How Celeste Nurtures Player Skill

This article was originally published March 2018. Over the past decade the games industry has seen a resurgence of what one might call the “tough as nails” genre. From indie platformers like Super Meat Boy and Cuphead, to AAA action titles like From Software’s Souls games, games are […]

Podquisition 302: Milkworms

This week’s episode is brought to you by Milkworms, the fabric you can drink. Games we played this week include:Hades (11:27)Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (21:13)Blaster Master Zero (25:58)Super Mario 35 (31:05)Rogue Company (37:01)BPM (38:04)The Solitaire Conspiracy (40:34) News things talked about in this episode:Mobile game Genshin […]

How To Do Labo On The Cheap

This Article Was Originally Published May 2018. The first Nintendo Labo building kits were released [about two and a half years] ago now and, while I found the experience of building Toy-Cons to be deeply relaxing, some folks feel that selling a box of cardboard and a game […]