I spoke recentl;y with Supermassive Games’ Pete Samuels about a number of topics, including narrative changes made due to financial pleas from their publisher on Man of MEdan.

Gather round strangers, queer and pleasant. Come hear another episode of our ridiculous podcast. Starring Laura Kate Dale & Jane Aerith Magnet. A couple of queer, trans ladies who enjoy being very very silly. In this episode: Man of Medan Stranger Things Season 3 Katamari Damacy Reroll Spider-Man: Far From Home and more. The party climbs the Yggdrasil to reach the Cathedral of Stars. (Content warning for body horror.) Blake Ferris undergoes surprise surgery. Cordelia Heller reveals her sacred girlfriend flame. King Badass stabs the nervous system of the universe. Nifyx throws some nuts.

Spider-Man: Far From Home happened, some gum problems got solved, a rusty nail sparks a legend, and Man of Medan gets previewed. Also, the first rumblings of the Superheavyweight Supervillain.

At a preview event in Germany (Flight and Accomodation covered by Namco Bandai), I got to check out ninety minutes of Man of medan. Check out thirty minutes of new gameplay here.