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Laura Dale

August 6th Trans Rights Protest Demands

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United kingdom and Leader of the Conservative party, On the 6th August 2021 at 1PM there shall be a protest outside 10 Downing Street, to address the government’s failure to protect and empower marginalised people, notably the transgender and non-binary community. These […]

Podquisition 342: The Gays Can Do Whatever They Want

Rules are rules. Games we played this week include:Mundaun (12:30)SNKRX (17:20)Myst: VR Edition (21:40)Scarlet Nexus (25:00)Rising Hell (33:30)There is No Game: Wrong Dimension (37:50) News things talked about in this episode:Resident Evil Village PC port performance issues linked to DRM (8:10) Ubisoft is concerned they might have problems […]

Podquisition 341: Professional Unwrappers

If we go missing, check under the piles of Skeleton Warriors cards. Games we played this week include:Doki Doki Literature Club Plus (11:20)Fury Unleashed (19:40)Rising Hell (22:15)Scarlet Nexus (25:20)Terminator Resistance (34:20) News things talked about in this episode:Ubisoft making live service Assassin’s Creed, installs alleged abusers to run […]