One difficult boss fight remains. Can Luigi finally live in a building not full of ghosts?

As we approach the final floors of the towers, our greatest enemy is a balancing ledge for an optional objective.

We draw ever closer to the top floor, getting only a little sleepy along the way. Oh, and I vacuum up a whole desert.

I love that I didn’t have to kill that character, but i dislike this roaming repeat boss fight.

We play through the opening three hours of Luigi’s Mansion 3, and prove we ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

In a bold new direction for the Pokémon series, The Pokémon Company today revealed that hunting down creatures in Pokémon Sword and Shield will be a more slow, thoughtful, and patient affair than in past entries in the series. Announced via a 24 hour long livestream for the game, where Pokémon appeared on screen approximately […]

Ten final fights, a 600 hour journey draws to an end.