Podquisition 311: Vom Control

It’s important to have certain conversations before you get started. Games we played this week include:Yakuza: Like a Dragon (6:00)Factorio (8:50)Wilmot’s Warehouse (12:30)TemTem PS5 (15:00)Spider-Man: Miles Morales (16:30)Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (19:50)Fall Guys (27:40)Doom Eternal Switch (31:25)Marvel’s Avengers (32:55) News things talked about in this episode:Dragon Age […]

Podquisition 310: Erith’s Favourite Son

Richly deserved recognition at last. Games we played this week include:Call of Duty: Cold War (8:55)Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (13:15)Hades (22:00)Bugsnax (27:30)Animal Crossing: New Horizons (29:05)Demon’s Souls (30:30)Pokémon Sword/Shield (33:55)Ghostrunner (36:05)Worms Rumble (38:00) News things talked about in this episode:Uri Gellar is now fine with Kadabra after […]

Dice Funk S7: Part 27 – Snout Transplant

Denise Wolfram needs a test subject for her next experiment…. (Content warning for body horror, self-harm, and potentially upsetting violence.) Clear defends her sister. Gentleman Bramwell supervises a moose ride. Khorton undergoes alterations. Lola Beans learns about the newest animal. Vindrass solos a momentous encounter.