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Podquisition 329: The Legend of F*ck*ss Jones

Push your way into the depths of our bottomless lore Games we played this week include:Say No! More (9:15)Outriders (26:30)Adios (31:20)It Takes Two (35:20)Monster Hunter Rise (40:00)Balan Wonderworld (41:45)Narita Boy (51:15)Rain on Your Parade (52:55)Pac-Man 99 (58:45)Helltakers (1:00:55)Twerk Hero (1:02:30)Train Simulator (1:05:00) News things talked about in this […]

Podquisition 328: Scratch ‘n Self-Improvement

Smell your way to a better life. Games we played this week include:UnderMine (9:30)Outriders (15:15)Cooking Mama: Cookstar PS4 (21:20)Gato Roboto (28:00)Disco Elysium: Final Cut (34:30)Monster Hunter Rise (36:50)Narita Boy (43:10)Oddworld: Soulstorm (47:00) News things talked about in this episode:Pokémon Go’s Flower Happinny event more evidence the game is […]

Big Chungus || CheckPoint 426

Loading Ready Run’s video game news show Checkpoint this week ends with a few minutes of discussion of my ongoing attempts to get the Cooking Mama: Cookstar developers to acknowledge the weird situation around their game.