software Designer, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Bristol
Alex Hardy, London
Emma Brown, Huddersfield
Dugald Johnson, London
Ariana Carnielli, Software Engineer, Paris, France
James L Holman, Programmer, Manchester
Molly Jefferies, Bristol
Anna Rosalyn BEER, author, Oxford
Lewis Eason, Lewis Eason, Edinburgh
Deborah Taylor, Portsmouth
Abigail Staniforth, Swansea
Alex Molyneux
Kevin Price, CPO, Newcastle
Frances Murray, Compliancy administrator, Leeds
Emma Fraser, Writer, Norwich
Stacy Hackner, London
Ben Griffiths, customer support, Brisbane
John Stainton, Edinburgh
Christine Woodhams, Curriculum Manager, MacIntyre No Limits, Nottingham
Peter Gray, System analyst, London
Lily Costello, Student, Bath
Radha Narayan, London
Lucy mackenzie, Aberdeen
John Fish, Administrator, Shrewsbury
Jess O’Sullivan, Doncaster
Andreas Filschke, London
Madeleine Shakespeare, Writer, Blogger, Ally, London
John Latchford, Ilford
Kate Foot, Lydney
Thomas Galea, London
M Wylde, Worcester uk
Philippa Booth, Solutions Consultant, Montpellier
Lucy Smith, Self-employed, Torquay
Stuart Harrison, Researcher, UCL, London
Richard Bygrave, Retired Engineer, Milton Keynes
Austin Pullar, Waitress, Edinburgh
owen william cunningham, student, city of glasgow collage, glasgow
Max Harlow, LEEDS
Sander Raadjes, Art Director, Auroch Digital, Bristol
Rachael, Director, Oswestry
Aria Armfield, Student, Sheffield
Simon Bowie, Software developer, London
George N, Researcher, London
Paul Carter, Service Developer, mhs homes group, Rochester
Michal Valente, Teacher, London
Danielle Thompson, Analyst
Meryl McGowan, Student, Naas
Pete Alex Harris, software engineer, GLASGOW
Laura MacDonald, Stirling
Jessica Esa, Writer, UK, Royston
Mattis Pinner, Geography Student, Bonn, Germany
Alex L, IT Manager, Ipswich
Olivia, Surrey
Adrian Brooks, Strategy, London
Liam Trench, HE Administrator, London
KT Roberts, Writer, London
Isabelle Tierney, Essex
Aaron Cuthbertson, Software Engineer, London
Rosie Heyward, Manchester
Joe Stacey, Aerospace Technician, Cheltenham
Phil Scott, Web developer, Cambridge
Mike Wellsbury-Nye, Tavistock
Jonny Carey, Trade Union Policy officer, BMA, London
Cayce Lauder, Customer service, Glasgow
Charlotte Bush, Editor, London
Kat Brand, Northamptonshire
Olivia PB, Truro
Georgia Buck, Waitress and Journalist, Bedford
Andrew Longland-Meech, Musician, BEDFORD
Henry Pointer
Stephen Anning, PhD Candidate, University of Southampton, Grantham
James Kee, Reading
Riven McCann, Glasgow
Sorrel Kinton, Science Communicator, London
Albertine Watson, Game Developer, Bunnyhug Games, Winnipeg
Leigh Swan, Engineer, Tonbridge
Rebecca Lenagh-Snow, Administrator, Glasgow
Arran Rees, Academic researcher, Manchester
Simon Riches, London
Callum Forsyth, University admin, Lancaster University, Lancaster
Jonathan Fish, St. Albans
Finn Gray, Writer/Artist, Sulphur Springs
Sam W, Director, UK
Hawthorn Mineart, Designer, Indianapolis
Pearson Chase, Carer, Oxford
Jack Ratcliffe, London
Dean Sweeney, Student, Scotland
Odhran O’Donoghue, Academic/editor, University of Roehampton, St Leonards on Sea
Mel Strong, Libraraian, London
Jemima Crow, Marketing Mananger, Auroch Digital, Bristol
Christina-Antoinette Neofotistou, illustrator, Athens
Lucy Davies, Charity Worker, Oldham
Darren Boggett, Middlesbrough
Bethan Ruddock, Stockport
Anna Mikelsone, Edinburgh
Reverend Liz Jones, Newcastle Emlyn
Eleanor Roberts, Writer, Individual, Salisbury
Jacob Mills, Nottingham
Dr Craig Brown, Diversity Lead, U.K. Space Sector, London
Andrew Campbell-Howes, Cornwall
Liz Ridgway, Personal Trainer, Liz Ridgway, Brighton
Laura McCafferty, Inclusive Bodyworker, Inclusive Wellness, Bristol
Ben H, East Sussex
Kim Deinaß, student, Muenster
Leon Fletcher, Editor in Chief, NintyBuzz, Bognor Regis
Ashley Jones, Software Developer, Self employed, Birmingham
Luke Davis, Technical SEO Specialist, Impression, Nottingham
Grace Wallis-Moore, student, Glasgow
Rachel Brooks, Global D&I Advisor, Freshfields LLP, Manchester
Andrea Brown, director, Derry
Sean Burton, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Fergus, Student, Murray built, Milton Keynes
Victoria Newcombe, Essex
Hayley Dunning, London
Naomi Stevenson, Scientist, Peterborough
Helen Stonehouse, abortion rights activist, Dublin
Kacey de groot, LGBT+ executive member, National Education Union (NEU), Coventry
Con Noonan, Student, Edinburgh
Marc Smith, Civil Servant, London
Lauren Grace, PA, London
Tiffany Leek, Research Dev, The Open University, Milton Keynes
Patch Blunt, Bartender, Walthamstow Trades Hall, London
Tim Hibbs, Graphic Designer, London
John Pettigrew, Co-Founder, Umbrella Analytics, Cambridge
Fran Amery, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath
David Llewellyn, Writer, Cardiff
Sophie Smith, Falmouth
Lucy Shakeshaft, Gillingham
Jennifer A Clifford Bsc Msc, Psychologist, Foyle Rainbow Project, Derry/Londonderry
Sophie Broadgate, Director, Manchester
Natalie Freeman, Education professional, Norwich
Zoe Baldwin, Civil engineer, Yorkshire
Daniel Sohege
Emma Smith, Artisan, N/A, Albany
Roz Menzies, Hospitality, Glasgow
Gabriel Parkinson, Student, Nottingham
Peter Clay, Edinburgh
Laura Wootton, Purchasing admin, Stafford
Sean Johnson, Teacher, KENILWORTH
Matthew Frese, Teacher, Johannesburg
Emma Murray, Carer, Parent, Milton Keynes
Ryan Reeder, Bartender, Spokane
Matthew Abely, History Teacher, San Jose
Kerry, Wakefield
Kevin Clucas, London
Jenny Bourke, York
Jay Harrison, Content Creator, Bracknell
K Malkovsky
Kizzia Mildmay, Writer, UK
Amelia C Mosquera-Pardo, Management Consultant, High Wycombe
James, Educator, Edinburgh
Angela Corstorphine, Sales advisor, Cupar
Rachel Collinson, Managing Director, Rechord Ltd, London
Rachael Constable, London
Liz Manchester, Colchester
Nathan Palmer, Construction Worker, Southampton
Dr Dominic Galliano, Head of Public Engagement, UCL, LONDON
Keira Murray, Out of work, Not applicable, Milton keynes
Tobias Roland, Software Engineer, ITV, London
Dr Sarah Gillborn, Lecturer, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Lily Schreiber, Chemist, Buffalo
Vincent Hodson, Essex
Andy Turner, Mansfield
Angus Dick, Digital Artist, Glossop
Verona Taylor-Blackford, Policy and Public Affairs, London
corin heney
Damien Revell, BLAIRGOWRIE
Brian Eeles, London
labhaoise darkling, creative industrys, dublin
Max Chittock
Myla Murray, Waitress, Not applicable, Milton Keynes
Lauren Gilhooly
Danielle Morgan, Train driver, Coventry
Douglas Cape, Analyst, Glasgow
James Oswald, Writer, Fife
Simon Storvik, Finance, Antwerpen
Lis Roberts, Northampton
Cameron Clark, Laboratory Manager, University of Exeter, Exeter
Layla West, Head of Purpose and Comms, London
Ceri Carter, Pontypridd
Alex Stephens, Student, Oxford
Kimberley Kerr, Business Support Officer, Nottingham
Emma Cooke, London
Owen Jones, Journalist, Guardian, London
Luke, Outreach Officer, Truro
John Birkhead, IT, Indio
Kayleigh Brackett, Breaston
Stewart Macdonald, senior technical analyst, glasgow
Duncan G., Student, Northampton
Joe Toovey, Hemel Hempstead
Sarah Hurson, Office Manager, Belfast
Emma Dollymore, Careers adviser, Reading
Kimberley Rose Harrison, Student, Newcastle
Mark Nuttall, IT, Lancashire
Nick van Beest, Data Engineer, London
Wren Smith, Student, Canberra, ACT
Harry Wagstaff, Edinburgh
Lucina, Volunteer, British Heart Foundation, Manchester
Lucy Wilsher, Counsellor, Haemochromatosis UK, Peterborough
Sam Gladston, Pro Wrestler, Sharon
Matthew Russell, Student, N/A, Coventry
Char Stevens, Birmingham
Hat Connor, Team Leader, Freeways, Bristol
Nadine Ahya, Senior Manager, Berlin
Clint Pearson, Software Developer, RNIB, Peterborough
James Grieves, MBiol Student in Genetics, University of York Liberal Democrats, York
Alice Hancox, Kidderminster
Iona Lewis, Student Nurse, Bristol
Katharine Williams, Lighting Designer, Edinburgh
Rod Bissett, Teacher, Queensbury School, BIRMINGHAM
Calum Rosko, Edinburgh
Sam Martin, Musician, East Sussex
Dave bush, Director, Manchester
Mand Beckett, Sheffield
Ailsa Page, Student, Stirling
Penelope Friday, Writer, Canterbury
Erin, scientist, Herts
Johnny Allain-Labon, London
Tom Lloyd, Legal services, Swindon
Jen Owen, Researcher, King’s College London, Cardiff
Peter Cameron, Third Sector Engagement Officer, Glasgow
Kate Toikka, Retired, Tampere
Sarah Bazeley, Customer Support Lead, London
Alex Scroxton, London
Luke Bonaccorsi, Software Engineer, Ayr
Jo Sanchez, Student, Santa Barbara
Brooke Brooke, Commercial Field Archaeologist, Network Archaeology, Corsham
Georgia Bondy, Head of Education, London
Ian Maclure, 3D Artist, London
Andrew McKay, Writer, Birmingham
Eleanor Janega, London
Lisa Preisinger, Personnel officer, Regensburg
Nick Waters, Editorial Associate, Nottingham
Catherine Ward, Manchester
Michael Roberts, Engineer, Liverpool
Kamui Oshino, Student, Bristol
Michelle Falle, Filmmaker
Kae Dean, Writer, W. Yorkshire
George Forth, Slough
Richard Carvell
Sam Brewer, St.Ives
Richard Euston, Charity Worker, Chester
Adam Saint, Senior Scientist, Letchworth
Becky Lockyer, Oxford
Amina Yousif, Brighton
Arielle Nylander, Public Health, London
Jay, Training manager, McDonald’s, Plymouth
Thomas Chandler, Student, Cambridge
Alexander Popper, Human Rights Researcher, London
Helen, Communications Consultant, Leeds
Lily Ridgeway, London
Natasha Williams, Data Analyst, London
Christopher Newby, Cleaner, Edinburgh
Dylan, Textiles designer, Wiltshire
Sharan Clair, London
Amy Parent, Researcher & programmer, Dundee
Max Morgan, Freelance Writer, Sheffield
Rebecca Clitsome, Counsellor, Leicestershire
Isabel Imhorst, student, London
julia jomaa, Creative producer Walala studio, London
Vallerie Knight, Student, University of Sussex, Brighton
James Wyatt, Board Member, DIY Pride Brighton, Brighton
Harry Bond, Brentwood
Gavin Doig, Glasgow
Lee Davies, Curator, London
Kirsten Elliott, London
Ellen Pauley, Dundee
Kay Paterson-Bassett, Senior Admin Manager, Nottingham
Esther Hudson, Unemployed, Gordon
Bettina Hunniford
Sybil Baužys, North Ayrshire
Nicola, Surveyor
Danielle Hughes, Stoke-on-Trent
Jennifer Elder, Data Assistant, NHS, Edinburgh
Daisy Page
Jay Warda, London
Ben Sorrie, Support Manager, Kettering
Susan Veitch, Whitchurch
Callum Macleod, Automation Analyst, Glasgow
Paris Cross, Civil Servant, Wakefield
Tim Rauche, Hamburg, Germany
Sarah Kelly
Cassius Brophy, Parent, Bristol
Josh Butler, Norwich
Tiggy Socci, Durham
Tyler Lawless, Student, Brisbane
Deborah A Fantini, Retired, N/A, Brightlingsea
D Duncan, Engineer, Aberdeen
Lindsey Sheehan, Localisation Editor, Birmingham
Toby Mahon, Student, ~U, Edinburgh
Judith Harmon
Christie O’Connor, Engineer, Wellington
Jack Pennell, Artist, Liverpool
Sarah Walker, Durham
Chloe Mavrommatis, London
Joel Marshall, Programmer, Cheltenham
Jessica Furness, Composer, Bolton-on-Dearne
Rob Wilson, Angels of Freedom Leeds
Micah Ellis, Student, Cardiff
Will Hutton, Phd student, Liverpool
Joseph Baynes, Stockport
Seamus Edwards, PhD candidate, scarborough
Olivia Yaw
Jake Inman, Student
Pyrrha Shaw, Designer, Leamington Spa
James Walsh, Journalist, London
Megan Freeburn, megan, Brighton
Charmaine Hanna, BIRMINGHAM
Felicity Watson, Wirral
EJ Fawcett, Student, Brighton
Michelle Weeden, Retired, Surrey
Julia F, Artist, Glasgow
Charlotte Repton, Scientist, Edinburgh
Blair Mills
Jess S, Leicester
Findlay Young, English Teacher, Dundee
Sally Cochrane, Mind, London
Chris Rowland, Lived experience Officer, London
Emma Jones, Oxford
Ben Buckley, Agent, Air Artist Agency, London
Sam Cook, SRE, London
Christopher Spraggs, Teacher, London
Madelainr Telford, Farnborough
David Hayward, Event manager, Salford
Simon Dittli, Hochfelden
Anne-Marie, Project manager, Gloucestershire
Alex, Digital merchandiser, Abingdon
Malcolm Campbell, Edinburgh
R L Bamford
Ellie Kidger, Leeds
Ben Manion, Deputy manager, PAH, Leeds
Michael Clark, Removal Man, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jennifer Watkiss, Senior Marketing Manager, Oxford
Anne Brechin, Edinburgh
Atlas, Student
Pippa Brooks, Software developer, Gravesend
Amelia Abraham, Journalist, London
Gemma Cruttenden, Comms Manager, GILLINGHAM
Billie J Sweeney, Editor, New York
Stuart Richardson, Baldock
Ryan Foster, Trade coordinator, Eden Pets Foods, Stoke on Trent
Thierry Broer, Barneveld
Holly Rankin
Diane Tyler, South lanarkshire
Beth Dooner, Artist, Pudsey
Keira, Student, None, Blackpool
D Jarratt, Eastbourne
kai owen, blackpool
Tiina L., Game dev, Finland
Josie Hyde, Secondary school science technician, Birmingham
Jess Thompson, Student, Bath
Michaela Williams, Student, Birmingham
Mike Cornes, IT Consultant, Manchester
Nick Dimitrov, Student, Birmingham
Shane Robson, Tutor, Coventry University, Coventry
Martin Arnold, musician, Bristol
Josh Arnott, Newcastle
Michelle Wheeler, Salford
Tom Flynn, Telecommunications, Cambridge
William Yeske, Power Plant Operator, Tampa, FL, USA
Kristofer Nurmia, Sr. System Engineer, Texas
henry hesten, Datascientist, London
John G, Leader, London Bisexuals Meetup Group, London
Órla Thresh, Barista, Wiltshire
Florence Stanley, London
Rhys Reynolds, Student, Activist, Campaign for Trans Rights and Solidarity, Stoke-On-Trent
Robin Neal, Web Developer, maidstone
Juraj Karaman, Student, University of Zagreb, Dubrovnik
Lauren Austin, Littlehampton
Alex, PhD student, London
Lizzie Standen, Data Privacy Assistant, Tamworth
Sin Blache
Rowan Pierce, Durham
David R, Engineer, Belfast
Rachel Crawford, Edinburgh
Elaine Scully, Carer, London
Oscar Briscoe-Batchen, Sevenoaks
Mary-Jane, Carer, Norwich
Peter Gordon, Software Engineer, Bristol
Fox Fisher, Director, My Genderation, London
Tara, Edinburgh
Astrid Walker, Retired, Labour Trans Equality, Chester
Gareth Reilly, Engineer, Dublin
Owain Thresher, Bristol
Chris Upton, Unemployed, N/A, Shipston-on-Stour
Ryan Watson, Actor, London
Margaret Carson, Software Developer, Belfast
Leah Downe, York
Emma Grant, London
Sophie Birch, Secondary education teacher, Birmingham
Joanne Murphy, Essex
Daniel Duke, Creative Director, Little Victories, Edinburgh
Melissa Brooks, Exeter, UK
Finlay Hazlitt, Oxford
Rosie Thomas, Management consultant, London
Robert Matthew, Office worker, Robert Matthew, Accrington
Aaron Tunney, Engineer, London
Daniel Owens, Belfast
Felicity Rackstraw, Dressmaker, Esme’s Vintage Closet, Stoke-On-Trent
Ceiswyn Blake, Bristol
Nicola Buckland, Unemployed, N/A, Maidenhead
cat, hep kat, London
Seona Cruickshank, Payroll administrator, Just me, Aberdeen
Jake Warner, Manchester
Jill Munro, Edinburgh
Amy, Brighton
Richard Halls, Digital Marketing Lead, Leeds
Mark Pierce, Student, Liverpool
Robin Clarke, Producer, London
Steven Davidson, Systems Analyst, Glasgow
Marie Mathers, Medical doctor, NHS Lothian, EDINBURGH
James Powell, Personal Assistant, Shrewsbury
Annie May Fletcher, Sound designer, Halifax, W. Yorkshire
Stacy Nicolson
Tom Burnip, Student, Glasgow
Marina Wallace, Student, Edinburgh
Joe Holdsworth, Copywriter, Freelance, Leeds
Kit Hansen, Translator, Aberystwyth
Kevin Parkes, Somerset
William Sizer, student, Newcastle
Marin Storm, Oxford
Lily Gray, Artist, Musician, sex worker, trans woman., Newton Stewart
Alice F Liguori, Marketing & Community Exec, Bath
Aleks Bendiksen, Electrician, Märsta, Sweden
Antonia Mansel-Long, Oxford
Olivia Foster, Marketing and Communications Officer, London
Halla, Free software project maintainer, Deventer
Sarah Underwood, Epidemiology Student, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Ellie Munro, University Lecturer, City University of London, Birmingham
Jo Wilson, Administrator, London
Graham Johnson, Producer, Bristol
Sam Whatmore, Carer, Somerset
Luana Peres, University Student, Brazil
Kaedyn Symons, Adelaide, South Australia
Joe Shepherd, University of Oxford, Oxford
Kit Barnes, Programmer, Edinburgh
Katy Moon, Analyst, London
Owain Davies, Game Programmer, Rockstar, Edinburgh
Leo Maloney, Brentford
Thomas Pigden, Commercial Director, Optrak, London
Laura Wigley, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh, Fife
Dr Amy Penhallow, Truro
Neil Riach, Retail, Birmingham
Lorraine Kipling, Ludlow, Shropshire
Ben Guest, Manchester
Matthew Gledhill, Derby
Dr James McIntosh, Administrator and Supervisor, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Kate Menzies, copywriter, Company Name (optional), London
Emma French, PhD student, University of Glasgow
Laura Scutt, QC analyst, Yorkshire
Casey Webster, Student & Teaching Assistant, London
Lucy, Musician, Glasgow
Sarennah, Training Manager, Out2gether, Malvern
Bertas Ulozevičius, kaunas
Nathan Dowdell, Game Developer, Modiphius Entertainment, Nottingham
Johanna Kuenzel, scientist, london
Ali Aschman, Lecturer, London
Lloyd I Knott, VFX Artist, Edinburgh
Ava Phillips, Student, York
Alex Lamaison, Software Engineer, Ashford
George Prew, Researcher, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Sarah Savage, Charity CEO, Trans Pride Brighton, Hove
AARON Dart, Artist, Oblivion, st Peter
Alice Russell, student, Birmingham
Anousha Horgan, Student, London
Stefan Paetow, Oxford
Róisín Sheridan-Bryson, Student, UCD, Dublin
Jade Gilmour, Dundee
Duncan McNab, HR Professional, London
Catherine Young, Manchester
James Thomson, glasgow
Denise E.
Chris Dickson, London
Ellie Hawtin, Teacher, Basingstoke
Elizabeth Charlton, Stitcher, Canterbury
Scott Shirbin, Consultant, FutureGov, London
Caroline Hewison, Leeds
Alfonzo Sieveking, Bookseller, The Common Press Bookshop, London
Niall Auckland, Student, Northampton
Daniel Brown, Event Organiser, Event Organiser, Birmingham
Alex Granlund, Student, Dorset
sean thomas, Designer, JKR, London
Aaron Cooper, Walsall
Daniel Browne, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Daniel Browne Therapy, Warwick
Robert Chisholm, Programmer, Cambridge
James Moorehead, Production Coordinator, Rockstar North, Edinburgh
Karen Lilley, Derby
Jairam Waddell, Team Leader, Liverpool
Hamza Jahanzeb, London
Mehran Baluch, Writer, London
Derek Holland, The Super, Glasgow
Cheryl Lewis, Retired, Nottingham
Gerard Gaughan, Retired, Yorkshire
Huseyin Kemal, NHS Web Services Manager, Swansea
Matt Poole, Artist, Wolverhampton
Sasha Nox-Flouret, Southampton
Rain, Student, London
Mark Ennis, Administrator, London
Quincy Mendes, London
A Woodcock, Hove
Floyd Codlin, P/T student, London
Tim Milchard, Gloucester
Andrew Stoter, Bristol
Ben Diffey, Research Scientist, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
Naomi Exel, Student, Emmen
Tom Cribb, Northampton
Rae Cosmos, sex worker, Manchester
Marc callinan, Software tester, Doncaster
Laura Newey, Student, University of Oxford, Oxford
Nathan Archer, Teacher, Rye
Christopher Steel, IT and Services Administrator, London
Robin Jones, Retail Assistant, Nottinghamshire
Sam Lockwood, Newark
Lucy Dearlove, Audio Producer, Title, LONDON
Alexandra Forshaw, Senior Software Development Engineer, Fleet
Anna Grant, St Albans
Abigail Sommers, Fundraising Officer, London
Keir H Murison, PhD student, Imperial college London, London
Allan Briddock, Barrister, London
Ellie Lieberman, Content Assistant, Essex
Madeline Marie Hagan, North Plainfield
Luke A Clapham, HR admin, Leeds
Luke Dunne, writer, Film In Dublin, Dublin
Fiona Cullen, Florist, London
Brendan Weston, Student, Cardiff University, Bridgend
Alex McBride, Software Engineer, Glasgow
Nick Harman, IT Consultant, Bodmin
Izzi ward, Bookseller, Bristol
Jessica Pace
Kate, Key worker, Edinburgh
Marcos Garcia, Programmer, Koog aan de Zaan
Phoebe Rawson, Student, N/A, Durham
Jessica Parritt, Theatre technician, London
suzie, customer service, n/a, London, UK
Katie bieshaar, London
Philippa Downey, Business owner,, Southampton
Emma Simovic, Administrator, Worcester
David Clarke, Software Engineer, Rugby
Gill Smith, Retired, None, Manchester
Anna Langley, Senior Service Manager, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Angie Curzi, Bookshop Supervisor, The Common Press, London
D. Membury, Software Engineer, Glasgow
Frazer McIntosh, Software Engineer, Edinburgh
Joanne Richardson, Loughborough
Neil Holmes, Data DevOps Engineer, Leeds
Mike Spenceley, Consultant, London
Danny Mutton, Cleaner, Ipswich
Andy Abreu
Suzanne Elvidge, Writer, Buxton
Juliette Burton, Writer performer, London
KTL, Journalist, Bristol
Helen Dabill, Writer, Wellingborough
Mina Fraser, Gloucester
Artie Waterman, PhD Student, Durham
Ari Michell, Student
Katie Boyle, Office worker, Stafford
Aaron Strachan, Unemployed, Aberdeenshire
AH, leicester
Wallace Hazel, Retired, Ayr
Husneara Choudhury, Director, Prity Boutique, FAREHAM
Zachary Hawkins, Student, Manchester
Rebecca Boyd, Business owner, Social Media geek, Leeds
Tony Nixon, Editor, Ely
Steven Hammal, Sunderland
HAZELL DEAN, Retired & Patron of Pride in Surrey, Deano Management, Kingston Upon Thames
Ellen Rose, Editor, London
Emily Hall, Batley
Euan Dewar, Data Analyst, Bewdley
Ashley Knighton, Pharmacy Assistant, NHS, Derby
James Keasley, Software developer, Cornwall
Emily Oram, Software Test Analyst, London
Lucy Mckeown, Lecturer, Liverpool
Brynley Pearlstone, Diversity & inclusion specialist, Glasgow
Evie Hutt, Marketing Manager, Save the Children, London
RJ Lupin, Nurse, Nairn
Annon Johnstone, Illustrator, Cardiff
Molly Curren, Student, London
Catherine Huckle, University Student, University of York, York
James Hamill
Joss Turner, Sales, Bristol
Stephen Naismith, Edinburgh
Kyle, Editor, Brighton
Matt Gough, Client Director, Manchester
Amanda Henriques, Nurse practitioner, NHS, Bristol
Iosephina Austen, Product Manager, London
Angela Anderson, Clydebank
Fairooz Choudhury, Fareham
Kate Cross, Lecturer in Psychology, Fife
Madeleine Ayling, Southampton
Madeleine Welland, Wellcome EDI Officer, University of Oxford, Leicester
Sarah Napoleon, Dover
Joe Salter, Analyst, London
Maria Mansisto Haartveit, London
Isabelle Claire, Auditor, Dublin
Catherine Taylor, Filmmaker, London
Rhys Perry, Student, York
Benjamin Knowles, Birmingham
Andrea, London
Lucy Button, MA Student, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
Thomas BIDAUX, Consultant, Brighton
Sean Skilling, Kilmarnock
Alan Byrne
Rebecca McCormick, Bookkeeper, Barnsley
Elliott Lee Gossett, London
Emma murphy, Student, Woodbridge
Rachel Blair, Bookshop Manager, The Common Press, London
Louie Cornish, Copywriter, Hove
Callum May, Video Editor, Birmingham
Ben Tedds, Writer, Bognor Regis
Arron Churchill, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Alicia Hendley, Ontario, Canada
Erin Casali, Director, London
Kate Perris, London
Robert Raynham, Tech support, Romford
Jake Burton, Student, Boston UK
Alistair Hyde, Public Servant, London
WY, Edinburgh
Cherrie Button, Artist, Self Employed, Nottingham
Max Barnard, Picker/Packer, Hailsham
Thomas White, Musician, Mystery Jets, Brighton
Dani Werner, Technical Consultant, London
Christopher Blackwell, Systems Engineer, Edinburgh
James Hartley, Manager, Voicentric Ltd, Durham
Natalia Morse, Bristol
Taylor green, falmouth
S Pledger, Retired
Sunil Hutchin-Bellur, Research Development Manager, Glasgow
Vitor Cavalcante Amaro, Journalist, São Paulo, SP
Sarah Oliver, Student, Oxford
Judith Lathey, Care Home Manager, Basildon
Charlotte Boyne, Retired
Paula Lucas, Artist, Manchester
Robin Cull, Cirencester
Chaz Evans, Letting Agent, Tiverton
Emma Barratt, Science Writer, Newcastle
Emma-Louise Grinsted, Artist, Swanage
Jim Gibson, Software Engineer, Bath
James Webster, Manchester
Rob Endean, Teacher, Wolverhampton
James G, Burnley
Kate Moffett, Domiciliary Carer, Heathfield, East Sussex
Michael Hudson, SHEFFIELD
Meghna Sridhar, Student, Oxford University, Oxford
Luke Bremner, Student, Inverness
Jacob Ward, Cloud Systems Engineer, UK Research and Innovation, Oxford
James Chapman, Student, Newcastle
Jack Miller, Welling
Celia Doublet, IT engineer, London
Jamie Gillespie, Charity Worker, Stirling
Patrick Gibson, Manchester
Jonathan Blyth, Publican, Nottingham
Jason Railton, Development Officer, Langholm
C Mawson, Nottinghamshire
Ben Wodecki, Journalist, AI Business, London
Sarah Lascelles, Manchester
Alex Page, Leigh On Sea
Phoebe J Rose, Brighton
Jasmine Clements, Loughborough
Timothy Farley
George Lansdown, Bristol
Erica Barnes, Worcester
Johnny Chiodini, Journalist, London
Charlotte Basevi, Student, Bristol
Kira Evans, Transport Planner, Sydney
Danielle Culling, Bath
Kristian Wingfield-Bennett, Director, Future Friends Games, London
Stephanie Bradley, Kidderminster
Tom Brown, Editor, Carlisle
A. Evans, Student, Aberdeem
Paige Rivers, Manchester
Sophie, Publican, Grantham
David Taylor, Glasgow
Lewis Dyer, Student, Glasgow
Josie Baker, Marketing Executive, Brighton
Kate, Interpreter, London
Oliver Lea, Hull
Charlotte Fonfara, Company director, Sussex
Jordan Mitchell, Psychologist, Weston-Super-Mare
J Breeze, Data Analyst, Cambridge
Alexandria McFarlane, Student, Liverpool
Rowan Brocklesby, Doncaster
Ruth Sloan, Engineer, Belfast
Ravina Bajwa, London
Kole Fulmine, Personal trainer, London
Stephen Ray, Games Developer, Leicester
Eddie Ungless, PhD Candidate, Edinburgh
Eleanor Coward, Birmingham
Caroline Gonda, Academic, Cambridge
Richard Ashton, IT Manager, London
calcal, unemployed, ssdads, manchester
Kuba Sanak, Engineer, Glasgow
Benjamin Howard, Bartender, Wetherspoons, Preston
james harcourt, Redhill
Ashley Bishop-Yeo, UI Programmer, Frontier Developments, CAMBRIDGE
James Stanley, Manchester
Charlotte Emily, Tavistock
Sarah Donlan, Insurance, Brighton
R, College student, Indonesia
Holly Quinlan, London
Ruaridh Colclough, Ruaridh Colclough, Stirling
William Dunn, Retail Assistant, Sainsburys, Grayshott
Molly barnes, Perth
julie miller, transgender consultant, Julie Miller transgender consultant and speaker, Ringwood
Jenni Hill, Editor, Hachette, London
Maddie Cahill Byrne, student
Abbie Scholar, student, Colchester
Hannah Dickins, Graphic Designer, London
Mizan Anderson, London
Conway Jane, Liverpool
Alyn McKenzie, Technician, Scotland
Lee Erhard, Sales Associate, Bath and Bodyworks, San Diego
Matthew Crane, Soon to be employed, Rochester
Emma Crawshaw, CEO, Crew 2000 Scotland, Edinburgh
Jaimie Moore, Software Engineer, London
Charlie T, Student, Warrington
Cade Archer, Software Engineer
Bianca Str, editor, London
Sarah Jackson, Consultant, Freelance, London
Damien Whiter, Retail, London
Snowden Duffield, TELFORD
Robert Blair, Journalist, Paisley
Ash King, Construction, Surrey
Samantha Jackson, Abingdon
Mia McGowan, Hull
Ruth Fasham
Rene Millman, Writer, Buckhurst Hill, Essex
Chris Bratt, Journalist, People Make Games, Brighton
Hayley Patton, Programmer, Applied Language, Melbourne
David Webster, Factory Operative, Lancaster
Hannah Ruth Lyons, PhD student, University of Warwick, Bristol
Sarah Hodkinson, Translator, Liverpool
Artie Carden, Writer, Sussex
Paul Barker, Nottingham
Caroline Sumner, Brighton
Stephen mumford, Volunteer, Durham
Gwen Wyrach, Writer, Bristol
Dom Barlow, Graphic Designer, Newcastle
Helen Macdonald, writer, H J Macdonald Ltd, BURY ST. EDMUNDS
Christine Berrisford, Celebrant & Teacher, Leeds
David Snoddy, Accountant, Peebles
Dillon Hemphill, Belfast
Johanna Novales, London
Gordon Howe, Retired, Norwich
Will Heath, Writer, Cambridge
Nick Batley, London
Erin Evans-Walker, Freelancer, Edinburgh
Al Summerscales, Tobacconist, Manchester
Paul Barker, Butcher, York
Rose Sait, Aberdeen
Adam Rozzier, Reading
Swindon & Wiltshire Pride, Volunteer, Swindon &: Wiltshire Pride, Swindon
Joanna Beanland, Web Designer, Leeds
Niall Fraser, Southampton
Rachel Heath, Professor, Author books on trans health, Newcastle, Australia
Martin Smith, Tewkesbury
Jason Gill, Unemployed, N/A, Lincolnshire
Mike Black, Business Owner, London
Santino Coduri-Fulford, Student, UCL Medical School, London
Rowan Hyde, Facilitator and trainee Psychotherapist, Belper
Andrew Barnes, NHS Comms, Forest Hill
Alexandra Austin, EDI manager, Pride in London, London
Sarah O’Donoghue, Teacher, Durham
Rob Jones, Lichfield
Nikki MacLeod, Retired Lecturer, Edinburgh
Kristen Bailey, Eastbourne
Callum Angel, Animator, Cardiff
Eleanor Hynes, Volunteer Coordinator, Manchester
Nik Goodrick, Glasgow
Mary Sonja Tudor, Artist, MANCHESTER
Marty Greer, IT Apllications Analyst, Bangor, N. Ireland
Helen Campbell, Library Assistant, Trafford Council, Manchester
Dominic Camus, London
Robin Denton, Student, Nottingham
Baccante, Birmingham
Stuart Trayhorn, Unemployed, Bracknell
Huw Williams, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Cramlington
Lana Huh, Queerpack London
Adrian Wood, Developer, Derby
Jessica Pringle, Student, Birmingham
Craig Nelson, Healthcare worker, Nottingham
Catherine Prowse, Dundee
Elizabeth McCrea, Statistician, Leeds
Gray Love, Business Administrator, Arma Karma, Colchester
Sunny Harrison, Lecturer, Open University, Leeds
Rani Brandt, Teacher, East Moriches
Edward Gutteridge, Researcher, London
Sonya Tew, Kidderminster
Anonymous, Web Developer, Essex
Penelope Cowell Doe, Retired, Hemyock
Kyle Prati, Manchester
Jaxson Earle, Reading
Joe Crutwell, Data scientist, Manchester
Natasha Vucak, Office Administrator, London
Fligelstone Doe, STUDENT, Cardiff
Georgina Young, Games Writer, Freelance, Cardiff
Charlotte Keely, Health Promotion Specialist, Oxfordshire
Ell Welsford, Southampton
David O, Homelessness worker, London
Ruth, Retired, Leeds
Lex H, Senior Researcher
Ellen Clegg, Teacher, London
Jack Thurlow, Student, Cardiff
Luke Hawkes, Data Technician, Birmingham
Megan Hermolle, PhD Student, Keele University, Staffordshire
Joel Barrick, sub editor, London
Joe Cassels, Concerned citizen, Humanity, Saxmundham
Margaret Prior, Lecturer, University of Plymouth, PLYMOUTH
Harriet Williams, London
Nina Lyndon, London
Jon Rio, Birmingham
Matthew Waterfall, Student, Bristol
Euan Craik, Edinburgh
Daniel Hood, Software Engineer, London
Kerry Strange, Senior Project Manager, Chichester
Winona Sharpe, Game developer, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sarah Metcalf, London
Jessica Kotarski, Volunteer, Support U, Reading
Molly Byrne
Myra Young, Environmental Services, Stillwater Medical, Stillwater
anonymous, App Developer, Manchester
Elijah Shriner
Chris Charnley, Glasgow
Gabrielle Climie, Skills Analyst, Exeter
Chris Moyse, Journalist, Midlands
rickie marsden, Copywriter, Havas, Manchester
Jessica Nell, Senior Manager, Somerset
Jericho Thompson
Jamie Lawson, EDI professional, Edinburgh
Fenna, Eindhoven
Rebeca Gómez Morilla, PhD Student, Zurich
Andy Medhurst, Retired academic, N/A, Brighton
Jamie Ryoko Blundell, Screener, NHS, Oxford
Lesley Freestone, Data Analyst, HUNTINGDON
Cllr Joe Lever, Green Party Councillor, Isle of Wight Council, Carisbrooke & Gunville (Isle of Wight)
Samuel Jones, Television Producer, BBC, Chester
Thomas Bennett, Brighton
Astrid Johnson, Post-Producer, Glass House Games, Bournemouth
Oisin Kisdon-Ireland, singer, Sheffield
john maybury, Artist, London
Tracy S Troth, Paralegal, Pearl, MS, USA
Jo Thomas, Web Developer, Shrewsbury
Emily Lloyd, Nottingham
Huw Trystan Jones, CRA, Stoke on Trent
Jeff Cook, Civil Servant, High Wycombe
Paul Crescenzi, Systems Administrator, UCL, London
Paula Griffin, London
Lib Adams, Florist, Brighton
Daniel Grey, Geologist, Gateshead
Sophie Spencer, Analyst, Medical Protection Society, Leeds
Tori Smith, Mississauga
Ian Bell, Software Developer, Manchester
Lewis C, Berlin
Gemma Rutterford, Medical Writer, Oxford
Ashleigh Jones
Michael Booth, Birmingham
Nick Barlow, Writer, Colchester
Christine Burns MBE, Retired, Manchester
Sharon Nolan, Artist, Galway, Ireland
Sanchit Sharma, Devops Engineer, IBM, London
Daniel Wallace, Student, University of Liverpool, Kings Langley
S Naomi Scott, Sheffield
Rachel Ann Gayle Plattner-Bontrager, Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Acela, Fortine
David Edgar, PhD student, UCL, London
Jennifer Mary Livesley, LONDON
Matthew Osbourn, London
Chlo Taylor, Brighton
Ioannis Touras, London
Oscar Shedwick, PhD student, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
Ross Farquhar, London
Artemis SH, Software Developer, London
Hugh Clark, Engineer, Cambridge
Simon Tinsley, Head of Growth, Alva, London
Maxine Maclaren, Andover
Fran Dorricott, Author, Derby
Remco van Straten, Writer, Belfast
AJ, Brighton
Lillian Duff, Retail assistant, None, Central Islip NY USA
John Mason, London
Elspeth Ryan-Thorne, London
Dil, Bartender, Bury
Elísabet Guðrúnar Jónsdóttir, Software developer
Tim Christian, Civil servant, The Civil Service, Blackpool
Peter T, London
Elizabeth Kendall, Croydon
Ali Griffiths, Journalist, Hearst, London
Chris Maxwell, Technician, Reading
Kaylee W, Student, Bridtol
Edward Boff, Pinner
Matt Sibley, Taunton
Lewis Shaw, Teacher, Brighton
David Kruitwagen
Pietro Gagliardi, Software Engineer, New York City area
Andy Knotts, Software Tester, Glasgow
Kate Mackel, Belfast
Carl Kennedy, PhD student, The University of Sheffield, Doncaster
Pedro Gomez, Concept Artist, Barcelona
Brian Combe, Glasgow
Brittany Wood, Consultant, London
Danielle Mustarde, Journalist, Freelance, London
E Matthews
Andreas Becker, Student, Exeter
Karen Bultiauw, Marketing Officer, Cardiff
Ceriann Hughes
paige dellaway, Runcorn
Leoni Awischus, Student, London
CP Hunter
Kara Petora, Kent
James Allen, IT Consultant, Leicester
Amy McGirr, Edinburgh
J Brown, Software Consultant
Sarah Dollard, Screenwriter, London, UK
Emma Short, Software Dev in Test, London
Kiera Anderson, Hereford
Peter Wilson, Retired lawyer, Norwich
Marley Van Esbroeck, Retail, Dr Martens Airwair Ltd, Oxford
Corey, Student, Bristol
Alice Young, Curator, London
Edmund Lewry, London
Kieren Williams, Social Worker, Leicester
Simone Haynes, Salford
Ezra M., Student, Winchester
Joshua Brownbridge, Sheffield
Anja Mac, Communications Officer, London
Scott Scobie, Edinburgh
K Shaw, Liverpool
Carol Cobham, Dunfermline
Nick Bain, London
Sinead, Software Engineer, Cardiff
Gabriel Williamson, Student, University of West England, Bristol
Kimm Curran, Glasgow
Shaun Ballard, Cheltenham
Jo Thomas, Cambridge
Chris McLeod, Consultant, Aberdeen
Dave Irwin, Journalist, Sussex
Kate Turner
Lexie Holmes, Dover
Luke Blaidd, Student, Luke Blaidd, Aberystwyth
Joshua Loosley, Student, Bristol
Matthew Gordon, Liverpool
Kate Stewart, Birmingham
Jen Brown, Statistician, County Durham
Lana Smith, Trader, Bournemouth
William Gay, IT Engineer, Maidenhead
Caitlin Sinclair, Policy Advisor, Wellington, Aotearoa
Makoto Nomura, Artist, Frederick
David Matthewman, Head of Production, Sheffield
Geoffrey Lamb, Senior Business Analyst, London
Graham Proctor, Nantwich
Katie, Brighton
Daniel Areta, Student, Madrid
Jim Croxford, Winchester
Alan Smith, Cyber Security Consultant, Surrey
Matthew Smith, London
Jesse Evans, Student, Telford
Hazel Potter, Hackney
Carl Waterfield, Devon
Tallulah Wallace-Scutter, Kingston upon Thames
Eva Lauren Kelly, Software developer / student, Staclar Inc / Cardiff Uni, Cardiff
Scott Matthewman, London
Sian Griffin, Doctor, Cardiff
Drew Hubbard, Writer, Manchester
Katherine Day, Administrator, Corsham
Andrew Slinn, Researcher, London
Dean Sammon, Cork
Michelle Horsey, Engineer, CHIPPENHAM
Alexandra Batchelor, PhD student, Nottingham
Cara Bridge, Biomedical Support Worker, Rochdale
Cat Schofield, Analytical Scientist, Owlstone Medical, Ely
Katie Heyes, Student, Durham University, Durham
Bryony Payne, Researcher, Brighton
Molly Shevlin, Glasgow
Matthew Allen, Leicester
Tom Curd, Bournemouth
Catherina Becker, Professor, EDINBURGH
Zara Penney, Carer, Morecambe
Claire Chamielec, Oxfordshire
Catherine Libby, Bristol
Joanna Whitby, Artist, Glasgow
Kirsty Norriss
Oliver Warley, Producer, London
Jasmine Lee, N/A, San Antonio
M. Routledge, London
Dr Sabine Sharp, Seminar Tutor, The University of Manchester, Manchester
Kateřina Sochová, University student, Uničov
Dan Butcher, Glasgow
Craig Bowie, Healthcare Worker, Glasgow
Shadie Chahine, Senior Project Manager, WSP UK, London
Cassandra Martin, Freelancer, Unitemps, London
Hugo Jackson, Author, Inspired Quill, Chichester
Eleanor Catchpole Simmons, Publishing, Abingdon
Lydian Reeves, Bury St. Edmunds
Naia Emmyra, Student, Indonesia
John Kelman, Electrician, Ascot
Janice A., Student, Bristol
Daniel Lackenby, Software Consultant, Newcastle upon Tyne
Amory Oliver, Producer, London
Garry Cunningham, Perth
Rosie Priest, PhD Researcher, Edinburgh
Jaz Marshall-Porter
Keir Roberts, BRISTOL
Stephen Badrick, Durham
Findlay Bewicke-Copley, Scientist, Enfield
Claire Powell, Retired, Caersws
May Keable, Software Developer, Ipswich
Alison Cybe, Writer, Portsmouth
Sarah Fennell
Ellie Crabtree, Researcher developer, London
Georgie Okell, London
Cara Richards, Edinburgh
Ross, London
Cinthia Alberdi, Actor, London
Sarah Stephenson-Hunter, Equality Advisor, Oxford
Nigel Spencer, Social worker, MANCHESTER
Asha East, Freelancer, N/A, Walsall
Ewan Smith, Customer service advisor, N/A, Consett
J f
Abigail-Mae Dixon, Paramedic, NHS, Gloucester
Mr Spencer Hall, Software Developer, Advanced, Gateshead
Sandra McHugh, Haslemere
JP Bradley, Writer, Manchester
Marta Drozdowska, Manchester
A Haynes, Intensive care doctor, Nottingham
Julian Rossiter, Illustrator, Manchester
Katherine Nagl, Bradford
Ellie C, Student, London
keith robinson, customer advisor, cramlington
Emerson Bannister, Student, University of Sussex, Brighton & Hove
Kate Wicks, Project Manager, High Peak
Rachael Fairley, Liverpool
Iain Weaver, Birmingham
Jessica Benton, Commissioning Officer (Public Health), Gloucester
Jode Cairney, Student, North Ayrshire
Andrew Duffy, Teacher, St. Leonards-on-sea
Rhubi Worth, Ms, LONDON
ziggy hopkins, Student, Hove
Bethany Corcoran, London
Sophi Brown, Keighley
Sana Burton, Bristol
Emma Bates, Student, Leeds
Elisabeth Whitebread, Cambridge
Mark Booth, Software Engineer, Oxfordshire
Ian Winstanley, Finance, London
Tariq Persaud Parkes, London
Ryan Gamblin, Student, Birmingham
Jack Daredevil, Student, Łódź
Sam Blunn, student, reading
Annabel McQuade, Public sector worker, Manchester
Kit M Bosher, Babysitte, Selkirk
Zoe Plain, Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
Matt Whitwell, Foster carer, Manchester
Rhiannon Edmunds, Unemployed due to Health, Redditch
Martha Brady, Account director, LinkedIn, Dublin
Zoe Spencer, Driver, Keynsham
Amy Kate Alexander, Cramlington
Elizabeth Rosslyn-Tanner, Student, Brighton
Haydn Antoniw, Self employed, Reading
Hollie Kenney, Wirral
Arran, Cornwall
Martin Smith, ICT Tech, Wolverhampton
B Wood, Teacher, London
Attie, Engineer, Serif Employed, Bristol
Lexi Dewing, EA, London
Mariana Lorenzano, dancer, london
Mo, Student
Daryl Baxter, Journalist, Future, Lincoln
Leo Mayall, bartender, n/a, Cambridge
Patricia Murphy, CBT THERAPIST, Canterbury
Alex Thomas, Psychotherapist, Gwespyr
John Paterson, Aberdeen
Lea Albrechtsen, Editor, London
Pagan Boydell, student, manchester
Francisco Lozano, Malaga
Harry Prance, London
Mike Carter, Literary Manager, Space Arts Centre, London
Cayden Andrews, FARNBOROUGH
Karen Trethewey, Olney
Philip Griffiths, Customer Service Assistant, SALFORD
Jay Wood, Student, Hull
Jessica Jane Howells, Waitress, Newport
Heather mckinty
Rachel Ann Waterbury, Covid-19 Site Lead, Bristol
Danielle Rowell, Gateshead
Tymoor Rahman
Cyan Goffin, Ilkeston
Josie Drake, Teacher, Bristol
Anthony Dunsdon, I.T., Loughborough
Dave Pitt, Wolverhampton
Ava Rowell, Social Media Officer, LGBTQ+ Co-operators, Newcastle upon Tyne
Katherine Chesson, Clifton
John McCann, Editor, Chelmsford, Essex
Lucy Santos, Manager, London
Regina Andok
Hannah Morgan, Web Developer, Make a Spectacle, London
Andy Futter, Manager, Norwich, UK
Chris Butler, Programmer, Milton Keynes
Rahul Basu, Canberra
Ryan Cobb, Student, Brighton
Libby Boyd, London
Lynda C, Forfar, Scotland
Scott Balfour, Energy, Manchester
Stevie Lang Howson, Union Organiser, NSW Australia
Iskra Lazarova, Student, Cardiff
Alanna Hall, Student, Edinburgh
Alison Crayton, Farnborough
Tony ware, Systems analyst, Legal and General, Hove
João Oliveira, Software Developer, Fafe
David Mulvaney, Editor, Bingley
Ben Walker, Stoke-on-Trent
Matthew Hanson, Journalist, Bath
Caspar Grey, Tattooist, London
Beth Goodyear, EDINBURGH
Josh Vaughan, Eastbourne
Frankie Punzi
Leo, Care Navigator, Indigo Gender Service NHS, Manchester
Stuart Fraser
Joe Reardon-Morgan, Recruitment Consultant, BRACKNELL
Tyler Washington, Student, London
Jessica N, London
Jennifer Snow, Southend-on-sea
Chris Clarke, Berks
Tom Hartney, Research Fellow, London
Robin Moira White, Barrister, London
Avram Wilensky, Concord
Anna Sturrock, Marketing Officer, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford
Rachel Connolly, Systematic Reviewer, RCOG, London
Huw Talliss, Video Game Programmer, Sheffield
Victoria Hood
Patrick Reed, Administrator, Goldsmiths College, London
Nicolete Burbach, Social and Environmental Justice Lead, London
Román Garrido, Translator, México
Sam Birch, Rugby
Jonathan McGarrigle, Strabane
Naomi Cooper, Student, The University of Oxfoed, Oxford
James O’Neill, Liverpool
Ian Green, Chief Executive, Terrence Higgins Trust, London
Natasha Mcmanus, Data Analyst, Didcot
Eleanor Crawford, Full-time carer
Alex Nuttgens, Edinburgh
Oliver Whitton, Management Consultant, London
Ben Skipper, Account Manager, Bastion, London
Shannon McNamee, Engineer, Belfast
Nick GK, Digital music, London
Alexis, Cinema Worker, Cheltenham
Amy Bullivant, Hull
Abigail Sutherland, Information architect, Amsterdam
Beth Royle, Auditor, Manchester
Jordan Reed, London
Phoebe Coleman, Sales Assistant, Bracknell
Scott west, Middlesbrough
Bogdan Vera, Programmer, Guildford
Masha Budryte, London
Martyn Stick, par
Sarah Haigh, Sheffield
Max H, York
Tasha Gorringe, Nottingham
Caitlin Keighley, Keighley
Gillian Thomson, Pastor, Cumbernauld
Matthew Whittington, London
Julian Benson, Jounalist, LADbible Group, London
James Collins, London
Kerena Fussell, London
Steve Bonsall, BRISTOL
James Heyes, Support worker, Holmleigh care, Cheltenham
Jonathan Rayson, Worcester
Christian Wulff, Project Specialist, Glasgow
Cat Shearer, Plymouth
Declan Decke, Brighton
Jamie Hill, Creative Inclusivity Director, VYC, London
Beth Fernandez, Grantmaker, London
Elliott Brooker, Care Navigator, Indigo Gender Service NHS, Manchester
Charlie Smith, Thanet
Amber McIvor, Technical game designer, Glasgow
Susie Ledson, Trainer and student, Self employed, Edinburgh
Aonghus Mitchell, Workshop Facilitator, Media Education CIC, Edinburgh
Amanda E., Technical writer, Toronto, Canada
George Goodwin, Engineer, Stafford
Jae Austin, Data Analyst, Nottingham
Richard Heaketh, Systems Engineer, BBC, London
Catherine Mann, Birmingham
Callie Addison, Teacher, Aberdeenshire
Samantha Mullaney, Retired, Cork
Rachael Smith, Cambridge
Zachary Cober, Resident Director, Radford
Jared Mustafa-Holzapfel, PhD Researcher, University of Southampton, Southampton
Chloe Brooks, Student, Manchester
Rose Dickinson, Software engineer, Leeds
Jessica Linden, Belfast
Andrew Stormont, Poole
Kit Carnelian, Edinburgh
Joanne Imlay, software engineer, Manchester
Jade King, Healthcare, Manchester
Isaac, Student, Falmouth uni, Falmouth
Noah Jarvis, Student, N/A, Banbury
Danni Brennand, Gateshead
Leanne Garvie, London
Elissa Blankley, Belfast
Aaron Hyslop, Cambuslang
Alex O’Neill, Editor in Chief, Irrational Passions
Freya, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jacques Yon, Student, Nottingham
Claire Prosho, Trans Educator, Claire’s Transgender Talks
Gabrielle Day, Engineer, Halstead
Ellis Crawford
Daisy Madder, Safeguarding Specialist, Hythe
Sophia Waterfield, Journalist, Paranting Magazine, Yorkshire Wolds
Titus Buta, Student, Keighley
alex block, Edinburgh
Sarah, Belfast
Daniël Oosterhuis, Jr. Sysadmin, Siddeburen
Joshua Hallesy, Canterbury
Monroe Templeton, Portsmouth
Dina M Nealey, Artist, Oslo
Ash Bates, Skelmersdale
Cam Bunton, Journalist, Colwyn Bay
Susanna Mae
Megan Elliott, London
Chris Kingsland, Business Owner, Westerham
Daley Eve Johnson, Game designer, Lichfield
tom johnson, editor, gold flake paint, glasgow
Charlie Hutchings, Sussex
Julie Parkinson-thake, Director, Tii, London
Julie-Anne, Web and Digital Manager, Stockport
Pete Tonkin, Bournemouth
T. Kesby, Pwllheli
Wesley Copeland, Freelance, Various, UK
Heidi Waddington, company director, EOTAS Matters, Wakefield
Anni Valkama, Oxfordshire
Laura Bamber, Braintree
Jamie MacRae, Inverness
Elliott Brooker, Care Navigator, NHS Indigo Gender Service, Manchester
anonymous, University of the West of England, Bristol
Irina Rempt, writer, Deventer, Netherlands
Ellie, Software, Cambridge
Martin Dewey-Findell, Nottingham
Ignacio Gleria, Computer Scientist, Berlin
Simon Cisternas, Student, Santiago
Michael Walsh, Student, Ireland
Joe Russell, Dorchester
Sue McFahn, Macclesfield
Kate Hazelwood, Charity Comms, Farleigh Hospice, Bishops Stortford
Mike Pepper, Software Engineer, Chelmsford
Jordan Sutton, Student, Market Drayton
Alex de Winter, Student of Japanese Studies, University of Manchester, Manchester
M Firpi, Set Designer, Cardiff a
Ben Smith, Higher level teaching assistant, READING
Clary Binns, Student, Edinburgh
Nicola Farrington, HOLYWELL
Joe Walsh, retired, Ysbyty Ystwyth
James Fleming, Software developer, Madrid
Cammy, Poet, London
Sam Clay, Leicester
John parkin, Driver, ., Newcastle
Stev brockbank, London
Alex Griffin, Northampton
Pratik Samant, Oxford
Mike Jennings, Writer, Mike Jennings, Leicester
Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin, Edinburgh
Riley Glen, Musician, Sydney, Australia
yvonne carroll, london
Matthew Burstein, Software engineer, Ovo energy, London
Henry Moore, Journalist, London
Amy Stephens, Cardiff University
Kirstine Morris, London
Michał Multarzyński, Student, Kędzierzyn-Koźle
Timothy Martin, Psychology, UEL, London
Alex Krupp, Student, Glasgow
Eliyana Evans, Sound Designer, Glasgow
Joe White, Lawyer, London
Kyle Hutchinson, Nottingham
James White, Software Engineer, Double Eleven, Chester
Daniel James webb, Marketing, Stoke-on-Trent
Hannah Armstrong, YORK
Michael Wield, Glasgow
Thomas Hurlock-Norton, 3rd Sector worker, Cardiff
Trisha Hatt, Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support, Glasgow
Christian Beaumont, Sydney
Jonathan Tait, Editor, Nottingham
Rose, London
mary epworth, Bishop’s Stortford
Jacob Corteen, Metallurgist, Sheffield
Sam H, York
H Blewett, Leicester
Molua Young, Belfast
Ian McHugh
Emma Puranen, Postgraduate Researcher, St Andrews
Michael Lee Richardson, Writer, Glasgow
Michael Cartwright, Marketing Executive, London
Elaine Hall, Professor, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Oliver Balaam, Software Engineer, Milton Keynes
Genie Dallaway, Distributions Manager and Academic, Vapefiend, London
Emma, York
Matt Bloomer, Technical manager, Leeds
Matt Dawson, Stoke-on-Trent
Hayley Mulcahy, Cork City
Aimee Thompson, Service, London
Harry Woodgate, Illustrator and author, Hertfordshire
Simon Poole, Engineer, London
Rachel Dicks, LINCOLN
Matt R Dallinson, Glasgow
Millicent Floortje A B Waterbury, Student, Brighton
Ashley Neaves, Software Engineer, Oxfordshire
Carter Erin, Student, Eastbourne
Vics Woodford
João Francisco Viçoso dos Santos Cardoso, Translator, Almada, Portugal
thryn Henderson, designer, YORK
Tajah Hamilton, London
Bryn Richards, Game Developer, Hatfield Broad Oak
Anna Kent, Vice Chair, Rainbow Blades, Sheffield
Adam Roberts, London
Tim Boddy, Picture Editor, London
Mr Alexander Thompson, Customer service occupation, Glasgow
Eli Chadwick, Oxford
Lee Carson, Glasgow
Gina Allnatt, illustrator, Sheffield
Jon Davies, Director, Manchester
Jake Elson, Engineer, Gosport
Matthew Brunton, Hampshire
Steven Taarland, Video Game Producer, Double Eleven Ltd, STOCKTON-ON-TEES
Caron Lindsay, Livingston
Luo Janet, Student, London
Calum Broadhurst, Inverness
Matt Elyanow, n/a
Alexander Beadle, Science journalist, Glasgow
Terry Hope, Offshore Engineer, Hamilton
Anna Saunders, London
Alice Sutherland-Hawes, Literary agent, ASH Literary, London
Jason Moon, Artist, Montoursville
John Robertson, Comedian, London
Bjorn van Rijszen, Oldenzaal
Branagan Max, Therapist, London
Lou Orton, Student, Staffordshire University, Reading
Thomas Jackson, Developer, London
Kai, QA, Oakland
Liam Hammerschmidt
J lythall
Arthur Duckham, Nottingham
Skye Micu, Worthing
Mark Whiley, Marketing Professional, N/A, Berlin
Kieran Hartnett, IT network professional, London
Eli Mitchell, Renfrew
Lizzie Jenner, Speech and Language Therapist, Indigo Gender Service, Manchester
Zoey forkings, Student, Swansea
BJ Hanssen, Business Analyst, London
Derek Sellar, Analyst, Glasgow
Steven MacDonald, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Beck Marcano, Student, Cardiff
Edward Clarke, Publisher, London
Patrick Akbar, Bath
Maximillian Mustafa-Holzapfel, Counsellor, Southampton
Reece Wilson, Video Editor, The Nest Post, London
Samantha Wernick, Development chef, Bath
Hayley Tolley, Manchester
Jordan William, Accounts, Adelaide
Charlotte B, Student, Derby
Adam Stansby, Bristol
Ruth Davies, Bristol
Sam Robertson, Bookkeeper, Glasgow
Tara Martel, Former post graduate student Gender Studies, London
Simon Smith, Nottingham
YiWen Hon, Librarian, London
Leo Levontine, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Rayya Ghul, University Lecturer, Edinburgh
Chloe McParlinJones, Web developer, Manchester
Emma Ayres, Content Writer, Self-employed, Nottingham
Rebecca Jones, librarian, Woodford Green
Alan Flanagan, Writer, London
Maud Bailey, Teacher, Glasgow
Nigel Robinson, Norwich
Dominik Hellfritzsch, Translator, Witten, Germany
David Officer, Aberdeenshire
Diego Barrene, Engineering student, London
Stephen Sharp, IT Professional, Aylesbury
Gecko Dmitrievich-Shcherbatskaya, Lowestoft
Elspeth Ewing, Haslemere
T P, Slough
Terry Goodwin, Leamington Spa
Kerry Reaney, Stourport-on-Severn
George Tough, North Yorkshire
Calum Morton, Researcher, Kilmarnock
Amy Newman, Nurse, Plymouth
Steve Smith, Manchester
Meg Lightheart, Service Manager, Indigo Gender Service, Greater Manchester
River Cronin, Librarian, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Jordan Stewart, Artist, Glasgow
Emily Jules, Saltburn
Neil Loffhagen, Counsellor, Counsellor Neil, Bracknell
Nicola Snarey, Lecturer, NOTTINGHAM
Toby Parry, Storyboard Artist, St Albans
Kirsty Syder, Software Developer, Barnet
Harry Bates, London
Eslyn Craven, Student, Callander
Rose Weeks, Bath
Andrew Donaldson, Manager, Edinburgh
Kate Holden, Creative, Bright Little Labs, London
Jamie, Oxford
Adam Montgomerie, Engineer, Tokyo
Carpenter Samantha, Equalities Officer, Cardiff
Nish Vasco-Knight, London
Sam Learmonth, Ferndale
Alexander Urry, London
Ann Gavaghan, London
Lisa Hale, Consultant, Lisa Hale, Reading
Michael Jones, Slough
S Billig, Leeds
Alex perry, Game developer, London
Mike Little, Developer, Stockport
Dr Victoria Cann, Associate Professor, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Ian Thomas, Narrative Director, Cardiff
Will Dobbs, Student, Newport
Tara Court, Administrator, Coventry
Jameson Thatcher, Software engineer, Hove
Hazel Cronin, Learning Support Assistant, Brightin
Oliver Chamberlain, London
Ana-Maria Albastroiu
Ellie Eagleton, Student, York
Thomas Grant, Software Development, Glasgow
Gary Duncan, Edinburgh
Crow Rudd, Poet, York
kim asher, SITE MANAGER, Seaway7, Shepton Mallet
Jennifer Blenkinsopp, Student, Birmingham
Stella Bergin, Psychologist, Glasgow
Matt Nippers, Yorkshire
Robyn Stewart, Student, Glasgow
Johannes T. Evans, Author, Galway City
Mihai Georgescu, Software Developer, Dundee
Ruth Renfrew, GLASGOW
Myka Charlotte Ban-Tsepesh, Student, London Metropolitan University, London
Sarah Ridgeon, Teacher, Bristol
Roy Gibson, Marketing Officer, York
Isaac Stephens-Parr, Nurse, Bristol
Rachel Baillie, Student, Edinburgh
Sam Pigden, Accountant, London
Billy Wassell, Birmingham
Rivers Penny, Local councillor, Godalming
Charlotte Young, London
Tommy Ross-Williams, Artist, London
Tony Fischer, Surrey
Lauren Mclaughlin, 3d Artist, Edinburgh
Leigh Pogue, London
Tess Davis, PhD Student, University of Glasgow
Florence Avery, Teacher, Bristol
Rowan Jones, Writer, Plymouth
Jasper Stocker, Programmer or software development professional, Irreal, Edinburgh
Beatrix Grimbly, Editor, London
Dom, Oxford
Cameron Eadie, Mental Health Worker & Student, Glasgow
Mehgan McKenna, Writer, Pittsburgh
Rachel Carter, Burgess Hill
Andrew Pope, Privacy Officer, London
John Connor, Systems Architect, Warrington
Shaun Robinson, London
Nicola Barratt, Eastbourne
Jess Taylor, Software Engineer, Bristol
Athena, Software Engineer, Dublin
Ashleigh Hearle
Matthew Axbey, Cobham
Cathy Peel, Insurance Broker, Leeds
Max Grunewald, Cheltenham
Victoria Manning, Town Planner, London
David Stibbards, Edinburgh
Sean Millar, Web Developer, Stockton-on-Tees
Franklin Quill, Sensitive Comedy, Cardiff
Florence Okoye, Researcher, London
Zosia Kuczynska, Academic, Oslo
Maja Bäckvall, Civil servant, Visby, Sweden
Kendall-Woods Joy, Retired, Chirk
Myka Ban-Tsepesh, Academic, London Metropolitan University, London
J Richardson
Kirsty riley, Personal, N/A, Manchester
Thomas Pease, Hull
Andrew Day, Librarian, Rochester
Wiktor Gast, Etten-Leur
William Hallows
Mridul Wadhwa, Edinburgh
Cayce Marshall, London
Corin Gardiner, Christchurch
Kieron Moore, Script editor, Manchester
Jess, Writer, London
Polly Scott, MSc Student, MMU, Manchester
Ross Hepburn, Macclesfield
Clare Wilde, Glasgow
Steve Rumens, Thatcham
Alexander Elms, Software Engineer, Wigan
Ellen craven, Ecologist, Leeds
Jeffrey Dean, Researcher, Manchester
Rhys Harding, Digital Marketing, Gloucester
Rachel Hadean, Bristol
Emily Piner, Student, Salisbury
Rhys Lawton, London
Rev. Maximilian cook, Minister, Universal life church, Exeter
Chris Billett, Mirfield
Mikeal Neumann, Assistant, IFF Research, London
Simon Dennis, None, Whitstable
Thom Stanbury, Arts administrator, London
Oliver Judd, Bedfordshire
Marisa Bisset, Bridgnorth
Virginie Assal, Manchester
Elliot Baggott, Graphic Designer, London
Paddy Garrigan, Leeds
Elizabeth Clarke, Medical doctor, Glasgow
Jabeel Mahmood, Birmingham
O’dowd NATALIE, Business Owner, Nottingham
Rebecca Taylor, Edinburgh
Jessica Ross
Emily john, Speech therapist, Swansea
Isobel, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Ben A, Sheffield
Nicola Martin, London
Amy Veeres, Author, Thorndale
Prudence Fassnidge, Teacher, London
Yevstakhii Krul, Software Developer, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Jonathan Schossig, Student, Germany
Sandy Lundhaug Andresen, Artist
Chris Farnell, Writer, Norwich
Zoë Boyd, Leeds
Peter Crothers, Writer, London
Paul Duane, Director, Screenworks, Dublin
Emma Kendall, Fundraiser, London
Ebony, Publisher, Luton
Martin Hall, Archivist
Ada Mackiewicz, artist, Iłowo-Osada
Shawny Alison, Warwickshire
Catherine Brooke
Ryan B, Chester
Michael Barnes, Book binder, Barnes Books, London
Max Watson, Poole
Chay collins
Sam Strickland, Bristol
Sheeva Weil, Trainee clinical psychologist, NHS, London
Luke Matthews, English teacher, London
Tim Osborne, Halifax
Juniper Preston, Engineer, Edinburgh
Vee Pendergrast, Operations Manager, Ashford
Fern Bailey, Worthing
Debbie Timmins, Bedfordshire
L Spooner, Marketing Manager and Narrator, Milton Keynes, Bucks
Dominic Salvia, Programmer, Nottingham
Eleanor Charlotte Walker, Edinburgh
Jack Lenox, Councillor, Green Party of England and Wales, Lancaster
Quincy Baker, Editor, Gdansk
Alex Perrotr, Delivery rider, Deliveroo, Cambridge
Dan Clegg, HR Manager, Thoughtworks, London
Debbie Morgan, Crawley
Neil Quinney, Project Officer, Dundee
Nick T, London
Pigeon Dreadful, Los Angeles
Thomas Ranton, Cardiff
Stephen Berry, Windsor
Marie-Claire Emecheta, Finance Manager, Manchester
Jason C Elms, Beaverton
Ana Reid, Writer, Edinburgh
Alex Mayer, Domestic Abuse Advocate, Newcastle
Sam Cook, Software Tester, Brighton
Chris Haigh, Leeds
Bonnie Fiddis, Belfast
Bruce Leckenby, Health, Falkirk
Pete Carr, Photographer, New Brighton
Chris Dow, Teacher, WHITSTABLE
Kim Britnell, Jarrow
Ben Gilding, London
Kathleen Reid, Co Antrim
Dennis, Netherlands
Ainscough Joanne, Morecambe
Leonie, Dagenham
Jason Alvey, Student, Open University, London
Ally Mair, Edinburgh
Liam Wiseman, Manager, Cambridge
Avery Starcher, Writer
Julie Zeraschi
Thomas Baillie, Glasgow
Claudia Bunger, student, GILLINGHAM
kit, software developer, slough
Tim Lancaster, Spirits Distributor, Tomoka, St Albans
Byron Welch, Office Manager, Nursery, Aldershot
Ian Stewart, Staffordshire
Sadie P, Web Developer, Havant
Vaneet Mehta, London
Lily Card, Totnes
Michelle Taylor, Programmer or software development professional, Cambridge
Greg Cotton, London
Katie Watkins, Wolverhampton
Charlie Otto, Journalism student, University of Sheffield
Maeve storey, London
Mr Jonathan Wroot, Norwich
Anne Power, Staff Networks Coordinator, Central and North West London NHS Trust, London
Emily Savidge, London
Rachel Luton
Matthew Shaw-Thomas, Blackpool
Andrew Bell, Administrative Assistant, Rugby
Alexander McHugh, Shepley
Stewart Smith, Academic, Gateshead
Jamie Connolly, Stocktake Clerk, Edinburgh
Aleksandra Lazarek, translator, Jaworzno, Poland
Elizabeth Veldon, Artist, Edinburgh
Kris Stewart, London
Matthew Fleming
Mary Macfarlane, University manager, Leeds
Jill Rattray, Civil Servant, West Lothian
Tom Newsham, Video editor, Sheffield
Peter Taylor, Senior clinical lecturer, University of Manchester, Manchester
John Pawsey, Housekeeper, Huddersfield
Cat conway, London
J Foster, Recruitment, Cardiff
Lucy McIlwaine, Belfast
Marcus Daniel, London
Claire, Actor, Winchester
Marie Hutton, Lecturer, University of Sussez
Norman Sonia, Electrician, Southend
Gordon Thompson
Yubi Coates, COR, Citizen, Edinburgh
Dr Imogen Smith, scientist, Basingstoke
Tommy Hill, Birmingham
Louis Strong, London
Ravi Kakkad, Leicester
Sarah Wilkinson, Evidence Officer, Manchester
Chloe Thompson, Recruitment) Onboarder, Kilmarnock
Traci Jones, Emotional coach, Market Drayton
Lainie Silvia, Warehouse Worker, Vacaville
Jane Bradley, Manchester
Anne Ramsden, Huddersfield
Adam Dransfield, London
Holly Arnold, Store worker, Worcester
Bradley Tanner
Sara Williams, Florist, Reading
Aura Parker, Data Analyst, Manchester
Kat Staunton, Stafford
Theresa Fay, Retired, Newcastle upon Tyne
Bo Brian, Medical Copywriter, London
April Dickinson, Finance Analyst, London
Liz Roudiani, Bournemouth
Natasha Young, Recruitment, Chesterfield
Sam Wyman, University of Leeds, Leeds
Brian Eagleson, Retired, None, Bédar, Spain
Peter Haines, MD, Blandford Forum
Davina Delaney, N/A, Bristol
Ian Badcoe, Developer, Sheffield
Kate Joester, Edinburgh
Douglas Clements, Engineer, Loughton
Edwin Touw, Oxford
Lucas Hand, Southampton
Rebecca Rimmer, Carer, Bristol
Mel Wraight, psychotherapist, The stillpoint, Nottingham
Amy Bellamy, Consultant, London
Naomi Heathcote, Teacher, London
Rabbi Janet Darley, Rabbi, London
Malone Amy, Psychologist, NHS, London
Tim Chant, Writer, EDINBURGH
Charlie Walker, Cannock
Wil Hodgson, Barber and Comedian, Chippenham
Andrew Godfrey-Collins, Southampton
Peter Weaver
Paul Thompson, PhD Candidate, University of St Andrews, St Andrews
Robyn Kendall, Worthing
Fay Sinclair, councillor, Dunfermline
Cosano Paula, Bournemouth
Darren Warburton, Cardiff
Lavelle Michaela, Bath
Isabel Clennell, Coventry
Cameron Alsop, Software Developer, Oxford
Edward James, Retired, Stoke-on-Trent
Miranda Barty-Taylor, Edinburgh
Kavita, Technologist, Federation of Humantarian Technologists, London
Valour Nicholas, Support Desk Lead, Oxford
Tamsin Omond, Writer, London
Chris Ahchay, Milford Godalming
Ellis, London
Becs Frances, Wellingborough
Antonelli Lisa, Self-employed, London
Harry Randell, Records and Information Manager, Amsterdam
Julia Felber, Studio Manager, Manchester
Megan Hanson, Dumfries & Galloway
Bradley Smith, Civil servant, Sheffield
Humphry Trevelyan, Filmmaker,educator
Osnat Katz Moon, Researcher, Manchester
Nicole Sasha Dettmar, Portsmouth
Mary K
Martin Price, Service Designer, Birmingham
Natasha Agarwal, Student, Kolkata
Jamie Elliott, Accountant, Burnley
Anonymous, Oxford
Zelda Turner, Company director, Turner Bianca, London
Dave Ashley, Livingston
Lauren Davies, Charity Worker, London
Millan Lakhani
David Anthony, London
Chris OToole, Runcorn
Rose Ruane, Writer, Glasgow
C.R. Estrada
Oliver lyons, Perceptive, Cirencester
Gareth Dunstan, Technical analyst, Chesterfield
Guy Makey, Huntingdon
Seren Thomas, Abergavenny
Theo Knifton, Civil servant, Liverpool
Sara Hall, Manchester
Chris Cameron, Glasgow
Sam Gamegee, Disabled, Philadelphia
Denis Champion-Walker, Event Manager, Southend-on-Sea
Giada Micolucci, Glasgow
Joshua Phillips, Software Engineer, Self-Employed, Bristol
Rob Fearon, Developer, The Future Of Videogames, Liverpool
Dominic Berry, Research Fellow, Birmingham
Alastair Lichten, National Secular Society, Brighton
Heather Thomas-hannar, Bradford
Joe Harrison, Environmental Policy, London
Alice Kavanagh, Witney, Oxfordshire
Adam Zammit, Lakenheath
Louis Shankar, PhD Student, London
Danielle Johnson, student, San Jose
Vinny Beazley, Student, N/a, Leeds
Josh Cooke, London
Mr Giles Williams, Boat Mover, Your Helmsman, London
Saima Ferdows, Producer, London
Zoë Martin
Cass Reed, Oldbury-On-Severn
Tash O, NHS
Alan Hitchin, Engineer, Milton Keynes
Natasha Handley, Director, TransLeeds, Leeds
Louise Armstrong, Colchester
Jack Tyrer, Care worker, Deafness Support Network, Cheshire
Francis Watts, Student, Leicester
G Pencavel, Writer, Belfast
Kate Halabura
Andrew Blair, Administrator, Edinburgh
Amanda Jetté Knox, Author, Ottawa
Eddie Porter, Admin, Health Education England – NHS, Swaffham Prior
Matt Cox, Teacher, Hitchin
J Butler, Northampton
Talia Augustidis, Radio producer, London
Nicola Widdowson, Finance Director, London
Aimee Hart, Journalist, N/A, Birmingham
Joseph Chapman, High Wycombe
Mhairi Webster, Glasgow
Peter Trotter, Train driver, London
Fran Martinez Vilarino, Luxury management, London
Lowe Rhiannon, Artist, Cardiff
Bethany Black, Comedian/writer, Chorley
M Campbell
Diego Garcia, Researcher, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton
Carole Davies, Bristol
Laurelin Williams
Dawn Kofie, Content Designer, Edinburgh
Peter Clayton, Sandbach
Zed Gregory, Graphic designer, London
Polly Conroy, Retired counsellor, None, HEREFORD
Ahri Almeida, N/A, Oakland
Ricardo Devilee
Jason Harrison, Student, Lancaster
Georgia Day, Cardiff
Cat Lewis-Shand, Senior Training and Consultancy Officer,, Enfield
Catherine Pickersgill, IT, SWANSEA
Euan Foulis, Assistant Covid Supervisor, Firestarter Films LTD, Edinburgh
Gav Johnstone, IT manager, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh
Justin freeman, Mental Health Nurse, Manchester
Henry Mules, Teacher, Norwich
Jess Pumphrey, Software engineer, London
Ben Hammond
Richard Braithwaite-King (Pseudonym), NHS
David Kaye, Teacher, London
Sam Priestley-Willans, Leeds
Tom Miller, Retail Worker/Church Deacon, Chorlton Central Church, Manchester
Adam Faulkner, Student/umemployed, Coxheath
Nicholas Utting, Post Office Clerk, Kessingland
Jacob Joyce, Artist & Teacher, Westminster University, London
Nathan Carroll, Plymouth
Mary Ann Kennedy, Musician, Watercolour Music Limited, Fort William
Benjamin Oliver, Manager, Software Provider, London
Gideon Sassoon, London
Richard Adam, Language Instructor, Osaka
Remilda Butler, Software Engineer, York
Lewis Chandler, Actor, London
Kate Smith, Birmingham
William Mountain, Teaching assistant, Tkat, London
Dr David Cockcroft, Archaeologist, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Hannah Gaskin, Vet, Hereford
Sara Bea, University of Warwick
Amy Perrins, IT Sysadmin, Reading
Wyatt Hess, Orange, CA, USA
George Thain, IT Service Management, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Matthew Russell, Software engineer, Cambridge
Elizabeth Scott, Dundee
Finn white, Huddersfield
Makin Arwen, Solicitor, Crown Prosecution Service, Nottingham
Ramón Huidobro
Tori Clough, Student, Auckland
Abigail McGill, IT Tech, NR1 1EQ
Hugh O’Keeffe, Assistant Director, Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust, London
Adrian Sandtvos, Glasgow
Tony Jones, Basingstoke
Dr Daniel Koczy, Lecturer, Newcastle
Daisey, Software Engineer, Nottingham
Case Dakota
Susannah Lydon
Ian Ayling, Citizen, MANCHESTER
Ivy Madeley, cleaner, Manchester
Anne-Marie Organ, Administrator, London
James Crowther, Cambridge
Leona Hameed, Producer, London
Sam Heyes, Student, Colchester
Esther Dudek, Engineer, Liverpool
Sofia Venuti, Occupational therapist, NHS, London
Peter McNamara, Reading
Jak Marshall, Brighton
Stephen Butler, Lecturer, Ulster University, Derry
Lesley McLarnon, Carer, Bangor
Kate Miller, Teacher, Augsburg, Germany
Claire Stacey, Dorset
Zack Mills, Development Officer, Huddersfield
Kevin caswell, Sales advisor, Telefonica-o2, Kent
Jared Jeyaretnam, PhD Student, University College London, London
Graham Leese, Retail Manager, London
Ellie, London
Kris Bramley, Scientist, Northampton
Joan Harding, Medic, Kyiv
Nicholas Clarke, Archaeologist, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Georgina Young, Burton on Trent
Jez MacDonald, Brighton
Julie Smith, Librarian, Bradford
Jayne Bell, Retired, Wilmington
Richardson Ky, Solicitor, Twickenham
Michael Ashley-Lahiff, Planner, London
Andrew Fish, retired, none, Harpenden
Chris Schilling, Critic, Stockport
Sophie Hopson, Teacher, Kent
David Allen, Librarian, Brighton
Kathy West, Retail, Cornwall
Benjamin Williams, PR Associate, MANCHESTER
Jonathan Carnie, Port Talbot
Ciaran McNamee, London
C Hughes, PhD student, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Emily Moran, student, bangor
M Spencer
Kelly Levy, legal assistant, London
Lexi Millington, Electronic Engineer, Bath
Sarah, Durham
Dan Thornton, Shrewsbury
Lynne Davies, Retired, Bristol
Michelle Guerra, Book Seller, Business Owner, Reader in USA
Russell Martin, artist, London
Kayleigh Sherer, Liverpool
Kaeden Moody, Technician, Rugby
Agnes Otzelberger, Self employed, Brighton
Rebecca Baderschneider, Student, Birmingham
Laurie Heath, IT Support Technician, London
Aaron Strawbridge, Business Analyst, Manchester
Virginia Wynn-Jones, Constitutional officer, Southwark Council, London
Rebecca Jiggens, Academic Lawyer, Plymouth
Michael Ellis, Tonbridge
Hannah Ege, Digital Marketer, CYOA, London
Greg flucker, Dundee
Anja Komatar, Maths Support Advisor, University of Leeds, Leeds
Michael Bell, Bar tender, Newcastle upon Tyne
Carlos Rizo Maciá, Typescript Developer, Devilish Games, Spain
Alan Eagleson, Glasgow
Jade Taylor, Cloud services consultant, Haptic Networks Ltd, Corby
Leo Farrell
Beth Hardy, Consultancy owner, Getting Back 2U, Sheffield
Stefanie Davidson, Archivist, Personal capacity, Leeds
Ben Southgate, Edinburgh
Anton Bengtsson, Malmö
Charlotte Pyle, Student, Canterbury
Sarah Edwards, Staffordshire
Lou Olvhøj, Orkney
Kari Fay, Lancaster
Stephen Hutchinson, Manchester
James, London
Anthony Ing, London
Doherty Jasmine, Air Traffic Controller, Maybole
Mamdi Miles, Business Manager, BASINGSTOKE
Claire Farnworth, Chief Operating Officer, Manchester
Kat Welsford, Analyst, London
Emma Leach, Research Director, Exeter
Colleen Cheetham-Gerrard, HR Manager, London
Ceri Harris, Equality Manager, Porth
Carington, PM, Norwich
Matthew Kamen, Birmingham
Ashley Stephen, QA Engineer, Aberdeen
Gary Ovenden, Teacher, Canterbury
Elly Loel, Developer, Portable, Melbourne
Rosanna Rackley, BIRMINGHAM
Eve Nolan, Birmingham
Freya, Administrator, Newport
Sarah Fourcassier, Paris
Pippa Holmes, Retired Engineer, London
Stuart Ower, Glasgow
Peter falloon, Designer (ex BBC), The bear creative ltd, London
Kerry Becker, Glasgow
Alexander Breathnach, Liverpool
Sarah Vallance, Yoga Teacher, Accessible Yoga With Sarah, Cheltenham
Natalie Jacques-Butterworth, Student, Lampeter
Victoria Clarke, Lecturer, University of York, Leeds
george parker, Writer, London
Aym Phoenix Maidment, Communications Officer, University of Oxford, Oxford
Nicola Swales, Veterinary nurse, Wakefield
Peter Lowe, Norwich
Alex, Public servant, BIRMINGHAM
Rev. Nick Lear, Minister, Plymouth
Sarah Malyan, Student, Uni, Gloucester
Penny Sofroniou-Izzard, Wickford
Richard Jones, Lamdlord, N/A, Manchester
Kieran chubb, Student, Plymouth
Ally Radomski, Student, Nottingham
Linda hughes, Counsellor, London
Robert Cumming, Computer Engineer, No, Aberdeen
Pippa Earl, Personal Assistant, French Weir Affordable Homes, Taunton
Christopher Pang, Electrical Engineer, Bristol
Kirsty Lewiis, Stoke-on-Trent
Clive Ingram, LONDON
Michelle Smith, Bricklayer, Self employed, Irchester
Tom Hirst, Cambridge
Zed Lomax, Teacher, London
Lara, Admin assistant, Oxford
Nick Hurd, London
Alana Phelan
M. Ozturk, London
Madi Fortune, Social Worker, Westminster City Council/CNWL NHS Trust, London
Taine Devanney, Leeds
Steph Bleach, Marketing, Guildford
Violette Lundsten, London
Emma, Insurance Broker, Leeds
Christopher Adams, Preston
Scott Johnston, Retail, Co-op Food, Glasgow
Gemma Donovan, Care worker, York
Suzanne Martin
James Carter, Senior Genetic Technologist, Bromsgrove
Jack W, Graphic Designer, Rochester
Olly, London
Nigel Banyard, Bristol
Sam Auterson, None, None, Derby
Steven Anderson, Commercial Manager, Stirling
Courtney Fournier, Co. Down
Tally Aslam, Trustee, Portsmouth Pride Trust, Portsmouth
Chris Wilson, Psychologist, NHS, London
Karen Self, Bristol
Gavin Spence
Skye Wright, Crisis care mental health practitioner, NHS, LONDON
DAVID L GORE, Manchester
Gaudi Daamen, Deventer
Lois day, DevOps engineer, Automation logic, London
Ross London, Technical Lead, Stevenage
Nell Brown
Max Shaw, Self-employed, Cheltenham
Sam Sewell-Peterson, Bradford
Amy Woodworth, Social Researcher, London
Ellen Mellor, NHS system administrator, Newcastle upon Tyne
Sarah Grant
Ariel Chapman, Plymouth
Robert Bone, Social Media Manager, Soho, London
Sarah Brook, Software Developer, Sheffield
Tracy Southern, Manager, Sheffield
Alex Vissaridis, Graphic designer, London
Pauline Fleck, Retired, Leeds
Peter, -, -, Birmingham
BioWolf, School, Reading
Nela Smolovic Jones, Gender academic, Open University, Milton Keynes
Emma Lucy Bevan, Web designer, London
Anna Monkman, Surrey
Kevin Taylor, Head of Development, Cheadle
Laura Schofield, HR Leader, Elland
Matthew Johnson, London
Owain Griffiths, Learning Support, Maesteg
Lesley Mitchell, Glasgow
Zoey Alexandra, IT Manager, Zozo, Chichester
Katherine Bird, Andover
Alex Bedwell, IT Technician, Chelmsford
Glitch, Student, Reaseheath College, Shrewsbury
Niall Cartwright, Software Engineer, Birmingham
Dan Beale-Cocks, Cheltenham
Mariah Antill, Wolverhampton
Tammy Airey, Student, Exeter
Erin Campbell, Student, Cardiff
Tom Musgrove, Student, London
Jessica Gardner
Stacey Bloomfield, Personal assistant, Hornsea
Linnea, Student, Stockholm
Jennie Rich, Civil Servant, London
Benjamin Scotson, Student, Wolverhampton
Guy, London
Phil Snelgrove
Adam Deliot, Student, Bristol
Deanna Earley, Engineer, Portsmouth
Charlie Edmunds, London
Honor Ash, Artist, Norwich
Payton McIntosh, Computer Programmer, Edinburgh
Rose Belamy, Student, London
Martin Buttery, Teacher, London
Sara Barratt, Customer Experience Officer, Beccles
Mark Harrison, Civil servant, Abergavenny
Helen, London
Jessica Steele, London
Craig, Finance assistant, Northern Ireland
Sam Woods, Journalist, DualShockers, Ipswich
Tom Stevens, Marketing, London
Emma Manktelow, Librarian, London
Cheryl Arvidson-Keating, Taunton
Reuben G Baverstock, Teacher, Liverpool
Matan Topper Erez, Managing Director, Hebden Bridge
Liz Collyer
Ian Brumby, industrial modelmaker, Fenris Games, Lincoln
Beth Grey, Software Developer, Leeds
Jonathon Gilbert
Alex, London
Kiri Baildon-Smith, Theatre technician, London
Douglas Forsyth, Glasgow
Moore Miranda, Writer, London
Tim Pinder, Administrator, NHS, Nottingham
Sarah Harrison, London
Sarah Vyse, Chartered Accountant, Ilkley
Alex Thorpe, York
Terri Loy, Immunologist, Kent
David Cullen, Researcher, Oxfordshire
Kristin Ding, Student, University of Washington, Seattle
Miss Lillie Dae, software developer, Sun Strategy, Leeds
Patrick OLoghlen, Gateshead
Mikey Cunningham, Northampton
Gus Campbell, Brighton
Elizabeth Miller, Nottingham
Adam, Glasgow
Rachel McDonald, Compliance Manager, Oxford
Peter, -, -, Newcastle
Jonathan Coton, Energy services, Private, Gloucester
Amelia Kelly, Investment Analyst, London
Marcena Dredge, Course Leader, Leeds
Ari Grayson
Jonathan S. Cromie, insurance, London
Catherine Backhouse, Bookseller, Brighton
Aimee Hayes, Editor, Horsham
Finlay Games, Freelance content creator, Plymouth
Marko Reiß, Student, Erkelenz
Amy Fisher, Newcastle
Greg Turner-Smart, HR, BELPER
Jamie, London
Ashley Creighton, Carer, Liverpool
Kathryn Thorn, Developer, Manchester
Michael Nightingale, Retired, Basingstoke
Richard Harris, Engineer, London
Lee Plynter, Dorset
Laura Barton, Microbiologist, Ashford
Dhakiyya Gomm, undewriter, Bournemouth
Tracey Wilson, Edinburgh
Alis Prusokas, PhD Student, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon tyne
David James, Legal professional, London
Zoe Sams
Quinn Daley, Software engineering manager, Leeds
J.Bailey, OTR Bristol, Bristol
Brett Parsons, Southampton
Scott Hasler, London
Thomas Edwards, Author, Barton upon Humber
Jon Beavis, Nottingham
Sandra L., political science graduate student, Nottingham
Peter Watts, Consultant, London
Rachael Hunt, Student, lincoln
Fran Ruiloba, Script writer, Madrid
Hafren, Telford
Lenny Smith, Game Developer, Helsinki
Katie Campbell, Journalist, Glasgow
Claudia Duncan, BELFORD
Matthew Wilson, Stockport
Beth pollock, Cornwall
Lee Hoosein, Manchester
Sophie Warren, Student, Cheltenham
Matt Bowden, Security Sales, Gravesend
William carr, London
Ed Jones, Student, Oxford
Rhys Jones, Bridgend
Rebecca Fitzjohn, Birmingham
Martin Macleod, Dundee
Sandra Hayes, Barry
Louis Price, Teacher, Bristol
aimee whitcroft, Various, New Zealand
Fiona O’Neill, Cork
Deborah Harvey, Bristol
Elle Williams
Jack Doherty, Marketing Manager
David White
Giulietta Williamson
Matthew Grant
Richard Burrows, Librarian, Sheerness
Athene Allen, software engineer, Nottingham
Mike Bithell, Company Director, Manchester
beth simpson, Durham
Andrew Hanton, Biologist, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Liara k crane, Graphic designer, Reading
Callie Buchanan, Data Engineer, Edinburgh
Sophie Lawton, London
Just Abigail, London
Connor Cashell, Student, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Nick Waterman, Warehouse team leader, Rugby
Daniel Ostrowski, London
Thomas Chisholm, Liverpool
Amy, Housewife
Ethan Fox, Studio Head, Tanuki-sama Studios, Brighton
Margarita Gancheva, service industry, N/A, London
Jennifer Harrison, Leeds
Dermot Fitzsimons, SLT, Glasgow
Kylie, Glasgow
Raye Walsh, London
Eleanor Platt, London
Andrew Middleton, Sheffield
Nicholas Furze, Lecturer, Broadstairs
Robert Harrington, HR, St Albans
Norah Lynn P
Emma Thomas, Cardiff
Diane Wailes, Retired, Private, Newcastle
Jessica Cook, Cleaner/Housekeeper, Bolton
Kate Everall, Brighton, UK
Laura Everard, Student, Durham
Stella Cottee, Optician, Grantham
Joseph Radomski, Analyst, Nottingham
Hazel Crompton, Art Student, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
Madeleine Sullivan, COVENTRY
Joshua O’Sullivan, Trainee Technician, Manchester
Giacomo Allen, Data Engineer
Lynne hatfield, London
Adam Piechocki-Brown, Newcastle
Stacey Henley, Editor in Chief, TheGamer, Newcastle
Nicholas Hollands, Software Engineer, Glasgow
Amy Mason, Researcher, Cambridge
samantha ovens, Artist, London
Roz Taylor, it service desk manager, N/A, Chippenham
Daniel Tribe, Carlisle
Emily Dimmock, Embryologist, London
Grant Erswell, IT Manager, Wolverhampton
Ryan McLeod, Development Worker, Edinburgh
David Artiss, Nottingham
Marc-Anthony Taylor, Software dev, Vienna
Andrew Murphy, Area Manager, Liverpool
Natalie Spurrell, Analyst, Guildford
Ben Mailey, Lockerbie
Ben kidd, Software developer, Lymm
Matthew Riley, Communications Manager, Podcast Host, Bottoming Podcast, London
Francesca Romana Ammaturo, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton, LONDON
Paschal Dooley
Nadia Jacobsen, Self imployed, Transpersoner i Danmark, Øster Ulslev
Chris Scullion, Journalist, Video Games Chronicle, Edinburgh
Samuel Jackson, Student, Lancaster
Zachary Carruthers, Teacher, London
Gregory Chester-Parsons, Bury St. Edmunds
Peter Fenwick, Sales Manager, London
Sasha S, Graphic Designer, Leicester
John Protherough, Leeds
Hannah Carley, Student, York
Joanna Rowling, Writer & LGBTQ+ Ally, Lumos, Edinburgh
Ewan Moore, Journalist, Nottingham
Andrew Hadley, Senior Digital Account Manager, Woking
Alan Bellingham, Royston
Lucius Paisley, Mank Banager, Australia, Sydney
Jennifer Scarlet, Projent Manager, Sheffield
Kelly W, Lancaster
Ben Haworth, Biggleswade
Jan Gooding, Executive Coach, Kiloran Bay, London
Kari Byrne, Retired, Ceredigion
Raf Benato, Academic, London
Katherine Kirkham, Leeds
Mike D, Media, N/a, Brighton
Kerry Harwood, Teacher, Sheffield
Abdullahi Mohamed, Satirist, London
Missy Hufnagle, Guntersville
Rhianna Pratchett, Writer, Freelance, London
Alison Williamson, Woking
Simon Bardo, IT Technician, Gravesend
Wayne Dooley, Senior Employee Relations Manager, Nottingham
Paul Ross, Insurance broker, Dundee
Mark Robinson, IT Manager, Dundee
Ben van den Eykel, Wellington
Harry Connolly, Student, Brisbane
Zachery Devero, Artist, Stockton
Angie Bual, Director, Trigger, Bristol
Edward Boulton
Jack Windsor, Occupational therapist, Chester
Jennifer Gibbard, Nottingham
Matthew Devereux, Secretary, PRIDE in Gloucestershire, Gloucester
A Howe
Gregory Price, Healthcare, Cambridge
Tory Nairn, Tbc, London
Joanna Brett, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Camden & Islington NHS Trust, London
Dali Regent, Philosopher
Becky Brynolf, Glasgow
Bax McGauley
Adam Brooke, Project Manager, Stafford
Cath LeCouteur, Director, LONDON
Jenny, Office manager, NHS, Bristol
Darren Poole, Scientist, Hertfordshire
Kiri Sylvester-Edwards, Norwich
Julie M Tyler, Learning Support Assistant, Leamington Spa
Charley Noble, Building Surveyor, Canterbury
Daniel Bruce Ryan, Welwyn Garden City
Cees-Jan De Hoog, University lecturer, Edinburgh
Vikki Patis, Author
Sam Jackson, Musician, Bristol
Callum Pearce, Writer
Vladimir Vasiliev, Finance, London
Kelly Mercer, Isle of Man
Hannah Flood-Mallinson, Marketing Director, Aberdeen
Beth Finlay, Veterinary student, Glasgow
AJ Patterson, Birmingham
Jonathan Clark, Conservator, Norwich
Nicholas Wilson-James, Ashford
Dave Hall, Environmental Mamagement, Self Employed, Eemont
Ben Whitehouse, Bedford
Alex Bircham-Grimes, Structures Examiner, Sheffield
Charlotte Daniel, Glasgow
Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale, TUC LGBT+ National Committee, BRADFORD
Joe Baker, Norwich
RX, Support Worker, Dublin
Linda Medhurst, Lawyer, Manchester
matt hearty, suprise
David west, CX manager, Hyve, Portsmouth
James Whatley, London
anonymous, engineer, harrogate
James O’Neill, Macduff
Victoria Ann Tucker, Tucson, Arizona, United States
MG Harris, Author, Oxford
Hannah Jaenicke, London
Jane Keal, Account Executive, NORTHWICH
Madeline harrop, Teacher, Manchester
Bronte Born, Court monitor, Perth WA
Ross Jones, Retired, Scottish Borders
Philip Woolley, Lewisham
Ronel Vincent Ching, Student, Taguig
Jane Hill, SW, London
Jack Marshall, Cranbrook
Diana Jak, Illustrator, Stockholm
Lyndon Lewis-Morrow, Northolt
RUSSELL CHILD, Teacher, London
Ranjita Neogi, Teacher, London
Mikhail Keselman, musician, Rostov-on-Don
Melanie Hartley, London
Donna H, Administrator, Doncaster
Gail Rowe, Carer
Alex Blackthorn, Print operative, Gloucester
James Phillips
Frances Horrocks, Information governance officer, York
Fred Langridge, Fred S Langridge, Sheffield
Paul MacGillivray, Bromley
Ratcliffe Emma, Warrington
Mark Wall, Retired, Chester
Steven Agnew, Edinburgh
John Williams, Marketing Director, Colwyn Bay
Paul, Charity Systems Developer, Brighton
Lizi Trafford, Edinburgh
Rob Durbin, Bristol
Nikki Belfield, Marketing professional, Sheffield
George De Souza W, Teacher, London
Renee Teloka, London
Katrina Gallacher, Trainee solicitor, Edinburgh
Emma Downie, Strathaven
Sylvia Power, Editor, Dublin, Ireland
James Morrall, Doctor, Harrogate
Jim O’Hagan, development engineer, Edinburgh
Sara Price, Bristol
Ward Fiona, Director, Faversham
Andrew Murphy, Warehouse Operative, Liverpool
Mary James, Copywriter, Norwich
Darren Etherington, Ryton
Bridget Radomski, Pharmacist, Nottingham
Charl Landsberg, Artist, Cape Town
Lynne Morris, Office Manager, Cardiff
Hannah Tollett, Reading
Eva Duncanson, PhD Student, Edinburgh
Sofia Terres Guiraud, University Student, Curitiba
Kara Preston, Student, De Montfort University, Leicester
N Smith
Rei Mansa, Laboratory technologist, Copenhagen
Jack Wright, Designer, London
Lillian Berry, Painswick
Dr Sahra Taylor, City, University Of London, Lecturer
Julia L, Support, Edinburgh
Marissa Dainton, University Lecturer, Canterbury
Maximilian Lancaster, Barista, Doncaster
Adrian Kay, Video Editor, AAF, Wagga Wagga NSW
Richard Atkinson, Burnley UK
Laura Moodie, Administrator, Kirkcudbright
Jeeve Sobs, Founder, Appple
Callum Phillips, Business Support, Kirklees Council, Huddersfield
Lyn S, Retired, Glasgow
Dominic Gibson, Senior Software Engineer, ESO Solutions, Belfast
Niall Kiely, Actor, London
Delphine Perret, Special needs teaching assistant, VILLENEUVE-D’ASCQ
Alison Masterson, Norwich
Wendy Batley, Human Resources, Beaumont
Dan C Rogers, Admin Assistant, Bristol
Fiona Lund, Medical Receptionist, NHS, Norwich
Daniel Adley, Teacher, Melbourne
Tobias Larsson, Librarian, Helsinki
Kyle Hulton, GA, NHS, Manchester
Lyndy, Manager, Charity, Bristol
Samuel Alexander, Manchester
Timo Kramer, PhD Candidate, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
Adam Friedland, Finance Corps/Comfort Woman, Israel Defense Forces, West Bank Settlement
Avi Rappoport, self-employed, Berkeley, CA, USA
Niall Ferguson, Nhs, Nhs, Bangor
Obamaniqua, Unemployed, Unemployed, Detroit
Sephe Stewart, N.A, N.A, Aberdeen
Danny Whatley, Artist, Shreveport
David Ogden, Pharmacist, London
Luke Hardiman, Legal Assistant, Celbridge
Ellis, -, -, County Antrim
Janet Patterson, Registered Nurse, Maxim Healthcare Services, Cotati
Sacha Torregrosa-McGough, Teacher, Manchester
S Clerke, Edinburgh
Andrew Hideki Hamamura, Apprentice, São Paulo
Jonas Gardmann, Teacher, Cologne
Cameron Picardi, Managing Owner, Los Angeles
Fedor Dubovsky, translator, Prague, Czech Republic
Atlas, enby, Oklahoma
Rabbitt Daniel, Colchester
Roberta K, Editor, Seattle
Isaac, Carer, Aberdeenshire
Eve Harris, FOH Manager, London
Tamara Lackey, Massage therapist, Boulder
Kira Wauters, Biomedical Science Student, St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London
Louise Godfrey, Senior Autism & ADHD Practitioner, Alton
Daniel Williams, Nottingham
Beth Gould, Brighton
Nicola Young, Information Disclosure Officer, Portsmouth
Alexander Coulter, PhD student, Texas A&M University, Department of Statistics, College Station
Colin James, Dorking
Revenjamin Buttons, Big City Gangsta, Free City
Rebecca Paisis, Jamming Events, London
Marc McKenna-Coles, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy Lead, Brighton
Rossi Miss A M, Training Consultant, Self Employed, Ashford
Michael Dunleavy, Software Engineer, Newtownards
Harry Roberts, Mechanical Engineer, Wales
Ian Harvey, York
Sandy Sullivan, Market Access Specialist, White British
Dahnya Rose Hollier-Day, Customer Services Agent, Visco Therapy, Bristol
Natasha Yergin, copy editor, Villa Park, Illinois
Adrien Jones, Bartender, Melbourne
Jenny Mason, Mid Wales
Michelle Battell, Chatham
Izzy, Midvale, UT
David Huntrods, Brighton
Tamsin Bedford, PhD student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Dylan McDowell, Student, University of California, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga
Mhara Hughes, Author, Chester
Murray Julie, Bootle
Lara wenman, Camera operator, London
Lori Wyndham, Reading
Luci Virgo, Machine Operator, Mount Gambier East
Rose Schmits, Ceramicist, London
Lioba, London
Kerine Lee-Tuffin, Personal support worker, Ipswich
David M, Southampton
Helen Hewitt, Dental Practice Mgr, Nantwich
Simon Frith, Head of veterans services, Change step, Llanybyther
Peter Quain, Royersford
Stephanie R Hayden, Lawyer, London
M. John Jones, ironworker, seattle
Rusty Ralston, Student, 177th, Knoxville, TN, USA
Michael Woodroof, Banker, Umpqua Bank, Spokane
Oggin Angelkov Cummings, Student, University of Bristol, Bristol
Helen, Lawyer, San Diego
Shimei Kure, Computer engineer, Slough,UK
Keiran Stockley, Software Engineer, San Leandro, CA
Rachel Hart, Relationship Manager, Falkirk
Gill Hay, Scotland
Nova Yarges, Anoka
Jo Wheeler, producer, Jo Verrent Limited, Bingley
Chris Blake, Manager (retail), Bristol
Alexandra York, Retired, Warwick
Max Raspor, Student, RKU, Malmö
Emmett Bullions, Paignton
Mary Jo (MJ) Jo Parlier, Caregiver, Olcott
Tim Baker, TJB Arts, Artist
Andrea Schulz, Teacher, Louisville
Kate Rutherford, Quality control, Carlisle
Kaleamililani Waialeale
Benjamin Slater, Student, Adelaide
James Burchett, Actor, Sydney
Kit Kittleson, Victim Advocate, Minneapolis
Alexis Hall, Student, Loughborough
MJ Howe, Editor, Brighton
Luke Cassar, Software development, Worcester
Logan Romero, Detroit
Chorus Lorenn, Support Agent, Denton, TX
Helen-Louise Windsor, PhD student, University of London, Kingston upon Thames
Jez Quiney, Teacher
Kat Steinke, bioinformatician, Odense
Chloe Runnels, Tech Support Agent, Denton,TX
Peter O’Loughlin, Nottingham
Danielle Y, Conservationist, Albuquerque
Ian Charman, Mgr, L&D, Seattle
Alice, PhD student, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala
Shura Davahan, Lab Tech, ALBUQUERQUE
Emily Klassen, Vancouver, Canada
Joseph Harwood, CEO, Team Baron Ltd., London
Daniel Del Papa, Melbourne
Marissa Soto, Seattle, WA
Hannah, student, melbourne
Jane Louise May, Customer service, Manchester
Alyssa Alminiana, Corona
Aidan sarson, Distribution, Derby
Michael Friesen, Writer, Minneapolis
Ian Matsui, Kula, Hawaii
Sianne Person, University Student, Irvine
Lucy Preece, Cardiff
Lawrence Groening, Toronto
Sam Bruce
Anon, Cranbrook
Jon Hughes, Doctoral candidate, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Lisa Padol, NYC
Loraine Darbyshire, Nurse, Helensburgh
Rachel Drake, Counselor, Nevada, USA
Lane Robert, Houston, TX
Michele Fry, Oxford
Kara Goldfinch, Bury
Chloe Ravenchester, Wellbeing officer, Manchester
Bob Beggs, Retired, Rugby
Alexandre Morris, Montreal
Tom, Freelance artist, Tilburg
anonymous, Redmond, WA
Louise Nicholson, Retired, Llanidloes
Emma Cuthbertson, Scottish Greens Women’s Network, SHOTTS
Becky Powell, Systems Developer, Bristol
Chase Kellogg Byron, Software Engineer, Herndon
Robert McGlone, Roster manager, Bristol
Gabriel Bono, Social Worker, Kansas City
Matt Weiner, Academic Philosopher, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont
Lauren Simpson, Retired, Knebworth
Nathaniel Guillemot, Teacher, London
Cynthia Stevens, City of Airway Heights
Neo Simpson, Student, Scottish National Party, Fort William
Lauren O’Byrne, Cis ally, , London
Ceri, Aberystwyth
Todd Murray, Wellington, NZ
Caroline Coetzee, Cambridge
Dizzy Priestley, Student, 3820
Eric Borowski, Admin, Edmonton
Josephine Middleton, Norwich
Steven Lauro Pollock, Art Director, Belfast
Victoria Tatham, Assistant Manager, VIOC, St. Ann
Susanna Rouillard, IT, Sydney
Kevin J. Maroney, IT engineer, Yonkers, NY
Emily Bello, Kingston upon Thames
Waqar Ali, Glasgow
Elianna Anastasia Loughty, Pharmacy Student, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh
Steve Coats-Dennis, Social media manager, London
Norma Jean McSpadden, systems analyst, GATECH, Atlanta GA, USA
Gareth Doolan, Content Creator, Dublin
Taja Sherry, Support worker, Adelaide
Aisha, Educator, Hobart
Christopher Michael Hedrick, Factory Worker, Waynesboro
Danielle MacRae, Covid-19 Lab Scientist, Glasgow
Ben Blanding, Seattle
Taegan Collyer, Southampton
Zoe Smith, Student, Falmouth University, Falmouth
samantha elliott, student
Emma Heitzmann, artist, Canada
Alex McRae, Retired Civil Servant, None, Glasgow
kate morrison, Author, UK
Jonathon Lee Boutsikaris, Yale
Huon Mejarne, Armidale
Lynn Kaylor, Retired, Spokane WA
CJ Higgins, Theatre artist
Susan B Barnum, Librarian, El Paso
Alex Turner, Student, Sheffield
Joy D Kimmel, New York
Valmihra Sommerset, disgusted, angry cis lesbian, Perth, AUS
Erin Fee, Tallahassee
ZP, Portland, Oregon, USA
Lizzie, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Kent
Andy Smith, Bournemouth
Liam James Littlejohn, Derby
Amber Parude, Graduate Student, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lauchlan Young, Worker, Countdown NZ, Auckland
Brooke Cooper, Alexandria
Lesley Park, Housewife, None, Falkirk
Aaron Lim, Consultant, Petaling Jaya
Adam Smith, ST. GEORGE
Laura Olds, Student, Oxford
Ace Smith, New York
James Washington, Core Engineer, Louisville Kentucky USA
annette kinkade, linguist, bermondsey
Concerned, Student, UIUC, Champaign
Sadie Flayeh
Rachael Howard, Consultant Engineer, Kirkby
Eleanor Daly, Illustrator, Student, LGBTQIA+ Ally, Glenrothes
James Angus, Bangor
Emma Bostic
Selena B, Clerk, Brisbane, Australia
McGill Meritxell
Darren Rolls, Bartender, Elgin
Natalie Hilburn, Kansas City
Tommy-Ray Collyer, Nairn
Christopher Kelson, Basingstoke
Athena Homatopoulos, Harwich
Nina, Student, Falmouth
Benjamin Wincote, Journalist, Folkestone
Steve Harrison, Playworker, Pontypool
Kendra Howard, BIRMINGHAM
Daniel P Roberts
Brendan Agnew, Preschool Teacher, Norman
Kai Milloy
Caitlyn Benoit, Saint Louis, MO
Lux Jones
Angela, Parent, Preston
Jonathan Grainger, Student, Maitland, AU
James Reynolds, Artist, Perth
Lucas Rasmussen, Savage, MN
James Hart, Electronic Engineer, Wolverhampton
Daniel Walker, Service Technician, Ashburn
Nate Jacobson, Saline, MI
Rory Syers, None, Durham
Adam Fairris, Microbiologist, London
Devon Morrow, Food service, San Antonio
C J Young, parent, oldham
Jane Smith
ffion lee, student, london
Isabella Malagon, Student, N/A, Toronto
Kevin Danielle, Science Writer, Atlantic Forest Research Collaborative, Moncton, Canada
Brendan Pert, Computer Science, Victoria
Gareth Christopher Stanley Jones, Software Developer, Wellington, New Zealand
Rayetta Stevens, Unemployed, Charleston, WV
Jane Kydd
Logan Grabill
India Willoughby, Broadcaster, London
Zoe Purnell
Tyler Gorman, Swampscott
Sarah E Woodall, Retired, West Bromwich
Kat Silva, Writer, London
Maya Souris, Atlanta, GA
Jamie Siebenaler, BRIDGEWATER
Mars Alishaw, Student, N/A, London
Julie Darrah, Retail, Chestertown
Maeve Shade, Quincy, Illinois
Phoebe Qiao, Ottawa
Devina Moore, Student, Los Angeles
Jakob Zaccarelli
Vicky Grant, Student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Dr Joanna Kemp, Diversity and Inclusion advisor
Hugh Fraser, Aberdeen
Elizabeth Fraser, Student, Gloucestershire
Aura Walker, Minimum Wage Cashier, Thorold
Michael M, Chef, Melbourne
Nate Maldonado, Olympia
Erin Berdeja, Translator, Mexico City
Paul Joseph winter, London
Joan Lamb, Support worker, Manchester
Katie, Masters Student, Newcastle
Saoirse Ó Catháin, lover of women, Axiom Networks, Gate Pa
Rebekah Kiddell Mullen, Student, Plymouth
Isaaca Hoglen, Glendale
Christopher Wood, Factory Worker, Bendigo
Philip Muwanga, Developer, Manchester
Kate Spence, Birmingham
Acacia Lauren O’Donnell, Student Journalist, Glasgow
Blair Runneals, Unemployed, Ames, IA
Alex Lightbody, Covid vaccinator, West of Scotland/ Renfrewshire
Sinead Vanheusen, London
Helen Rathmell, Unpaid carer, Kirkcaldy
Michael Magpuyo, Marketing Assistant, Glasgow
Louis Towers, College Student, Manchester
Meila Kremen, Taxi driver, Exeter
Paul H, Inspector, Raleigh
Theodore Purdy, Self Employed, Nottingham
Geoff Wilkinson, Data engineer, Jakarta
William Clare Roberts, Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Mark Daunt, Videographer, Nottingham
Daniel lismore, Artist, London
Ellie Lowther FRSA, Inclusion Specialist, Middlesbrough
Ian Borean, Guelph
Karen Pearlston, CIS lesbian, Canada
Noel Spence, BELFAST
J Rose, Student, Derby
Nick Pett, Welwyn Garden City
M. B, Nurse, Netherlands
Joanne Winter, Editor, Tottenham
Tara Powers, baker, Chicago
Erin Sharpe, Grocer, Loughborough
H. Drew Hayes, Travel Professional, Tempe, Arizona
C. Cordom, Ally, LGBTQIA+, Burton-Upon-Trent
Neil Franks, Activist, The Green Party, Droitwich
Stephen, Social worker, Edinburgh
Ashley Fieldhouse, Healthcare assistant, Mx, Norwich
Kalle Siukola, pensioner, none, Helsinki, FI
Rösetta Josephine Kennedy, Student, Kingston Upon-Thames
Tim Hall, Market Harborough
Ruth Elizabeth, Sheffield
Amanda Lobb, Seattle
Smith Joseph, Altrincham
Michael Pereira, London
Sean Muntifering, Teacher
Sarah Sanders, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Stuart Nottingham, Manchester
Robert Clark, Student, University of Leicester, Leicester
Kameron Frieson, Cedar Hill
Staszek Welsh, Stratford-upon-Avon
Ami Evans, Grad Student, University of Louisville, Louisville
Cassie Miller, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Baltimore
Iain Hanks, York
Llinos T, Aberystwyth
Mark Koehr, New Jersey USA
Jill McGlinchey, Boston, MA, USA
Helen Richardson, York
Robin Blaise-Kirwin, Student, Queen’s University, Mount Forest
Sara Keep, , Southport
Patrick Mortimer, Student, Bath
Trent Carr, Student, Mandurah, Western Australia
Elizabeth Chadwick, California
walter lewis, librarian
Ciarán McFadden, Academic, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh
Christoph McGuire, Chef, London
Andrew Smith, Richmond
Laurence Webb, Manchester
Angela Alice Simpson, Writer, West Lancashire
Emma Stapleton, Disabled, Cardiff
Geoorgina Daw, Bedford
Katy Dexter, Farmer, Norfolk, UK
Benjamin Peeples, Archivist, Astoria
Sam Halligan, Student, Edinburgh University, Wrecsam
Kate M, Mum of a trans teen, Wales
Samuel Gronseth, Video Producer, Knoxville
Elizabeth Roydes, Dumfries
Jamie Rawson, Technician, School, London
Fred Sjael, London
Kim Knapp, Retired, Corvallis WA US
Tommy Robin, Teacher, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
Cyrus Cohen, New York City
Michael Collins, SOUTHAMPTON
Isaiah Villegas, Sunrise
Benjamin T. Summers, Student, Dundee
Emily Jeanne Boyer, Shoreline
Matthew Garrah, Certified Rights Respecter, University of Impartiality, Mississauga,Canada
Lucille Nuuja, San Anselmo
Jack McAdam, Game Designer, Studio Ve, Lancaster
Laura Walton, Crafter, Leicester
Matthew Landvogt, Coffee roaster, Chicago
Andrew McLean, Archaeologist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Wendy Rees, Digital analyst, Edinburgh
Alistair Davies, Huddersfield
Joseph Nielsen, Marketer, London
Alice Harris, Software Developer, Glasgow
Samirah Ribeyron, Studeny, Edinburgh
Richard Mann, Social Worker, Austin
Kristi Sundberg, Tech Support, Colorado Springs
liao tingwei, china, hunan university, guangzhou
Tristan Smith, Huddersfield
Julie O’Brien, Volunteer & Board Member of a Women’s Organization, Scotland
Edward McDonnell, Administrator, Public Sector, London
Joseph Lauer, Baker, Minneapolis, MN
Stephanie J. Davies, Carer, None, Preston
Andrew Macaulay
Liz Evans, Doctor, Hull
Lewis Hall Rudford, Student, Swansea
Nathan Adams, student, billericay
Hannah Berry, Project Officer, GMCVO, Manchester
Kalvin Teasdale, Student, Edinburgh
Alexander Arnold, Programmer, London
Lee Peltz, Engineer, Penticton
Yuriko Imagawa, Student, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Liam Stevenson, Artist (Freelance), Staffordshire
Susan Heimann, Shawnee
Blaise Jacks, Custodian, Pittsburg
Kate Duggan, Dublin
Jennie Kronenfeld, Retired, Scottsdale
Zoe Edwards, Programmer, London
Peter Freville, Cashier, Chicago
Leo R, Yorkshire
Brian Start, Homemaker, Henrietta
Harry Petch, Student, None, Dundee
Charlotte Craddock, Staffordshire
Alexei Samolsky, IT Specialist, Saugerties
Mary Alexander, Student, Alton
Leon Fleming, Playwright and Chair, Bradford Pride, LEEDS
Iona Richardson, London
Sarah Hillaby, Surrey, BC, Canada
Adam Chandler, Graphics Designer, Stroud
Megan Cline, Graduate Student, Ellensburg, WA
Olivia-Eris Aphelion, N/A, Aylesbury
Lorna Gilfoyle, Call Centre Operative, Normanton
Paul Charles, Shawbury
Luke Thompson, Programmer, Manchester
Sadie Sharp, Bristol
Karen holdsworth-cannon, Senior commissioning
James Packer, Floor Layer, Glasgow
Jesse Raen-Saunders, Video Producer, Uplift Games, Basingstoke
Elisa Hong, Normal, IL
Jacob Thomas Allan, After School Care Educator, Brisbane, Australia
Kenneth Benoit, QA Engineer, Litchfield
Will Harding, Student, Stourbridge
Gwyn jones, Engineer, USW, Cardiff
Jonathan Sloman, LONDON
Ashley Hunt, Derby
Emil Allen, Student, Fountain Valley, California
Jaqueline Duran, Supervisor, Port-Au-Prince
Lindsay Duff, London
Molly kelly, Musician, Hereford
Levi Mitchell, charity worker, strut safe, Edinburgh
Diana Fox
Nate Higgins, Newham Green Party Co-chair, Newham Green Party, London
Paul Cowie, Software Engineer, Glasgow
Ruth Burns, Higher Education, Manchester
ADIE CHAN, Freelance copywriter, Stop Asian Hate UK, London
Phoebe Laine, Journalist, Southampton
Orlaith Finnegan, Paris, France
Peter Costello, Limerick
Kirsten skillen, Sussex
Chris Jarvis, London
Jon Ribbens, Computer Programmer, London
jamee young, student, university for the creative arts, Canterbury
Ellen Elizabeth Cherpeski, Carson City
a. hill, hampshire
Phoebe, Writer, Bedfordshire
John Robinson, Developer, Reading
Zoey Read, Academic Researcher, Manchester
Robin Wu, Derby
Abigail, Derbyshire
Carolyn S Parsons, Ceramic artist, Intersex activist and trans ally, Keizer, Oregon, USA
Bruno Matos, Translator, Lisbon
Catharine Paul, Student, Austin, Texas
Moshe Mankoff, Please select, Gateshead
Rebecca Gransbury, Sheffield
Colleen a prosser, Williamsburg
Nick Tee, London
Michael Ruston, Leeds
Gemma Bowie, Stay at home parent, Glenrothes, Scotland
Rei, Student, Huddersfield
Mitchell Taylor, Essex
Tara Bennett, IT, Federal Way
J. Taylor, Postgraduate Researcher, York
Liana Allen, Mess, Southampton
Don Canning, Bristol
Cassandra Martini, Medical Clinic Support, Fair Oaks
Catherine Willcox, Retired, None, Edinburgh
Jessica Hurley, Student, Oxford
Rist Tori, Head of Operations, Koala Community Hub, Hampshire
Holly, Student, London
Jill Flanagan, Student, DePaul University, Chicago
Lucy Rodrigues, Tutor, Bristol
Jordan P, Training Coordinator, Poole
Leah O’Loughlin
Kav P, Translator, Melbourne
Adam Shanley, Network Engineer, Civil Service, Undy
Alexander Littleboy, Teacher, Tokushima
SIMON HEPWORTH, Carer, Swansea
Arlo Linnard, Student, Fleet
Oliver Cadman, Rotherham
Fiona Swift, IT Administrator, Guildford
Callum Hendry, Redruth
Kathryn Bristow, Activist, Green Party of England & Wales, Bristol
Blake Walker, student/activist, university of bath, bath
Adam Finch, Croydon
Tom Macgregor
Corey Brakke, Kansas city
Saoirse Ewing, Financial Services, Belfast
Rebecca S, Driver, None., Nottingham
Paul Burgess, Theatre designer, London
Jamie T Kirk, Glasgow
Bonita Sumner-Yeats, Battle
Jonathan Mayor, Comedian, N/A, Manchester
Thomas James, Rugeley
James Campbell, Salford
Essienne Kelsey, Auckland
Adderley Maud, Teacher, London
Charlotte Bourassa, Winnipeg
Stuart King
Daniel Kirkbride, Postgraduate Research Student, Newcastle upon Tyne
Thomas McIntosh, Leeds
Brown Laura, Manchester
Christopher Curry, Student, Brighton
Naomi Reid, Employee Experience, NBCUniversal, London
Jennifer Mclellan, IT
Joe Fletcher, kings lynn
Keith O Madain, Self employed, None, Portland Oregon
Scott Berry, Sheffield
Willie Mackenzie, Fife
Amanda Wilson, Columbus
Sophie Sharpe, Retail Worker, BRISTOL
Philip Waring, El Campello
Tim Bennett, UK
Annabelle Krnnedy, Glasgow
Binni Brynolf, Library worker, Birkenhead
Rowan Thomas, Lecturer, Open university, Edinburgh
Hannah Johnston, Policy Advisor, Whanganui District Council, Whanganui
Sid Bright
Meghan Jantak
Daria Morgan Gallagher, Tech Support, Philadelphia, PA USA
Lee wright, Fraserburgh
Alasdair G, London
Antônio Possidônio Campos Neto, Unemployer, Recife
Cinzia Musio, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Bromley
John Maullin
Debz Pugh, NHS Administrator, London
George Ghabrial, Student, Toronto
Jo Noon, Newcastle upon Tyne
Daniel Caracciolo, Mays Landing
Natasha Jewell, London
Verasillious Stergiopoulos, Disabled, Charlestown
Laurence Hill, Laurence Hill, Brighton
Vix Appelbaum, London
Hamid, Data Entry Clerk, Iqvia, Wallington
Kat Bloom, London
Wessel Bakker, Rotterdam
Michael Foat, Lebanon Pa USA
Katy Whitton, Content Creator, Milton Keynes
Connie, Student, Lancaster
Gareth Andrew McKnight, Nurse, Amersham
Tara Fisher, Multimedia Editor, Chicago, IL
Amber Stirling, Student, Glasgow
Stew Wilson, Edinburgh
Alex Morgan, Bristol
Duncan Trice, Unemployed, Huntingdon
Alistair Armitage, Therapist, Haverfordwest
Sam Morris, Programmer, Bristol, UK
Mark Copperwheat, Norwich
Florian Fleitmann, Merchandising Campaign Manager, Linney, London
Jade Campbell, Public Servant, Ministry, Victoria
Gal Hazor
Nick Dominguez, Warehouse Manager, Mary Jane’s Glass Productions, Vancouver
Karen Boyd, London
Bear Alex, Ripley
Jennifer Diemer, IT, Washington
Mitchell Pils, Support Worker, Canby
Sean Rossignol, Software Technician, Ellensburg
Alison Porte, Airline Pilot, Barnetby
Calvin Cleary, Librarian, Columbus
Gadget H.W., Chemist, N/A, London
Zoë Ketley, Edinburgh
Yotam, London
Jonathan Watts, C# programmer, Belper
Gaye Dalton, retired, Red Umbrella Front, Dublin
Karen torley, Cambuslang
Jake Williams, York
Steven Leyland, Manchester
Keladry Goodell, Minneapolis
Celeste Munda
Pierre Eymery, Web developer, Quebec
Evelyn Kaye White, Inverness
Andrea T, Student, Turku
Marc Schneider
Leah Cirillo, Urban Planner, Sydney
Erin Selinger, Wilmington, DE
Joanna P, Saskatoon, Canada
Pippa Henry, Care worker, Crewe
Amber King, Registered Nurse, San Diego, California
Kevin Tham, Engineer, San Antonio, TX
Trizia Norris, Leicester
David Murphy, Researcher, Warrington
Kieran Galaxia, Video Editor, Preston
Katie, Systems Manager, N/A, Wales
Elizabeth Corbett, Edinburgh
Holly Slater, unemployed, Whitchurch
Kaz Slonaker, Student, Huntington
Ned Reid, Student, Durham
Anna N. M., London
Eli, Activist, London
Peter Kimball-Evans, Nottingham
Luke Buckley, Game Designer, Independent
Jackie Wood, Draughtswoman, Brighton
Emily Harrison, Artist, Leeds
Vasia Orion, Freelance Copywriter, Tampere, Finland
David Maddox, Lindsay
Tamsin Budd, Carer/Mum, Basingstoke
Grace E Bellerby, Seaham
Victoria Redfern, London
Shane Gilhooley, Manchester
Farah C, Software developer, Reading
Michael J Murphy, Professor, University of Illinois Springfield, USA, Saint Louis
Tom Heath, Melbourne
Joseph Morrison, Cheadle Hulme
Corey Hion, Swindon
Paul Wayne Burney, Father of a trans child, Boston, USA
K. Peters, Meiringen, CH
Finn Hastings, Surrey
Martha Dunkley, Psychotherapist, London UK
Runa Jack, Edinburgh
Amanda Livingstone, Digital Content Creator, Stirling
Michelle McGuinness, SEATTLE
Andrea Maxine Otter, Henderson, NV, USA
Sophie Matthews, Sysadmin, Cambridge
Jake, Woking
Sue Calarco
Ryan Hackett
Paulina Prescott, Local government business support, Please select, Salford
Margaret Whiteside, Medical Coder, Allston
Jasmine Pearson, Content Creator, N/A, Leicestershire
Joe Thompson, Software Engineer, Sheffield
Leif Philp, Hampshire
Cal Baker, HR, Sheffield
Marcus McLuskey, Glasgow
Angel Xenorobo, Housewife, Perth
E Hall, Durham
S. H., Brilliantly Bisexual, Scotland
Olumide Osikomaiya, Sales Colleague, Essex
Ayana Furniss, cobh
Louis Paine, London
Alice Myst
Robert H, Editor
Daniel, Engineering Student, University of Warwick, Coventry
Idan Barak, Rehovot
Richard Nutter, Robustness Engineer, Coventry
Jonathan Kieron Foy, Venue Management Assistant, Culture Warrington, Warrington
Trucy Lanthier-Rogers, Toronto
Daniel Inojosa, Teaching Assistant, Yale University, New Haven
Alice Emma Fawcett, Nottinghamshire
Sarah Groves, Bridgwater
Priya Thethi, London
Lauren Thomas, Computer Technician, Rochester, MN, USA
Weston Lucas, Parking Ambassador, Cornerstone Parking Group, Dallas
J Lee, Newcastle upon Tyne
John Tirrell, Student/Musician, Self-employed, Ealing
Jack Spencer, Lancaster
Laura Armstrong, EDINBURGH
Aimee Bolders, Support worker, Plymouth
Laura Napper, Durham
Aimee Wright, Norwich
Sasha Rundle, Adelaide
Samuel Curnow, Student, Truro
Paul S, London
Niilo Toikka, Student, Joensuu
Andrew Voak, Research scientist, Loughton
Rhys Appleton
saul phelps, evesham
Rob Keetch, Youth Worker, Cardiff
Aelthan Ferragun, Content creator, STRASBOURG
Bethany, Waitress, Preston
Robert Katz, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
Aaron Ward, Software Engineer, Seattle, USA
Christopher Bateman, KINGSWINFORD
Adam Belcher, Chair, Yorkshire & Humber Young Liberals, Leeds
Matrim Tait, Sheffield
Phoenix Lewis, Game Developer, Dayton
Andrew Meggs, Leeds
Hailey, Bloomington
Tony Garwood Lloyd, Rotherham
Geordie Bailey, Brighton
Michael Dawes, Illustrator, Leeds
Callum Smith, Sound Engineer, Manchester
Knight Porter, Systems Analyst, BIG PINE
Tyler McCreight, Nurse, Island Health, Nanaimo
frances pearson, glasgow
Chris, Student, Washington
Michael Forshaw, musician, Blackpool
Matthew Ferrir
Donna Marijne, Reading
jess hedges, student, plymouth
Nathaniel GA Parker, Northampton
Uditha Desilva, Systems Engineer, London
Chloe Dymonds, Cardiff
Ashley Wickenden, Dover
Richard Nellis, Staten Island, NY, USA
Samson Savill de Jong, Digital media, Moonbug, London
Benitha Bonthuys, Dublin
Mx Bex James, Support worker, Staffordshire
Benjamin Hillyer, Birkenhead
Hazel Campbell, Cochair of YLC, BAGLY, Boston
Aindrea Bell, Software Engineer, Trans individual, Edinburgh
Dr Jaspreet Tehara, Psychologist, Northampton
Seth Campbell, Musician, Self-Employed, Boston
Alex Strachan, Retail management, Newcastle-upon-tyne
Harry Leach, Birmingham
Sophie Rowan, Illustrator, Sophie Rowan, Motherwell
Rhian Carter, Cardiff
kat, game developer, independent, ukraine
Phillip, disabled, none, Cottage Grove
Eeli Parkkinen, student, Joensuu
Connor Doherty, Stockport
Philipp Palmer, Chicago
Lucy Raine, Marketing Manager, Cardiff
Patricia Bogart, Entertainer, Hoboken
Rosemary Hopkins, Secretary, Farnham
Matt Hewitt, Producer, BBC, London
Michael Hall, London
Neil Evans, Creator, NE/C, London
Amanda Nathan, Sales associate, Caernarfon
Natalia Kubica, Student, London
Dean Coombs, London
Rebecca Kronenfeld, Payroll Specialist, Paychex, Phoenix
E. Adams, Designer, Warwickshire
Sean James, Leominster MA
Sam Brown, student, cardiff
Hannah O Rourke, Student, Banagher
Alex Miller, Retail, Greensboro
Kevin Herviou, Architectural Designer, NJ, USA
Tegan Carney, Manchester
Luke Ferguson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Dr A Roberts, Stevenage
Gareth Clarke, Wales
Adam Lawrence, Bridgend
Julia Raven, Edit Assistant, N/A, Bradford
Owen Lawrence, Student, Swansea
Aquasol, Intergalactic Ninja, Internets
Ali Walsh, Student, Spalding
Emma Tambek, Chemist, University of Turku, Turku
Jake Hill, Retail Supervisor, Waitrose and Partners, Bath
Cody Anderson-Salo, Great Barrington, MA, USA
Lexi Farmer, Data Engineer, Chandler
Ellie Rayne, Warehouse Laborer, Pittsburgh
Marianne Oakes, Therapeutic Counsellor, GenderGP, Manchester
Antonia Burt, London
Chloe, Seal Aficionado, Liverpool
Jordan Michael Hicks, Plymouth
Shaun Murrant, Clerk, London
James Fallows, Unemployed, Kent
Stuart Robertson, London
Jay Barrett, Student, MEAT Media LTD., Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Jazz Clark, Coach, Leeds
David Robinson, Online Sales, Hanwell, London
Laura Pohjalainen, Student, Helsinki
Luke Stephenson, Game developer, Birmingham
calvin klausner, illustrator, exeter
Pablo Arevalo, Produce Manager, TN, USA
Ari Brooks
Artemis De Laere, Hydrogeologist, Oudenburg
Daniel Leask, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
Peter Mackie, Student, Glasgow
Angeline Adams, Author, Belfast
Michael Hitchens, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Lilian Miller, Kettle Falls, WA, USA
Daniel Grossmann, Bastrop
Mitchell brunmeier, student, Madison WI USA
Leon, Civil Servant, Birmingham
Nora Cumming, Charity, Peterborough
Ben Mayer-jones, Abingdon
Adrian Hyyrylainen- Trett, Inclusion & Diversity Expert, ENEI (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion), London
Michael Craft, Radiographer, Cape Coral FL USA
Kyrie Crawford, Administrator, Redditch
Jessica White, Software Engineer, Bristol
Susan Diane Russell, Owner/Editor, SassyGamers LLC, Sapulpa
Owen Zellar, Student, St. Paul
Kyle Steen, Artist, Riverside
Tom Van Dongen, Andover
Eugenia Pascual, Teacher, Lengualab, Buenos Aires
James Lambert, Leicester
Benny Woolley, Tailor, Mansfield
Sam Kevern
Bec Sheinkopf, teacher, N/A, Providence, RI, USA
Kay Vee, Graphic designer, Oldbury
Anastasia Campbell, Windsor, Ontario
Ja Levitt, Design, X, London
Holly Burns, London
Alice Of Sherwood, YouTuber, Nottingham
Clare Sherman, High Wycombe
Violet Hargrave, Writer, CT, USA
Cameron Reid, Recruiter, Hove
Emanuel Alfredsson, Person on disability pension, Kungsbacka
Victor J. Brizuela, Sysadmin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Francis Franklin, Lecturer, Newcastle upon Tyne
Callum Mair, Producer, Essex
Jack Brooks, Recruiter, Willenhall
Craig Macdonald, Kitchen staffer, Cumbernauld
Finn J., Mainz
Nick Smith, Baraboo
Wyatt Edgington, Freelancer, Calgary
Tess, Maritime Reservist, Leeds, UK
Alice Fee, Writer, Perth
Avalon Bliss, Carer, Kent
Kevin Clarkson, Civil Service, Glenrothes
Natalia, London
Stephen Bunnell, Nonprofit Communications, Napa, CA, USA
Stefan Liberadzki, Barrister, London
Simon Campbell, Glasgow
Alfie Coombes
Taylor Hamilton, Des Moines
Chris Butler, Senior environmental consultant, Bristol
David Kiefer, Customer Support, Hannover
Sam Horrocks, Education Manager, Skelmersdale
Merryn Hassan
Jake Verma, Consultant, Wolverhampton
Oliver Ferris, Student, Swansea
William Wayles, Community Care Officer, Nottingham
Elizabeth Grummitt, Administrative Assistant, Cygnet Healthcaee, Leicester
Katie Whittle, Artist, Liverpool
Michael Dennis-Hill, Leicester
Lauren March, Football Kit Market, Nottingham
Léigh Bartlam, Project Manager, London
Nicolas Dale D Octavio, College Student, None, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines
Matthew Reed
Christopher Reeves, Senior Games Artist, Dundee
Owen Cox, Brighton
Toby Collard, Manchester
Solomon, Student, Plymouth
Louise Stretch, LONDON
Trevin Grayek, Lincoln, Massachusetts
Adrianne Keller
James Harrigan, Horsham
Layla McCahon, Student, Portsmouth
chesney lukat, Retail, Kettering
Alex Bidwell
Fiona Connor, Geotechnical engineer, GDG, Stratford-upon-Avon
Matt Edwards, Marketing Manager, LONDON
Derek M, Dublin
Michael Lane, Media manager, kelowna
Ethan Hogbin, Youtube/Twitch Content Creator, Turbo Owl, Redcar
Arturo Mestanza, London
Oliver, Video Editor, Manchester
William Eastham, Milwaukee
Craig McNeill, Glasgow
Lore Evans, Llanelli
Calum Shepherd, IT Consultant, Glasgow
Paul Muir, YouTuber, The Gamer Scot, Toronto
Shalori Wiedower, Student, Houston
Kathryn St Leger, Accountant, Manchester
Rebecca Moore, PCV operator, Liverpool
Matthew Irwin, London
Lore Campbell, Data analyst, Oxford
Joshua Murray, Student, Winchester
Tom Osborne, LONDON
Ruth Crumpton, Enfield, Ireland
Casey, Account Executive, London
Cirla Peall, Hertfordshire
Gage Batchelder, West Valley
Nathanial Esworthy, Colchester
Shane Doherty, Retail, TK Maxx, Derry
Éanna Ó’Neill, Clerical Officer, Civil Service, Kilkenny City
Melia Moor, Unemployed, Gateshead
Mark Slater, IT Consultant, Manchester
João Neves, Portimão
Ash Beauchamp, Writer, Longmont
Dennis Schwarz, Rostock
Daniel Ellis, Theatre Director, MANCHESTER
Dontae Jones, Burton-on-Trent
Gavin Elj, Voice Actor, Salt Lake City
Violet James, Manchester
Shannon McGugan, Freelance Journalist, Not Applicable, Carmarthenshire
Josie Young, Motion Designer, Rooster Teeth
Alex, Care Worker, Brighton
Joey Lacey, Pundit, Monmouthshire
Mr Andrew Marshall, Paralegal, Parker Bullen LLP, Salisbury
Jonathan Escobedo
Klara Kind
Robyn Allen, Retired, Hull
Mark Peters, Journalist, Birmingham
Ian Coakley, Glasgow
Sam Farndale, Software Test Engineer, Manchester
Euan Jenkins, Glasgow
Mareike Damm
Martin Gordon, Bristol
Connor Mountain, Stockton-on-Tees
Alice Lyndby, Copenhagen
Eden Maskill-Watts, Artist, Derby
Christina Keophannga
Saga Mackenzie, Illustrator, Inverness
Tabitha McIntosh, TEACHER, Chesham
Jamie Glaves, Manchester
Natalie Aoife, Writer, Liverpool
Jack Burns, Cork City
Mica Innes Hind, Historian & Folklorist, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
James Gardner, Bristol
Simon Vessey, London
Alex McDougall, Senior Consultant, Pod Talent, London
Duane Metcalf, Newcastle
Chloe Hopkins, Beverley
Stephanie Sterling, Content Creator, Jimquisition, Philadelphia/London
Jack Liddell, Hartlepool
Jill Shearer, Senior Admin, Stirling
Holly Humphries, Artist, Gloucestershire
Jessica L Sanchez, Nintendo Brand Ambassador, Nintendo, Clovis
Mara Klinkhammer, Software Engineer, May’s Landing
Beatrix Moore, Edinburgh
Sean Arkless, Newport
Mindy King, IT, Colchester
Christine S, Bi Survivors Network
Simon Sayers-Franklin, Newcastle
August Terrell, web developer, Adelaide, SA
Jeanette, Artist, Merseyside
Claire Furnell, Lincoln
Dominic Keane, London
Pippa Catterall, Historian, George Lansbury Memorial Trust, London
Ashley Curtis, Teacher, Doncaster
Ben SantaMaria
Colin Tate, CRO Manager, London
Charlotte W, Tutor, Welshpool
Nicholas Jackson, Mathematics lecturer, Coventry
Gwen Rickard, Reviewer, Watford
Kathryn Quinn, Edinburgh
Will Templeton, Community Manager, Slough
Wesbury Kim, Worcester
Jon Taylor, Theatre, London
Natalie Morrison
Diego M Garcia, Homemaker, Oakland
Ricky Walk
Daniel John, London
Jonathan Coe, Saint Andrew’s NB
Laura Bladen, Administrator, Stowmarket, Suffolk
Darren Styles, Publisher, Attitude magazine, London
Lewis Hetherington, Glasgow
Dana Fox, Stay at home mom, Grand Rapids
William Bower
Carol Cain, Business Consultant
Justin Findlay, Aberdeenshire
Pádraig Mac Cionnaith, retired teacher, Nottingham
Alex McMullan, student, london
Andrew Platts, Research Engineer, University of Strathclyde (these views are my own), Glasgow
phil eaglesham, RMN, Retired, Gourock
Conor Kelly, Student
Angela Barron, CEO, Cumbernauld
Niko Irving, Musician, London
Aled Williams, Glamorgan
Sam Whelan, Manchester
Adam Schmidt, Consultant, Rochester
Iain Livingstone, Transcriber, Stirling
Brandon Craig, Manchester
David Thomas, Former Director Strathclyde Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Ltd, Glasgow
William Lapthorn, plymouth
Jack Potter, Biomedical Scientist, Dundee
Aisling O’Connor, Dublin
Bas Bosman, Hoorn, The Netherlands
David Hooke, London
Jesse Bryce, Analyst, Luton
Tim Dufore, Sydney
Bee MacLellan, Fredericton
Luke Dunnett, Student, Kent
Alan Power, London
Ada Baker, Graphic designer, Warwickshire
Joanna Ford, Carer, Colchester
Jennifer White
Craig Robert McNeilly, Sydney
beccalicious666, Twitch streamer, N/A, Lincoln
Oz Barton, clerk, Lansing
Derek Macleod, Civil Servant, Edinburgh
Alice Summers, Manchester
Sarah Mahoney, Hobart
Mark Sapwell, Editor, Vancouver
Ayeshah Nashua, Freelancer, Pontypridd
Robyn Timmons, Artist, EASTBOURNE
Lisa Cordery-Bruce, Nurse, Cardiff Health Board, Cardiff
Alex Everett, Angry, Ipswich
Melody Taylor
Phoenix Toothill, Finance officer, Local Authority
Robin Tester, Norwich
Ellie Howe, Student, Melbourne
Eleonora Belfiore, Professor, Loughborough University, Southam
Clare Ritchie, self employed, Bedfordshire
Joel Brackenbury, Birmingham
Emily Robertson, Project Manager, Oxford
Greg Croxford, Software Architect, Macclesfield
Jamie Prentice, Mathematical Epidemiologist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Jennifer Waymont, Researcher/Scientist, Edinburgh
John Millar, Kincardine
Rosalie Newcombe, Freelancer, Glasgow
Alex McMillan, Writer, Belfast
Jamie Armstrong-Hughes, Student, Bristol
Lila, Student
Santino Sayers-Gillan, Student, Bridgend
Helen O’Dell, Game developer, Luton
Donna Hughes, Foster Carer, Port Glasgow
Lizzie Hensman, London
Xavier de Sousa, Theatre Maker, Migrant Actions Productions, Brighton
T Nulty, Lancing
Jennifer Hobson, Carer, Crediton
John Beavis, Twickenham
Dominic McGrath, Actor, London
Erin LaGrone, Forensic Examiner, Round Rock, Tx
Steve Bishop, London
Robin J Browne
Evie Muir, Domestic abuse specialist, Sayit Sheffield, Sheffield
Lisa Hall, Manager, Keighley
MOA, Student, Cardiff
Thomas Rebecca, Bristol
Jake Stephenson, Student, Newcastle upon Tyne
Jess, Lincoln
Aaron Mills, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Grantham
Stuart Archer, Student, Walsall
Em, Administrator, Stevenage
Penny Mac, Essex
Charlotte Salisbury
molly naylor, Lecturer, University of East Anglia, Norwich
Abigail Baker, Archaeologist, Newcastle
Adam Ashford, IT Engineer, Nottingham
Ben Ross, Former Editor, Digital Content, BBC
Rachel Deakin, Sheffield
Heli Clay, Student, Tampere
Laura, Editor, Bath
Dan Ballance, Senior software developer, Lancing
Caroline Troup, Epsom
Marianne Holmes, Author, London
Sarah Hall-Williams, Derby
Cat Charker, London
Katy Harrad, London BiFest, London
Harry Wright, Comedian and writer, London
Alex Thomson, Springfield, Virginia, USA
Myles Troup, Sales manager, Epsom
Cassian Lodge, Wales
Oliver Thornton, Student, N/a, Reading
Al Smith, Police Officer, Birmingham
James Brough, Brighouse
C. Tomlinson, Adviser, UK
Ronete Cohen, Psychotherapist, Rainbow Couch, London
Luke Carolan, Nursing Assistant, Manchester
Amanda Henderson, Counsellor, n/a, Ellon
Jacob Edward, Presenter, Gaydio, Birmingham
Liam Larmour, Manager, Belfast
Felix Carter, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Melissa Hind, Teacher, National Education Union, London
Simon topp, Geneticist, London
Mairi White, Charity Worker, London
Charles Parry, Accountant, Local Government, London
Shiloh Janowick-Cockrell, Student, SUNY Purchase, Queens
Natalie Sandells, Birmingham
J. Gabet, PhD Student, Imperial College London, London
Simon Williams, Bookstore Clerk, Hamilton
David Chilton, Bristol
David Shea, Select, GRAVESEND
Kayleigh Payne, Homemaker, Dublin
James McDonald, Animator, James McDonald Animation, Bristol
Dia, Comp Sci and Maths Student, Canterbury
Matthew Nolan
Lee Martin, Support Worker, GLASGOW
Clara Koenig, IT Technician, Edinburgh
Kerry McKinlay, Dundee
Oliver Bray, Software Engineer, London
Eleanor Sparks, Glasgow
Sarah Johnson, Hove
Ayden Iona, Writer
Z, Student, Halifax
Vincent, Marketing Manager, Stripe, London
River Fox, Student, London
Morgan Shepherd, Computer Technician, Hull
Mjka A Scott, Actor/writer, Equity, Brighton
Lucy Martin, Counsellor, Liverpool
Pamela Dalton Williams, Retired teacher, Godalming Surrey UK
Ashleigh Loeb, Actor, London
James Eastwood, Academic, London
Lily Hall, Senior Software Engineer, Oxford
Martha McLelland, Accountant, Bedford
Jane Bourne, Manchester
Seona Macdonald, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Lauren Stonebanks, Artist, Edinburgh
Kat Macann, London
Gemma Askham, Publishing Assistant, London
Ondřej Trhoň, Prague
Andrew Lim, Programmer, London
James Bannister, London
Jane Kidd, Carer, Glasgow
Ryan Heffernan, Student, Aberdeen
Jonathan Perry, student, Lympsham, Weston-super-Mare
Charlie Mann, Musician, Poet, Dorking
Chris Robinson, PhD candidate, University of Sussex, Brighton
Billie Maupin, Retired, None, St Louis, Missouri
Ivan P Holden, Albany
Richard May, Witney
Patrice Hawkes-Reed, BRISTOL
Elliott Rebecca, London
Alison Shutt, Retired
Alex Despradel, Student, Santo Domingo
Charlie Watts, Director, Pride in Surrey, Surrey, UK
Mikhael Erzengel, Scientist, Sydney
Luke Armstrong, Wirral
Andrew Christianson, Sales, WI, USA
Emma Felber, Glasgow
Quin, Student, Bristol
Shona Bartholomew, Glasgow
Erin Harrison, Designer, Games, London
Annie Wallace, Actress/Activist, Manchester
Christopher Lush, Student, Glasgow
Kaye Beryl Maycock, Security, Oxford
Richard Watt, Physicist, Leeds
Miles McCormack, Digital, Cardiff
sofia marquez
Kate Barton, Watford
Aislin LG, Manchester
Austin R.
Sarah Halliday, Lecturer, Dundee University, Dundee
Hillis Jessica, Wirral
Jasmine Joséphine Sakura-Rose, Membership Secretary – LGBT+ Lib Dems, LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, Caerphilly
Elyse C, toy maker, Tacoma, WA, USA
Hannah Grainger, Solicitor, Birmingham
Kayn Lewis, Ceramicist, Cardiff
Tom Wilcox, Manchester
Charming Thomas, Writer, Chicago
Richard Laverick, Rayleigh, Essex
Silas O’Neill, Legal Clerk, Birmingham
Barry Boffy, BRISTOL
Matt Kemp, Engineer, Manchester
Katy Walker, Programmer, Stafford
Paul Flewitt, Author, Sheffield
Shane Zeagman
Anette Reichenberger, Frankfurt
Kyan Dyer, N/A, Merthyr Tydfil
Christopher Mcmaw, Carrickfergus
Tracey Semple, Senior care worker, Scotland
Maria Margetts, Birmingham
Tony McAleer, omagh
Kevin Thurlwell, IT manager, London
Nikola Pokorna, Student, London
Charlie Kiss, Local Government Worker, No, London
ELLIOTT Taryn, T.A, School, Leeds
Tommy Parker, Bath
Northie, Birmingham
Elizabeth Hirst, Welsh Trans Alliance, Cardiff
Aden May, Plymouth
Alyx Kirkmorris, Glasgow
LGBT+ Liberal Deomocrats, LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, UK
Xander, Technician, London
Buda Boglárka, Eger
Curtis Congreve
Ryan Beresford
Kjetil Seim Haugen, Engineer, Bergen, Norway
Freya Faustmann, Student, Erfurt
Joan, Nanny, London
Juliet Hache
James Wilson, Journalist, Oxford
Elliott Pearson, Warehouse Operative, Poole
Erica Starling, Student, Columbia
Jack Woodger, Student, Toronto
David N Janes, Retired accountant, Brighton
Dakota Bennett, University Student, Indianapolis, USA
Elen Gwynne, Software Engineer, Kingston upon Thames
George Ankers, Alton
King Simon, Glasgow
Daphné-Marie H., Student
Nikki (Ryan) McTaggart, Pollyphemeus LLC, URBANDALE
Chris Legge, Finance Manager, London
Niamh Cosgrove, London
Bettie, Electrician, Portland, USA
Patrick Williams, PhD Student, Newcastle
Stephanie Farrow, freelancer, BAHons graduate, Bedford
Jacob Thorn, Dundee
Andrew Pickett
Rosalyn Claire, Delivery driver, Colorado springs
Lauren Fox, Student, Adelaide
Tom Regan, United Kingdom, London
Gary Daly, Operations Supervisor, Belfast
Jay stewart, Animator, Aardman Animation, Bristol
Dave Pickering, Podcaster, Lancaster
Natalie Shelton, teacher, Leeds
Lewis Esslemont, Student, Edinburgh
Lexi Stubbs, Software Engineer, San Francisco
Ashley Marwick, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Lizzy Guido, Marketing, Seattle
Nicholas Drake, PhD Student, Australian National University, Acton
Stephe Meloy, Musician, Lewisham LGBT Forum, London
Ti Daley
Conor Shiekds, PR Executive, London
Lucy Heard, freelance, BRISTOL
L Ferguson, Social Worker, UK
Adam Mackie, Software Engineer, Edinburgh
Bianca Oliveira, Localization specialist
Ian Roode-Orlin, Operations manager, Brighton
Annie Jones, Teacher, Scottish Borders
Frederic Walker, student, London
Morgan Hale, PhD Student, Rochdale
Duncan Ritchie, Software Developer, Chester
Kira Patel, Web developer, London
Katherine Parnell, Student, Edinburgh
lucas Henderson, Student, Aberdeen
Louzie Brödel, Berlin, Germany
Dav Kelly, Teacher, Stratford-upon-Avon
Laurie M. Atkinson, Psychotherapist, Nottingham
Lucy Holmes, Charity Director, Hertfordshire
Oli Bird, Bray
Holly Matthies, Manchester
Zo Ford, Student, University of Oxford, Oxford
Rebecca Walters, Birmingham
Lachlan Dufty, Melbourne, Australia
Iain H MacDonald, Retail Manager
Harley Ramsay, Leisure Attendant, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Dundee
Philipp H.
Becky Nielsen, Edinburgh
Tilly McLeod, Doctor, Newark
Kate Kenzie
Cassius Naylor, Communications coordinator, London
Conor O’Neill, Arts Administrator, London
Ludovic Foster, Brighton
James Martin, IT Support Engineer, Gloucester
Jennifer Coderre, Accountant, LONDON
Karen Morgan, Assistant Finance Officer, Cardiff
Hayley Fulker, Lab Support Worker, Newcastle
Blair Saunders, Lecturer, EDINBURGH
Alice Appleby, Director and Trustee, Be: Trans Support and Community, Newcastle upon Tyne
Nina Niiranen, Senior software engineer, Stockholm
Ned Oake, Student, Norwich
Katrina Grace Scialdone, Denver, CO
Zelda Amis, Poughkeepsie
Alice Baddeley
Elliott, Manchester
Stephanie Farley, Information professional, Edinburgh
Robin Garbe, student, Jena
Sam Brown, Teacher, Sheffield
Finn McLellan
Alex Roberts, Council worker, London
Jaydie Holmes, Learning and Development Manager, South Causey Inn, Blaydon-on-tyne
Nicole Collingwood, Sheffield
jaye ward, London
Robin Miller, Software Engineer, Leeds
Michael sgro, Sydney
Anna Chafer, Writer, student, Cambridge
Adam Thomas
Ash Hutchison, Oxford
Clementine, Public service, Hertfordshire
Billy Burton, Student, York
Elise Preedy, Student, University of Bristol, Bristol
Madelyn Sheridan, Student
David Mordey, Technician, CARDIFF
Katie Chan, London
Curtis Ferrin, IT Systems Co-Ordinator, Nottingham
Ivory Monhart
Kasia, Student, Cambridge
Robin Hague, Engineer, Edinburgh
Tarana Inam-McDermott, London
Steven Peacock, Store manager, Lancing
Have Avnsø, Student, Gender Affirmation Fundraising Fridays, Edinburgh
Hester Duffy, Academic, Coventry
Kate Towner, Accountant, London
Amelie Voges, Student, Edinburgh
Lisa McIntyre, author, Norwich
Reira Granger, Business Services Officer, CAFCASS, Snodland
Rachel Thorley, Carer, Birmingham
Elaine Coates, Accountant, Stockport
Fabian Castellani, London
Christine O’Mahony, Journalist, Meath Live and Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition, Dublin
Emma Rose, Norwich
Angela Clinton, Glasgow
Will Tribble, Filmmaker, Freelance, Kent
Katheryn Thompson, PhD student, University of Newcastle
Linus, , National University of Singapore, Singapore
Emma Bidwell, Lecturer, Cork
LIS GOLDING, Scarborough
Timothy E Dawson, Senior Research Engineer, Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Martin Siggers, Photographer, Chelmsford
Michael Clelland, Oslo
Hannah Hodge, IT Infrastructure, Derivco, Stafford
Bourne Sophie, Thatcham
Tom Newby, Newcastle
Mart H
Elinor Kershaw, Bristol
Sebrina Calkins, Disabled, Newport
Teddy Hope, PhD Researcher
Amy Louise, York
Nathaniel Corns, Loughborough
Hope Lenord, IT Systems Administrator, Mex Maintenance Experts, Woodridge
William Makepeace, Driver, Ocado, Steyning
Maie Shallcrass, Customer Service Worker, Sainsbury’s, Devizes
Henry Allingham, Social Researcher, LONDON
Osborne Sarah, Wakefield
Jem Nash, Student, London
Caitlin Johnson, Student, Glasgow
Isobelle Gladstone, Artist, Cambridge
Caroline Lee, Sheffield
Helen Dixon, Feminist facilitator and writer, Brighton and Hove
Thornton Miss Jamie-Lee, London Bus Driver, London
Vanessa Kisuule, Writer, Bristol
Dae Bailey, Psychologist, Brisbane
Katherine Nicholls, Great Yarmouth
Raven L Spezialy, Machine Mechanic, N/A, Springfield
Bethany Turner, Newport
Toni P
Mark White, Software Developer, Rochester
Elaine Lawton, Horsehay, Telford
Stacey Woods, Dorset
John Margulies
Andi Swanson
Ninfa Hayes, School Midday Assistant, Manchester
James Knowles, Student, Birmingham
James Waumsley, Stevenage
Harry, Hatfield
Steven Umanee, 3D Generalist, Huntingdon
Jeffrey Ingold, PR, Freelance, London
Sky Golding, Student, SWP, Liverpool
Jeanne Collins, Retired, Retired, Hull
Maria Connor, Insurance technician, Norwich
James Heather, Bury St Edmunds
Jason Park, Psychotherapist, Glasgow
J Morrison, Cumbria
Alex Geddes
Nick Morrow, Based Math Student, University of Iowa, Iowa City
Daisy Begolo, Paralegal, Mamchester
Logan Pendergrass, Developer, Oregon
Simon Jones, Manchester
Duncan Muir, Berrimah, NT, Australia
Tagore Nakornchai, Doctor, Cambridge
Lucas Sheridan, Student, Edinburgh
Rowan Milligan, Charity worker, London
Richard Haddon, Company Director, Too Much Production Limited, London
Neil Kirk, Dundee
Catriona Greig, Edinburgh
Martyn Noble
Bernice Roust, Stage Lighting Technician, London
Aoibhe Wilson, Web Developer, Lucerne
Roxanne Rozetta, Cake Decorator, Orlando
Alexis Chilvers, LGBT+ Officer, Epsom and Ewell CLP, Epsom
Flo Newton, London
Aimee Challenor
Ahu Tatli, Professor of HRM, Queen Mary University of London, London
Simon Davies, Postdoctoral Researcher, London
Rohan Chadwick, Buckfastleigh
Evie Greenhoe, IT, Dallas
Jill Burdett, Teacher, Scotland
Monica Sulley, Bus driver, N/A, Heanor
Laurei Rogers, Nurse, Liverpool
Phil Dennis, Teacher, Durham
Katie Edwards, Student, Bristol
Elle Rose, writer
Chryssa Dislis, Program manager, Personal capacity, Cork, Ireland
Miss Stephanie Maycock., Retired., N/A, Derby
Kathryn Slater, Redhill
Andrea Brookes, Company Director, Thatcham
Alex Reid, Software Engineer, Belfast
Jessica Lucia Agnoli, Archivist, Dublin
James Tovey, Chartered Accountant, London
Karl Rutlidge, Minister, Methodist Church, London
Jessica Yaniv, Trans Activist
Steven Turner, Software Engineer, London
Gina Roberts, Tutor, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Olivia Mowll, BRISTOL
Laura McDonnell, Marketing, Not for profit, Dublin
Victoria Danford
V. S. Wells
Ara Keogh, Social Media Assistant, Edinburgh
Rachael McGregor, Student Nurse, Glasgow
Cecile Peelen, Hoorn, The Netherlands
DR DAVID CARLILE, Physician (Retd.), N/A, Glasgow
Dr Marion Tout, Teacher, Sheffield
Josh Williams, Administrator, Four Marks
Natalie Wallace, Birmingham
Henriikka Santavuori, Helsinki
Karin Celestine, Author/artist, Monmouth
Madison Swain-Bowden, Senior Data Engineer, Seattle, WA
Paul Risebury-Crisp, London
Muireann Murphy, Business Analyst, Reading
Thomas Crumpton, Student, Nashville
Helen Morris, Social Media Manager, Manchester
Sil Wood
Johanna Pearce, Software Engineer, Edinburgh
Beckett Julius Frith, Content Officer, Mind, Stevenage
Charlie Butler, Reading
Kate Rowley, Company Director, Renfrew
Kris Dawson, Software Architect, Edmonton
Margaret Billing, Leeds
Eleanor Keatley, Human Resources, National Trust, Swindon
Morven Thompson, Student, Glasgow
Laura Darby, Sparks
Kay Foulkes, Lawyer, Glasgow
Conor Guerin, Campaign designer, Pride in Surrey, London
Ray Garner, Admin assitant, Thompsons solicitors, Sheffield
Alixandrea Corvyn, Music teacher, Norwich
Ashley Van Haeften, LONDON
Sara Reed, Scientists, LONDON
Mary Foulkes, Masters Student, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
Chris McConville
Sarah Flynn, Academic, Watford
Keith Barker, Mathmatics graduate, Durham
Diane Richards, Hotelier, Llanelli
Emma Round, Birmingham
Juliet Birkbeck, Counsellor, Manchester
Susannah Chant, Warden, London
Alice Beauchemin, Engineer, Gloucester
Alfie Richardson, Student, Swansea University, Swansea
Daire Beare, Student, Dublin
Katelyn Komora, Home healthcare, Pueblo Colorado
Ben Swithen, teacher, Cow Children, Sheffield
Ceidyn Berry, DUNDEE
Chris Bhamra, Translator, Sheffield
Jasmine Andersson, Journalist, London
Christopher Morris, Game Developer, Ely
Kate Neilan, Book Marketer, London
Natalie Armitage
Glen Knight, York
Liam Davenport, Edinburgh
Ellysia King, Producer, Cambridge
Uma Zalakain, PhD student, School of Computing Science, Unuversity of Glasgow, Glasgow
Joshua James Smith, UI / UI Designer,, Newcastle
Gareth-Aelwyn Williams, Physicist, Culham Center for Fusion Energy, Oxford
Daniel Stevenson, Admin, Blackburn
Daniel Robinson, Risk Analyst, Leeds
Satish Banger, Civil Engineer, Canterbury
Riley Gibson, Manchester
Cian McAuley, PhD Student, Aberdeen
Drew Gardner
Marley Ramirez, Student, Baltimore
Scott Hucknall
Robyn Thomas, Software engineering director, Cardiff
Caitriona McGuigan, Radiographer, NHS, London
Thomas Doyle, charity ceo, Leeds
Ben Keatley, Software Engineer (QA), Swindon
Ellie Wallis, Adelaide Australia
Laurianne Uy, Storyboard Artist, Los Angeles
Russell Dunphy, London
Laurence Holtridge, Data Architect, Caistor, Market Rasen
Molly Ellwood, Marketer, Margate
Loki Wall, ., ., np16 5qn
Sarah Larson, Student, none, Portland, OR USA
Lord Michael Cashman CBE, Peer, London
Robbie Wallace, Communications coordinator, London
Owen Heaney, Engineer, Wantage
Whittaker Kimberley, Consultant, None, London
Danni Capelin, Gosport
Bronwyn Driver, Implementation Advisor, NHS, Manchester
James Naylor, Student, Ual, Birmingham
Marty Davies, Marketing Consultant, Smarty Pants Consultancy, London
Jessica Edney, Scientist, London
Marc Peirson, Writer, Norwich
Andrew Bogg, Retired nurse, Barnsley
Katina Andreou, Musician, Cilgerran
Angelina Hewitt, London
Katie Marsden, Previous employment as Radio Producer, BBC, London
David Yates, Waterloo
Brian Redgers, retired clergyman, Downham Market
Melissa Cox, Box office manager, Brighton
Morgan davies, PR, London
Eimear O’Neill, student, london
Rachel Woodward, Consultant, London
Maisie Ruhl-Barrett, Student, N/A, Norwich
Graham Head, Retired, NA, Peckham
Ethan Kelly, PhD Student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Rebecca Hillary, Rotherham
Lynne Phillips, Musician, Cardiff
Farrah Herbert, Class 1 HGV Drivee, London
Richard Desmond, retired, London
Cesar Hitos Araujo, IT Technician, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ms Jay Newton, Insurance, Bupa, Lewes, United Kingdom
Jordan Finney, Hairdresser or barber, City of Liverpool College, WIDNES
Aoife Dare, Youth worker, Kerry, Ireland
Amy Oak Mortom, University Student, Hallam, Sheffield
Nicola Marshall, Carer, Bracknell
Stev wardlAw, Chairman, Emerald Life, London
Bishop Firth, Disabled, N/A, Hampshire
Jet Moon, Artist, London
Mattilda Castillo, Technical Analyst, Hutto
Rachael Bradley, HCA, NHS, Birmingham
James Norrington, Learning Support Assistant, Boudica Schools Trust, Norwich
Michael Stevenson, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Rostock, Rostock
Daniel Mita, Computer Programmer, London
James Collins, Quality Assurance, London
Ara McBay, Warehouse operative, Northampton
Eleanor Gaines, East Grinstead
Gwendolyn Fritscher
James Fishwick, Librarian, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
Robert Macmillan, Teacher, Fife
Simon Sardeson-Coe, n/a, n/a, London
Preston Andrew, Altrincham
Taylor Dierks, Boulder
Dominic Crowson, IT, Glasgow
Aimee Barratt, Melton Mowbray
Elaine Francis, South Shields
James Loxley, Academic, Edinburgh
Sophie Cameron, Author
Peter Joseph Christian Vincent, Council worker, LBTH, London
Verne Pring, Student, Hull
Daniel Tollan, Student, Swansea
Gillian Donaldson-Selby, Peatland Scientist, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen
Toby Skelton, Wooler
Josh Mathews, Video Editor, Birmingham
Pascal Klein, DJ, Cardiff
Eva Jeffreys, BG artist, Roscommon
Arturs Dobrecovs, London
Linny Linehan, Engineer, Edinburgh
Michael Crane, Sheerness
Isabelle Jeffries, Pensions administrator, Gloucester
Jacob Richardson, Humberside Police Independent Advisory Group, Hull
Antonia Lynam, Rvn, Telford
Stephanie Samphire, N/A, Abergavenny
Branwen Munn, Music composer, Freelance, Pencader
Luan Leer, Graphic Designee, London
Felicity Rose, Actor, London
Fung Amie, Designer, London
Caroline Beauchamp, Head of Technology, London
Polis Loizou-Denyer, Learning Designer, Learning Pool, Nottingham
Ari Sadr-Hashemi, London
Niamh Dempsey, Banker, Liverpool
Vander moule, Bristol
Graham Mulholland, Coach, London
Liz Tudor, Artist, Montreal
Jamie Kinlochan, Consultant, Congruence Co, Paisley
Benjamin Austwick, Teacher, Cardiff
Heather Barber
Anonymous, Student
Ken Clarke, Psychotherapist, London
Euan Kirkmorris, Researcher, Glasgow
Persephone Lewins Ktori, Student, University of Bristol LGBTQ+ Society, Bristol
Emily Wraw, Equality and diversity specialist, NHS, Rotherham
Dr Michael Beattie, Psychologist, London
Rebecca del Tufo, London
Tim Packer, IT Specialist, Durham University/UCU, Durham
Isobel Morris, Customer Support Technician, Cambridge
Joe Hyland, Student, Southport
Dr Giles R. Greenway, Data Scientist, London
Saffy Walton
Jane Mackenzie, Student, Limerick
J. Jacob Marion, writer, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
B McDonald, Student, Stirling
Kit L, Administrator, Glasgow
Marge von Munchingindahausen, Community volunteer, N/a, London
Karolina Siekanska, Student, University of Bristol, Bristol
Ryder Goodwin, Glass shop manager, GlasssolutionsLV, Las Vegas
Quinn Croft, Student, Selby
Christopher Charters, Caseworker, Newcastle upon tune
Emma Franklin-Wright, PR, Proud and Palace, London
Dominique Liefveld, Copywriter, Bristol
Henry Stockdale, News Editor, Gfinity, Bournemouth
Kim Ahmad, IT Manager, Toronto
Jayne Dillon, Manchester
Coraline Harris, Composer, Belfast
Evelyn Sheerin, Physiotherapist, Glasgow
Amy, Glasgow
Oscar, Student, Bristol
Amie Taylor-Smith, Halifax
Lex Lofthouse, Designer, Nottingham
Muireann Crowley, Learning Technologist, UCU Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Lucy Brown, Writer, Wakefield
Karen McAtamney, Droitwich
Louie Hope, LGBTQIA+ Emotional Support Worker, TranSpectrum, Birmingham
Ema Macara, Music Producer, Hatfield
Eileen Wood, Student, Daventry
sylken somers, canterbury uk
Bruce Taylor, Systems Administrator, Reading
Scott Emily Davis Morris, N/A, N/A, Glasgow
Shaunna, Teacher, Derby
Emma Walton, Manager, Publishing, Glasgow
Mary Hardy, Professor, University of Waterloo, Waterloo
Mark Hill, Chicago
Rachel W, Retired Civil Servant, -, Wiltshire
Liam Murphy, Student, Bristol
Joanna Leigh, Retired teacher, London
Paul Wildish, Teacher, London
Abbie Robinson, CHATHAM
Milly shaw, Content designer, Whitley bay
Kevin Brennan, Student
Clara Vulliamy, Author-illustrator, London
Jesse Kester, tech support, Haarlem, Netherlands
Harvey TB, Student, Bristol
Jessica Harvey, Programmer, Arbitrary Metric, Bristol
Seamus Keavy, Student, Extinction rebellion uob, Birmingham
Davie Raaphorst, Carer and student, LEEDS
Bethan Evans, Unemployed, N/A, Oxford
James Gibson, Student, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Mark McGiddy, Solicitor, London
Jim Healy, Dublin
Winfield Storme, Business Owner, Colchester
Jason Noiles, Reading
Chris Deeming, Software developer, Loughborough
Shane Hickey-O’Mara, Theatre Director, NA, LIMERICK
Emily Skinner, Student, Edinburgh
Brigid Purcell, Dublin
Oliver Smith, Software Developer, Contractor, Fortrose
Adam Hassler, Software Engineer, Charleston
Fiona White, Curriculum Admin, London
Evie Dunstan-Hackett, Student, None, Birmingham
Ellen Jane Rogers, Senior Lecturer, , London
Kaz Raczkowski, Archaeologist, Southampton
Owen Hurcum, Mayor, Bangor
Steph Paton, Glasgow
Heather Newton, Deputy Academic Registrar, Bingley
David Hodder, Retail worker, Watford
Bhavithrah Satkunarasa, London
Robert Berg, Writer, London
Juno tai, Kitchen porter, Birmingham
Jason Potter-Peachey, Chairperson, Pride In Gloucestershire, Cheltenham
Brydie Lee-Kennedy, TV writer, London
MR DANIEL J SANDERS, Lighting Designer, Freelance, West Wimbledon
Elliot Juby, Disability Officer, Leicester
Charlotte, student, liverpool
David Kirkham, Sheffield
Stephen Ireland, Founder / Director, Pride in Surrey, Surrey, UK
Rik Sowden, Museum Manager, Birmingham Museums Trust, Birmingham
Nolan Webster
Daniel Cox, Researcher, Lund university, Lund
Fae Quay, Sydney
Breanna Bosman
Chris Estrada, CSR, Lodi, CA
Kitt Barton
Lucy Hartery, Operations Manager, Barry
Catrin Jones, Payroll & Labour Cost Manager, London
Rachel Dudek, Manchester
Christopher Schofield, Joiner, Manchester
C. Stevens, Driver, Southport
Verity Waugh, Edinburgh
Jenni Goodchild, London
Emily Bullen, Mental Health Nurse, Manchester
Tristan A Call, hutchinson
Amy Stubbs, Rugby
Ruth Aylett, University Professor, Heriot-Watt UCU, Edinburgh
Zasha Whiteway-Wilkinson
Bugg Alan, London
Gillen Penni, Sunbury-on-thames
Sophie, Receptionist, NHS, Plymouth
Miss Annabel Sings, Artist, Edinburgh
Richard M Buck, Lecturer, Oxford
Shane Williams, Student, Swansea
Taryn de Vere, Journalist, Ramelton
Dale Elena McCready, Cinematographer, London
Indrid Heron, Student, N/A, Falkirk
Tomara Richards, Software Developer, Liverpool
Bethan Maxwell-Jones, Student
Alexander Pakzad, Los Angeles
Cllr Gregor Murray, Councillor, Elected Trans Person, Dundee
Elizabeth Fraser, Typesetter, Inverness
Maya Harris, Dorking
Rina Mazor, teacher, Woburn
Rebecca Willson, STROUD
Jeanne, Student, Greater Manchester
Shem Jacobs, Charity worker, Norwich
Dani Jay, Editor, SWANSEA
James Dale, Birmingham
James Bathgate, Edinburgh
Keith Farnish, Youth Worker, Scottish Borders
Anna Scura, Engineer, Hertfordshire
Liberty O’Neill, Student, Birmingham
Ed L, London
Säde Foley, Artist, Edinburgh
Robert Lythgoe, Business Administrator, Wigan
Finnick Aston, Food Service Worker, Old Colwyn
Lauren Sanchez, Canterbury
Euan Davidson, Candidate for Corstorphine/Murrayfield, Edinburgh
August Fenn, Stirling
Bridie Wilkinson, Content Strategist, Latterly, London
Venice van Someren
Chris Dillon, Physicist, Belfast
Kate, Norwich
Helen Stubbs, Rugby
Beth Taylor, Developer, Andover
Kieran Livesey, Nottingham
Tiggy Reed, Disabled, Kent
Michael Royle, Business analyst, Manchester
Terri Lamerton, Technical Consultant, Plymouth
John Matthews, Musician, Preston
Mx Peter Rose Dale, Group Facilitator, Glasgow
Millie Ruhl-Barrett, Norwich
Yasmin Hashmi, Student, Edinburgh
Kaitlyn Fedrick, Social Alarm Technician, Mole Valley Life, Dorking
Michael Robinson, Programmer, Milton Keynes
Ruth Pilston, London
David Henderson, App Development, Manchester
Simone, N/A, London
Tim Boden, Nottingham
Lily Warner, Software Engineer, Swartz Creek, MI, USA
Euan, Dundee
Noah Branley, Student, Brighton
Lucian Crosby, Chandler’s Ford
Neil Woodhouse, Student, Swansea
Meyer Neil, Gloucester
Sonia, Barista, Lowell
David Smith, Lecturer, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Ali George, Edinburgh
Lisa Finan-Cooke, Surrey
Simon Williamson, Sheffield
Francesca Sapsford, Teacher, Kinross
Britchford Lynda, Therapist, Nottingham
Adam Dunn, Beverley
Liam Hamill, Software Engineer, Cambridge
Mark Buckley, Nurse, None, Todmorden
Eike, part time minwage worker/full time student, swindon
Morgan Grey, Project Manager, QA ltd, London
Charlie Johnson, London
Alex, Student
Stephanie Weidmann, Lawyer, Victoria
Lex Redgate, Stafford
Chloe Mills, Entertainment, Biggleswade
Albert Cox, Analyst, Uxbridge
Francesca Nyman, Charity project manager, Prefer Not To Say, London
Jess Hawkins, Real time analyst, Westcliff
Paul Levene, Contract Manager, Elstree
Liz, Biomedical scientist, NHS, Cardiff
Kajsa Anckarstrom, Student, London
Matt-Edwith Kelly, Hindley
Rosemary Halford, Bristol
Ruairi, Jointer, London
Sally Outen, Oxford
Laura bishop, Project Director, Newark
Farah Mendlesohn, Stoke on Trent
Anya Portus, Student, Sheffield
Tom Newport, Software Engineer, Oxford
Ellie Taverner, Cambridge
Harrison Fiona, Customer service manager, Procter and Gamble, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Laura Leigh, Firefighter, Huntingdon
Steve Butler, Software Engineer, GUILDFORD
Zoe Ahmed, Student, Wakefield
Lewis Jones, Hospitality, Peterborough
Becca O’Neill, Support Worker, Stirling
Nicholas Richard, Line Cook
Madeline Fletcher, Dev Manager, Westcliff On Sea
Angus Kerr, Student
Sebastian Flynn, Northumberland
Hannah Shaw-Williams, Editor, Oxford
Mia Kira, Student, London
Katie Whitehouse, Music promoter, Totnes
Jemma Bolland, COO, London
Santiago, Student, Lund
Bertie, IT, Poole
Shaunna Muckersie, Canada
Dave Cross, Events Manager, London
Julian, filmmaker, hitchin
Gwyneth Morgan, Software developer, Milton Keynes
Lauren White, Bakery Clerk, Carol Stream
Jet Cuthbertson, Tv producer, London
Jessica Branch, Romford
Chris Poulton, Cheltenham
Ashleigh Sinclair, Student, Southend-on-Sea
Rachel Hamshaw, Sales Operations Directot, Ernst & Young, Huddersfield
Edward Warner, N/A, Aylesbury
Ben Durbin, Carer, Nelson
Morgan Geraghty, Chester
Lucy Carter, Student
Peter Ridewood, London
Kellie, Writer, Wolverhampton
Katie, Student, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth
Philippa S, Comms manager, -, London
Rachael Borek, Manchester
Natalie, Student, Hawick
Lucine, Crawley
Malcolm Arlene, psychotherapist, Aberdeen
Liv Taylor, Low volt tech, Las vegas
Alfred Chow, Maker, Maker of Things, Salford
Abby Feld, Camera Operator, London
cat olson, words, san francisco
Emma McKean, Glasgow
Thibaut Nicodème, Teacher, Brussels
Jodie Connor, student, qmu, Edinburgh
Phoebe Jordan, N/A, N/A, Blyth
Lillian Charles, Checkout Assistant, Waltham Abbey
Mary Davidson, Retired, Volunteer, Amble, Morpeth
Bryony Baines, Bury St Edmunds
Lily Cheverton, Programmer, Redacted, Leatherhead
Nikki, Amsterdam
Samantha Turner, Artist, Woking
Rose Ashley, PONTYPOOL
Lorna Judge, Proof reader, Paisley
Debbie Russell, Civil Servant, Belfast
Michelle Garrett, Software Engineer, London
Alexis Lithgow, Software Engineer, Bournemouth
Collins, Charlotte, Skegness
Dr Tom Bowers, Pathology Registrar, Cambridge
Alexander Gerber, student, Dresden
Paul Lansdowne, Healthcare, NHS, Bristol
Laur, Milton Keynes
Georgina Taylor, Nottingham
Diarm Mackinnon, Digital Communications Officer, Liverpool
Emm Mohn, Student, Berlin
Eileen Black, Artist, Kilkenny
Nicholas McDonald, Salt Lake City
Matthew Thoms, Student & Extended Realities Dev, Toronto
Shenstone Porter, unemployed, Leicester
Ally Cook, teacher, Birmingham
Sofie Lewis, Manchester
Em Dobson, Animator, Leeds
Keegan Gordon, Bookseller, Salt Lake City UT, USA
Christine Wise, Administrator, Leicester
Tom James, Systems administrator, Birmingham
Jemma Marlow, Student, London
Jessica Clarridge, Student, Exeter
Richard Gough, Admin assistant, Clydebank
Jacob Gibbons, NHS
Shaun Palmer, Software Engineer, Chippenham
Jacob Bakker, Software Developer, Alberta, Canada
Tony Shaw, none, none to speak of, Ilkeston
Dave Southgate, Llantwit Major
Heidi STEPHENS, Writer, Chippenham
Sophie Cook, Writer, Brighton
Robyn Lyn, Student, New Braunfels
Shane, Optical Advisor, London
Charley Hasted, Vice Chair, LGBT+ Lib Dems, London
M. Phoenix, Manchester
Sophie Wright, Stage Manager, Freelance, Edinburgh
Jane Morris, Playwright, London
erika aperecida ribeiro, artist, sao jose dos pinhais
Sophie Mona Pagès, Entrepreneur, LVRSNFRNDS, Amsterdam
Harley Gilbert-Rolfe, Recruitment, Housekeep, London
Reileen Strong, Chemist, UoB, Bristol
Elliott Spaeth, Lecturer, The University of Glasgow
Sue Jen, Scientist, Bri
Sarah Kurchak, writer, Toronto
Ella Robinson, Computer tech, dallas, USA
Cassandra Baldwin, Committee Member, Trans Pride Brighton
Felicity Cullen, Estates Service Desk Operator, Warwick University, Warwick
Eden, London
Tom Melling, Student, None, Grimsby
Valeria Maxwell, California USA
Kelly Martin, student, york
Dylan Edward Goldade, QA Engineer, Boise
Andrew Taylor, Software Engineer, Manchester
C sierra, Clinical worker, Nhs, London
Paul Westlake, Ally, Saffron Walden
Spicer-Neal Tracy, Wolverhampton
Abbie Karlish, caregiver, Poplar Bluff
Edan H, Glasgow
Sacha Coward, Historian, Freelance, London
Henry Penfold, Student, Coventry
Sarah, Leeds
Chloe Tinney, Draper
Kayla McNamara, Student, Lincoln
Edan Simpson, Student and Shopworker, Sheffield
Houston houcott, Software Developer, Spokane, WA USA
Lauren Kalma, Council officer, Hull
Ryan Vance, writer, glasgow
Jane Newton, Southend
Niamh, , , Cork
Lisa Cousins, KETTERING
Ashley Robertson, Lecturer, Glasgow
Ruth Baird, Safety Advisor, safetygeeks, Ramsgate
Michael Crees, Hull
Bryony Mair, Software developer, Edinburgh
Chris Scott, Photographer, Edinburgh
Sophie S, Media, Leeds
Ailsa Edgar, Luton
Morris Richard, Support Worker, Leeds
Isaac Marks, Court Services, Australia
Abigail Maithri Cook, Student, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester
Charlie Bonner-Davies, Producer, Sevenoaks
Riaz Thompson, Junior developer, Brighton
Natasha Parry, Customer service supervisor, West London
Sarah, Copywriter, London
Karl Naylor, Leeds
B, Actor/Writer, Aberdeen
Alexandra Moylett, Quantum Scientist, Riverlane, Cambridge
Cate Kneale, Senior Research Technician, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Jake Chipperfield, Essex
Fabian Jonsson, Student, Berlin
Cathryn Brown, Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Preston
Simon Finger, Historian, Philadelphia, PA
Jay Marie Moss, Cambridge
Becky, northumberland
Mòrag Lee, Marketer, Glasgow
Jem Alexander, UX Writer, PlayStation, London
Peter Coles, Astrophysicist, Maynooth
Kat, Northampton
Rainbow S, London
Dr Sarah Callaghan, Academic Editor, Oxford
Kate MacDonald, South Uist
Laura Stupple, Leeds
Emily J Schmidt, Banker, none, Birmingham
Debbie Phillips, Librarian, Reading
Sue Savage, IT
Louise Braithwaite
Finbarre Snarey, Nottingham
Jake Tai, Sex worker, Birmingham
Aspen Thompson, Web Developer, Beaconsoft, Leeds
Ian Rennie, Librarian, Newmarket
Helena McDaid, Student, N/A, Derry
Charlie Brampton, Librarian, Oxford
Calvin Nurjadin, Cedar Park
Adele Irlam, London
Elinor Predota, Company Director, Edinburgh
Justin Read, Engineer, Leigh
Michael Addison, Independent Advocacy Worker, Edinburgh
Zachary Smith, Student, Plymouth
Alice Finden, PhD Student, SOAS, University of London, Colchester
Lucy Clark, Founder, Trans Radio UK, Banstead
Chris Bonanny, Teacher, South Carolina, USA
Zena Nicholas, Counsellor, SYorkshire
Kate Cassidy, Producer, London
Aidan Finlay, Student, N/A, Melbourne
Nicola Burr, Norwich
James, Logistics Manager, Airline, London
Thomas Millard, Shop Worker, Southampton
Chay Brown, London
Alex Wilford, Software Engineer, Brighton
Garrett Coakley, Web Developer, Oxford
Darren O’Reilly, QA Lead, Dublin
Avril Clark, Co Founder, Trans Radio UK, Banstead
N Le Voguer, Archaeologist, France
Cassandra Pickering, Writer, Bloomington
Richard Sewell, Pontypool
anonymous, N/A, BIRMINGHAM
Alexandra Hamer, Medical Artist/author/musician, Brighton
Lucy Ritchie, Student, Linlithgow
James Zilliox, Factory worker, Orchard Park
Leng Montgomery, Consultant, Leng Montgomery, London
Morgan Houston, Computer Scientist, Edinburgh
Bob Cairns, Software Developer, Civil Service, Belfast
Thomas Fairbank, EXECUTIVE CHEF, London
Michael Twaits, Performer, London
Rowan Goss
Lena Delaney, Archaeologist, London
CC, clinical trials admin support, n/a, London
Claire Proctor, Conduct Risk Consultant, Edinburgh
Marcin Mateusz Hanc, Software Developer, Bergen, Norway
Chloe Meudell, Gordon
Chris Armstrong, Hull
David, Brewerton NY
Basil Kemp, Full Time Carer, Trans and angry, Redcar
David Merrett, Research Executive, Leicester
Jack Lyons, Administrator, Widows Empowerment Trust, Oldham
Robert O’Sullivan, Carer, Cork
Joanna, Network engineer, Cheltenham
Morgan Ashley, Worker, Subway, Malvern
Stephanie Vandenburg, Graphic Designer, Oakville
Alex MacFarlane, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Oxford, Oxford
Hero Morrison, Graduate Assistant, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
LJ potter, Psychotherapist, Stafford
Aranock Cooke, University Student, Saskatoon
Bobbie Mortimore, Saltfleetby
Rachael Harrison-Wood, HR Administrator, Reading
Samantha Alexander, Communications Officer, Canterbury
Andrea Booth, Belper
Savannah Garmon, Physics professor, Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka
Dafydd Moody, Student, QA, Durham
Alex Mitchell, Nottingham
Liam Mercer, Fenbi Therapy, London
Ella Junttari, Student, Jyväskylä
Theresa Davis, Company Director, Spain
Daniel Winstanley, Counsellor, Edgware
Seren Edwards, Retired Broadcast Engineer, Aberystwyth
Matthew Ling,
Evan Crow, healthcare worker, NHS, Glasgow
Leon Baruah, Environmentalist, Brighton
Matthew, Greater Manchester
Sarah Sherman, BRISTOL
Marta V., Horsham
Kimberly Waters, Postwoman, Royal Mail, Norwich
Jamie Service, Software Engineer, Egham
Samuel Wilkins, Business management apprentice, Derby
Nicole Cecil, Ridgeville
Leah Leybourne, Assistant Curator, Fife
Emily Jones, Colchester
Mira Ayre, Student, Liverpool
Katrina Schmidt, Head of Finance, London
Pavla Radostova, Psychotherapist, Bristol
Eoin Gallagher
David J Bradley, Civil servant, Home office, Liverpool
Lucas Jacob, Care manager, Swindon
Matthew Blackmore, Goods in assistant, London
Pieta Schofield, Liverpool
Talitha Kearey, Academic, Cambridge
Melanie Luna, San Bernardino
Kaspen Paraskakis Narayan, Student, London
Wray Georgina, Gainsborough
Alistair Miles, Programmer, Falkirk
George Leighton, Student, Bristol
Calvin Dreher, Barista, Newcastle upon Tyne
Mick Clarke, Staines
Hope Lawrence, Principal Program Manager, Woodley
Katherine Glanfield, Crisis Support, Mindline, Gloucester
Mark Bryan, Software Engineer, Durham
Simon Hogg, Software developer, Milton Keynes
Susannah Cooke, Cambridge
Natalie Raine, Media Journalist, Trans Arcade, Detroit
William Eliot, SHEPPERTON
Ben Croft, administrator, nhs, LINCOLN
Becca Miles, Winchester
Ashley Bedford, Data Technician, NHS Trust, Norwich
Roz J Kaveney, Poet, London
Will Goode, Charity Manager, Leeds
Gavin Spoors, Higher Education Champion, Norwich
Oliphant Alice, Poulton-Le-Fylde
Jenelle Peterson, Attorney, Portland, OR
Ember Overal, financial services, london
Kol Ford, LONDON
Xavier Murray-Stringer, Children’s Worker, Leeds
Colin Hall-Williams, Education Support Worker, Derby College, Derby
Sharon McIlvaney, Learning mentor, SHAID, Durham
Christopher Smith, call centre employee, Manchester
Gene Paolo Gumagay, Quezon City
Connie Porter, Student, Scotland
Andrew Bull, student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
River Mahariel, MA Student, Farnborough
Felix Höpel, Accountant, Berlin
Victoria Greenwood, Exeter
Stephanie Woodcock, Retired Nurse, N/A, Halifax, UK
Declan Bracewell, Playwright, Triple C DANC, Fleetwood
Melissa Peakman, Harrogate
Emma McGeady, Glasgow
Lesley Elliott, Health care worker, None, Portsmouth
Emily Nicholls, Quality Lab Technician, Flint, Michigan, USA
Zoe Carney, Rotterdam
Jamie Blair, National Communications Officer, Northern Independence Party, Doncaster
Amara Drury
Kim Wheeler, Cambridgeshire
Fiona Hogarth, retail assistant, Primark, Clevedon
Miranda Willan, Graphic Designer, Oxford
Thomas page, Software Engineer, London
Melanie Le Grove, Housewife, Ilkeston
Lisa Benson, Glasgow
Claire Brand, Student, n/a, Sheffield
Victoria Chapman, Llanidloes
Andrew Massey, research associate, Bracknell
Art Spicer, Engineer, Paignton
Emma Smillie, HR Team Lead, University of Glasgow, GLASGOW
Gemma Barrett, Civil Rights Technologist, Weymouth
Malachy Harris, Student, Glasgow
Alba, London
HANNAH WILLIAMS, Mental Health Practitioner, West Mindlands
Elizabeth Harrison, Student, York
Amanda MacDonald, Clinical Applications Trainer Test Analyst, NHS, Inverness
L Buckley, Scotland
Dr Robert Ward, London
Jackson Emma, Business Owner, Leiston
Courtney Roberts, Developer, Law Firm, LEEDS
Duncan Lindsay, Barrow-in-Furness
Callum taylor
Hayley Barlow, Technical Advisor, Willenhall
Ada Worcester, Software Engineer, Denver, CO, USA
Natalya Dell, Birmingham
Emma Creasey, Administrator, Bristol
Alyssia, Librarian, Switzerland
Dan Cartwright, Student, Surrey
Claire Townend, Cafe work, Leeds
Poulain Kevin, Paris
Liam Lamb, LesbiFriends, Gloucester
Mathew Parkin, Leeds
Sasha, Counsellor, Edinburgh
A.B., Milton Keynes
Kevin Little, Web developer, Hext, Silver Spring
Thomas Kavanagh, Milton Keynes
Chiara Boscolo, Edinburgh
Stephanie Lee, Art, London
Heather May, Engineer-in-Training, Maine, USA
Joinson Rachel, Chester
Dominic Cooke, READING
Emily Taylor, Company Director, CalmFamily, Coventry
Luke Shore, Treorchy
Joanne Harrison, Grays
Erwin van der Stap, Telford
Rachael Graham, Project Manager, Derby
Christina Neal, Teacher (retired), Newcastle Upon Tyne
Lauren Scotland, Student, London
Camila Garces, Librarian
Julie Radford, Bristol
Chrissy, Civil Servant, Cambridgeshire
James Gasston, Brighton
Carrie Ellis, Security, Lochgelly
Skyler C, Utah
Andrew Canham, Cardiff
Kyra Crocker, Whitby
Allaway Ashley
Sylvia Moran, Author, Akron USA
Robin Stone, Dunfermline
Mary Moos, Speech therapist, London
Gaweł Ciepielewski, Game dev, Warsaw, Poland
Finn Williams, Student, N/A, Whanganui
Conor Clark, Journalist, GAY TIMES, London
Julie Ancrum, Bristol
Chris Gillies, Glasgow
Sergio Guillen-Pantoja, Data Engineer, Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain
Morgan, Student, Ayr
Cara Mitchell, Software Engineer, Brooklyn, NY USA
Benjamin Dunbar, Customer Service Advisor, Newcastle upon Tyne
Patricia Baxter, Writer & Activist
Catriona Faolain, Perth
Carrie Platten, York
Kendrick Hourd, Engineer, Nottingham
Sasha Kuczynski, Long Beach, CA
Thomas Hale, College tutor, Manchester
Elizabeth F Dunbar, Retired, Glasgow
Sara Gonz., Translator, Spain
Jack, Leeds
Carmen Barnes, Product Support, ActiveCampaign, Chicago
Richard Bennett, Worcestershire
Amber Elder, Chicago
Mary S, Bristol
Leon Gardiner, Salisbury
Hannah King, Accessibility Tester, The Open University, Milton Keynes
Sarah Coffey, Chatham
Katie Moore, Senior Programmer, Oxford
David Opie, Journalist, London
Scarlett Wilkie, Glasgow
Cant Sandra, Sutton-in-ashfield
Sienna Quinn Lewis, Student, Prifysgol Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth
Helen Featherstone, Bristol
Molly, Birmingham
Craig Stevenson, QA, London
Jo Brewis, Academic, The Open University, Nottingham
Kevin Taylor, Nhs, SHEFFIELD
Jessica, Student, Birmingham
Carter Amy, Trainer, Chinnor
Joanne Hay, Llanidloes
Andrew Wilson, Retailer, Edinburgh
Samantha Smith, Southampton
James Allen, Brighton
Stephen Doyle, Security officer, Queer Time, Manchester
Ben Jones, Human, Hampshire
Dani Medve, Library clerk, Albany Public Library, Albany
English Richard, Therapist, London
Maria Halama, London
TJ Emms, Researcher, Manchester
AJ Eliot
Katy Coope, Web Developer, Manchester
A Third, Research Fellow, Milton Keynes
Sam Martin, Researcher, University of Oxford, Oxford
Paula Williams, Edinburgh
Kevin Sanderson-Shortt, NHS Project Manager, Northwich
Juniper Carroll, Retail merchandising, Manchester
Gareth Davies, Town Clerk, Blyth
Will Hornsby, unemployed, East Lansing
Jason Kilby, Chief Executive, London
Emily Barnes
Hugh Macdonald, Esher
Arthur Boff, Attorney, Uxbridge
Denis Robinson, photographer,, London
Michaela McGuigan, Social worker, LONDON
C Reynolds, Barnsley
Nikhil Datta, Economist, London
Stevens Kerry, Ely
PETE SUTTON, Design specialist, Bristol
Aracne Martínez, Student, Monterrey, México
Nina Mega, Committee assistant, Edinburgh
Phil Shipley, Network and Systems Engineer, Stafford
Tobi Wilson, Writer, London
Julie Hennessy, Retired, Derby
Jonathan Krull, Maker, Birmingham
Jacob Reid, Site Reliability Engineer, Brighton
Anna Maria Sukiennik, Teaching Assistant, Crispin, GLASTONBURY
Nicky Thompson, Engineering Manager, London
Harry Mach, Project Manager, Norwich
Chloe Henderson, Edinburgh
Bwarch, Unemployed, Casa Grande
Selene Guillemot, Paris
Ginella Williams, Counsellor, TRUK Listens, London
Daryn Carter MBE, Director, Bristol Pride, Bristol
Aiden, Study, UNESII, Monterrey, Mexico
Rosalind French, Teacher, Bristol
Maegan Corrigan, Renfrew
Emily Turner, London
Cindy McClue, Oxford
Helen Lamb, Admin
Finlay Mackie, Teacher, Peterhead
SH, Hatfield
Dawn Soutar, artist
Calum McGee, Essex
John Concagh, Student, Edinburgh
Michaela Bartzsch, Bristol
Michael Wright, Retired, Worthing
Grayson Campbell, Student, Canterbury
Mary Sweet, Manchester
Samael Goode, Student, Oxford
Ee Berwick, Aberdeen
Alec Mann, Care worker, Norwich
Alex Mortoza, Woking
Christina Jarvis, Milton Keynes
Pete Gollins, Hull
bronia korabinska, homemaker, Glasgow
Vincent Cunningham, Atherton
Alexander Pollard, Teacher, Nottingham
Suzanne Dowson, Research Scientist, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Rae Holmes, Civil Engineer, Charlotte, NC, USA
Georgina Barrow, Clerical officer, DSP, Strokestown
Julie Luepke, Des Moines
Chrissy Bassett, Showrooms Designer, Hertford
Hailey Liney, Student, UoB, Bristol
Jordan Grace Dewey, Austin, Texas, USA
Kirsty Hendry, Researcher, N/A, London
Robyn Sharman, Edinburgh
Alistair LeBlanc, Braman, OK
Dr Sophie Alicia Hyland, Trainee lawyer, Liverpool
Jamie A S Angus, Engineering Professor, York
Adam Fulcher, IT Consultant, Ashford
Lumi Legato, United States
Alex Sanderson-Shortt, Counsellor, Kas Counselling, Northwich
Tom, Brighton
Jeffery Dalton, Manager, Dayton
A W, -, Derby
Michael Armstrong, Glasgow
Oliver Channelle, Bristol
Fionna Donnelly, Professional Gay, the gay agenda TM, Liverpool
Alexandrine Kantor, Cllr, LibDems, Oxford
Katreana Crawford, producer, belfast
Keira James, Sheffield
Zachary nilsson, Student, Malmö
Christopher Brooks-Todd, Analyst, Edinburgh
Elizabeth Hodson, Leeds
Alice Rooney, Writer, Bristol
Emzy Wilkins, Glasgow
Olivia Thomas, Senior Film Office Coordinator, Screen Yorkshire, Leeds
Catherine Sharp, Technical Author, Derry
Izzy, DF/IR Analyst, Birmingham
Ciaran McGarry
Hannah Bayfield, Researcher, Cardiff
Paul Warren, Suffolk
Willoughby Chase, Bristol
Mara Reynolds, Credit Control, Rochdale
Chris Farrell, Post-graduate student, University of Texas, Austin, TX
Thane Tawny, Sales, York
Andrew Hoyt, Psychotherapist, Brighton
Agatha Lovelace
Joe Kanuritch, Higher Education, Leeds
Scott anderson, Disabled, Southampton
Holly Trevett, Masters Student, Kincardine
Michael Lasch, Software Developer, Olympia, WA, USA
Terry Cavanagh, Game Designer, London
Jarne Van Vooren, File manager, Kortrijk
Barry Norton, Researcher, Copenhagen
Michaela Moores, Visitor Experience Manager, London
Lauren O’Nions, Research Analyst, Manchester
Amy Aungles, London
Nathaniel Filardo, Researcher, Cambridge
Alex Tobin
Anna Gallagher, Medical student, Glasgow
Briony Appleton, Carmarthen
Rob Barbour, HR Specialist, Amsterdam
Mike Burrows, Academic, Birmingham
James Doherty, Thurso
Matt Boothman, Writer, London
Lisa DeBruine, Professor of Psychology, Glasgow
Seona Radwanski, Artist/Writer, Retail Worker, Lynden, Washington, USA
Derwin McGeary, East Kilbride
Ruby Hodgson, London
Katie Steckles, Mathematician, Manchester
Kate Mhartain, Software Developer, Edinburgh
Julia Hawkes-Reed, Bristol
Amelia Seal, Earlville
Gordon Miller, 3D Designer, Aberdeen
Tyler Browne
Sandra Robinson, Retired, Blackburn
R f, Student, London
Severin Buchenau, Regensburg
Dack Conroy, medical coder, Boston, MA
Cailin Walsh, Software Consultant, St. John’s
Sabrina Moutarde, Marketing Executive, Guildford
Rae John, Artist, Scotland
Abbie Eales, Head of Governance, FAREHAM
Janet Clarke, Sales, Shepperton
Andrew Martin, Phd Student, Imperial College London, London
Jonas Otto
Guerin Erin, Self employed, Knutsford
Sarah, London
Antony Rochford, LONDON
Kel Finan-Cooke, Head of PR & Communications, Pride in Surrey, CAMBERLEY
Bryher Hill, Occupational Therapist, Helping Kids Shine, Bridgend
K. King, Graphic Designer, NW United States
Andrew Hutchinson-Clish, Darlington
Dalia Quazi, BATH
Reece Connolly, writer + performer, London
Mike Ejenas, Chiropractor, wellingborough
Emmanuele Bassi, London
Richard Smith, Planner, London
Spencer Blackwell, Bristol
David Devereux, Audio Producer, Tin Can Audio, Glasgow
Shash Appan, Trans Aid Cymru, Cardiff
Racheline Maltese, Writer, NYC
Naomi Makin, Former License Fee Payer, Exeter
REU ALESSIA, artist, Torino
Andrew James Carter, CEO, Podium, Oxford
Emilie Reed, Writer, Glasgow
Donald Carrick, Unemployed, N/A, Linlithgow
Ellie Mower, Nurse, Hull
John Holmes, Author, None., Manchester
Peter Brannick, Lecturer, Bolzano, Italy
Sara Ahmed, Scholar and writer, Independent, Cambridge
Stuart Fraser, Civil Servant, Cambridge
Rita Wild, trainer, Belfast
Fen Beatty, London
Alice Norton, Service desk Team Leader, Brighton
Leah heffernan, student, none, Manchester
Matthew king
Fennel Geary, Seattle
Monaghan Oonagh, Librarian, Lincoln
Sophie Asbery, Engineer, Kingston
Sumi Heutte, Barista, Baltimore City
Jon Duncanson, Dundee
Nic Paul, Teacher, Edinburgh
Cet Jarvis, Sex Educator, Pocket Badger Education CIC, Norwich
Paige Morison, Dundee
Erin Eland, Software Engineer, London
Catherine S P Bussell, Student, UCL, London
Maureen Barker, Retired, Aylesbury
Jamie Bradley, Engineer, COVENTRY
Robert Gordon, Sussex
Fangyi Zhou, London
Tamara Marie Keating, Insurance Manager, Cardiff
Adi Daly-Gourdialsing, Current Affairs Lead, GenderGP, London
Timothy Hampson, Researcher, University College London, London
Kathryn Herschell, Equality and Diversity Awards Advisor, Edinburgh
Ben Brown, Sheffield
Abi Adam, Sleaford
El Garland, Edinburgh
Madeleine McMurray, Administrator, Grays
Graham Burdon, IT project manager, ASCOT
Wilson Delaney, Teacher, Lakeside School, Welwyn Garden City
Guillermo Gallegos, Student, N/A, Corpus Christi
Matt Courtman-Maddalo, Nurse, National Health Service, Corby
Hannah Wood, London
Raina Henlan (Le Blanc), Creative Writing Student, UWE Bristol, Bristol
James Burrell, Doctor, NHS, Leeds
Jon Walmsley, Web Design, Media Advertising, SOUTHAMPTON
Rowena Paren, Web developer, Cambridge
James Konrad Puchowski, Lecturer and Council Co-Convenor of the Scottish Green Party, University College London, Edinburgh
K Condon, Communications Coordinator, Colchester
David Jones, Software Developer, Jaguar Land Rover, Manchester
Ben Lyons, Assistant Producer, London
Aeryn Nay, Scientist, Manchester
Jessica High-Parcell, Veterinary Nurse (retired), London
Alice Tilton
Izzy Hall, Chicago
Chris Riley, Finance, Ashford
Thomas Jones, Music Production Student, n/a, Gordon
Molly Hawes, Student, Bristol
Dylan Elks, Maidstone
Bee Godwin, Software Engineer, BBC, London
Scarlett Starck, Archivist
Anna Podova, Student, London
Shelagh Doran, Retired Teacher, Manchester
Ms Amira Tharani, Voluntary sector consultant, London
Marwan, London
Anna Makova, Student, Glasgow
Sonya Hipper, IT Specialist, San Bruno
Claire, Sports coach, Glasgow
Alex Dimokov, Student, Hebden bridge
Amy Burford, Funding Manager
Justin Turnbull, Resource Planner, British Red Cross, Manchester
Spencer Parks, Retail Worker, Louisville
JAMES TOMBS, Accountant, Warrington
Alice Thomas, Writer, Cornwall, UK
Thomas Whiteway, London
Lauren Roberts, London
Robyn Worthington, London
Kevin Pye, HVAC, Toronto
Rae Elster, Sales Assistant, Reading
Taylor Katie, Engineering manager, Alstom, Derby
Madeline Matheson, Student, London
Tharani Mervi, Chertsey
Neil willey, Belfast
Ralph Moore, Dublin, Ireland
James Billingsley, Customer Advisor, Currys, Warrington
Natalie Amery, Hierarchical Storage Specialist, Cambridge
Pat Fox, Heritage, Northern Ireland
Giverny Whitehurst-Martin
Nomi Elizabeth Hersi, Cardiff
Julia Ryan, Retail, Branson
Thomas Ternent, Manchester
Orion Barker, Account manager, Biffa, Aylesbury
Stuart Emerson, Civil Servant, Leeds
Louise Murray, Edinburgh
Charlotte Wright, Web Designer, Leicester
G Finlay, Belfast
Samantha Raven, Medically retired, Burnley
Stuart Forbes, Environmental Campaigner, Edinburgh
Grace Potter, London
R Taylor, Media, London
Victor Pan, Student, Fremont
Avery Black, Student, Dundee
Hatfield-roberts Michelle, Director, Blackpool
Alfred, Stock Assistant, Birmingham
Alexander Stuart-Kregor, Infrastructure Developer, Glasgow
R. Larue, Student, Cambridge
Richard Duffy, Solicitor, GLASGOW
Rob Davey, Trustee, Bi Pride UK, London
Euan Sutherland, Health care, London
Rob Hill, education scholar, Chicago, USA
Justin McKeating
Carly Degard, Accounting, Chicago, IL
Leila Goldman, Barista/student, San Francisco
Ad Leeks, Data analyst, Other, Edinburgh
Siobhan Smyth, Retd, Personal, Leeds
Jack Parr, Hull
Adam Prollins, Hertford
Kevin McAdams, Woodbridge
Zoe Tempesta, Consultant, Castelfranco Veneto
Selina Dean, Cambridge
Cosmo Bisby, University Student, Swansea
Matt Freestone, Cambridge
Edward Cunningham-Oakes, Postdoctoral Researcher, Liverpool
Paul Scott, Soft Engineer, Ravelin, London
Rebecca Hunt, IT Contractor, Tapir Consultancy limited, Edinburgh
Kieran, Civil Servant, Glasgow
Virala Luftsthaine
Nash Romi, Student, Manama
Kuura Reign, teacher
Woozalia Staddon, coder, Durham, NC, US
Sasha Paterson, Southampton
Hannah Saoirse Doran, STEVENAGE
Britney L Bowers, Supervisor, Real Canadian Superstore, West Kelowna
Max O’Keeffe, PhD student, King’s College London, London
Simon Rasmussen, Translator, COPENHAGEN
Enid SHELMERDINE, Retired journalist, Ramsbottom, Bury
Chloe Monahan, Emergency Dispatch Assistant, South Central Ambulance Service, Reading, UK
Candice Douglas, Portland
Jake Rolston, Freelance Motion Designer, n/a, Smethwick
Rik Meucci, Business Analyst, Carrickfergus
CB Bailey, Software Engineer, London
Rebecca Prentice, Cambridgeshire
Catherine, Overlord, Liverpool
Jennifer Rose, Coventry
Rebecca Williams, Nurse, Eastbourne
Robin Olsson, Senior Technical Writer, Birmingham
Joanne Knight, Civil Servant, Manchester
Liz Garrity, IT technician, Manchester
Andrea Chambers, Cambridge
Rory Wilson, Software developer, Edinburgh
Daniel Moore, Liverpool
Chris Morrison, Process officer, London
Anton Kuznetsov, Moscow
Henry Woolley, PhD Researcher, Münster, Germany
Anja Jurgenssen, UK
Chris Myers, IT, Bath
Ruby, student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Bobbi Pickard, CEO, Trans in the city, London
E Kemp, Reception, Gosport
Phillip Trzcinski, Safety Engineer, Bristol
Sue Marsden
Samantha Ely, Greater Manchester
Peter Fullagar, Editor and writer, Reading
Josh Wheeler, PR, Manchester
Sam Feeney, Counsellor/psychotherapist, Reg MBACP, Huntingdon
David Pugsley, London
Mairi Archbold, Artist, Edinburgh
Mark Jones, Researcher, TU Delft, Delft
Callum McDade, Writer, Glasgow
Ethan Humphrys, Edmonton
Tibi, Particle Physicist, London
Lucie Martin
Alex Evans, Software developer, London
Leo Curtis, Civil Servant, HMCTS, Manchester
Reinder Dijkhuis, Translator, Hoogezand
Sophie Dickey, Video Games, London
Nathan Monfils, Software Engineer, Wavre
Luke Tracey, Insurance Executive, Manchester, Manchester
Jan Pospisil, illustrator, Bruntal
Caroline Pennock, academic, Sheffield
Ever Clarke, Civil Servant, Nottingham
Lexie, Software Developer, Crewe
Daniel Elkan, Wombwell
Kieron Marshall, Bedford, UK
Henry Bushell, Consultant, York
Jasper Little, Artist, Hawick
Alicia Butteriss, Leicester
Eleanor Smith, Aberdeen
Jennie Kermode, author and journalist, Trans Media Watch, Paisley
Paul Dazeley, Director, London
Green, Student, Birmingham
Ben Paulden, Chorley
Vron McIntyre, Writer, Individual, Nottingham
Cecile Pierret, Student, Edinburgh
Dawn Day, Bury
Stuart Jones, Manchester
Lexie Oliver, Carer, Derby
Jenny Blacker, Small business owner, Woking
Megan Purdy, Toronto
Filip Kwasniewski, Larkhall
So Mayer, Writer, organiser
Jemma James, Nurse, Nurses United, Durham
Alex Grey, Independent Advocate, Bradford
Beth Williams, Hospitality Manager, LIVERPOOL
Ro Woodhouse, Self Employed, Birmingham
Oleksandra, PhD student, Ukraine
Kiera, retail, Bromley
Owen Blacker, Technologist, Woking
Levi Paliouras, Student, Cambridge
Matthew Dillon, Business Analyst, Pay Per Week, SHEFFIELD
Becky Cheatle, carer, Tramore
Claire Crawford, Doctoral researcher, King’s College London, London
Sarah Cosgriff, Swindon
Pollock Karen, Psychotherapist, Counselling in Northumberland, Northumberland
Rachel Hughes, Charity Manager, Newcastle
Ben Giddins, Artist, London
Tristan Gray, Edinburgh
Claire Carter, Data Scientist, Gloucester
Jon Squires, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Portsmouth
Stephen Gibson, Graphic Designer, Shrewsbury
Scott Burgess, Statistician, Edinburgh
Robin Webber, Student, Cambridge
Olga, barista, Moscow
Ruadhán Ó Donnaile, Quartermaster, of the Serve The People Programmes of England, Liverpool
Mira Kim, Technology Strategist, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Meg Hill, Maternity worker, Stockport
Roisin McCormack, Glasgow
Kirsteen Wright, Retired, Glasgow
Emelli Doran, Manchester
Catherine Ingledew
Eleanor Brayne-Whyatt, London
Cllr Chris Wills, Labour and Co-op Councillor and Council LGBT+ Lead, Manchester City Council, Manchester
Chris Price, Software Engineer
Lynnea Urania Stuart, Author, Anaheim
Steven Docherty, Glasgow
Vojtech Nozicka, Volunteer Experience Lead, Charity, London
david colby, Writer, David Colby, Sunnyvale
Emily Stevens, Actor, London
Charlotte Burns, Trainer, North Shields
Tara Greatorex, Midwife, Burgess Hill
Danielle Amos, Cambridge
Zoe Wright, Birmingham
Matthew Hayward, Birmingham
Janette Linaria
Malleck Braun, Videographer, Port Angeles
Tabitha Cole, Senior QA Engineer, Aberdeen
J R Tomlin, Author, Beaverton
Bradley Neal, Researcher, UK
Juliet McKenna, Author, Oxford
Justin Hancock, Sex educator, Mr Justin Hancock, London
Jaymie Tapsell, Community worker, Thurrock
Hennie Postma
Joshua Middleton, Server, San Diego
Daniel Auger, ARLINGTON
Victoria Roberts, Engineering Manager, Rochdale
Michael Fish, Chef, Preston
Tom Geraghty
m.rolfe, artist, torbay
Alex Adams, Writer, Jarrow
Micah Clarke, Software Engineer, Manchester
Nyssa Wolfe
Violet Maidment, Service Executive, Southampton
Paul Broughton, Leeds
Ian Wolf, British Comedy Guide (, Stockton-on-Tees
A Bee, Reading
Dr Jo Smith, Lecturer, Brighton
Ross mowatt, Newcastle
Laura Brown, Writer / Producer
Lizzie Cass-Maran, Burntisland
Alex Lambert, Queer, non-binary person, Warrington, UK
Finn Else, Factory Worker, Saltburn-by-the-Sea
Sara Helen Binney, London
Fey Wagner, Artist, Butler
Jim McKeating, n/a, Windermere
Jenn Young, Computer Software Manager, Cambridge
Jamie Wheeler, Edinburgh
Robert Breininger, Student, Satellite Beach
Lily Tucker, Australia
Hanna Harris, Cardiff
Lorna Munro, Physiotherapist, Bangor
David Taylor, Designer, Heybridge
Jonathan Bart, London
Nathaniel Foster, Student, N/A, Cambridgeshire
Dr Sarah Scott, Aerodynamicist, , Liverpool
John Renguette, Gay Trans Man and Author, Indianapolis, IN, US
Iain Birrell
Sean Boyle
Gemma Teale, Co-founder, LGBeeTs Brentford fans group
Cassidy Percoco, Oneonta
Jodi Quinn, Bristol
Alexandra Clifford, Administrator, Canterbury
Al Storer, Cambridge
Ben Yeager, N/A, Amherst
Julianna Neuhouser, translator, Mexico City
Edward Edmondson, London
Jamie McKelvie
Jen Peake
Ian Robinson, photographer, northallerton
Sophie Leng, Civil Servant, DWP, Middlesbrough
Cherry Lewis, Swindon
Matthias Kepplinger, Linz
Jack Connell, Teacher
Krystin Roberts, Engineer, Reno, NV USA
Naomi Lee, None, None, Taunton
Sara-Jayne Calvert, Beverley
Rowan Bennet, Student, Nottingham
Helen Green, Renfrewshire
Hayley Sherriff, Case Manager, Chelmsford
James Harvey, Retail, Melbourne
Finn Charlton, London
Jeneen Schofield, Liverpool
Emily Nordmann, Glasgow
Alasdair MacLeod, Warwick
Danni P, Emergency Service, (not the AA!), Leicester
Sally Leonard, Consultant, St. Albans
Nicole Loven, Photographer/Filmmaker, Lincoln
Amelia Lisette, Admin Worker, Prominent NHS MH Trust, LONDON
Emily Hamilton, Director, Trans in the City, Bedford
Alexandra McCarthy, Software Developer, OneFile Ltd, Manchester
James O’Brien, Designer, London
Oliver Hayes, Animator, Sheffield
Natalie Washington, IT Manager, Hampshire
Susan Harcourt, Edinburgh
Dawn Fletcher, Sheffield
Jack Robinson-Waitt, Retail, Manchester
Cameron Mumford, Student, St Andrews
Ian Sturrock, Lecturer, N/a, Saltburn
Nuala Salter, Housewife, Grimsby
Charlie Ensor, Charity media worker, London
Ashley Lees, Manchester
Jon Nickson
Angela Powell, Alnwick
Barry Crabb, Domestic Services Supervisor, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter
Stephanie Marini, artist, Palm Springs
Samuel Collyer, transgender layabout, County Maigh Eo
Olwen Lachowicz, Research assistant, University of Durham, Durham
Ray Hong, Software engineer, San Jose
Liz Jones, Retired, Na, Wilmslow
Ada Palin, Student, Utrecht
Bruce Allen
Jenni, Teaching Assistant, Cambridge
Phoenix Scholz-Krishna, assistant to the CEO, balloon architekten ZT-OG, Graz
Ambrose Lontro, London
Tom Goulden, Lincolnshire
Rosie Moylan, Accountant, London
Rhys Roberts, Volunteer, Swansea
Erin Hill, Labour Councillor, Huddersfield
Gordon Wright, Aberdeen
Elliot Akosa, Childminder, London
Nicki Chillag, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ryan Sandrey, Glasgow
Natalie, Norwich
Helen Caine, Anglican Priest, Church of England, Gloucestershire
JP Jordan, Dublin 16
Alice Power, London
Erin Pinheiro Manal, BSc, Software Engineer, São Paulo, Brazil
Jack Hughes, N/A, N/A, Cambridge
Anne Orchard, Retail operations manager, Axminster
Katie Dibb, Student, Goldsmiths University, London
Ross Clark
Edward Claydon, Cambridge
Cassandra Domokos, Software Engineer, Leeds
Jonathan Ryan, Manufacturing, Glasgow
Jamie Marks, Package and Postal, University of Maine
Rose Carlson, Artist, Seattle
Maarten Boos, Editor, SDI Media, Oslo
Jon Stricklin-Coutinho, London
Samantha Jane Smith, Jukkasjärvi Sweden
Lorcan Nagle, IT Engineer, Dublin
Thomas Stewart, Writer, Tumblr, Corby
Sara R Fogan, Santa Clarita
Aurora Wilkins, Worcestershire
Riley Shepard, Artist, Council Bluffs
matthew harris, Freelance Writer, Letchworth Garden City
Sean Gallagher, Orthoptist, Nhs, LIVERPOOL
Victoria Phillips, Saga insurance
James Wenn, Student Success Adviser, Please Select, Chelmsford
Christian Chase, Solihull
Michelle Riley, CNC Operator, Derby
Saqib Ali, Manchester
Sarah Spruce, Attorney, Boston
Dr Julian Burton, Researcher, Bathgate
Kathryn Whittington, Reading
Fiona Pollard, London
Einar Jóhannesson, Student, Mosfellsbær, Iceland
Vrai Kaiser, Managing Editor, Anime Feminist
Andrew Whittaker Percival, London
Eva Echo, Birmingham
Brad Gray, Journalist, Basildon
Colin Hughes, Business Analyst, Blackburn
Andrew Miles, Yeovil
Sam Jackson, Student, Redhill
Matilda Tempest, Chaplaincy Assistant, London
Kate Harford, Clergy, Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC)
Skylar Oler, Student, N/A, Salt Lake City
Jacob Reddig, Rochester
Amanda Jane Sexton, Teacher, Manchester
Robin Palmer Hosking, London
Katharine Spratt, Bristol
Isla Kennedy, Oxford
Laura Levett, Student, Sheffield
Oliver Davies, Finance Director, London
Pete Marshall, Data Analyst, Hays, ‘Emel ‘Empstead
Sam, Helston
Russell Spade, 1, Nhs, Penzance
Jamie Bloomfield, Manchester
Simon Chen, PhD Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Kate Ebbutt
Jessica Trenchard, Marske-by-the-Sea
J Alex Bradley
Serra Morse, Pontypridd
M Sharman, Cambridge
Aron Kearney, Stock Support Officer, Bedford, UK
Max Davies, Student, Exeter
Joe Nellist, Digital Communications Officer, NHS, Manchester
Mikhail Ramendik, Technical writer, Limerick, Ireland
Alice Hughes, Doctor, Exeter
Siobhan Swords, Data Analyst, Manchester
Craig Stevens, Retail Manager, Chelmsford
F. Manders, Cambridge
Ryan Munro, New York
Kirsty Gallery, Glasgow
Mai Pucik, copy editor, Lausanne
Lune Rebelião Felix Feital, Auxiliar de Escritório, Boa Vista – RR
Faye Ackermann, Sales Assistant, Plymouth
Vanessa Shillito, Retired student welfare officer, Cheshire
Emily Murch, Student, Hull
Alice Whittaker-Bartlett, Leicester
Trent Randle, Coventry
Nick Watson, student, YORK
Char Binns, Festival Director, Homotopia, Liverpool
Rachel Sloan, Liverpool
Anna Vanhinsbergh, Harwich
Daniel Ridsdsle, Manchester
Evyatar Man, New York City
Jim Redgrave, Not working, disabled, Chesterfield
Ruby e, student, london
Jude Aughey, Lisburn
Briana Tiano-Mohr, Illinois, USA
Elizabeth Woodward, Unemployed, Glasgow
Thomas E Rule, Software Developer, Envitia Ltd, Horsham
Katie Walker
Cassie Dalzell, Belfast
John Hesslewood, Manchester
Serin Thomasin, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor, NHS, Sheffield
Richard Stokes, Vfx Artist, Derby
Robert Pickard, Bradford
Anna Lyons, Teacher, LONDON
Stephen Frost, Brighton
Rhodes Lucy, Oldham
Tyrone Curtis, Sexual health researcher, London
Dani Faulkner, London
Amanda Clark, Abingdon
Steve Wright, London
E.M. Faulds, Writer, Glasgow
Alex Clayton, Software Developer, London
Sylvia Harrington, Software developer, Basingstoke
Tanya Jones, Researcher, Dundee
Marie- Anne McQuay, Curator, Liverpool
Michael-Israel Jarvis, Librarian, Norwich
Johnny Waugh, Journalist, Denton
Michael Penny, Bristol
Krystle issitt, Portsmouth
Jon Brady, Journalist, Dundee
Jack Holmes, Planning Officer, London
Rachael Paines, Manchester
Austin Ramey, Housekeeping, Miami Valley Gaming, Monroe
Simon Stacey, London
Eri Sims
Joy Phillips, Clinical coding auditor and trainer, Nhs, Manchester
Piper Gress, Artist, Rogers
Tilly, Carer, Self Employed, Nottinghamshire
James Hepplestone, LGBT Officer, Halifax Constituency Labour Party, Halifax
Jason Potts, Civil servant, Camberley
Calvin Wong Tze Loon, writer, Kuala Lumpur
Paul Walsh, Student, Falkirk
Sophie Dodsworth, IT Professional, SOAS, London
Sophia McAllister, Librarian & Archivist, Lake Elsinore, California, USA
Isobel Bailey, Student, Lancaster
Robert Hopwood, Middlesbrough
Arvid Neumann, Student, Magdeburg
Clare Willison, Faversham
Raz Abernethy, Liverpool
Sam Hopper, Unemployed, Newcastle upon Tyne
Christy Tomlin, Nursery Agent, BRISTOL
Emily Rose Figgins, Unemployed, Ely
Sheena Ferguson, Violin teacher, Edinburgh
Rebecca Wilson, Writer, Leicester
Uma, Artist, Gateshead
Oscar Shrimpton, Student, Edinburgh
Thomas Reeves, Student, Manchester
Martin Steele, Glenrothes
Richard Cooper
Natalie Ravenhill, Software Engineer, Birmingham
Giovanni Bienne, Equity LGBT+ committee, chair, LONDON
Jacqueline Currie, Brighton
Jack, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jordan Young, Student, Cardiff
Richard Makepeace, Software developer, Birmingham
Paul Rowthorn, Carer, Seaham
Scott Sabourin, Homeless prevention, Milton Keynes
Maxine Stubenrauch, Office worker, Bregenz
Charles Parkinson, Guernsey
Becky Gunter, Norwich
Andrew Stevens, Office Worker, Glasgow
Sean Webster, Warehouse worker, Saskatoon
Dr Jon Morgan, Exeter
Natalie Howell, Birmingham
Eleanor Williams, Research scientist, Oxford
Amber Fox
Megan-Rose Mason, Pharmacy Assistant, Stoke-on-Trent
Rachel Johnson, Project Engineer
Robyn V, Software Engineer, Edinburgh
Sally-Anne Wherry, Senior lecturer, Gloucestershire
Owen Beech, Whitehaven
Naomi Hawke, Office Manager, Durham
Toby Menzel, Musician, Berlin
Potema Dunne
Celia Hunter, Software developer, London
Anthony Slattery-Moore, Hair stylist, Birmingham
Bea McDonald
Robert Edwards, writer, London
Emily Brewes, Author, Kingston
Matt Nicholls, London
Jeanie Burr, Teacher, London
Isabel A Ruffell, Professor, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow, GLASGOW
Ruth Humphreys
Kyle Chamberlain, Hairdresser, North Wales
Smyth Harper, Chair, LGBT Foundation, Manchester
Lia Webster, York
Rebecca Thomas
Sam Jeffrey, Student, Cambridge
Tom Blyth, Student, Belfast
Esme Lord, Communications Director, The Nelson Trust, Gloucester
Charlotte Ausel, Student, University of Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy
Stephen Ferguson, Ayr
Robin Ward, Lab Tech, Lincoln, NE (US)
Cobie Belcher, Student, Tampa Bay, FL
Lisa Severn, DevOps Engineer, Manchester
Rae Haylock, Administrator, Essex
Olivia Carlton, Leeds
Lydia Grove, Midlands
Ayumi Christoph, administrator, Edinburgh
Isabelle Riley, Sheffield
Francesca Mills-Smith, Personal assistant, NHS, Bristol
Roisin Moriarty, PA, Balliol College, Oxford
Andrew Turnbull, Dunfermline
Stevie Carroll, Writer, Huddersfield
Roderick Hamilton, Charity worker, Manchester
Sam Squires, Kennesaw
Muireann O’Sullivan, Glasgow
Anthony Crocker, London
Jason Hayes, Admin, London
Nico Webster
Michael Seaton, Computational Scientist, Warrington
Kim Hipwell, Manchester
Mr Jonathan Kent, Health services or public health manager or director, NHS, BRIGHTON
Bryn Bandt-Law, student, University of Washington, Seattle
herby, Clerk, Nottingham
Kraige true, London
Nathan Adam, Data Co-Ordinator, Bristol
Jade Elliot Rose, Administrator, Gillingham, Kent
Eileen McCall, Software Engineer, Portland, Oregon, USA
Britta Elert, Disabled, Bünde, Germany
Lukas Gray, Edinburgh
Warren Palmer, Cardiff
Alvaro González Eskola, High School Senior, Espoonlahden Lukio, Espoo
Rachel Owens, Marine Superintendent, Renfrewshire
Samantha Pointon, Saffron Walden
Blaise Millegan, Office Assistant, Eugene
Amber Downs, Pannal
Alicia Carr, Leyland
Sydney Graham
Eric Figueroa, Student Alumni, The Cooper Union, New York
Eddie Bowley, London
Daphne Arthur, Musician, Baltimore, MD
Kirsten Wotherspoon, Student, UWE
Tobias Clutterham
Johnny, Student, Canterbury
Stefan Mohamed, Author, Bristol
Kris G., Administrator, County Durham
Sophie Thurston, Sales, London
Marjorie Bark, Environmental Auditor, Sudbury
Kevin McIntosh
James Harris, Warehouse operative, Stafford
Greg, IT worker, Glasgow
Russ Garrett, London
Jocelyn Price, Paralegal, Brighton
Clare Reddington, CEO, Bristol
R. Somers
Jennifer Bell, Stockton-on-Tees
Rebecca Gellman, Senior Software Engineer, Rebecca Gellman, Portsmouth
Federica, Data analyst, Dublin
Emma, IT Manager, London
River McCloskey, Software Developer, Belfast
James Billingham, IT, ANDOVER
Alexis Ashley, Architect, Surrey
Jo Decker
Georgie Craven, Student, Edinburgh
Hurst Jeremine, Retired police officer, Sherborne
Ella Williams, N/A, N/A, Rhyl
Ed Robson, Developer, Manchester
Russell D, Tacoma
Sarah Garcia, London
Sophie Grace Chappell, Philosophy professor, Dundee, Scotland
Jade Brown, Accountant, Government, Bristol
Jack McManus, Teesside
dl laws
Oleg Mihailik, Software Developer, London
Trefor James, Witham
Gordon Cameron, London
Andrew Farthing, Nottingham
Caroline Maylia, Blackpool
Dave Cooper, Freelance Artist, North Finchley
Alex Boothroyd, Sales Assistant, Stoke-on-Trent
Christian Cooke, Researcher, The Open University, Milton Keynes
Kathleen Keenan, retail assistant, Belfast
Michelle Snow, Journalist, What The Trans!?, London
John Doherty, Glasgow
Thomas Davies, Content producer, Vets4pets, Calne
Yasmin, Administration, Leeds
Katherine Catchpole, Tailor, Katherine Catchpole, Abingdon
Matthew Shynn, Teacher, York
Drew Castledine, Retail, Manchester
Sophie Rebecca, CEO, Leeds
Alan Wen, Writer, London
Philippa Clarke, Radstock
Billie, Artist, Glasgow
Leigh James, Swimming Teacher, Edinburgh
Christopher Andrews, Salisbury
Niamh Mitchelhill, Sheffield
Fiona Smillie, Student, Glasgow
William Frogley, SEO, Manchester
Kehan Zhu, None, Nottingham
Daniel Chant, Mental Health, Winchester
Cllr Claire Udy, Cllr, Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth
Anya Hanley, Los Angeles
Avar Wilson, Stirling
Yvonne Brunschede, electrician
Rachael Gentry, Application Developer
Holly Shirras, Engineer, Inverurie
KJ Bedi, London
Gwen Gurske, OGP Associate, Ashland
Lucy Galbraith, Kent
Claire L, Hatfield
Nick Coveney, Publisher, London
Hazel Storer, Student, University of Sussex, Brighton
Quen De Bard, Cashier, Poughkeepsie
John T. Morris
Nix Black, Bristol
Emily C, Student, Liverpool
William Jeffery, HAVERFORDWEST
C Cassels, Sales Rep, Lanark
Darick Friese, Clerk, Chicago, U.S.A.
Duncan Gray, Halifax
Casey Browne, Student, UWE Bristol, Bristol
Cait, Suffolk
Isabelle Brennand, Games Programmer, Gateshead
Paige Treebridge, Associate Professor, DePaul University, Chicago
Dr Eleanor Burns, Academic, Leeds University (alma mater), Cardiff
Kevin, Health Worker, NHS, Liverpool
Scott Whitehurst-Martin
Bee, Glasgow
L Westenra, Lawyer, London
Ian Rowe, IT Manager, Melton Mowbray
Joseph Clegg, York
Sarah Lloyd, Library Assistant, Delran
David Kelly, Software Developer, Poole
Marek Grobelny, Lehrte
Dani W., Engineer, Music Industry, Bath
simon jenkins, Sheffield
Sadhbh, Belfast
Lars Hanssen, London
Aspen Westby
Howe Furber, Administrator, N/a, Norwich
Caleb Hayes, Student, University of Brighton, Brighton
Danielle Kerrigan, Coventry
Michael McAllister, Lebanon
Jo Underwood, Newcastle upon Tyne
Matthew Tinn, Web Developer, Sunderland
Kris Jones, Mental Health Nurse, Bridgend
John Cartwright, Ad Executive, London
Colton Crowe, San Diego
Charlotte Hopkins, Student, University of Westminster, Watford
Everly Conrad-Baldwin, student, Toronto
keith, London
Elizabeth Smith, Finance, London
Nick Toth, Metalworker, Edinburgh
Lilith Walther, programmer, Los Angeles
Spencer Hackett, Birmingham
Elaine Teenan, Glasgow
Michaela Stuart-Matthews, LEATHERHEAD
Alicia, Retail Worker
Chris Mycroft, Parliamentary Assistant, Mansfield Woodhouse
Danielle Gaede, Creative Director, Toronto
Carys Thomas-Osborne, Workplace consultant, -, Newcastle upon tyne
Alexis Dexter, Company Director, Oxford
Micah Daigeaun, Aberdeen
Robin Lockyer, Software Engineer, Liverpool
Sophie de Sousa, Pharmacy Assistant, Well Pharmacy, Cheshire
Samuel Simpson, Student, Dundee
Harrison Neall, Brentwood
Ralph Collett, Materials testing, ayelsbury
Heather Ellinor Long, Data Officer, London
Heather Katz
Daniela del Rio, Developer, Soffttek, Merida
Alex Lawrence, Actor, Canterbury
Lee Stanley, Birmingham
Maya Winter, Student, Open University, Dorset
Hatfield-Roberts Clare, Purchasing, Blackpool
Timothy Hagarty, Student, New York, U.S.A.
Jenny Sundberg, Sheffield
Aoife O Donoghue, LL.B, MSc., Glasgow
Kasper Addams, Tailor, Cardiff
anna auld, UK
Ben Kennedy, Engineering Student, London
Meryl Links, Researcher, Trans Safety Network, Leeds
Holly Kent, Graphic Designer, Leeds
Willow Sparks, Student, Lancaster
Alice Robbins, Studen, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth
Alex Feygin, Research Technician, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
Couture Marlon, Victoria
Joshua Robertson, Games Journalist, Barnsley
R H Sinkins, Administrator, Sodexo, Hornchurch
Väinö Hakola
David Tweedle, Widnes
Alison Glover, Farmer, None, Norfolk
Vale, student, Glasgow
Miles Macey, Marketing assistant, Somerset
Cassie Gunnis, Doctor, London
Paul Laker, Analyst, Reading
Sam Harris, Engineer, Wiltshire
Bruno Girin, London
Erin Bowles, IT Technician, Redditch
Andrew Meikle, Support Worker, Nottingham
Lindsay Amabile, Bagshot
Miriam Efken, Engineer, Cincinnati
Laura McMullen, Inverness
Lee Price, Hertford
Charlotte Lunn, Edinburgh
Lyssa Dunn, Student, York
Alix Fitzgerald, Chelmsford
Gloria Preston, Writer, Freelance, London
Nicholas Bridget, Systems Operator, Florida, U.S.A.
Chloé Kuypers, Marketing Manager, Bierbeek
Tracey Brailsford, Nurse manager, Derbyshire community health trust, Chesterfield
Helen Searle, Edinburgh
Lynn van der Berg
Anna Ghislaine, Administrator, West Molesey
Richard Hutton, Hull
Phoenix Maycock, Surrey
Alice Lefevre, Edinburgh
Hayley Bender
FJW, Na, .
Adam McGuinness, Civil Servant, Leeds
Alex B, Student, AFAB Bisexual, Manchester
Falco N, Musician
Elaine Crory, Belfast
Law Roebuck, Researcher, York
Catherine Baker, Academic, Hull
Luke Turner, Artist, London
Freyja Domville, Software Developer, Swindon
Rachel Sumner, Ulverston
Jessica, None, None, Liverpool
Christine Shute, London
Nst edmunds, Director, Bici veloce, York
Max Hollin, student, Glasgow
Stuart, Admin, First data, Essex
Oliver Everett, Student, University of Cambridge, Lowestoft
Kevin Ackroyd, DevOps Engineer, Leeds
Sasha Jenkins, Student, Lancaster
Crystal Grant, Television Production Student, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire
Iain Read, Characterisation Engineer, Southend
Adam Fare, Data Analyst
Lesley DOUGAN, Bebington, Wirral
Warwick Ashley, Self Employed, Birmingham
Rhiannon Bevan, Journalist, TheGamer, Ipswich
Matthew Williamson, Science Communicator, Dundee
Felicity Lovett, Carer/Housekeeper, Gosport
Tim Jones, Manchester
Hannah, Student
Jerry Skold, Personal assistant, LSS, Norrkoping
Scott, London
Ryan Cullen, Web Developer, Newark
Geoff Matthews, Analyst, Milton Keynes
Tabitha McLachlan, student, Surrey
Roxanne Doyle, Glasgow
Dani Llewellyn, Software Developer, Basingstoke
Alex Jump, Berkhamsted
Bonny Colville-Hyde, Product Manager, Bristol
Amanda Schultz, Writer, Massachusetts
Andy Curtis Brignell, Musician, Salford
Vallion Kurtis Leeson Goodall, Unemployed, Gloucester
Alice Polley Mrs, Kirkcudbright
Holly Mossman, Carer, Lancaster
Amelia, Student
James Armstrong, Teacher, Brighton
Emily Allen, Writer, Southampton
David Howell, Newport/Casnewydd
Buster Manwomb, Sanitation engineer, FFCDSCSIS, Winnipeg
Fin Morris, Slough
Jonathan Tebble, Charity worker, London
Martin Bowen
Michael Bird, Charity HR Manager, London
Josef Dillon, Burnley
Thomas White, student, southampton
Emma-May Uden, Actor, London
Robin Tynan, Artist, Leeds
Chloe Stewart, Glasgow
Emma Rankin, Student, Livingston
Hannah Copestake, Writer, Edinburgh
joss prior, liverpool
George Sterland, Delivery Driver, Derby
Ben J S Liddle, Application Support, Cardiff
Andrew Copland, Senior Software Engineer, Beeston, Nottingham
Alice Nuttall, Writer, Oxford
Jeremy Totten, Student, Warrenton
Amy Hupe, Content Design consultant, Self-employed, London
William Gough, Art Student, NANTWICH
Rae Corby
Jay Stone River, Support worker, Basingstoke
Amanda Shortman, Lincoln
Paul Wright, Civil Servant, Home Office, Liverpool
Jamie Markwell, Student, Cisgender Lesbian, Toronto
Rachael Beedie, Company director, Aberdeen
Molly, Musician
Lívia Rodrigues Chauar, Designer, Uber, Sorocaba
Alex Samudio
Sophie Gale-Evans, Business Director, London
Tom Hanrahan, Ely
Melissa Fehr, London
Hector Hernandez
Sarah O’Connell
Ben Stokes, Graphic Designer, Norwich
Carlos Trancoso, Trinidad
Michael Dyer-Evans, Trainer, Aylesbury
Yunfeng Ruan, Cambridge
Duncan Craven, Callander
Chloe Armes, Customer Assistant, Norwich
Ben Hensley
Payton Marsh, Hull
Mark Green, Caretaker, Burnley
William Talbot, Economist, Manchester
THOMAS, Shepperton
Emma, Software developer, San Diego
Joshua, Customer service
Lena Meister, Cardiff
ML Janion
Tom Carver, Plymouth
Rosa Whicker, Teacher, London
Sarah Currier, Research Coordinator, Glasgow
Quinn Leeves, Illustrator, Cambridge
Maria King, Retired, NORWICH
David Griffin-Page, Quality checker, Leicester
Helena Dawn Evans, Llandrindod Wells
Matthias Feist, Education professional, Dublin
Lucas Bayliss, Huddersfield
Stephen Regan, PhD student, University College London, London
Chris Mckechnie, Glasgow
Alena Duggan, Bar Shift Leader, JD Wetherspoon
Robert Clifford, N/A, N/A, Maidstone
Ethan Williamson, Edinburgh
Daniel Eglinton, Social worker, London
Amy, retail, bristol
Imogen Smith, Medical Student
Elizabeth Campbell, Publishing Professional, London
Gregory Clark, Retail worker, Swindon
Neil McDonald, London
Alex Riley, Game Dev, De4ult Games, Basingstoke
Luke Le Moignan, retail worker, Norwich
Hannah, MIS developer, Nottingham
Zoë Abendstern, Manchester
Michelle Marsh, Hull
Philip Gray, IT analyst, LONDON
David Wishingsky, Cook, Hastings
Clare Scott, Glasgow
Gossamer Byman, Calgary
Carla Wakfer, Video creator, N/A, Bristol
Chris Wellings, Richmond
Lesley Fannin, Ashton-Under-Lyne
Melanie Lewis, Software Engineer, Leeds
Sophie Le Blanc, London
Jason Reid, Writer, London
Anastasia Styles, Writer, Manchester
Anna Nicholson, Edinburgh
Peter Bell, Perth
Rob Rohde-Szudy, Analyst, none, Madison, wi
KD Smith, Development Consultant, Edinburgh
Ian Gander, Software developer, Leeds
Jenny Gibson, Warehouse worker, Lancing
Asha Gatehouse, Student, Plymouth
Josh Harding, Investigator, London
Holly Rivers, Liverpool
Michael Warin, Photographer, Bury St Edmunds
Mei Yan Zhang, Illustrator, London
Arianna, Student, Bournemouth
Dolores de Beauvoir, Student, Davis, CA
Mark Knoop, Elst
Emma Cusdin, HR Director, Global Butterflies, London
Christopher Williams, Leamington Spa
Andrew Simmons, Sam’s Club Merchandiser, Alabama
Pk Kulasegram, Oxford
tony murphy, MANCHESTER
Maeve Kehoe, Writer, Twin Lakes, WI
Kara Alexander-Eames, Engineer, Sheffield
Dominic Berry, London
Skye Laing, Edinburgh
Chloe Fitzgerald, Student, N/A, York
Laure, Scientist, Reading
Chris Hind, Leigh-on-Sea
Jay Humphrey, Accountant
Lori Spicher, Bartender, – None -, San Francisco, CA
Rebecca Harris-Smith, College lecturer, Birmingham
Heather Gregson, Malden
Alison Ledgerwood, Professor of Psychology, Sacramento, California, USA
Stuart Robson, developer, salisbury
Craig Burley, Barrister and Solicitor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Dee Kinghorn, Glasgow
Dr Joel Southgate, Cardiff
Yerin Fink, Project Coordinator, Seattle, WA, USA
Harry Kennard, Academic, Dunbar
Alea Kootz, climatologist., NCAR, Boulder
Elliot James, Keynsham
sandi green, researcher, Ludendenfoot Halifax
Grace, London
Jacob Scott, Engineer, Worcester
Peter Shillito, Radio presenter, The Cat Community Radio, Crewe
Cassie Saltmer, Unemployed, Great Yarmouth
Tom Langham, Bristol
Caleb Ødegaard, Porsgrunn, Norway
D Baker, Designer, Birmingham
Blake Nona Gould, Louisville
Bennett LaRue, Kearneysville
Chris Kenny, Photographer, South Australia
Alexis Sullivan, software, Portland
Debbie Johnston, Northampton
Casey Hayes, Retail worker, South Hadley
Carl Forzane, Content Creator, Lichfield
Issy Emmitt, Bath
Ralph Taylor, Systems Analyst, Bristol
Kelsey Hylland, Charity Worker
Neil Turner-Richardson, Penicuik
Tom emmitt, Kent
Beatrice Copland, Kirkwall
Gwen Nelson, Software engineer, N/A, Wrexham
Youval Yadlin, Washington, DC
Kevin Dunn, Former priest, Manchester
Sali Owen, cis ally,, Campaigner against biphobic sexual violence #MeToo, Manchester
THOMAS O’HARE, Business, research or administrative professional, Leicester
Maggie Thomas, Musician, Unaffiliated, Long Island, NY
Alice Field, Birmingham
Matilda Wilkinson, Windermere
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Editor, Sligo
David King, Product Manager, Alton
Britta Noetzel, Hamburg
Zoë Hamilton, Belfast
Alex Turnpenny, West Yorkshire
George Holt, Post-graduate Student, Wolverhampton
James C
Nico Mara-McKay, PhD student in History, University of Toronto, Toronto
James Livesey, Worker, Cardiff
Andreas Ernst, Newcastle upon Tyne
Lily Golding, Malvern
Sherri Joyce, Retired, Ex House of Commons, London
Lewis White, Journalist, Gfinity PLC, Stoke-on-Trent
Ry Render, PhD Student
Richard knott, It consultant, London
Alexander Harris, Customer service, Cardiff
Chris Limb, Hove
Ramona Dean, Kent
Margaret A Ramey, Graphic Designer, Chico
Felis Scarbrough, Data Engineer, Penryn
Diane Jones, University Administrator, Aberystwyth
Rosie McAvoy, Railways Electrical Engineer, Commercial multi-national business, London
Kelcee Frost, Student, Wrexham
Poppy Halliwell, Student, WN5 7EA
Reuben Mount, Nuneaton
Carl Greenwood, Journalist, Manchester
Caroline Debenham, Chelmsford
Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin, Ireland
Lily Robinson, Retail Worker, Great Yarmouth
Helen Gibbons, Translator, Gibraltar
Charlotte Geer, Liverpool
Clair McCowlen, Charity Worker, Hastings
Wesley Reid, Developer, None of your business, Nottingham
Jayne Beetham, Nottingham
Ruth Collard-Stayte, London
Amy Dunham, Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine, CA
Juan Camacho, Tampa
Jennifer Liddle, Software engineer, Cambridge
Finlay McFarlane, Edinburgh
Jay Akitt-Sharp, Law Student, Brighton
James Cole, Student, Bristol
Spencer Williams, Freelance Editor, Victoria, BC, Canada
Em Young, Broadcast Camera Operator, freelance, London
Freja Beak, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jessica Wynn, Trainee counselllor, Leeds
Bridget Chapman, FOLKESTONE
Jennifer Gibson, Engineer, Newcastle upon Tyne
Nicole Wevers, London
Finn Boyd, Student, Norwich
James Campbell, ESL Tutor, Freelance, Stirling
Alison Mulligan-Carroll, None, None, Dublin 14
Daisy Sore, student, london
Casey, Hartlepool
Roxanne Marion, Engineering Student, Yverdon, Switzerland
Zoë Perry, Retired, None, Chepstow
Kaitlyn Maloney, Grant Writer, K. Maloney Consulting, Bethesda
Kiki Ågren, Stockholm
Jessica Lee Jones, Systems Engineer, Boston, MA
Mark Whitaker, Blackpool
Marcus Connolly, London
Ben Fensome, Tiverton
Alice Kyriacou, Graphic Designer, London
Tom Vousden, Walton on the Naze
Jacky Mercey, Retiree, Munich
Chloe Nichols
Katy Williams, Blackpool
Libby Russell, Edinburgh
Claire Groves, Student, Plymouth
Aidan-Astrid Summers, Unemployed, Glasgow
Nicola Hodson, LINCOLN
Chloe Whale, Software Developer, Reading
Steve Jones, Dental Assistant, Portsmouth
Helen Lawson, Portsmouth
Mike Homfray, Lecturer, Liverpool
Julianna Fudge, Royal Canadian Engineer Officer, Ottawa
Victoria Pettersen, Oslo
Alistair Davidson, IT Consultant, Glasgow
Sam Wise, Journalist, Being LGBTQ, Sunderland
Eloïse Speight, Student, Loughborough
Virginia Moffatt, Shaftesbury
Wendy Lyon, Solicitor, Dublin
Ántonia Peigahi, Sacramento
Heather Sullivan, London
Emily Jade Double, Chelmsford
Liz Russ, Liverpool
Orion Schiada, Designer/Artist, Ovaettr Art, Denton TX
Christopher Jerden-Cooke, Composer, Jerden Cooke, London
Madrie Davey, Trans+ Officer, Lancaster University LGBTQ+ Forum, Lancaster
Emily brown, Legal executive, Slater and Gordon, Cardiff
James Kerr, Film Studnet, Sunderland
Ryan McWilliams, Chester
Pamela Ritchie, London
John Proctor, Manchester Pride Protest, Salford
Robin Rowlands, Exeter
Anna Peace, Disabled, Irthlingborough
A B McConville, Manchester
Jamie Lambert, Student, Wrexham
Daniel Watson, London
Dr Geoff Warburton, Psychotherapist, London
Rachel Coldbreath, Hastings
LINDA LYON, Call handler, NHS, Gourock
Fifth Vonn, Kansas City
Fated Snowfox, Student Psychologist, Birmingham
Garrett Pauls, Software Engineer
Simon Jones, Lincoln
Liz Henley
Vicky Pearson, Mother, #TreatMeToo, Bardney
Shira Sandler, artist, Pembrokeshire
Richard Young, London
Sarah White, New Milton
Robert Robinson, English Teacher, School, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tess Rugg, Bath
Robbie Bellekom, Newark
Allan Pringle, Engineer, Peterhead
Finn Weldin, Mrs, London
Audrey Doyle, New York
River Thompson, Student, Plymouth
Kat Stubbins, Nottingham
Jae Bloom
Rosie Dole, Musician, Cardiff
Beck Lane, Harrogate
Nathan Brown, No, No, No
Maria Power
Paddy Duffy, TV producer, Select, Glasgow
Heather Herbert, Scottish Green Party, Member, Aberdeen
Alasdair, Student, GLASGOW
Gwen Arthur, Finance professional, Belfast
Ezra, Student, UEA, Norwich
Travis Koger, CEO, TKK-Bases Ltd, Colchester
Zachary Mallon, Wheeler
Sarah DeLuca, tampa
Jane Kennedy, Edinburgh
Madeline J Welsby, Caerphilly
Jane, Marketer, Sweden
J Williams, Warwick
Stefano Fabbi, London
Anonymous, Primary Teacher, Edinburgh
Alan Taylor, Edinburgh
Lexxi Keay, Musician, Carmarthen
Christine Thomson, Software developer, Southampton
Dakar D. Calleros Haro, Freelancer, Mexico
Elliot Fortune, Senior Data Strategist, EU Co-Lead LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group, London
Colin Decrane
Beatrice Busby, Retired Nurse, N/A, Halifax, UK
Emily Donaldson, Broadcaster, Leeds
Robert Dahlen, San Leandro, CA
Leslie Rose Titze, IT specialist, Dryden Senior Services Inc, Dryden
Lizzy Doe, artist, Cambridge
Imogen, Student, Winchester
Rin Burton, Cinema manager, Cardiff
Max Brivati, Student, University of east anglia, London
Jessica Pagano, Student, RIT, Rochester
Claire Neaves, Bristol
Eleanor McDowall, Radio Producer, London
Oma Keeling, Journalist, Glasgow
Can Molitor, Translator, Saarbruecken
Enfys Book, Author, N/A, Laurel, MD
Gabrielle L. Nance, Chicago
Sophie Askew, Teacher, ILAC, Toronto
Helen Gallagher, Lancaster
Aurora While, University Student, Strood
Tobi Sims, Luton
Emily Crosbie, Freelance, Whitburn
Louise Lyster, HR Analyst, Bingley
Daria P Brashear, Software developer, Providence, RI, USA
Brenden, Sales, independent, plymouth
James Howell, Manchester
Dr. Jason W. Robertson, Research Associate, Dalhousie University, Halifax
ANN PRINGLE, Retired NHS receptionist, Peterhead
Jordan Dooling, None, Dead Fear Group, Castleford
Matt, Student, Port Glasgow
Samantha, Cybersecurity Researcher, High Wycombe
ROBERT SILLS, Personal Trainer, Hornchurch
JM Davies, Newport
Carrie Paechter, Academic, Nottingham
Madelaine Taylor, Writer, Ashington
Kitty Biggs, Portsmouth
Charlie Caine, Composer, The Common Lot, Norwich
Tom Cropper, Content writer, Tom Cropper, Bude
Beau Kirin Maysey, Student, University of Florida, Gulfport, Florida
Richard Parrington, Durham
Erika Cantrell, Digital Shopper
Esmé Newman, Musician, Gateshead
Caitlin Noussias, Librarian, Akron
Jenna Powell, Technical Consultant, Yeovil
Sharon Jones, Unemployed, London
Robert Magin, Birmingham
Tara Williams, London
Ellie Tucker, Tech Support, Reading
Ralph McMahon, Student, GMIT, Galway
Thom Saunders, Programmer, LONDON
Eric Ania (Kathryn) Haley-Halinski, PhD Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Sarah Ford, Artist, London
Frank Oddy, NHS Administrator, NhS, London
Heather Mcfarlane
Katherine Smith, Software Engineer, Reigate
David Demchuk, Writer, Proving Ground Press, Toronto
Katherine Lee, UI Artist, Edinburgh
Robyn, Worthing
Christopher Olive, Liverpool
Dolph S Shaw
Christopher Green, Guildford
Dr Hane Maung, Academic Philosopher, Manchester
Harriet Ford, Musician, Harriet Ford Music, UK
Maya Bonkowski, Consultant, London
Julie Cee, York
Evie Patmore, Media Producer, Bolton
Rebecca Leigh, Data Scientist, London
Mr Anderson
Gwendolyn Ann Smith, Remembering Our Dead
Isabella Gray, Workington
Jonathan Lambourn, COLCHESTER
Eleanor Blair, IT, Cambridge
Jamie Munsey, Writer/actor, London
Sean Turner, QA Tester, Ipswich
Olivia, Plymouth
Daniella Golt, Trust Administrator, gibraltar
R Taylor, North Shields
Vicky-Jane Gooding, Carer, W.Sussex
James Grey, Teacher, Tyne & Wear
Bryn Powell, Musician, London
Liat Norris, PCS Rep (Personal Capacity), Stoke-on-Trent
Valeria Faye, Macclesfield
Sarah Warren, Unemployed, Newent
Tansa Smirh, Artist, Burton On Trent
Tom McAteer, Shipley
Jamie Walsh, Animator, Leeds
Adrienne Furniss, Archaeologist, San Jose
Freyja, Woking
Monte Jackson, Writer, Tunbridge Wells
Garrett Howell, Orem
Rowan Harris, prefer not to say, n/a, prefer not to say
Annie Land, Carer, Cardiff
Meja Foss, Software developer, Kristiansund, Norway
Lee Hurley, Writer, lee hurley, Belfast
Charles Zeller, Call-center Supervisor, Ottawa
Ian King, Journalist, Worthing
Andy Friel, London
Scott Parsons
Samuel Eaton, NHS, Chorley
Liam Mason, Quality Inspector, Bodycote, Chard
Sandis Ivanovskis
Leksi Fairbairn, Unemployed, N/A, Douglas
Quinn Airlie, Senior Analyst, vancouver
Woodrow Cizadlo, Game Developer, Wellington, NZ
Frederick Legg, Ipswich
Damian Fisher
Em Dalton, Ireland
Carrie Morrison, Podcast Producer, Worthing
Connor Stokes
Joanne R’rith, Prop Maker, Devon
Laura Watton-Davies, Cambridge
Alexander Stone, Physicist, Portsmouth
Zak Cole, Plymouth
W. Long, Oregon
Oli Jeffery, Software developer, Redruth
Dylan Giles, Teacher, Long Beach
Safiya Johanna Cameron, H.R., Eden Prairie Mn, USA
Andie Darlington, Writer, Belper
William cooke, Barista, Edinburgh
Jase Puddicombe, Author, Nottingham
Douglas P Tammany, USA
Rachel Marie Reed, Retired, Consultant, Lawrence, KS USA
Michael Barley-Abbott, Designer, Halifax
Arlo, Highschool, Gay, Ipswich
Dr A. Lowe, Budapest
Kymba A’Hearn, Berkeley
Ian, Bournemouth
Joseph Ronan, Academic, Brighton
Alex McCumbers, Writer, Forever Classic Games, Anoka MN
Rae Fitzpatrick, Artist, Clarksville
Jack Sherlock, Pharmaceuticals, Northampton
Alasdair Watson, Programmer, London
Matthew Brooks, NANTWICH
Beverley Martin, Bristol
Elizabeth Brown, Callander, Scotland
Kay Challis, Hull
Jay Forward, KETTERING
Sophia McAllister, writer, curio, London
Kaleigh Mae Miller, Artist, Minneapolis
Fintan Owens, London
Lara Kay, Dorchester
Emmanuel O Matias, Gaithersburg, MD
Sasha-Jade Hornby, Project Manager, TSYS, Wakefield
B Swainston, Warwick
C Hobbs, North Shields
Mike Hill
Ben Jeanes, Software Engineer, Fujitsu, Chippenham
Allison Ewing, Retired midwife, GLASGOW
Björn Jörges, Researcher, York University, Toronto
Ridley Betzer, Editor, Cedar Rapids IA, U.S.
Chloe Slater, Bristol
Elizabeth Rimmington, Reading
Cassie Wells, Los Angeles
Maisie Walby, Carlsile
Deirdre Roberts
Brian Onduto
Steven Starkweather, Seafood, Overland Park, KS
Jareth Battell
Amber Chisholm, Fredericton
Adam Honeyman, Civil Servant, Jarrow
Laura Guy-Holt, Crewe
Natacha Kennedy, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, London
Sally Brooks, University Manager, Birmingham
Gib Clark, Software Engineer, Brighton
Michael Finley, Banbury
James Groves, Leeds
Kelly Bradley, Caregiver, Marysville
Vera Williams, Cultural Anthropologist/Archeologist, Flagstaff
Jen K, Lab Tech, Sheffield
Kit Rackley, Freelance Educator, Geogramblings, Norwich
Natalie Ayres, London
Cai Parry
Sarah R, Student, Middlesbrough
Cameron Sinclair Harris, Nottingham
Sarah Walker, Software engineer, Hemel Hempstead
Zane, Brisbane
Tyler Krasnai, Writer
Alex Canning, Coulsdon
Carrie Stash
fred lee, student, london
Glen Smith, Southampton
Robb Bloomer, Retired, London
Jane Berrie, Bristol
Stephanie Gunter, US
Andrew Reed, IT, Dublin
Kara Bridgeman, Diversity & Inclusion Programme Officer, HEE, London
Hannah Van Weert, Stufr, Luton
Susan Davis, CTO
Rachel Rudolph, Software Developer, IBM, London
Caroline Hunt, Manchester
Max Lloyd, Swansea
Jack Milton, Lead Designer, CobblePath Games, Petersfield
Eliel Jones, Writer and curator, London
Jon Deane, Graphic Designer, Freelance, LONDON
Russell Jones, Lab technician, Sheffield
Olivia Young, Student, University of York
Cory Cronogue, Leicester
Oliver Kempson, Marketing Specialist, Verse, Birmingham
Callum Sawdy, Student, Oxford University, Oxford
Chloe Rossetter
K, Developer, Northampton
Olivia Taylor, PhD Candidate, University of Leicester, Leicester
Alice Doggrell, Bristol
Dr Saoirse Caitlin O’Shea, Newcastle upon Tyne
tam lee, london
Noa Phillips, UI/UX Designer, Atomhawk, Norwich
Fran Gouyette-Curzon, Jersey
Katya Morgan, Retail, Burton on Trent
Conor Muller, Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Thomas Gerald Alexander Langley, Musician, London
Robert Bett, Clerical Assistant, Dundee
Ted Wielinski
Hazel Marzetti, Edinburgh
Cllr Joseph Stevens, Councillor, Labour, Rossendale
Vanessa Oxley, Electronic Pixie Wrangler, SiliconExarch Ltd., Northampton
Florence From The Stars, QA Tester, York
Juan Riman, Call center rep, West Warwick
David, HR Advisor, Manchester
Felix Stirling, London
Jason, London/Dublin
Pandora Hughes, Freelance Writer, Ms, WOLVERHAMPTON
Akira Irish, London
Lizzy Stewart, Illustrator, London
Zoe Gee, Bournemouth
Diana Green, Hamilton
Billie Sundae, Animal Care Assistant, London
Dai Evans
Alice Harrison, Edinburgh
Matthew Ward, Software Developer, Sunderland
Paige Harvey, Community Manager, Cambridge
James Paterson, East Yorkshire
Bryndis, London
Topher Taylor, Brand Manager at Clonezone, Clonezone, London
Joseph Brant, Writer, London
Amy Rose, Other administrative occupation, Birmingham
Raven Sperrazza, Franklin Square
Zelle Baggaley, Doula, Dorchester
Skye Blacke, Streamer, Glasgow
Melissa Gustin, Guildford
RICHARD MAW, Software Engineer, Stockport
James Nye, Writer and composer, East Cowes
Sebastian Stungo, Southampton
Jessica Vine, Brighton
Jeremy Swist, Lecturer, Brandeis University, Boston, MA
Mikaela Irish, Software developer, New Cross
Wren, Ellijay
Carah Scherr, Library Assistant, Texas
Chandler, Cashier, Virginia
Colin Young, Technical Writer, Columbus, OH
Laura James, Bristol
Brandon Hildebrandt, Ecommerce, Toronto
Beau Williams, Postgraduate Researcher, Plymouth
Andi Page, NHS Manager, Liverpool
Morgane Clarke, Kettering
Anthony Bird, LONDON
Lu Lucita, Trainee Data Analyst, N/A, Uk
Julia, Oxford
Anna Bonsall, Student, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh
Elizabeth Leach, HR, Belmont
Andrew Stanley, Head of Education Policy, Walton on Thames
Jacqui Dennen, Teacher, Manchester
Marco Schade, Erfurt, Germany
Phil Crooks, Shop worker, Leighton Buzzard
Alexis Norman, Scientist, Rugby
Simone Joachim, Engineer, Nottingham
Nadia Waters, Civil Servant, Derby
Pey Juno, barista, Minneapolis
Sion Jones, Bristol
Nim Gerritsen, Plymouth
Guy Hassell, Screenwriter, Glasgow
Ruairí Rodinson, CDO/Founder, Rho Labyrinths GmbH, Langenfeld
Ramona Prower, Southampton
Laura Davies, Bangor
Adam D, Wilmington
Emmy Killett, geophysicist, JPL, Pasadena, CA
Sam Adams, Event organiser, Southend Pride, Southend
Paul-john Fairweather, Student, Dundee
Emmeline May, London
Nicolò Manzoni, Student, London
Sky Beak
John Bateman, Student, University of York
Peter Marshall, Milton Keynes
Duncan Bradshaw, North Wales
Andy Birmingham, Nhs manager, London
Lisa Hatfield, Liverpool
Paul Woods, Essex
Declan Feehily, Student, Sligo CFE, Sligo
Eve Cook, Grimsby
Nigel Armstrong, Web Developer, Forest of Dean
Jessica White, Manchester
Jemima Gulliver-Goodall, Student, University West of Scotland, PAISLEY
Sierra, Student
Lewis, Student, Maidenhead
Taylor Smith, Cook, Te Anau
Pauline preston, Retired, Manchester
Sam Taylor, Travel consultant, Preston
Kat McDonald, Software Developer, Derby
Vivian Huang, Bristol
Robyn King, Receptionist, Bristol
Lee Gouyette, Accountant
Rob Cox, Video Editor, Glasgow
Zed Warner, Leeds
Mikel Strom, Librarian, Worcester
Kimberly Barber, Student, BA Creative Film, TV, and Digital Media Production, University of Northampton, Northampton
Cor Canum, YouTuber, Factually Fictitious, Royal Oak
Daniel Grimshaw, Estimator, Wigan
Andy Hayler, London
Alexander Taylor, Bartender, Rugby
Derek Des Anges, Media Monitor, London
Joslyn Jollenberg, Disabled, Long Beach, CA
Ashley James, Law, Midlands
Chantelle Sanderson, Telecommunications engineer, South Shields
Katrielle Salmon, Derby
Tom King, Swansea
James MacKay, Student, University of Edinburgh, Tranent
Bob Hodkinson, IT Technician, Cheshire
Julia Gillette, London
Juliet Davie, Dispenser, West Midlands
Jacques Guinebault, Programmer, Buntingford
Elle Simone, New York City
Veda Vakili, HCA, london
Torran Turner, Infrastructure Engineer, Manchester
Christopher Ray, Student Nurse, HIGH WYCOMBE
Katelynn A Alexandrea, Aurhor, Frosted Siren Books, Surrey
Ev V, Chicago
Emily Russ, Leicester
Alana Hagues, Worthing
Heather Ford, Huntsville
David Rose, Writer, Manchester
Katherine Beresford, Customer Success Specialist, Worcester
Mars, Student, LSBU, London
Rory Lewis, MA student, Manchester
Anna-Maria Reid, Stay at home mother, Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Carrie Lyell, Journalist, Edinburgh
William Holz, Healthcare Data Analytics, Minneapolis
Nate Hammond, Administrator, Exmouth
Barnabe Delcambre, Illustrator, St. Louis, MO
Max Henton, Leeds
Oliver Birch, healthcare scientist, the NHS, Newcastle upon Tyne
L. Jordan, Administrator, NHS, Leicestershire
Cory Drinkwalter, Edmonton
Toby Boddy, Student, Portsmouth
Jamie Roberts, Portland
Liam McAughtrie, Student, Fife
Sarah Howard, Public Servant, St Albans
Danni Growcott, Student, University of Dundee, Dundee
Geordi Mason-Jones, London
Spencer Shead
Danny, Customer Service
Joel Herber, Lead Engineer, London
valerie meek, edinburgh
Natalie A Belew
Lucy Perreault, Marketing, Midwest City
Adam Preston, MP Staff, UK Parliament, Manchester
F, Head of Development, dxw, London
Chloe Benfield, cardiff
Vanessa Henderson, Glasgow
Alfredo Carpineti, Science journalist, IFLSCIENCE, London
Andy Hastings, Hull
Karinna Deller, Ryde, Isle of Wight
Kev Hill, Hemel Hempstead
Hannah, Journalist, Norwich
Susie Day, Children’s author, Bristol
Arron Groom, Castleford
Kate Harris, Southend-on-Sea
Adam Gow, Science Technician, Sheffield
Joshua Johnson, Teacher, London
Joanne York, Disabled, Spannerwerke, Bristol
Joe Parry, London
Liz, Bartender, Newport
Matt Crowley, Orpington
Char Wells, Woking
Davor Majdandzic, Student, Buffalo, NY
Niz Hurst, Disabled, N/A, Market Rasen
Alex Weiss, Self-employed, n/a, Melbourne
Amy Marsh, Clinical Sexologist, Springfield OR
Natalee Grant, Software Tester, Atlanta
Iain Nixon, Falkirk
Jasmine Sutherland
Robert Richardson, Programmer, Bishops Stortford
Munro Yoshizawa, Perth
Finley Adams, Portadown
Minerva McJanda, Graphic Designer, Rowan, Rook and Decard, Sheffield
Dr Kay Ross, Principal programmer, Cambridge
Kate Anderson, Kook, Leicester
Daniel Kiniry, Cork
Dylan Stoinski, Tulsa
Dominic W., Student, Glasgow
Cora Wortham, Retail Merchandising, Atlanta
Rebecca Hughes, Murton
Ben Ross, Student, Fife
Francesca Storm, Disable, Unemployed, N/A, Norwich
Daniel Davies, Caernarfon
Jane Weightman, Junior Digital PR Executive, London
Allie Westwood, Journalism Student, Sheffield Hallam University, Leicester
Ieuan Daniel, Student, University of Liverpool
Maebe Sewell, Animator, N/A, Dallas
Alice Kay-Coles, York Region
Rachel Ann Johnson, Sales, Madison
Elizabeth Johnson, Hartlepool
Catherine Deakin, London
Enda Guinan, Digital Communications Manager, London
Harry Nichols, Civil Servant, HMRC, Newcastle upon Tyne
Alison Steel, Glasgow
Sam Estall, Administration, NHS, Guildford
Alex Wishart, Student, Brighton
Ines Eldagsen
Molly Hart
Taliesyn Brown, Edit assistant, Freelance, London
David James, Chartered accountant, Walton-on-Thames
Amelia Hawkins, Student, Newcastle
Alan Curtis, Artist, Self employed, Cardiff
Carey Hickerson, Scientist, Birmingham
shreena soomarah, Operations Manager, London
Stephen Fagan, Dublin
Andrew Rackstraw, Marketer, Basingstoke
Angela Scott, Belfast
Kevin Lynch, Glasgow
Dan Gardner, Truro
Rachael Morris, London
Jennie, Healthcare Worker
Jemma Fry, IT Security Architect, Arm, Cambridge
Donald S. Branum, Writer, Colchester, Vermont
Samual Sullivan, Mortgage Servicing Advisor, Gloucester
Daniel Howell, Voice actor, Fareham
Amy Nellis, Chelmsford
Rachael, Teacher, Aberdeen
Emily Lee, Leeds
Antony Taylor, Supermarket Assistant, Waitrose and Partners, Camberley
David Jaycocks, Brighton
Amy Coop, Director, Essex
Michael N, Special and Inclusive education teacher, London
Cara Hamilton, Theatre Producer, Cara Hamilton, Carlisle
Sarah Clarkson, Fredericton
Jem Henderson, Leeds
Sebastian Dwyer, Financial administrator, Colchester
Liz H, Gloucester
Ashley Chhibber, Postgraduate Researcher, Nottingham
Emily C F Harford, Principal Engineer, UKAEA, Oxford
Lee Meyer, Reporter, New York
Jasper Savage, Student, Belfast
Rory M, Society President, Stirling University LGBTQ+ Society
Stuart Webb, General Assistant, Kidderminster
Callum Baigrie, Retoucher, Paul Smith, Nottingham
Danuka, Helsinki
Ruth Moir, Fife
Carla Love, Student, Musselburgh
Sam Wetherell, Lecturer in History, University of York, York
Liz Brown, Retail, Leeds
Raeya Vidhlaejandi, Derby
Aaron O’Neill, Marketing, Cookstown
Katharine A Gilchrist, Green Party member, Canterbury
Freya Lausen, Software Developer, Aarhus
Cassie Burn, Business Analyst, University of Leeds, Leeds
Alex McIntyre, Journalist, Reach Plc, Crewe
Fran Winters, Writer, Bournemouth
Jill Hayward, Executive Assistant, Other, Manchester
Alastair Motylinski, author, Sarasota
Millie Adamczyk, Illustrator/customer service, Folkestone
Russel Frerichs, Glenrothes
Iain Orkisz, Writer/tutor, Bedford
Laura Shortridge-Scott, Writer, Broughty Ferry
Rachel Pollemans, Artist, Evil Turtle, Losser
Rhys Edwards, n/a, n/a, Swansea
Cameron Haberberg, London
Josh Harvey, Josh Harvey
Luna Quin, Store Manager, Holland and Barrett International, Leeds
Elizabeth Farrell, London
Chris Scott, Head of Public Affairs, Colchester
Sophie Fretter, Musician, Leamington
Iain Adams, Cafe Worker, Edinburgh
Rebecca Pursey, Glastonbury
Bethany Way, Software Developer, Brighton
Finlay Charlton, Marlow
L W, Home care worker, Dept of Senior & Disabled Services, Springfield
Bethany Milne, UG Student, Warwick University, Coventry
Geoff de Burca, Advertising, London
Nathan Oseroff-Spicer
Janina Matthewson, Writer, London
Artemiy, Not employed, Sochi
Nick Boughton, Web developer, Cambridge
Lana Oakden, Lund, Sweden
Eric Valade, Project Administrator, Toronto
James George, Retail Manager, Uttoxeter
Patrick Traverse, Editor, Self Employed, Dublin
Katy Lawson, Student, Renfrew, Renfrewshire
Lewis Wood, Student of Politics, University of York, York
Bill Hayes, Bangor
Zoe Bromelow, Glasgow
Nicholas Hedges, student, Spalding
James Reeves-Millward, Data Analyst, Gloucester
Oscar, Student
Joan Madden, Ipswich, UK
Melissa Stoney, Counsellor, Manchester
Catarina Santos, Software Developer, Porto
Alice Burn, Leeds
Kay Crawford, Edinburgh
David Samantha Devlin, Youth Worker, Belfast
Ezra Lugo-Cortes, Law Student, New York
Kieran Geary, Designer, London
Jamie Soley, Student, Aberystwyth
Daniel Mercer, Herne Hill
Sharon Chambers, Customer care, Cardiff
Katy Montgomerie, Bristol
Damien Donnelly, Teacher, Glasgow
Daniel Burnley, Developer, Manchester
Liz Warner, CTO, London
Viktor Engholm, Malmö
Jack, Nuneaton
Michael Scott Stephens
Jessica Mumford, Student, Durham
Tawny, Writer, Redwood Falls
Maggie Mason, Derby
libby Baxter-williams, Director, Biscuit, London
Xanthippe Hutcheon, Artist and geneticist, Salt Lake City
Ellie Thomson, Student, Newcastle
Antony Lusmore, Gosport
Matthew Austin, Portsmouth
James Marsh, Horley
Leonie Thorpe, Student, MUIR OF ORD
Leander Borluca, Student, Pace University, New York
Michael Byers, South Shields
Isobel Gray, Care coordinator, Tring
Aidan Comerford, Writer, Ashbourne
Elliot Balson, Artist, Ell Balson Art, Lauder
Faith Elisabeth Lilley, Content Specialist, Derby
Cai, Line cook, Joliet
Ivy Speight, Electronic Engineer, Stevenage
Finn Walton, Student, Oxford
Mari SK, Streaming/podcast, Geek remix, Chicago
Patrick Watters, Glasgow
Matt Crocker, Bristol
Katie Kennedy, Essential Worker, Fredericton NB
Jenna, Accountant, KeHE Distributors, Jacksonville
Josh Lee, software engineer, Dundee
Leo Petty, Librarian
Neha Shaji, PhD Candidate, Uni of Exeter
Eve Greenwood, Publisher, Quindrie Press, Edinburgh
Greg, Postal worker, Royal Mail, Manchester
Ammar Khalid, London
Ben Hocknull, Student, Cannock
Tom Ward, PhD student, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast
Ceridwen Millington, Journalist, Bristol
Simon Bradley, Union Manchester FC, Manchester
Sofia Kraft, Drafter, Middle River
Hannah Rutherford, Bristol
Evelyn Sigourney, Disabled, Amesbury
Marcy Tourmaline
Sorcha Sorley, Student of Games Development, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow
Jack Christmas, QA Analyst, Ipswich
Luke Rose, System Test Analyst, Birmingham
Midori Woodley, Administrator, Bellevue, WA
jamie lawton, Aylesbury
Basilia Chopin, cook, Ohio
Sam Vining, Brighton
James Batty, Boston
Luke Baker, Research Associate, Cambridge
Ruby South, Bridgwater
Annika Becker, Sports Journalist, Onefootball, Essen
Chris Joinson, Product designer, St Helens
Paul Arnold, Teacher, Reading
Roger Maltby, Doncaster
Alice Anderson, Programmer, Aberdeen
Ryan Miller, Sales Associate, Save A Lot, O’Fallon, MO
Erica, Artist, Birmingham
conor, southend on sea
Kristian Tomkins, Senior Business Analyst, London
Amy Marshall, Chelmsford
Alexis Chambers, retail worked, London
Octavia, Student, Aalborg University, Aalborg
Reid Lodge, Trans Scholar, Fredericton
Andrew McGrae, Software developer, Southport
John Berry, Armagh
Joseph Barraclough, Writer, Beaconsfield
Oliver Roche, Illustrator, Sheffield
Christopher Ross, Bookseller, Livingston
Alice, derby
Elijah Graham, Hospitality worker, Stirling
Irie Garrido, Web developer, Malaga
Finn Carney, Student, London
Michael Coffey, Healthcare Specialist, Columbus, OH
Rebecca Gorman, Administration assistant, High Wycombe
James Oakley, Game Design Student, BCU, Birmingham
Zoey Hope Cruz, Student Journalist, University of essex, Colchester
M Jenkins, Plant Biologist, Cardiff
Chris G., Retail, N/A, Newcastle
Paige, Southampton
Adam Cowley, South Shields
Joe Fletcher, Bristol
Rebecca Allen, Administrator, Wiltshire
Jarvellis Rogers, Postgraduate Researcher, Universirty of Leeds, Huddersfield
Rachel Reese, Inclusion Specialist, Global Butterflies, London
David Sam, Student, University of Toledo, TOLEDO
Salem Swan, Student, Sunderland
Sophie Comber, Data Analyst, CRT, Birmingham
Dr Phoenix Andrews, Writer and researcher, Tony Blair Institute, Leeds
Attila Nogueira, Historian
Teagan Blois, Atlanta
Joshua Firmin, Seattle
Sasha Ryan, Cambridge
Shea Coffey, Manager, Medway Pride Radio, Medway
Michael Paulauski, HOBOKEN
Holly Harrop, Student, Open University, Manchester
Hamish Steele, Writer, Blink Industry, London
Rosalia Butler, QA Tester, Wolverhampton
William Chappell, PhD Student, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
neil taylor, Nottingham
Andrew M Noviello, Chemist, Pasadena, MD
Denise Ward, Clinical Trial Manager, UCL, London
Wesley van Wensen, Gorinchem, Netherlands
Heather A, Cardiff
Bella Gillard, Student, Reading Uni, Reading
Ashley Spindler, Researcher, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
Milo Pilkington, Manchester
J Trevan
Rebecca Jones, Student, N/A, London
Lu Pelly, Editor, Redmond
Kyle A Mullen, Student
Haru Nicol, QA Tester, Reading
Sophie Boon, Patient Experience Administrator, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Gloucester
Charlie Mason, Disabled, Walsall
James McGinn, Carer, Glasgow
Theodore Colley, Administrator, Burgess Hill
Frazer Gault, Student, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
Scott Sargison, Data Analyst, Maidstone
Roswell Blake, Advert Localisation, London
Ryan Phillips, writer, Lincoln
Keira Marschan-Hayes, Student, Open University, Brighton

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