Podquisition 431: My Grain Is Bad

Sneaks up on ya. Games we played this week include:Tax Heaven 3000 (3:05)Boneraiser Minions (13:45)Have a Nice Death (22:50)Before Your Eyes (32:20)Core Fault (34:10)Shining Gadget (35:35)Factory Farming (36:20)Resident Evil 4 Remake (40:55)Pizza Tower (50:45) —News things talked about in this episode:Confusion arises over discarded plans for PS5 version […]

DF S10: Part 04 – Tully’s Monsters

A mission of peace brought the Rezubian to the edge of the galaxy, but it is not defenseless. Wherever the mind flayer empire threatens the innocent, the ship can deploy highly skilled strike teams to protect civilians, evacuate refugees, and spread crucial technology to those who wish to […]

Podquisition 430: A Champion In Our Midst

Have you heard the news? Games we played this week include:Boneraiser Minions (9:35)Vampire Survivors (23:15)Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (24:45)Aliens Infestation (34:45)Anemoiapolis (38:10)Void Scrappers (44:05)Bloom (51:05)You Cannot Go Back (55:50) News things talked about in this episode:Ubisoft implementing machine learning to write NPC dialogue (58:55)kotaku.com/ubisoft-ai-writing-…-machine-1850250316 Sony claims the loss of Call […]