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Laura Dale

Podquisition 314: Smell Like You Drunkenly Boned A Bonfire

Oh, don’t act like you haven’t considered it. Games we played this year include:Final Fantasy VII Remake (14:00)Deadly Premonition 2 (21:10)Ooblets (25:20)TemTem (27:20)The Last of Us Part 2 (29:05)Streets of Rage 4 (31:55)No Straight Roads (34:20)Call of Duty: Warzone (37:45)Resident Evil: Resistance (39:00)Extreme Meatpunks Forever (40:20)Tonight We Riot […]

Podquisition 313: Hounded in the Village Square

It’s hard to be this correct all the time. Games we played this week include:A Plague Tale: Innocence (16:55)Catherine: Full Body (20:10)If Found (23:20)Metal Gear Solid 4 (28:30)Mass Effect Andromeda (34:35)Wilmot’s Warehouse (37:35)Railway Empire (38:55)Microsoft Flight Sim (40:00)Noddy’s Playtime (41:30) News things talked about in this episode:Everybody is […]

Podquisition 312: Now That’s Punk!

We feel confident saying, by way of comparison, that this podcast is very, very punk. Games we played this week include:Demon’s Souls (21:05)Nullpointer (24:40)Visual Out (27:05)Grindstone (29:15)Dead to Rights: Retribution (32:25)Calico (38:10)Spinnortality (44:30)Dicey Dungeons (47:15)Observer (50:45)Among Us (54:45)Fall Guys (58:15) News things talked about in this episode:Cyberpunk has […]