Ring Fit Adventure is an Exercise Video Game that focused a lot of its marketing on jogging in place. But, can you play the game from start to finish, if you have a disability that prevents you comfortably jogging? Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

Seeing as our medium makes emotionally difficult content interactive, and gates content behind those interactions, we need to think about content and trigger warnings. A big thanks to Lukas Schmidt for working on this episode’s subtitles.

Sure, subtitles and customisable UI are important, but can we add different font options to that list of customisations too?

The next generation of consoles is here. Time to get HYPE!

Nintendo’s mid-April Switch system update allowed for full system level remapping of buttons and sticks on the console. That’s a great step forward, and makes a lot of games more playable, but there’s one area of switch games you can’t remap yet.

I was part of a multiple hour long Zoom call last week with the CEO of Patreon, as well as a bunch of other Patreon creators. You can catch a clip here from a discussion we had about persisting as a creator when your audience growth has plateau’d.

Nintendo really dropped this one on us huh?

In a chill evening stream, we read short fiction, serve coffee, and make new friends while learning about werewolves.

Ever since I was a child, the Pokémon series of games have been a huge part of my life. As a kid, obsessively memorizing stats while the franchise was super popular helped me to make friends, giving me a safety topic to fall back on. When Pokémon Go came out, it helped me bond with […]