Nintendo really dropped this one on us huh?

The world may be going to hell, but the Moon will always have juice. Also on the docket is Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Automatic Naughts, and Call of Doodoo Woozoo. Why does it feel like sports anime about women only hit the mainstream when they’re about butt fighting? In a world of uncertainty and lost routine, sometimes you just need to spend some time working out what kind of tea will help a werewolf stay calm during the full moon.

Over the last decade or so of my life, since moving out of my parent’s home and having to fend for myself financially in the world, I think its fair to say my opinion of landlords has over time become more harsh and critical. In the real world, they’re often a distillation of the worst […]

In this episode: Wingspan Star Realms Frontiers Nindies Direct and more.

Purgatory quakes. Blake Ferris faces his sloth. Cordelia Heller faces her lust. King Badass faces his killer. Nifyx faces the Furies.