First revealed way back at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference, Death Stranding has been a bit of a mystery since day one. The newest game from creator Hideo Kojima, best known for his work on the Metal Gear series of games, is due to release in just a few short months, and it’s still largely […]

In the second session playing Astral Chain, we solve the mystery of the red legless ghost, and make friends with a bunch of kitty cats. Also, so much anime fighting. While I spent decades trying to tell my mother about an obsessive area of interest I had as a child, it was Pokémon Go that finally made our discussions two directional.

Back at the start of 2019, Headspun was one of the games I included in an article I wrote for Kotaku UK about my most anticipated British games of 2019. The indie game, in which you help aid in the recovery of a dude in his mid twenties who has just come out of a […]

In this episode of Tonal Whiplash, we talk with Matt Thorson from Extremely OK Games (Previous Matt Makes Games, creators of Towerfall and Celeste) about why a company name change was needed, Matt’s fear of stairs, and the best butt in games.

Platinum Games are one of those developers whose consistent quality is obvious, but whose games have not always grabbed me as intently as I wish they would. The studio’s bread and butter is challenging character action games where the aim is to really master a set of complex combat mechanics, replay the game for better […]

LauraKBuzz replays the opening hours of Astral Chain, showing off later game combat mechanics and geeking out over early game story.