Eggs are amazing, and they get their dues – AT LAST – in today’s videogame podcast. Also, we talk about Shenmue 3, that new Darksiders game, and Conrad’s true gamer trial. From scary overworld themes to alarms signalling you were being attacked, Nintendo games are often defined by their soundtracks.

Over the past year or so, most notably in the months since HBomberGuy’s hugely successful trans fundraising charity livestream back in January 2019, I’ve noticed a steadily growing trend in the way visible people vocalise support for trans people on social media and other online spaces. I am talking of course about the out of […]

I think it’s fair to say that last Year’s Pokémon games on Switch, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, caught a little bit of flack from more hardcore areas of the Pokémon playing community, for a series of changes they made to the core series formula designed at making the game more welcoming to new players. […]

The Furies clash with Babble at the Grave of Leviathans. Blake Ferris throws himself in the way. Cordelia Heller brandishes her new knife. King Badass hugs his son. Nifyx casts disintegrate.