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Laura Dale

Podquisition 426: What Are We Doing Again?

After a while, it all runs together. Games we played this week include:Rez Infinite (08:15)Horizon: Call of the Mountain (10:00)What the Bat? (11:45)Thumper (12:35)Tetris Effect Connected (13:05)Theatrhythm Final Bar Line (13:30)Townsman VR (24:45)Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition (25:15)Moss 1 & 2 (26:30)Kayak VR Mirage (27:50)Jurassic World: […]

Podquisition 425: The Duke Lives

A very special friend returns. Games we played this week include:Redtape (15:45)Wanted: Dead (21:00)Spellcorked (35:00)Inventory Hero (40:00)Satisfactory (44:30)Metroid Prime Remastered (49:00)Commodore 64 Games (59:10) —News things talked about in this episode:Saudi Arabia believed to have increased investment stake in Nintendo (1:19:00)…endo-again/ Metroid Prime Remaster doesn’t credit original Metroid […]

Podquisition 424: Fruit Deception

Never trust a banana. Games we played this week include:Hi-Fi Rush (11:55)Final Fantasy XII (29:30)Final Fantasy XV (35.40)Star Sled (42:55)Saturday Edition (45:30)Tomodachi Life (53:40) —News things talked about in this episode:UK regulators determine Microsoft and ABK merger might be bad for consumers, make demands (1:00:55)…sion-acquisition/…imLtI9cihZE4jOiLQfQ Bobby Kotick suggests […]