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Podquisition 428: Positive Feedback

He’s trying. Games we played this week include:b360 (15:50)Ratcheteer (18:35)Dome Keeper (20:55)Final Fantasy IX (27:20)Recommendation Dog (33:50)Reel Steal (35:50)A Joke That’s Worth 99 Cents (39:05)Wo Long (41:15)Super Princess Peach (43:20)GameKid (48:05)Super Corporate Tax Evader (50:15) —News things talked about in this episode:Square Enix reportedly planning to replace CEO […]

Dice Funk S10: Part 01 – The Velvet Foxes

The diplomatic ship Rezubian embarks on a mission of peace to the Far Realm, home of the most feared people in the galaxy: the illithid. Laura Kate Dale scurries about with Trizzy, goblin artificer. Leon Thomas returns with Bill Webb, duck ranger. Quinn Larios goths it up with […]