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Podquisition 332: Moldy Singlets

Not to be confused with Microsoft and their exceptional line of products. Games we played this week include:Before I Forget (07:40)Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (19:45)Pokémon Snap (21:45)Undermine (28:25)Returnal (33:45)Disc Creatures (45:20)Tin Star (48:40) News things talked about in this episode:Epic v Apple court proceedings begin (50:30)…1389595740519940101 Epic data on […]

Podquisition 331: Babygirl Boots

On the march and looking fab. Games we played this week include:PHOGS! (10:55)Ballistic Ecks vs Sever (18:35)Congo The Movie: Secret of Zinj (20:25)The Longing (24:20)Pathway (29:20)Steven Seagal is the Final Option (31:50)Road Runner Death Valley Rally (35:50)Train Simulator (39:00)Hypnospace Outlaw (42:00)The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King (46:00)Judgment […]