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Podquisition 378: Suing the Council

We demand restitution. Games we played this week include:Tunic (12:30)Final Fantasy Origin Stranger of Paradise (30:30)Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod (35:15)Skul: The Hero Slayer (38:10)Chocobo GP (39:30)Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (43:45)Game Pass on Steam Deck (45:25)Rune Factory 5 (47:45)New Little King’s Story (52:00)Soul Sacrifice Delta (55:30) News things talked about […]

Dice Funk S9: Part 05 – Blood Peacock

At the edge of the world is a mystery that could change everything. Along the way, tombs holding powerful relics lie waiting. THE RACE IS ON! Dio finds a purpose. Juniper regains a lost ability. Vimble Berrycheek Kalthinian IV sneaks the party away. Xana bonds with her new […]

Dice Funk S9: Part 04 – OOPS! All Gaeas

What secrets are buried in the verdant jungle? The team investigates. Austin tries to present a puzzle while geeked off pain meds. Dio starts blasting. Juniper has a religious experience. Vimble Berrycheek Kalthinian IV intimidates with surprising success. Xana sets a fashion trend.