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Podquisition 355: You’re Toast!

Yes, you, specifically. Games we played this week include:Rallyallyally (5:45)Morse (8:05)Neuronet: Mendax Proxy (9:45)Back 4 Blood (11:50)Paper Trail (16:00)D*Fuzed (17:50)You Suck at Parking (19:55)Fantasian (23:45)Grindstone (26:40)Metroid Dread (31:50) —News things talked about in this episode:EA exec confronted regarding loot boxes in FIFA interview, uses weasel words. (43:00)…a-and-loot-boxes Twitch […]

Are you sitting comfortably? – Horror Podcast Pilot

Laura Kate Dale (LauraKBuzz) and Casey Explosion sit down to talk about anything and everything horror media they’ve been experiencing recently. Chill vibes, and spooktacular recomendations. In this pilot episode: Alien Isolation, Metroid Dread, Us, The Magnus Archives, Darkwood, Blood Quantum, Midnight Mass, and World of Horror.

Podquisition 354: Leprechaun Lore

Gold provides many powers. Games we played this week include:Flynn: Son of Crimson (6:45)Nightmare on Elm St (9:05)Nier Reincarnation (13:30)Unsighted (18:10)ZombieRollerz (27:45)Missing Orpheus (30:00)Monster Train (32:10)Mighty Goose (37:20)Alan Wake Remastered (39:45)Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (42:25) —News things talked about in this episode:Twitch testing paid boost feature (44:45)…id-boost-feature […]