Growing up as a teen pre transition, I fucking hated myself. I blamed myself for my parents divorce. I blamed myself for letting myself be controlled by abusive relationships. I blamed myself for not preventing abuse done to me by people with more power. I blamed myself for the people in my life whose affection […]

Before I transitioned, I had zero interest in ever getting tattoos or body piercings. The thought of altering my body from the way it was at birth seemed very odd indeed. Why would I make a permanent change to a body that itself wasn’t permanent? I didn’t judge anyone with tattoos or piercings, but I […]

I’ve been living full time as a trans woman for around three years now. I changed my legal name and got the gender marker on my passport back in 2014 and since then have lived every day of my life, without exception, as Laura Dale rather than anyone I might have been previously to the […]

While I wasn’t diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum condition called Aspergers Syndrome until I was almost 18 years old, looking back over a journal my mother kept during my childhood many of the diagnostic criteria were there from a young age. From as early as age four my mother made records of various obsessive repetitive […]

Over a decade ago in January 2006 American Alt-Rock band Blue October released a track called Hate Me as a single. It was an angry, sad, angst fueled track about the desire to push people away during bouts of depression. The track focuses on the way depression can amplify feelings of guilt and self loathing, […]

So, the past ten days have been very eventful in the world of LauraKBuzz. In the past ten days I learned that my landlord is having to sell my rental property as part of some divorce proceedings meaning that we are required to vacate our home within two months. Deposit will be returned after we […]

So, I used my work day today to watch a 40 minute long Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers porn parody titled Mighty Muffin Pounder Rangers. It was simultaneously more amazing and more of a let down than I expected. It was forty minutes of my life filled with severe extremes. So, let’s get get this out […]