Cops fighting alligators? At last! Also, The Last of Us Part 2, Night of the Consumers, and Colt Canyon.

Our heroes leave Wormwood Library and enter The Glass Forest. Khorton comprehends a language. Lola Beans names some creatures. Sabrina Wolfram talks to a head. Vindrass doesn’t sleep.

In this episode: Extreme Meatpunks Forever Lenna’s Inception Pokétoon! Three Lesbians In A Barrow and more.

Eggs get wild here. Also lots of games in the Black Lives Matter Humble Bundle. Don’t want to miss when we talk about accessibility. BioShock. We didn’t see the PS5 reveal when we did this. Egg Pod.

Easy mode? Hard mode? Give me Ultra Hard Fights, Easy Puzzles, Medium Stealth, and a whole bunch more options.

The next generation of consoles is here. Time to get HYPE! i spoke to the BBC about the reveal of the PS5. You can read my reactions here.

With a day left until Sony breaks their silence, we make some last minute predictions about the PS5.

Earlier this week, I picked up the ridiculously good value for money Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, a bundle of over 1,000 games currently available for as little as a £5 charitable donation. The bundle contains everything from recently released capitalism destroying beat ’em up Tonight We Riot, to a series of much […]

The runaway princess leads her motley band of gladiators across the salt flats. Khorton stabs a desk. Lola Beans finds a map. Sabrina Wolfram blackmails her new friends. Vindrass gets repeatedly owned.