DF One-Shot: Thirsty Sword Lesbians

Edgar Allan Hoe is the hostess of the game show Treats 4 Tricks where the points don’t matter and you might die! Elissa the Devoted (they/them), Zarai the Spooky Witch (fae/faer/they/them), and Soliloquy the Beast (she normally / it in beast form) compete for their lives and Miss […]

Podquisition 357: Spook Central

The horror is real (and somewhat itchy). Games we played this week include:Nuclear Blaze (3:15)Inscryption (7:30)Guardians of the Galaxy (13:20)Zombies Ate My Neighbors! (22:30)The Wine (26:30)Legend of the Mystical Ninja (29:30)Hentai vs Evil (31:00)Crysis 2 (32:30) —News things talked about in this episode:Resident Evil VR doesn’t account for […]