Over the past couple of days, I have been lucky enough to get a head start in playing through Pokémon Sword and Shield ahead of their official release, to begin working on my critical thoughts about the game. While I have encountered a whole host of British flavoured variants of existing Pokémon on my journey, […]

Gather round strangers, queer and pleasant. Come hear another episode of our ridiculous podcast. Starring Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith Magnet. A couple of queer, trans ladies who enjoy being very very silly. In this episode: Luigi’s Mansion Book It! Graveyard Keeper Bloodborne and more.

The Furies infiltrate Gatehouse Asylum to figure out a way to protect themselves from the remaining Virtues. Meanwhile, Babble’s goals are revealed. Blake Ferris learns about sex addiction. Cordelia Heller explores her medical residency options. King Badass finds a new child. Nifyx busts out her chess skills.

https://t.co/PraJizOq19 I’m actually super glad protesters got pissed at me for letting my animals get ill.

No Ekans? What on EARTH are they thinking with Pokémon Sword & Shield? Also, Disco Elysium, Blizzard being rubbish, and other things!

One difficult boss fight remains. Can Luigi finally live in a building not full of ghosts?

Changing natures with items, exp candy, easy egg move sharing, a new system for EVs, Pokémon Sword & Shield sound perfect for those wanting to play competitively without the hassle.