The Playstation Innovations Others Get Credit For

This Article Was Originally Published October 2017. Since Sony joined the console arms race with the original PlayStation back in 1995, they’ve heavily prioritised pushing themselves to the cutting edge of technology. While this sometimes pays off, positioning their consoles as desirable and multi-functional premium products, there have […]

Small Talk About Games About Small Talk

This article was originally published March 2019. Sometimes, what makes a game interesting is how complex mechanics work together, or a detailed and surprising world, or some sort of well-judged progression system. But sometimes it’s as simple as the idea behind it. A single human experience expressed in […]

Building a Gaming Future for Norwich

This article was originally published March 2019. When you think about game development towns in the UK, a few big names jump to mind before others. Places like Leamington Spa, which has grown a vibrant indie community from large-scale studios attracting talent, and Guildford, where the collapse of […]