Apparently Pokémon knows that, like Skitty, I am anxious and impatient.

Time for this game to start making me cry.

Time to explain to you all why this is one of my all time favourite video games.

Sakurai, you sly son of a gun with your 3 houses and 3 in Binary nonsense tease.

New Galar Legendaries, punk boots, and two paid DLC packs compromise the second year of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

As many of you watching this already know, I fucking love Pokémon. I’ve spent 300 hours playing Sword and Shield since they released a few months ago, I have more Shiny Pokémon than most people will ever see in my collection, and I dread to think how many Pokémon eggs I have bred and thrown […]

Another year is over, another batch of games released, and another list of things I cared about enough to discuss.

We spend some time trying to hatch a shiny rabbit, to give some insight into my shiny hunting process.

We condense a 3.5 hour award show into an hour of news and trailer discussions for your viewing pleasure.

As we take our first steps into the Galar region, it’s time to meet some exciting new Pokémon.