Podquisition 411: Milk That Pig!

News things talked about in this episode: Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey built a VR headset designed to kill the user (1:09:20)palmerluckey.com/if-you-die-in-th…ie-in-real-life/ Activision-Blizzard attempts further stalling tactics, withholding (1:19:55)www.gamesindustry.biz/activision-bli…n-vote-ballots Bobby Kotick supported election denier candidate in House race (1:21:40)kotaku.com/bobby-kotick-activi…election-1849754755 Activision-Blizzard drags feet on every issue in first Game Workers […]

Podquisition 409: All Business

We’re professionals, after all. Games we played this week include:Hot Tentacle Shooter (3:40)BOSSGAME: The Final Boss is My Heart (11:15)FAITH: The Unholy Trinity (17:10)Batman: Gotham Knights (24:10)Potionomics (35:05)Donut Dodo (42:50)Cultic (46:30)A Plague Tale: Requiem (49:55)Vampire Survivors (53:10) —News things talked about in this episode:Another charge of unfair labor […]