Podquisition 317: Shots To The Face

Get ready to be covered in the fluid of your choice. Games we played this week include:Double Kick Heroes (14:35)Deep Rock Galactic (18:05)Monster Hunter World (24:15)Sea Salt (37:20)The Red Lantern (42:35)Cooking Mama: Cookstar (50:05) News things talked about in this episode: Bloomberg report further examines Cyberpunk 2077 development […]

Podquisition 316: A Righteous Claim of Nobility

We’re joined by Sophie (aka TheymerSophie / CurioVids) to witness the coronation of Loardy Sterling. Games we played this week include:Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 (6:40)Cooking Mama: Cookstar (9:50)Wrestling Empire (22:30)Dead Space (30:30)Curse of the Dead Gods (33:30)Only Cans: Thirst Date (38:00)Umurangi Generation (42:55)Monster Hunter: Rise (44:55)Pokemon Liquid […]