I didn’t realize how much I needed to see myself old, and in love, before sitting down to play this inclusive dating sim.

I was part of a multiple hour long Zoom call last week with the CEO of Patreon, as well as a bunch of other Patreon creators. You can catch a clip here from a discussion we had about persisting as a creator when your audience growth has plateau’d.

As far as years go, 2020 has been a bit of a loading screen year for regular everyday life on earth. Main quests and side quests we were on our way to complete have had to be put on hold, while we sit around staring wondering how long it’s going to take before we can […]

Okay, so we are two months deep into the world being on lockdown, and I’m just going to be honest, my ability to imagine life outside of this weird new world is failing me. I’m not getting to spend my weekends exploring the world and getting new insights on video games, so I guess it’s […]

In this episode: Dominique Pamplemousse Starcrossed Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Scythe Digital Edition and more.

A shocking confession throws the case into chaos. Beatdown Betty steals some keys. Elvira Rose exposes a magical malfunction. Magnus Finkwhistle believes the lies.

Summer 2020 is likely to be a very strange summer for most of us. No gaming conventions, no meeting up with friends, no concerts or festivals, and definitely no group kissing sessions with all your immunocompromised friends from out of town. For many of us Summer 2020 will be all about finding novel ways to […]